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As Salam onic when I'm at the Labor Academy welcome to today's episode of tarawih truffles

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salaams Are you from we'll get started in

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four minutes

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and how long

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four minutes? say salam where you're from and we'll get started in four minutes

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show my Alicia reviling my Sam Dallas Minnesota

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shares welcome Chazz

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Patricia and Phil you Alec Messina.

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Four minutes

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Nimrod like a muscle RAM Nimra

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shares B says I love truffles you love tarawih truffles or you love chocolate truffles Nimrod how many eight years old from Pakistan? Welcome muhammad shah Manas Malik masa, Montreal

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and we've got Zurich, Maryam with in Zurich with Juju and Belk, please

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and Asya

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we got blank living in Medina hope you're well shed humble I'm doing good.

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As Matt in Dallas and this tropical basit in Malaysia, Malaysia, no rain in Bangladesh, Zara. The regulars are here Zack Aloka for tuning in every day.

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So Iran Pakistan when it comes to Sudan, I should say and in Toronto anagama Salam

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wa Sephardic Mustafa Mustafa

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and numerous says Muhammad is visiting her today nice love now they can sit up in Toronto, Russia. In Minneapolis rush I think I sent you a message about your brother

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Queen's decennia

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Marzuki in Japan

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Marzouk Are you Japanese or do you just live in Japan?

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Because Japan's awesome Lulu Perth Janina Alec Muslim.

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Get Started in two minutes. Zara says how are you? I'm good.

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Olivia Indonesian in Rockville Maryland. Indonesians are awesome.

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Oh, mama Atacama Saddam Kishwar in New Jersey, Allah keep you guys safe almeyda in rehab.

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Ma'am is in Pakistan. I'm an ally like Muslim.

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What is the question?

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If I asked you to Debu Chela, something that I will implement. I missed that. We'll get to it later. Copy Paste it. So you can paste it later when we get to questions.

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kelser in Singapore, Atacama Sadam Hamdi in California.

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Habib Ali, in Ottawa, hometown, Ottawa, new here, yay. Also Maryland, College Park, Maryland,

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Baltimore, Maryland.

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We get started in one minute.

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We will start in one minutes.

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The train will be departing in one minute.

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Rahila in Dubai, Sima recom, Assam Seema

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Hamid Kabir in Nigeria.

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Go her says what's the topic for today we're going to be reciting two verses so till anon verse 150 to 153

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your mama says what's with the star business and why don't you have it? You know what Facebook asked me if I if I would like to do the star business. It basically allows me to monetize the Facebook Lives from Facebook and if you press a star then I get one penny figured I don't know.

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I don't know if I should bother you guys with that. So I can get like Penny's

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the probably force implemented on my post anyway.

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Janina says you always miss my questions. Janina posted when I say Now are there any are Janina copy paste your questions and right when it hits 915 or whatever time it is in your in your thing than a

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15 After the hour All right, let's begin.

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Take one middle es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sallim ala and my bad today is tarawih truffles. Day number eight we are on Surah Al Anon Surah Al Anam and this is 152 Allah Subhana Allah says in the sutra or the Belemnite ship on a regime wala Korab Ummah Alia team it lobby Lottie center had had day ever law I showed the

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cane and wanted me Zan I've been in office for learn Oakley phone apps and it was

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well either according to the law one Oh Canada,

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Wyoming i

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for the newcomers for being here La La come that go on. So in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says or takanobu mallia team Do not come near Do not come near to the wealth of the orphan electability here as an except in that in that way, which is best had day of lower should until he reaches his maturity will Oh full kala will me Zana will cause soulless pantallas giving commandments I'll explain in a second but let's read through like linguistic just word for word. Whoa full kala well me Zana Bill Crist al Qaeda well me Zan these are measurements right so give full measure and wait injustice so be just when you are taking measurements and when you're giving rulings. Whoa full kala

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well me Zana Bill kissed land Okay, live on Epson Illa wasa that Allah does not place a burden on a soul more than it can bear. Well either call to him and if you speak far do then speak just speak justice. Well, Oh Canada CORBA even if it's against your arm near of kin near relative, while behind the lie Oh foo and with the covenants of Allah, that you should fulfill it and fulfill the covenants of Allah or be I had delay ofoh Wehrli como Sercombe This is what Allah subhanaw taala advises you, la la comme to the Quran so that you would remember. So these verses start with, actually, it's the verse before it. And I'm not I'm not bringing it up here for tonight we have truffles, but the verse

