Worshipping Allah Alone Part 2

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When a lot, you know, the wives and the children becoming a sickness, it goes without saying that the converse is also true that the husband can also become a sickness or wife, you know, the parents could become a picnic for the child,

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or the child become a picnic for the husband, or the wife. I mean, what it's saying that all those things that we love dearly, can become a sickness, once they become our enemies, when they come, that's sick, no, we're not loved for them to come, celebrate, go beyond the limits. dialog, then those that we love become our enemies, meaning that they're taking us to hell. And that

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kept him from writing, is there a difference in the punishment

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between minor and major shifts from our folders

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is an unforgivable sin. There's

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very different majors here, the first one guy is in a state of major

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is destined to help

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your thinking before

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the death

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angel comes or they feel in order to overcome their death, rattle starts in their throat, and they don't seek forgiveness from the lobby, then they are destined to help a person is involved in

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you know, you may use the prayer, then you may need it longer, because some people are not the value of that prayer. But it doesn't mean every prayer that you make now.

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As long as you correct your intention back again, then your

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mind becomes your attributes, your characteristic, then it will take you to hell

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will be turning out

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a lot were asked him

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what did you do tonight as I gave you? And he said, Well, you know, I talk to people for your takeaway, you know, kind of

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the fact that

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you know,

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and you'll receive your

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nothing left for you, but daltile be dragged off on his face and thrown in.

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The other one was a rich person.

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They're making the point here, what is the point? The point is that he reserved for because in the case of

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his main program, he was doing all the teaching, he was doing work, seeking praise from people, then that minor shift, became major for him and took him to

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the question of the weather, concerns.

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becoming here to do a tour of England, coming here as a leader of Muslims in America, and in America on decline and fitness.

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the statement

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continues to play

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a larger

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And then he was the last messenger

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various changes

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that were done in the time over the Father.

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In our trading

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game as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

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whoever honors

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figure one

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has to destroy

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man Elijah Muhammad is the worst of mankind.

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was worse than the one who

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did nothing to the rest of mankind

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is a major deviation.

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And there are many other things

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from the past in terms of statements made in the past, which has never really you know, address

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He has nothing in writing etc. And they still remain amongst in the minds of his followers, etc. but

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this really sums up his attitude towards his

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level of Islam.

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And that probably just

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by alone, then

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are displeasing

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deviated part of our

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for farrakhan, for example, another individual who may be a very effective and eloquent spokesman, with site people, etc. and the name of

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their advisor are the teachings of Elijah Muhammad exactly as they were in the time of Elijah.

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even speak of human an honorable honor to praise him. This is a major mistake on the Bible.

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He is an enemy of Islam

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to pray for enemies of

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themselves in the category of being enemies of Allah.