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I'm very low blood. I mean, that was

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silly. While I leave us heavy here

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are my bad.

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Les Brown

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and suranga booth were lovely nyjah has rufina Lerner haidian home Solana

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well as Roger said, the one who struggles in my path the one who makes effort in my path

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while levena Jaya has rufina the one who makes effort in us in our which means our but

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learner has the unknown zorana surely we will guide them to our path, the one who makes effort in US surely we will guide them to the paths that lead to our

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other to lead to our

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being pleased.

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IR reminds us of two things,

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one of the need and importance of making efforts if we want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala

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there is no shortcut

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in Islam

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shortcut in the sense of

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there is no you know one

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word or some mantra that you can say which will take you to Ghana is nothing like this. You have to make effort if you want to get something we have to make an effort for this thing.

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Naturally, that effort has Baraka from Allah subhanaw taala. So the effort is not as difficult as getting things as linear. But also it is not true that we will get the pleasure of Allah or that we will get Jenna without doing anything

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while living

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Sina La Jolla Nomura and the second point is that the one who makes effort, Allah Subhana, Allah guarantees him and says that surely I will lead him to the ways which lead to my pleasure.

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So in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will then if you make the effort, Allah subhanaw taala will then show you what are the things that lead to him and that lead to his prayer. And that's why it's very important to make effort and do a consistent effort

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to make effort consistently, when was the heaviest

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where a lady came to meet, I shall delana

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and at that time I came into into the house, so I shall delana introduce the lady to sort of develop and then that she is a great avid and she prays and she sometimes worships Allah Subhana Allah all night.

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And so regular can observe Lazzara like that did with even though it is small is done consistently

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in said that, if she was up all night, she cannot worship all night every day.

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So let her not worship all night and then after that, maybe she's out of tiredness, he falls asleep and then she even misses the first a lot of other

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so if she's doing that, then this is not good. But on the other hand, if she prays the hedges every day, but she doesn't worship all night she worship for you an hour or something, then this is a some This is something which can be maintained.

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So therefore, it is important for us to make sure that we make effort for the sake of the make effort for Allah subhanaw taala and that this effort is done consistently.

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Both are important making effort is important and making that effort consistently is important.

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And for that it is important for us to understand the value of what we are doing.

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Because unless you understand the value of something you can never do it

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and you definitely cannot do it consistently

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because if we understand the value for example have to recap of some of some other factors

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what is the value of the store that's when you will ensure that you never miss it

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otherwise Chetan will always come into the forest quality and our

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bread for so what is all our curriculum gave importance to almost to the level of our we consider it unimportant so I need I don't have to preach

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as long as I've read rather try and answer them therefore I'm inventing my own religion

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but using the different from the religion of masala that I did I bet without further it is enough I don't have to presume

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the the issue is not that you are making this bizarre you are creating the point is you're not doing it.

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So what we don't

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is effectively our religion.

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What we do or don't do with our religion,

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no matter what we say,

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we can say many things.

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We can say various things, but effectively our religion is our action. Whatever we do, or don't do without really, we can say that it is important that we should follow the law, and therefore we fast everyone does it. But the fact is that, are you doing it if you're not doing it,

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then just simply saying it is of no use to anybody.

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Maybe it even enable somebody else to do it.

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And that is the biggest tragedy, the biggest tragedy is to have knowledge, and not to practice it.

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A person who has knowledge and knowledge I don't mean don't do you don't have to be goofy or Akari, or average or anything. It's a having knowledge of even one small thing. Having knowledge and not practicing, is like a blind man with a torch in his hand.

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Having knowledge and not practicing, is like a blind man with a torch in his hand.

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The torch lights the path for everybody else. But to the blind man, it does no good. He is still stumbling and falling because he can see the light.

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by one measure when you don't be like a blind man with a torch.

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It is better to be a band whose eyes can see he doesn't have a powerful torch, but he has only has one candle in his hand that is more useful to him than a blind man with a powerful torch.

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And this is a problem with

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having knowledge and then we don't practice it. It doesn't do us any benefits.

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Well, as Rhonda said, We're live in Vienna, Lana, Lana, Deanna homeschooler, the one who struggles in our path, the one who struggles in us, surely we will lead him to the paths that lead to guidance that did to us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us a target to do what is pleasing to Him. And to do it consistently, and to actively seek His pleasure and to actively seek those actions which will help us on the Day of Judgment.

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The value of the tour aka Salah will be visible when we are in our grip.

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And then

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we will realize what a good thing it was that we played that rock

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but both is realizing how good it was. Or if we did not pray it realizing how bad that was and not will do any good at that point in time. You have come to us with do actions

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while we still have the ability to do them, and we're pleased with them for us for Salalah Alanna will vary wildly with savage erotica bigger model