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before this, this verse and the verse after these three have like 10 commandments have 10 commandments 10 guidance foundations in which Islam is built. And so let's look at what Allah subhanaw data advises us. And the end of this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says that it's almost Lacombe that this is what Allah advises you. And in fact, the next verse also says that it almost Lacombe that this is what Allah subhanaw taala advises you

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so that you would have Taqwa. So here in this verse, specifically, ALLAH SubhanA data advises us don't eat orphans wealth unjustly so don't steal from orphans. The second thing we see in this verse is miscalculation in measurements, so that could be miscalculations, whether that's in business transaction, somebody's trying to cheat in their business transactions and in their measurements, or it could be in legal proceedings. Somebody miscalculating and there's so many examples popped into my mind of how miscalculations happen so that it's to one person's benefit and not the others. And then Allah subhanaw taala forbids lying or being fake. These days. We hear about fake news and fake

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testimonies and fake and fake false comments. Allah subhanaw taala for forbids this, whether it's in words, or in legal situations. We also see in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, to not advising the believers to never break their covenant with Allah subhanaw Dona and with others. So let's talk about the wealth of the orphans. So when you read about wealth of the orphans, in the Quran, you have to realize that in Islam, an orphan is somebody whose father has passed away so their mother may be alive, but they get orphan status, because that male the father figure has passed away. And so a lot of times these orphans that you reading about in the Quran, are actually girls, not boys.

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And it intended you know, maybe the boy will get older become a warrior or fight for his for his wealth and,

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and get his wealth back. But other times when the girls, you know, they're, they're young girls and they would have some big warrior uncle, the uncle would take the wealth and Allah subhanaw taala you'll see this repeated

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In the Quran, Allah defends those for whom no one has defend. They don't have defense. So Allah subhanaw taala Commands Not to get come nearer to the wealth of the orphan had you have lower should and

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Allah subhanaw taala says well attack Kullu don't eat it. Don't eat malady a team don't want to attack Robbo Melania team, this happens with if the wealth of the orphan is like food, or if it's property don't take that property. And there's another thing that actually happens, which is

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what if somebody says, You know what orphans are so sacred, so I'm not going to come anywhere near their property, but to the point where their property gets neglected or their wealth gets neglected. Or let's suppose somebody is trying to be just in their calculations, such as you know, you might have a business partnership with somebody, and you're trying, you're 100% to keep everything legit. But things slipped through the cracks, or maybe some harm was done to the orphan, but unintentionally, Allah subhanaw taala says, LAN Kelley phoned her son in law was hahaha, that we don't place a burden on a soul more than it can bear and so there's the Rama there that yes, a

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person stands for justice, but if something slips through, slips through the cracks, even though the person did their best, then inshallah Tada ALLAH is forgiving. For that as long as the intention wasn't for a person to do that. The things that slipped through the cracks.

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We also lot learn that in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us to speak the truth. Well, oh, Canada, CORBA. And we also see here that speaking the truth is even when it you're dealing with people that you don't like, or maybe even it's like disbelievers or something like that. But if somebody has spoken the truth, we stand up for the truth that is being said, sometimes you see, like political parties, doesn't matter what the other party said, they're going to go against it just because, oh, they're from a different group that's on a political party type of level. But even on a day to day basis in our own lives, you may not like someone or you may not like a group of people,

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but if they say truth, then we should speak up and say, You know what, this person sucks. But this column, this these words that they've said, it is just and it is truth, and we don't allow our hatred for someone or dislike for somebody lead us to be in just unjust as Allah subhanaw taala tells us, and so it's a matter and ALLAH SubhanA data says,

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while the delay oh four, and as for the covenant with Allah, then fulfill it and that covenant, ALLAH SubhanA dynamics, a covenant with every soul that they worship Allah subhanaw taala alone. You know, what's interesting about people who deny,

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deny Allah subhanaw taala

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if you ask them straight up to deny God,

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they can't do it, you know, like, deny God, they'll say, You know what, I don't deny God I believe in a higher being.

