Reacting to Shocking Israeli Racism

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The speaker discusses recent social media movement against the Zionist state and the "arson" movement causing harm to children and women. They also mention the need for acceptance among Jewish-ian citizens and clarity among non-English speakers. The speaker suggests a war between different cultures and the potential for racism to affect political parties. They also touch on the Hol Anything movement and the use of race as a excuse, as well as activism to boost the state of Israel. The speaker suggests that the more people do media things, the more they will encourage others to do so.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh how are you guys doing? I'm doing with the esteemed the honorable and the legendary man Zhi Shan, from smile to Jenna YouTube channel, which all of you must subscribe to how you doing? 100 on good, bro. So after all of that, you don't want to give me something but

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give me a minute. There must be something

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How's it going? 100 100 fantastic job. But I think a lot of the viewers have already seen you and I have been doing but I want to want to make this very public that you've been a really good job in the media, offensive 100 abroad against the Zionist state. And I think social media is now taking the lead off for sure it's making a big impact. And this time, what were we seeing sky BBC having to pick up their socks having to really pick up the Act, the silhouette bias those know you've? Oh, of course, that definitely. But when we expose it, then they realize, Oh, we need to also focused on that side narrative becomes untenable because of social media, or because of media buildings coming

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down because of coronaviruses centers, game bond because of little children. It's just becoming, it's too clear. Now it's too broad daylight, you've got cameras, social media, bigger platforms. And Muslims have invested time on the social media platforms, there is bias happening, but Alhamdulillah what kind of state I'm in. I was just looking at the stats today with you, isn't it and looking at the ratio is what kind of state would continue punishing children for the actions of adults, like, you know that you're dropping bombs, there's a 30% chance there's gonna land them out of 200 people have been killed 61 have been children in this to this day, right? 61 out of 200, and some some

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maybe 40, or something that have been women. So that's a 50% chance of ever hitting women or children, the rest of them probably civilians, how many have asked, Are you actually hitting with these? So what they're effectively doing is they're punishing children. You know, they're punishing Hamas, supposedly through through killing children. This is a disgusting

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operation. And it's targeting civilians. It is targeting civilians. But we want to the reason why I wanted to make a reaction video today about what the opinions of those individuals that are live, just general folk, is because the hate has to start from somewhere. And when I watched this kind of social experiment, I thought to myself, well, like this reminds me of reading old Nazi history, there's no doubt about it in my mind, Oh, damn, I want to show the viewers the extent to which the heat fills the environment in the so called country called Israel. So let's get started and Sharla with the reaction video, and square in Jerusalem, which the government is actually declared to

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rename tolerance square. And we're just going to ask every day is really what they think about the situation. You're American. Where are you from? And why did you come here? I'm from New York. And I came here with my family when I was younger, to make Alia

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because it was always my parents dreams come to Israel, because we're religious. So are you American? Yeah. Oh, cool. Why are you? Why did you move here and why? I moved here. 11 years ago, my family moved here, because this is the country of the Jewish people and the future of the Jewish people. And we want to be here. How old are you guys? 18 years old. Now we are here in Israel taking leadership course. And we're going to the army for a few months to see how life here. And then we hope to bring back some of this knowledge to our youth movements. So you're like an internship with the army. It's about two months. And they show you everything about the army. Israel is a great

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place. It's a nice place. You should come and visit.

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Like I love Israel and Savior.

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Truth this place like is, is there's not people in a weeknights every day. And there's no PA. I don't know people exploding Palestinians. Yeah, no, but pretty much the light cue is really good. For people living here. It's just normal to see people normally walking around with guns, and you feel completely safe and protected. I feel like we know who the threat is. And it's not coming from anyone random as opposed to in the rest of the world. That could be anyone here we know. We know who our enemy is. And we know that they are out to get us. Who is the enemy who's the enemy? That's, that's a very good question. I don't think it's specifically any nation. I think it's the people

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are so interested in being politically correct that they won't actually go after the the people that are trying to cover things up. I think that the Islam is

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It's a very bad disease

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just for Israel

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affected all around the world. We can see it. They think they they all have to be slowed.

