Beyond Your Parents’ Perfect Love #shorts

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My daughter was born and cared for very dearly. And she was in mind, she was in my arms one time and thanked me and I was putting her to sleep. And if you've held a child, you can see your reflection in the eyes of the child. The eyes are like a mirror. If you look that closely at somebody, you can see your own reflection. So I was looking at my daughter, looking into her eyes and seeing my son.

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And she's looking up at me and I'm looking at her. And I don't think you understand the parents love for their child until you become a parent. And then you understand that your parents will always love you, because you feel it yourself when you're looking at your child.

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So I'm looking at her looking at her reflection, and I see in her eyes even as a young child, we see this woman the child wants to know that the parent loves them.

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It's a circle of us looking for love. Parents looking for the child who you love.