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But I don't know about organizers or whatever. Maybe we'll talk about that in another in another session. But I'm like, Look, if you're so against it, then just deny just deny God God doesn't exist. Yes, I know, there's people like that, who kind of like testify against themselves. But generally speaking, the mind and the whole creation is built to believe it's like a signature on human beings that they believe in Allah subhanaw taala, they believe in the higher being as they would call while behind delay, oh four and as for the covenant with Allah, then fulfill it and as a covenant that Allah subhanaw taala though we worship Him and not associate partners, and then also

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applies to covenants with other people will be I delay Ofo. And so if there is a covenant or a treaties or something like that, that we've we have with somebody else, that we should fulfill it, that ecommerce Lacombe. This is what Allah subhanaw taala advises you that Allah come to the Koran, and then Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Well, no,

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at all, please be more stealthy. Eema fed Debbie rule 110 31. So bona fides, I felt like Bobby Coleman said beanie, the legal Masakan be here. Come on. Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, Anna had RC allottee was still keyman for who and as for this path, my path, my path. It's a straight path for Tebbe rules. So follow it will lead to debit or civil and do not follow the other ways these others pass for the Federal copy command stability and for it will separate you from his way from that straight path. Then ECOSOC and Biggie This is what Allah subhanaw taala instructs you and advises you to Allah Contacta con so that you would get Taqwa. So when we

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Talk about the path of Allah subhanaw taala when they had a sorority, Mr. keema. This is the straight path.

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There are five

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general rulings in Islam, Allah Kamisha. Yeah, as it's called, you have something that is haram, something that is mcru Something that is MOBA, which is like the middle,

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which is permissible Haram is forbidden. mcru is disliked. MOBA is allowed mazahub what people sometimes called sunnah and soon as everything. But sunnah muster habit is something that's desirable. And then you have foreign, which is

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something that's commanded obligating in those commandments, I've found this, this mental mistake that people make when they think of the middle path, the set often was talking the straight path, the middle path. Sometimes they think that if people are disagreeing, and one person says something is farther than one person says, something's haram, you know what, I'm just gonna follow the middle path. And it's all good. The middle path in this case, is MOBA, as they say, so everything is just oh, we can pick whatever we want, because it's the middle path. And that's an inaccurate and a mistaken way of coming to understand what the middle path is. The middle path is what Allah and His

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Messenger have guided us to. If that's something that's haram, then that's the middle path. So for example, if pork is haram, that's the middle path. If, if there's something that's farther than compulsory, such as speaking the truth in a court case, that you know, there's not exceptions or if it's my brother or something like that. So that's the middle path, it's obligated to speak the truth. The middle path is not mobile off the middle path is what the Quran and Sunnah point to so this middle path is in beliefs sorry, not middle, this straight path is in beliefs. It's in worship. So beliefs is what do we believe as believers? How do we worship Allah subhanaw taala the straight

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path had the laws that govern us, this is from Allah subhanaw taala Seraphim was the creamin for who the character that Allah subhanaw taala is guiding us to and the etiquettes of what it means to be a believer all of these things go back to one that had LC allottee and was still creamin for who and as for my path, it is straight and so follow it. The Prophet said a lot I said I'm once drew a line in the sand. And he said, This is Allah's path.

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And he said, This is This is Allah's path and then he drew other lines going away from that path and the prophets of Allah Islam said, and these are the super these are the other

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the other ways the civil other paths, other ways for the Federal copy commands to be there's this versus that it will, it will divide you and separate you out. I want to finish off here by mentioning that this commandment to follow and be unified is from Allah subhanaw taala I think because there's so much disunity around the world that we kind of accept it as, hey, it's status quo, this is what it is. But in fact if you look at how amazing Ramadan is when you know the whole Muslim world is fasting together how amazing has it been during this? The Coronavirus you know lock downs, the unification that has happened in most of the worlds that when we unify we can be like

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global issues. And so as believers that we should strive for that kind of unification and on a small example something like a moon sighting committee how amazing is it in your community when people put aside their fix issues and then they come together and say I know we've got multiple fix issues or we've got a leader here and we're going to go with the committee and what they say and when the whole city multiple masajid come together and unify and how much hair comes to the community and that's the benefit of following Allah subhanaw Donnas straight path and being unified as Allah subhanaw taala commands us

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and that's it before I forget inshallah Tada tomorrow visionair Ramadan begins, this is the last day to register. We've already gone we're going wild in the in the Facebook group amongst the students and inshallah to Allah we are going to start tomorrow, visionary doesn't take away from your Ramadan, it enhances your Ramadan. I don't like to be the, you know, have a course such as you know, I have a camera app hedge app called Snap.

