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hamdulillah SARS was salam ala Rasulillah salam alaikum. Brothers Sisters.

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I'm recording this video because of course there is a real interest and a love and a desire to want to know

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about what happened to our beloved chef chippenham in the city of LA Rahmatullah.

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On behalf of Chef Muhammad's family, I'm recording this on behalf of the shura, well, Muslim, I'm recording this. And on behalf really of all of you, I am representing all of you to give the Huck to a man Alec Rahmatullah that has led to an outpouring of grief and happiness, at the same time that they were able to benefit so much in their lifetime. And everybody, I guess, is struggling to process their emotions in different ways.

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I just want to say that Sheikh Mohammed, on the morning of Thursday, today is Sunday. So only a few days ago, on that morning,

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after not feeling very well, for a few weeks, but feeling better on the Thursday

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at home, noticing that his wife was not very well decided to make it easier upon her and take the two young children. Muhammad Sharif had four children. The the two of them that are young are only three and seven. And of course, that's hard work. And so he decided to take them out for the day.

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He was at the mall, and it was time for financial market.

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When he entered the price ladder and the children were kept aside. And

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after he had prayed, he missed the gym out of the actual mold. And so he was praying by himself.

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He collapsed in the Prop. The

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he fell unconscious, but he regained consciousness. The ambulance came and they took him away.

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in hospital, tried to resuscitate him after he lost consciousness again. And that was because he had a heart attack. Sheikh Mohammed passed on because of a cardiac arrest of myocardial infarction. There was no cut. There was no stroke.

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By the time that I got here, he was still in the hospital. We were able to get him released on the Friday on the Friday we were hoping to get him preyed upon, I want to share something a beautiful,

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I made the announcement that we wouldn't be able to insha Allah get the whole set of done and have the prayer done at a time. That was not the prayer time. You all know that most people they set geneticists after Jamar time they set them after a time when the people are already there to increase the size of the congregation.

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We couldn't get him there for the temples for us our congregation. So we set a half past five time. And we recognize that we would suffer as a result in the number of people to come. And subhanAllah that people that arrived for the half past five janazah was ridiculous, the Masjid was completely full. And this is a sign of COBOL. I wanted to know, of course that that you probably noticed already, but the family of Sheikh Mohammed did not want any recording, or any photos. That's why you do not seen anything. And that's something that I respected. And I think it's very important for everybody else to respect. I know people were disappointed. But we can speak about it. It was a

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fabulous gathering. It was from people that knew him who didn't know him from all of the states that I hear. You either traveled across the borders, and it was really beautiful to see old and new people young, and the machine was packed. There were hundreds and hundreds of people that arrived. But the body had not arrived because it was delayed. When the body did arrive around fire around

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just about six o'clock. Then I took over. I had the other team that I was working with bring the body to the to the masjid. We did a rehearsal for Sheikh Mohammed, as he's smiling. Yes. And it's so so nice to see that. It's such a warm feeling to see that I supervised and led the hosel of Sheikh Mohammed, it was a it was done beautifully. It was done thoroughly. I want to say here that the main helper, I also want to shout out the two people that are responsible for the Janaza list in the Emirates, they did an incredible job as well. And the family of Sheikh Mohammed were involved as well. We honored Sheikh Mohammed in the hosel we used a number of forms of perfume from ourselves

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and from those that were that one

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wanted to

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donate that perfume. His coffin was incredibly beautiful in terms of not just the fold and the finish, but the smell. Then we prayed over chef Muhammad, it was a beautiful packed per according to the center of the province of lies and then and then we were able to take the body and bring him here we buried the share

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around half past six Salatin McRib was at 10 past seven. So we were able to get him in the daylight without any doubts. I want to mention just a few beautiful things

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Janessa had occurred at half past five like I had planned, then what would have happened is that they would have prayed would have taken the body and then would have done the janazah and the people that would have gone

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as a result of the delay and I asked I told everybody guys we are delayed by at least an hour. Everybody then filled the masjid with the reciting of the Quran and the making of the and making. It was one of those beautiful signs that you will not forget. I was at the back of the masjid because I was sitting down I have a problem with my neck at the moment. And I was watching the masjid and it was completely packed full of people reciting Quran and making dua. This is from Allah subhanaw taala. I was thinking, Man, this is a disaster. This is going to happen after maghrib it's going to be dark. I don't want that fitna. I want it in a lifetime. And Allah subhanaw taala allowed it to

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happen at such a time where the temperature was cold. We're talking 4550 degrees, where we are right now. And yet when we did it, no stress, no issues with both the body and about to show you the grave. We entered him we did it according to the Sunnah. The shock that was involved is the law of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this video had to be recorded so that people feel comfortable. I want everyone to know that if you're in Dubai, you can come and visit the grave of the chef. There are two hours to make not just for the shift, but everybody who is here. This is the grave of the ship 100.

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This is the grave. This is where his head is. This is the direction of the Qibla and a person who would be praying and they would pray in this direction. It's allowed to stand up here because there will not use this area. And so therefore, a person would come if he had not prayed the Janaza prayer it will be permissible for him to bring otherwise a draw for Sheikh Muhammad Ali. Light is the best ways that you can look after him. Of course we can.

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While Muslimeen we're in insha, Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah from I mean, this is a sunnah to make the draft for all of the inhabitants of this grave and we love and respect everyone. It's important that we show that generality. But of course, this is about chef Bahama delegate, the number of this grid is 364 Dash 33364 Dash three, three, in a hose cemetery for anyone who wants to visit at any time, people don't need to visit the grave necessarily to benefit the sheriff wherever you are, you'll maybe never come to this country. And it's not. It's not that you should come to Dubai just to visit the grave of Sheikh Mohammed it's not from our deen. It's not from our sin that we don't do that we don't hold

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graves to that level of veneration, but the people we do, and the way that we do that is to make dua for them to spread what they told us this is a southern kajaria Everybody knows the Hadees of sadaqa jariya the three things which is that which benefit the person, what are they it is the dua of the child, but everyone by extension, it is the knowledge which they had which is spread which we can all do. It is a sadaqa jariya which is spread charity is not just having to pay, you can do many, many things and pray that Allah Subhana Allah blesses our chef, Allah Rahmatullah is that Kamala here for waiting, and for this update and was taken some time is that Kamala here for watching this

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video, may Allah spousal reward every single one of you that shown this love and emotion for Sheikh Muhammad Sharif was family