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Muhammad Al Bizry
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah continuing this is Week Five of program.

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We've taken last week the virtues of the Quran, we're not going to go into that it's pretty straightforward. Now we're going to start with a seed of sort of the Fatiha itself straight from the seed indicated. So inshallah Tada. Today we're going to look at Al Fatiha.

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And in particular, we're going to look at its names.

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Then its virtues.

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And then we're going to look up the connection between the Fatiha and the prayer itself.

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Some of the rulings on Yaakov during

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us were fed to hammer the brothers we know certain Fatiha this great soldier has many names give me some of them.

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Correct Makita what else omachron.

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A several methoni are sent as she felt correct or rokeya? Correct.

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Correct. The most common name

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What else?

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And hamd itself called the hump.

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Of course, the most common is Al Fatiha.

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Now, I'm not going to get into the mystic meaning of faith, how wide it's you know, the translation is not the opening. That's fat. It's the opener. And we've taken this in language of the Quran, but we're not gonna get into that, as we said, Sharia college is strictly the seat of the cathedral. So a 30 higher is the open up and we said the Taliban Hall is for excessive, the excessive opener. Why? Because it opens up many doors for you. It opens up, you die or opens up your solar array opens up. It opens up the revelation that opens up the most half it opens up the meanings of the crab. It opens up the gates of Jenna. She has an excessive opening of doors and fair to have not affected.

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The terminal Buddha has gotten over the top of excessiveness.

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So of course that's the main name. And sort of it has, as a scholar said 25 names is mentioned by many of the scholars in particular Marina Darwish in his book, The Arabic Quran, Kareem what goes on to mention the names of particular surah. And we're going to get to others actually, the class has 20 names, although Allah had this 20 names amazing. So among the most common names are omole keytab.

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it also called alpha con,

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and a Subaru,

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and masani.

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What the savani seven masani has many meanings among them. thunar is where the word mfine came from fundamental to repeat. So the seven oft repeated is

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so common clan, a normal keytab

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own means the mother,

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the mother of the book.

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Correct. It's also called a Sala.

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Now why mother, let's focus on these names for now. These are all authentic names, and I'll give you the ahaadeeth inshallah, in a moment.

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In Arabic, something which is comprehensive, it's called

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something which is comprehensive. It's called, it's mon Jama that has many sub categories and divisions to it. That's why

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the mother is good. Because she gives birth to little mommies and daddies right little kids. So she gives birth to others and she multiplies. So she's like the head of the matter ahead of the family. Also, the banner in jihad, the main Battalion, the main army has a flag called an oma, that's the main flag the main flag to indicate the battalion, the big jaysh. So it's called the loom. Also the skin around the skull is called O'Meara's. Because the skull really and the brain most important part of the body, the brain controls the body. So it's got as many sub divisions to the human body. So as you can see, something which is comprehensive is called olm. So a fatty has called on CRAN and

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Al Kitab because it has the meanings of the most of the meanings of the Quran. Every single ayah in the Quran, you can split them into these following categories. It's either talking about the Creator, or the creation or an act of worship.

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creator creation

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rulings to do with worship.

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Is there any other category? Think about

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stories of the prophets where do they fall under

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Also, Jenna and Johanna creation, etc. camel hide aka masala camel had a worship. Look at Fatiha you find it contains all the meanings of the Quran all the categories and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Aleph Mentawai molecule meridian first three, eight, but the creator here can Abdullah can Stein worship in a certain stream to the end of the sources talking about the creation, those who have been blessed like the prophets like the righteous and those who are going to gender or those who are doomed into them nations of the Hellfire, like the Jews, Christians and the Kufa. So as you can see, it's almost Kitab and omachron. It opens up the meanings of almost half, seven, eight and that's

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what's called a several muthoni the seven oft repeated yet

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so therefore my brother's if you only had seven minutes to give down to a non Muslim, given the seven is

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seven minutes seven is explain it. It's comprehensive. It's called oma comprehensive, so it's got all your needs and all your deeds.

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The seven oft repeated is

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couldn't handle Hadith.

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dropping bombs today, boom.

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It's called alpha con also why what's for con for Raka to be a criterion for Oracle to differentiate between truth and falsehood.

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So it has many names. It's also called Alcor, anilao. VM.

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What's it called?

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It's not cold I've seen in the case here is it? It's called the Sierra Nevada sandyford

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and unfetter has called Alcor, anilao. The amazing the great quote and

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so that's actually another name for alfetta

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sometimes transit as the glorious I'll leave as many really transitions you can attach to

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the great

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and amazing sort of will lay and you're going to see shortly it gets better than this.