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And and this app, somebody was talking to me about it. I helped design it. I was like the creative designer for this app, and there's a team of people. And he said, like, shouldn't people be putting away their phones when they're when they're making a camera? And yeah, probably, but our app wasn't made to take away from your camera. It's in fact helping you

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to focus more on performing your hombre, for example, the app can count your toe off, even when, even without you having to remember that. So you just look down and it has to count for you have your toe off on the phone so that you can focus on worshiping Visionaire. When people ask me how many hours is it? I say to them that it's a misunderstanding because visionair isn't a course that's taken in Ramadan. It's actually for Ramadan, to enhance your Doha so that when you get to the last nights and last nights of Ramadan, and you're worshiping Allah Spano and you're standing in front of Allah, and this is the time to make Doha that you've got all the best Doha that you want to make,

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they're all ready to go and it's the best because it is your personalized specific from your heart Dawes and for the next two weekends inshallah Tada it's an introspective retreat journey and experience that we're going to be going through to extract from your heart what are those doors that you want to make, this is not print from the internet type of drawers. And this is not same old same old type of doors. And these are not the ritualistic type of things that you were taught when you're a little child and you don't know what they mean. These are doors that you care about and it's bringing the power of God into your life that is visionary Ramadan, it is happening tomorrow

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inshallah Tada at this exact time. So literally, there's only a few more hours left and we begin the journey and I'd love to have you there. If

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finances is an issue you will see on the visionary Ramadan for those affected by COVID There is a link that you can

00:21:35--> 00:22:02

seek assistance there so please don't worry about that if you're interested in taking this visionary journey, then please check it out at visionair Ramadan inshallah Tada, we will continue with our tunnelbear truffles, even though we will start tomorrow at at the same time, maybe a little bit shorter, because class is going to start right after the Donald we have troubles a lot on on it. So now if you have questions, you're welcome to ask.

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Let's go.

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Actually, before I get to the long question, here's some shorter ones. I'm the boss. It's question how many sessions will we'll be having in this visionary Ramadan, visionary is going to be Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday, that tomorrow and Sunday and next week, Saturday, Sunday. Each day has its own intention. The first Saturday tomorrow is to lay the foundation for the visionary journey, what it's about and our relationship to the art. The second Sunday is going to be about actually going through visualizations and figuring out what we really want to make data for from our hearts. The next Saturday is going to be double checking that those are the doors that we really want to make

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and throughout the week you're on your own building up to building up to those doors. And then Sunday is going to be how to accelerate your doors. Each session is two hours in length.

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Norton says what's the name of the app again please the app's name is we salaam let me let me type it

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and we Sadam you can use it also for the kid love finder. It's got an awesome couple of finder. I know the guys who made the criminal of finder and I've proven its accuracy all around the world. It's an awesome couple of finder and you'll also find the solid times is awesome and there's a must have inside of there as well. So even if you're not in hajj and umrah you can still use the app for multiple things. Where is that long question now

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who was the one who said they need their question answered?

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I don't know I think Nima you are posting for them. Hopefully this is the one you were talking about dogs yesterday and said it's the best way to make dogs from the heart in our own language. I love making dogs during surgery but don't know any Arabic dogs. How can I make Do I just feel so close to Allah during Institute but can't make Dawn my own language? So at times I spend time being quiet and making Dawn My heart is that Okay, question two is b I heard we can't read the Quran and doster Institute and record is that correct? So chronic dies you can recite Quran in record Institute. You cannot recite the Quran, but what about Quranic Dawes? If you're making a dot and it happens to be

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

like Quranic ones, such as Robin attina for dunya has novel Accra jazz, which is actually a Quranic door or in a cell autonomous docking guide is the straight path. You can do that if your intention is to make the DUA but you're not supposed to recite Quran in a real court.

00:25:00--> 00:25:42

St. Jude to the beginning of your question, can you make dua in your language in said out loud and the answer is yes, you can. Yes you can. So making dot and Sajida is not exclusive to people who speak Arabic is not exclusive only to people who speak Arabic that Allah said this is the closest that that a servant is to Allah Spano Donna and if this position was the only armed people are allowed to make dua in opposition then there would be a lot less people making die in sujood and that's not the case. So if you're uncertain you want to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala in your language you can do so Allah Tala.