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Down. They will kill. It is skullcap. We don't really understand what Israel is like we hear a lot of things in the news. A lot of people are sympathizing with the Palestinian plight. Can you talk about what it's like to kind of live in this situation?

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First of all, it's very hard.

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I also am an organization compared

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against the Jews of the Mary Arabs. Did you say the organization was did what again? We there goes on their organization is the thing of is that Jews should marry Irish shouldn't marry Arabs? Why do you feel strongly about that? Because chooses specialization that God gave it to the Jews, and we want Jews to get mixed up together with a different nation. I think

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Israelis have to take over and they have to kick them.

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Kick them away. Okay, much better.

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tolerance, not to not to kill them just to not go back to two Arab countries.

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The story of Joseph, you know, in the Quran and the Old Testament, Funny enough, when they were deciding what to do with him, should we kill him? Should we Sorry, I'm not I just throw him in the well.

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Dealing with the Arabs like that. That was Joseph. Wow. Why they still don't learn their lesson?

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Well, this guy, I'm sure he doesn't see what this guy has to say. But these people, there's no need to try. There's no need to talk to them. What we can Oh, is when they do enough harm, we retaliate. That's war. And that's the situation that any Jew lives in Israel has to deal with.

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Okay, I'm sat down with pursuit mode directly connected to him. Very cold Maha belshaw cepi goertzel. Bogota. Sasha walked amicably.

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This year, palazzos millbay.

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every Arab that doing every reason.

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We asked to kill him, and not because he's Arab. Because he's a terrorist. If you wanted to see if you wanted to see how Nazis would be in the 21st century, this is a good this is honestly this, how would this is a good Good, good case study? I would say yeah, this is how they must have been speaking about the Jews in Germany. all that's happened now just replace the word Jewish with Arab and German Jew, sorry, Jewish with German, and Arab with Jew, and you've got the same situation, the 1930s. There's no difference. I genuinely see no difference at all between what's going on here. And what we probably would witness in 90 days, Germany. So think about that for a second. If you would

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have asked the average German, okay, in a city center, where there was support for Hitler, you would expect there to be a lot of support for anti semitism and a lot of support for arion supremacy. This is the same thing but just reversed different nations different ethnicities is fascism is racism is ethnocentrism. And it is exactly what I mean. This is what I don't like. I mean, if those individuals those particular individuals were to be asked about the Holocaust, they would call it all those things we just taught them that they perpetrating themselves victims of the Holocaust have now become perpetrators of another Holocaust. Absolutely. No doubt what a genocide genocide shame

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and you know what? Indeed, not all Jews or Israelis feel like that But hey, you have a seemingly independent third party going around asking Israel to speak candidly. And and that's what they're doing. And we're seeing a worrying trend here. Absolutely. Also kick out the family because it's all begins with

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education. What are they the case does you know it's families I may send you that say we need to

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pitch your pitch, you are

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giving me money?

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really well, I think we should give them a country. If you do any problem. You just go in there to give them a country and then it's going to be a war between countries you know, if they're going to throw rockets we're going to throw one big one and done.

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I don't think there's any answer like there's only one way like I would carpet bomb them.

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is only

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Holloway could deal with it,

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or you try to stop them like Huawei probably has never worked. You mean, all Arabs or Gaza? Or?

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I, I believe that they, I hope to believe they're there or not. But I do think they are. I do think, wow, I never, I don't say don't trust them. You can't trust them. But you know,

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the only the only way is to stop it completely. But now when you see in the flesh, we miserable that they araby say

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make it be grim. And

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yeah, that's, that's

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the only thing she's carrying.

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There is also just civilians, civilians.

