Beyond Your Parents’ Perfect Love #shorts

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AI: Summary © A speaker describes their experience of watching their daughter's reflection on the mirror and realizing that their own parents love their child. They encourage parents to look at their daughter's reflection and acknowledge that love for their child is a circle.
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My daughter was born and cared for very dearly. And she was in mind, she was in my arms one time and thanked me and I was putting her to sleep. And if you've held a child, you can see your reflection in the eyes of the child. The eyes are like a mirror. If you look that closely at somebody, you can see your own reflection. So I was looking at my daughter, looking into her eyes and seeing my son.

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And she's looking up at me and I'm looking at her. And I don't think you understand the parents love for their child until you become a parent. And then you understand that your parents will always love you, because you feel it yourself when you're looking at your child.

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So I'm looking at her looking at her reflection, and I see in her eyes even as a young child, we see this woman the child wants to know that the parent loves them.

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It's a circle of us looking for love. Parents looking for the child who you love.