00:26:04--> 00:26:42

So, your mama says that she's seen occasions where a woman and her orphaned children are so controlled by the husband's family because they spend on the children care for them a type of control that is mentally abusive in my opinion. They use their help and care against the women or children. Isn't that haram? So I would tell you Mm hmm that controlling someone and abusing them. They don't have to be Orphic for that to be haram that's haram even if it was just you know, brother and sister or husband wife and stuff like that. So yes, it is haram and it may be even more so because they're orphaned and they have special status and protection from Allah subhanaw taala.

00:26:50--> 00:26:59

Janina says How to Avoid thoughts during Salah are movements acceptable during salons mostly during my salon, my cat comes and sits in my lap. Then I keep her aside.

00:27:01--> 00:27:05

So Janine, I don't know what you mean by avoiding thoughts in salah.

00:27:08--> 00:27:34

Because as human beings, for sure we're going to be thinking, we're going to you know, our thoughts will be going, I think what you're talking about how do you concentrate on what you're saying in Salah? Yes. So that could be that when you're assigning certain Fatiha, you start learning, you know what the sorts of feta means? start understanding the translation of what's being said, when you go into ROCOR and sujood. Understand what's been his mental Bill Allah

00:27:36--> 00:28:11

Subhana Allah Allah subhana Robbia Haleem what do those things mean? You start making dua that you understand when you start understanding what you're saying, then inshallah Tada that'll help you to get more focus and get your mind back on track and and I'd also say that it's normal for the mind to wander to other thoughts that we pray five times a day and it's a whole life journey of getting our thoughts back on track to what we're praying and to focus on that about your cat if your cat comes in, sit on your sits on your lap and you put it aside, it's fine inshallah Donna just put it to the side

00:28:17--> 00:28:25

Zaha this might be a long question a long answer, but I'll make it shorter for you. Is it compulsory to follow four Imams remember Hanifa Imam humble Imam Shafi Imam Malik.

00:28:29--> 00:28:54

So, what is what is advised is for a person to follow a person of knowledge. Okay, so personal knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala says first, I had a degree in quantum Allah Tala mode as the people of knowledge if you don't know So for you, Zahra, you are not the one who is asked to follow a method following a madhhab is a list of legal

00:28:55--> 00:29:38

you know, rules how to extract rulings from Quran and Sunnah and stuff like that. And you're not going to do that. So common misconception that just a layperson regular people do is like, Oh, I follow a method. No, actually, you don't follow that up. What you do is you follow your Imam or your learned person who they follow a myth app. They follow a method and you follow people of knowledge if you don't know so that's in you know, to make it short for you. You're not the one who's going out and picking up you know, Imam Shafi books for dummies and you're like a reference for the rest of us and trying to figure out how to do this fit on yourself. You are learning from a person of

00:29:38--> 00:29:45

knowledge that person should have reliable sources if they're if they're doing HD head and they are extracting

00:29:47--> 00:29:52

you know, based on rules from these meetups have that makes it a little bit clearer

00:29:56--> 00:30:00

process what will be the time for the visionary session for us it

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

going to be at this time tomorrow exactly this time tomorrow, wherever you are right now in the world in four minutes. And tomorrow. The half an hour after this hour is going to be Visionaire. If you are part of a generic no you are per US Gohan you can add the cover of our Facebook group has

00:30:22--> 00:30:25

has the dates and has the timings on it.

00:30:27--> 00:30:52

Amina says don't have to go through all the bonus access before we start tomorrow Abu Amina no you do not you can come to the class. Just make sure you introduce yourself when we get to know how cool a person who are inshallah Tada. Make sure you introduce yourself all the other stuff. There are some activities that I prefer over others. Some of the bonus that are I prefer over the others, but there's not much time left until tomorrow. So don't worry about it. Shala Tada. You can do it after

00:30:56--> 00:31:15

Hannah, there are deals for the alumni message support, support at Discovery And they'll hook you up with the deals. Usually they sent it out to the past students. But if you have unsubscribed from that list or something or didn't reach you, then you can check it out.

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Handy says I was drink when one minute was after Federer today, is that make my fasting break or not? Handy? Did you do it on purpose? Or did you do it accidentally? If you did it accidentally the no problem?