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I'm not saying but we have also people that liked our ribs and everything like smaller name, I think the Jews should have rights to hate them. Think have the right

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to have a right to reason why not I voted education I hate right. So just seeing is like a case study example a small sample group as may be right. But I've shown this and if you if you want more information about actual studies that have been done, you can look at my refutation or Ben Shapiro, when we actually put facts like surveys have been done a peace index surveys, which shows how rampant racism, Islamophobia, anti Arab sentiment, anti black sentiment, there is in the so called nation called Israel. And I just think it's shocking, considering the histories of the Jewish people with the Holocaust, that they are for all intents and purposes, just replicating the behavior, and

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the attitudes and the ideologies of the Nazis, to a group of people who they think that they are

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basically masters over who who are the Arabs, and just not the average, as we've mentioned, all the other ethnic groups, they think that they are the chosen the center of attention and the best people that there are because of their ethnicity because of the accident of birth. And I think as Muslims, we may not have the media representation. That's why people are able to come up with this rhetoric that, oh, it's Muslims that are preaching hate in them addresses in their holy books, and this and that, but if you look, yes, the media may not center that much on Judaism, if you see some of the stuff that's done here, even in London. Yeah, in in Golders Green. And some, yeah, some of the

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practices that take place, they have their own ambulances, they have their own syllabus, yeah, of power to them. We haven't got an issue with that. But what we do have a problem with is racism. But we we have an issue when they come and when Muslims tried to write some progress, yes. And then they say, Oh, you guys are doing this in your schools, oh, you get special treatment over here. I'm sorry, if you can't give one group preference over the other. And whilst you know, smashing the the other group just because they don't have enough media representation and hear stuff like this, you will not see as much you don't see as doesn't serve any geopolitical interests. That's the bottom

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line at the end of the day, as Joe Biden said himself, and perhaps you can do a video just on this. He said, If there wasn't an Israel, we'd need to make one. Oh, damn. He said that. He said, If there wasn't an Israel, the Middle East would have to make one, meaning Israel serves a geopolitical function for the Americans, and therefore go opposing it makes no political sense. And that's why whether Democratic or Republican, American presidents have a history of supporting the state, the corrupt State of Israel. And they will continue doing so because it serves the geopolitical objectives of the United States of America. Whereas it may serve the geopolitical interests of the

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United States of America, if they were to put Muslims and Islam in a bad light because it gives them the option to foreign Li, invade the country, and take it for his assets in the end its natural resources. That's what we've been seeing in the last 50 years. Definitely, definitely.

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I guess we live there. So just going off and on guys, thanks so much for watching. It was a pleasure doing this with us, Sean. Thanks, pleasure. Thanks for having me, bro. And, you know, guys, make sure that you spread these videos far and wide. Because we show we need to make as much noise as possible for this particular cause. 100% because the more you start raising videos like this, it will encourage other people to speak out yet, the more

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you're liking the more you're sharing normalizing

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things. Yeah, you've got Pogba coming out. You've got john oliver, you've got Philip DeFranco these are all mainstream people be at YouTube busier, you've got that tan dessay or whatever his name is a Sikh politician. You've got the the usual suspects like Jeremy Corbyn and, you know, you've got a lot of people standing up mobilizing. Yeah, people probably don't even know about Elbit near the arms company located in less time. There's protests happening there as well. Yeah, and there's, you know, Al Jazeera there, the towers being knocked down with alongside alongside the Associated Press, and the likes. So also people are literally there. And you can see that on armed Yeah, these are

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medical person on their media personnel, this footage of Army or police about bout to throw their tear gas, and then the camera as soon as the cameras there, oh, the guy just holds it back. So you've probably seen a lot of these videos. So the more you do it, the more it will encourage other influences to also do that because you have to understand that for some influence, it is about feeding the algorithm getting the views getting the money in a testing that look it's it's working here, it's it's good. You know, I'm saying like, some people do need that dunya kind of

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long sentence. But for us, we're doing a lot. We hope so anyway, and we're going to be spreading these videos, and we're going to be providing the thorn in the throat of the State of Israel. Oh damn someone if Americans live in a gut.