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So if you have the feeling to concede the book is is page 41 would you recommend Yeah, I'll put the links on the student services so you can download it for free on your iPad on your laptop no problem. If you want to look every every house on should have been gifted Yes.

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Oh, good. Yeah. I personally like the hardcopy is nothing like every household should have to sit in a cafe. If you don't have any, you're really selling yourself short. The proper sort of Loretto Selim said in a hadith recorded by Timothy regretted that so here That said, the messenger Allah His salatu salam said, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen, which is unfair to her, Omar, Omar kita for several muthoni well allowed him to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam gave these names, authentic hadith.

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It's also called al Hamd. And Sala Alhamdulillah Sala. There are other names you can add

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and have the praise and thanks, Isola the pray.

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And of course got many other names. We're not going to mention every single name, but just to give you an idea of just some of the names and to indicate how many does have and what does it indicate what does mean names indicate.

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greatness Remember,

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we said capital to a smart title, Rolla sherfield masama. Many names indicate highness loftiness greatness in Islam and in Arabic where something is important, or very colossal or virtuous? It has many names. For example.

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The lion, correct has many names I said so called life. What else? Osama? Our bass basura hider haidara. Hamza? Your Honor, it's got many names because it's an honor based king of the jungle. What else has many names?

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Allah said, How many names?

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over 99 so at least 99 Yes. Based on the Hadith in the latest edition with the sinus man good. Follow as many names lofty What else? Mohamed Salah, Salah many names we've taken them. And also a very big day is coming. Judgment Day Yama, Yama, some names of the Day of Judgment as far as

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you know, the past

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Amin's comes from Aurora. Aurora, just Jarvis is to ring the bell. No one is an alarm. Something important is find the building. Right? Wake up. So it's gonna wake people up out of the graves alone.

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And then you're gonna get called to what's called the home with an ad from nada que nadie NIDA omotenashi gonna get cold? Yeah fula Edna fula yeah fula and I've been to falana Gerardo Roque Imam Allah azza wa jal entative Pena De La Hoya

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you're gonna be called out come and stand before a law your master.

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And how scary that will that be in a stand in front of a law near me question

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panel on a date. Yo Martinez this isn't for me.

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And it's called the amygdala

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and it's called as a result from Zelda. Zan likes to sleep shake right to fall over liquidly I mean Zelda every scholar has a stumble bizarre constant an Arabic repetition of letters indicates repetition of meaning. Zelda Zelda z and the lab Zelzal that why because gonna keep on happening not just one check in boom that is it. And I keep on happening key when everything's gonna crumble.

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Now I sent as many names and other name would be

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your own boss.

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What else

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am standing and hash? A Sarah uttama.

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Cobra a saw her. It's got many names. So it's great day. It's a great day. One of the best ways to increase your Eman finding I'm off track specialist on Milan, learn about yourself PM, learn about these things very handy to improve your image and also increase your Islam as we said Islam any man coincide. Good. So those are as we said something important has many names. So my father has no different scholar said many names in the case.

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loftiness kassala, to the smart Allah shadowfell masama.

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So those are just some of the names we're done with that. Okay, I mentioned every single one will be on

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us for the virtues of the amazing sudo indeed.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as recorded by Elijah Muhammad in his mustard. The Abu Zeid said I was praying when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam called me. So I didn't answer him until I finished the prayer. He said, I then went to him and said, Let Baker Rasulullah Yes, respond to what sola said what prevented you from coming to me when I called you is that I was praying jasola he said Didn't you Allah said yeah, you hola Dina Amano is the Djibouti La Jolla. Mr. de la casa de la Can

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you believe respond to Allah and His messenger to that which may give you live otherwise I called you respond. So then he said

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Lima Naka Varma surah Tintin, Quranic hablando hora de manera method. I'm going to teach you the greatest solar and the greatest sudama divans. Has anyone ever asked you What's the greatest sword in the Quran? If they have or if they do you say, and you should say, at first.

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before he left, he said there are so many so you're going to teach me the greatest photo he suggests hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and he mentioned certain Fatiha so by the word of Rasul Allah himself he doesn't speak from desire virtues, if you're going to add virtue number one is the greatest surah Allah let love, no exceptions, the greatest sort of amazing what a virtue and you are now learning about the greatest source of the greatest of soar in the revelations, in fact, not just the revelation of the Quran, the other books as I'm going to give you another Hadith

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also Allah Mohammed record another Hadith who said that the Messenger of Allah de salud to Islam went out while obey Him. No, God was praying.