00:31:32--> 00:31:51

Or banana? As you know fun? If you did it intentionally meaning you knew that federal time came in and you were like, I don't care if it came in, I'm still going to eat and drink. Then we got a problem and gelatin. I don't think that that was your intention? I think inshallah Tada, you did it accidentally. And if you did it accidentally, then no problem Ilana.

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I'm waiting for you Nimra to join visionary you were saying yesterday, that you're kind of thinking about it. I'm waiting for you to join us all the time.

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Nancy says how can I train my five year old son to do sulla at a young age? Nancy, what

00:32:18--> 00:32:59

I once heard this nice advice from some share saying that if you want to encourage your child, you don't want to reward them for praying. So for example, let's suppose this child prays. And then you say, Hey, you prayed, here's the candy for praying, because that messes up their intention. They don't care about the candy later, and whatnot. Instead, the chef gave this nice suggestion. He said something to the effect of, hey, you know what I saw that you've been praying recently, and I bought you this nice watch that can help you track the time for Salah. So you are giving him a gift you are encouraging them to pray, I think a big mistake or I don't know if it's a mistake or not, but kind

00:32:59--> 00:33:29

of like the child is five years old. And you want to encourage them if they don't want to pray or they don't find themselves inclined to pray at this time, then don't force them. Don't make it like hey, you're five years old, I'm going to spank you on the bottom unless you stand up straight and pray. Their brain hasn't developed to that point. Allah doesn't hold them accountable. You want to encourage them at the age of seven is what the promise is that I'm advised. So if this child is five years old, like give them a break in sha Allah Tala, they can pray, and you encourage them, but if they want to play or they want to run around, it's not a big deal.

00:33:37--> 00:33:50

Farhan says, I guess you're talking about visionair. If you're talking about visionary, visionary is going to be visionary Ramadan, and the links it you have to register for it and the links are going to be in the membership site.

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And it's not going to be here on Facebook.

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All right, this question got to will it be different to visionary 2030? And the repetition if there's a session not to Mr. Which is it? So the question

00:34:12--> 00:34:57

two months ago, two months ago, right, two or three months ago, we did visionary 2030. That was a decade edition. The purpose of visionary 2030 was to design a plan instead of every Ramadan trying to figure out from the from from zero what you want to make doc for the visionary 2030 programs intention was to make a game plan for the upcoming decade, make a game plan, where do you want to be in 10 years, and they're actually like two different courses. The purpose of visionary 2030 was to make a decade blueprint dream blueprint for five areas of your life. And that blueprint would be something that you could extract from year after year, as you do Visionaire Ramadan. It was kind of

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

intense for people who are taking visionair for

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

The first time when they took vision 2030 Because that was an advanced version and it was dealing with different things. So if you did take visionary 2030, I would tell you, even people who take visionary Ramadan, they come back for visionary Ramadan year after year, because refreshing our doors, it's not about an information. It's not about visionary isn't information, it's an experience. And it's like, what do I want to make dua for this year, I think Sr. Saira really summed it up beautifully. That every year as you come to Ramadan we take for those who are taking visionair it's like a gift from Allah of you know, what are the doors that you're going to make for and you

00:35:38--> 00:36:13

don't know what that is until you go through this journey of what do I really want to make dua for as we're doing in visionair and and I was saying in response that it's the same for me even this Ramadan I don't really know what my dream doors are for the last 10 nights of Ramadan. But as I go through this visionary journey with the students why I do it every year is because I have to do it, because you don't know what those guys are until you pull it from the bottom of your heart. You organize them and then you're ready to go so that when you're standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala and the last 10 nights you have

00:36:14--> 00:36:16

the dyes that mean the most to you ready to go

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Alright guys, we're done.

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It is finished.

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Like Hola, hola.

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Okay, inshallah Tada. We will have Tada we have truffles tomorrow maybe like a shortened version because class visionair class starts tomorrow. Please, if you enjoy these types of truffles and you'd like to check out visionair Ramadan, have a look at what it's about. The website is visionair I will type it up for you. So you can click on it now.

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Alright everybody, check it out. Click on the link now learn more about it. Inshallah. Tada. You may be like it could be life changing. I want you to tell your story about how your life changed. You say you know what it was the day Twas the Night Before visionary Ramadan and all through the house. Everything was quiet as I clicked on my mouse

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Alright, check it out. So I got on with Allah