How To Rise With The Tide Of Prices & Anxiety

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AI: Summary © The rising price of oil and gas has caused people to be drowning and losing their lives, leading to a decline in consumer spending and a decline in consumer spending in the global economy. The rise in prices has impacted people in various ways, including losing their lives or at the bottom of a boat. The host emphasizes the importance of raising one's mindset and finding one's passion in order to thrive in this "iratory wave." The speaker also invites attendees to join a challenge and encourage them to comment on other posts.
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There's no solution that says do nothing. Because as the tide rises, you only have one of two choices. You either rise with the tide and by that I mean you become stronger you become more you become more valuable and you change with the times you adapt to the times and you overcome inshallah Dona es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earliest Bhima wala, my dad, let me tell you an analogy that the prophets of Allah Allah gave to us, he said that

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the example of believers and non believers is like a group of people that ride a boat, the believers take the top level of level of the boats, non believers take the bottom level of the boats. Now, the believers at the top have access to the water, they can drink, they can, um, they have access to the water, but the people at the bottom of the boat don't have access to the water. You may be familiar with this hadith, maybe not. But if you're familiar with this hadith, I want to show tell you more about this hadith here. Okay, so the people at the bottom of the boat, they say, Hey, we don't want to disturb the people on the top, let's just pop a hole here at the bottom of the boat. And then we

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will have access to the water as well. And the profits that alladia said and said, the people on the top of the boat is the believers, if they give water if they hold those people's hands back, they will save them. And they will save themselves if they give them water. But if they don't, if they just kind of like keep to themselves, they just stay at the top of the boat. You know what I got my msgid I got my help because I you know homeschool. I have you know, I never let my children outside, I'll be fine on the top of the boat, the rungs of the ladder as Adam said, if they don't do that, that people at the bottom the boat will drowned. And the people at the top of the boat will drowned.

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They will both drown.

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you know, I don't know how old you are. But this hadith is and this analogy, you know, probably our entire lives and different speeches and hookbaits has been mentioned. But I think now

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it's becoming so blatantly clear that we're all drowning. Everybody's drowning. Every The tide is rising, and everybody's drowning. And let me give you an example of that. So I'm the economic,

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economic rising of tide. That's one thing, but let me just talk about monkey rot, evil, and monkey rot. Let's suppose you have a child. And you don't want to expose your daughter to bad things and bad thoughts and bad philosophies, right? Do you give your daughter a smartphone or not?

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Do you give your daughter a laptop?

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To access the internet or not? When you go outside? What if your daughter wants to watch a cartoon? And now the cartoons or the propaganda? The schooling is propaganda everywhere around you, you're drowning.

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Because we never really held anybody's hands back. Now the economic tsunami

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when COVID happened like two years ago.

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And the world shut down. And I was thinking you know what, ready for the world shut down. Sri Lanka shut down. Because Sri Lanka had there was like the terrorists bombing because the bombing in Sri Lanka and then after that the country just went from number one, most you know, the the top tourist destination in the world up and coming to totally shut down all businesses like shut down because of that nobody was traveling to Sri Lanka as well. And I was giving this analogy that imagine what happened in Sri Lanka has happened to the entire world, the whole world shut down. Now it was necessary at that time, everyone we're saving lives. But in the horizon is another tsunami coming.

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And that is the economic tsunami of the whole world being shut down. And that was two years ago. We're talking about that. I was saying that. And now here I think the tsunami has started to hit our shores. And that's showing up with rising prices. And you know, I don't know what's happened in the UK in the US and all around the world, the rising prices, the distribution, what's it called the supply chain

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and all of this

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rising of the tide requires that sort of just give you guys one more story.

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And markets are also down. I don't know if you guys have seen, but some markets went down like by 80% the whole world lost like 80%, who made that money, I don't know. But the whole world lost like 80%, like last month.

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And I remember speaking to somebody and telling them that they needed to invest. And this person got really scared about investing. And they said, You know what, I'm just gonna hold my money as cash.

