Imam Omar Suleiman Remembers Shaykh Muhammad #shorts

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Muhammad was not someone that would backbite

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even people that spoke nastily about him.

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And if he saw someone speaking in a nasty way about you, you know, he'd message and just say, hey, just keep your head up. Don't respond to anything. Don't say anything. Just keep, keep going, keep going, keep going. He gives you that affirmation always. And he makes that for you. You know? And when people would come to him and would say to him that, you know, someone's saying this about you, and you just, he had no time for it. He had no time for it. And when he talked about Barack and time, I can't think about much that takes away from the bulk of a person's time than backbiting and negativity and I don't remember. It's really phenomenal. I can't remember

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him speaking about about someone, I can't remember a conversation with him that involves backbiting.