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And I felt so sad, because I'm like, Look, you're already on a boat that sinking. So your cash like, like, for example, let's suppose you wanted to buy a ticket to some country and it costs $1,000, go check the prices now. It'll be like 1500 or something like that, or the rental cost is going up, or this or the gas prices is crazy. Gas prices are up like 300%, and so on. And so all of this requires from there, like it's not a solution to stay, there's no solution that says do nothing. Because as the tide rises, you only have one of two choices, you either rise with the tide, and by that I mean you become stronger, you become more you become more valuable, and you change with the times you

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adapt to the times and you overcome Inshallah, tada, you become better new opportunities are opening up. And then your second option is to do nothing and drown. Do nothing and drown. And that's not an option. So that being the case, it's not an option to drown. So that only leaves one thing and that is to rise up. So it's really exciting is that

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here in this challenge, we're not just giving you guys kind of like this fancy speech, and then just like okay, now rise to the challenge. Okay, everybody go rise. No, but inshallah Tada we're actually talking about what are the tools what's needed. And I believe uniquely that you can combine your rising up with dollar to Allah subhanaw taala that it doesn't have to be that you know, you only focus on dunya stuff. And you know what Dallas stuff can can wait later. It's all about finding what your passion is, what you what you like to do for like, I'll give you an example. Let's suppose somebody loses their job

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COVID happens they get laid off and then they're like now I have an opportunity to follow my dreams because I have no other option really. And then this person becomes wildly successful because of that because they followed their dreams and they're doing some service and some goodness to other people. So all of this is just like this is just the precursor this is just the you know the welcome so I'd like to welcome all of you guys to our challenge we've just started getting the message out about this and the exciting part about this challenge is that we have special guest speaker Dean Graziosi who's going to be joining me on the second day of our challenge to address our group here

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Masha Allah Tabata, Allah. So it's, it's a really exciting special guests that we have, if you don't know him, maybe now's not the time to introduce him and stuff like that. But he's huge. And he's partners with Tony Robbins. So it's very exciting inshallah Tada to have him. But we're gonna go step by step first, understanding what it is that we're facing. And then number two, Dean is going to be talking to us about the times that we're living in and how to thrive and how to as we're talking here, rise up in this rising tide. And then Charlottetown we'll talk about the tools on how to get there. This isn't just a one step or a pump up. But it's a journey in sha Allah Tala and I'm

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happy to join to be on this journey with you and I hope inshallah Tada that you can help spread the word. Here's some things that I always say when we start little challenges like this.

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Number one to introduce yourself and don't be a ghost, and ghost basically are equivalent to sheep that the wolf sees as very easy prey. If you don't introduce yourself, if you don't participate, it's very easy to not show up. Very easy to Oh, I forgot the timings and stuff like that. So that the purpose of introducing yourself participating and putting your face in the game means that you yourself will benefit. So make the intention now, no way do I make the intention to introduce myself preferably with a picture, preferably with a live video in our group. But if you don't want to do that, no problem still introduce yourself in text, or share a picture of something that you love?

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Number two, is we want to create a community here. And by that it requires us to acknowledge when somebody else is speaking. And that could be as simple as pressing the like button.

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You know, you're passing some some somebody's thing, just double tap, double tap doubletap as you're scrolling down, you don't have to read everything. You don't have to watch everybody's videos. But at least acknowledge and support when you can if you can comment that the great because when we do that for each other, it it

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it brings us all up together when we make a community like that.

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And the third one and this is something that you know, I do in the mornings and I've tried to do more recently is Start your day with Nia, start your day with intention. And when you start this challenge started with an intention and Nia that you want to take full benefit you don't want just this to be something that you've you know joined online, but you want to make a knee at that you know what with these tides rising I want to become more and who doesn't want that. But it requires first and foremost for you to make the knee to show up to be present to implement to take action to introduce yourself to make sure you're getting the most out of the program and sha Allah Tala and

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all of us are here to help you and for you to help us be that Allah

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Alright, that's it. This is just a quick precursor. If you can invite your friends. Tell them about this live challenge. What is the website to join the challenge? I don't know.

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Is the website maybe somebody can post in the comments inshallah Donna.

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And, you know, tell them like, hey, send them a WhatsApp message. Hey, join this challenge with us. It's free. And everything's free. Angela, Donna. So welcome. Welcome, everybody here. All right. That's it. Just a quick precursor, your task right now, go back into the Facebook group. It's something simple, simple introduction, do a simple introduction. If you want to make it more detailed and go live welcome. We'd love that. I know not everybody goes live but you'll be committed at a higher level if you go live inside the Facebook group, whatever you do, and then start commenting on other people's posts people that you find interesting, just comment I find that

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interesting. I think you're an interesting person. And inshallah Tada let's get this warmed up, Mr. Miyagi style. All right, there's no I'm going to show you signing off