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And was sorry.

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aside, outside,

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in Muslim, Alabama, this is another Hadith in Muslim Allah Mohammed. But this time, it's not Abu Saeed praying it obeying God. Same thing Allah calls him. There's the answer. Now he keeps on praying. But he said I hastin my prayer, and either nullify the other can. He just did that which of course made him finish quickly. And he ran to the messenger and he said, I respond to your selected Why didn't you answer? Same response? I was praying he said, Didn't you hear what Allah said? Yeah, even London Avenue is the Jubilee law when it was fully documented. My ego is not do it again.

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He goes very well. The messenger said Allah salatu salam

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to Hebron, Rolla Maka subrata. Lambton del lavadora what I feel in jail

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Whatever is the board what I feel procon mithila chama teach you. A surah that has not been revealed its likeness has not been revealed in the Torah, or the Injeel or visible or the four core meaning the Quran never has a sort of like this surah been revealed ever. Not in the Quran itself, all the previous books in previous scriptures. Yes. What is it? Uh hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen sort of Fattah. He said, well let enough cvad rasuna swearing same by the one news Han is my soul, Allah azza wa jal madonsela la Fedora when I fill in jail, what are feasible? Well, I feel for economists law in several methoni he took an oath by law, and he said, Never has Allah revealed in the Torah or

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the NGO or there's a board or the furqan a surah. Like it's what an amazing virtue. So that's the first virtue it is. We said the greatest sorta second virtue, this surah is exclusive to the Quran. No other surah has been revealed like it, if you're going to add the virtues, this is number two. No other virtue. No other Quran has been revealed like no other Quran. Sorry, no other sword has been revealed, like

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its matchless, unparalleled span of law. And even if you look at it, linguistically amazing will lie the way the ads just connect with one another. And of course, we're not going to do that, because not linguistics here, but just the way they connect. It's just amazing. Well, like

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that's the second virtue. Third virtue. This surah is called a rokeya. What rokeya was someone sacred? Read on the Nokia. Right? So it's called a rokeya, the QR or the healer? Or the healing you could say. So it's called Okay, why I will say the whole de la de la No, was once with a group of Sahaba. And they went out one day, they were traveling and they passed by tribe and the Arab back then just like many today, very generous so they asked them look, help us out with travelers provide us with some food, nourishment and risk. I said no, I can't give you anything that will shocked you that's a big no no to the Arabs. Even today. If you have Arab in laws, or you have people who are

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Arabs that you know and you visit them and they invite you for dinner how you don't walk out you roll out

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that will stuffed you they will stuff you they'll stuff you up in the good way. So I feel

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so that was shocked I cannot give us with travelers the way fare is help us out No, it's a panel I was a bit of a law that one of them gets sick and who gets sick not just anyone. I just any Joe Blow by the tribal leader himself nada, de la. He was bitten by a snake poisoned and is on the floor, almost unconscious. They come to look You are the companions of the Messenger of Allah help us out here. Help us out. Does anyone use it? Does anyone know rockier come and do something? Not when I couldn't do anything. You didn't help us? We're not gonna help you. Please. In that case, if we provide help, you have to give us 30 shape like a Done. Done deal. Please help us. What does it set

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for? And what does he do?

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parasites with the fact

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that man got up as poodle syndicate eternal Buhari? he could. He got up as though nothing had affected him nothing had afflicted him. And it's as if he broke the shackles that were chained on him. He got up and you sir, energetic, so power started to walk around as normal. Allahu Akbar. It's called Rukia mighty brothers. You are sick. For a lot of people. What do they do the first when they when they're struck with sickness? First thing they do quick medicine panadol give me something to call the doctor call the ambulance not happy that call the doctor open up the most health and fair to her alesi do we do that when we sick? One of the brothers May Allah bless him, because of course

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I was sick last week. You know, I sent that message I told her in some of the brothers or whoever I could. And he wrote back saying or the message went out on Mia saying for those who have classes, how many business classes are canceled? He sent a message to me saying read the letter.

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That was nice. Mashallah implementing. So the next time we get sick, Modi brothers don't run to the cabinet. Panamax? No, rather, run to your books, run to your bookshelf and pull out the must have, that's what we should do. So it's about implementation, so that we're better from this route, or no, we're not going to do anything until we check and verify that it shows you the other shows you the alarm and respect that technology, we're not going to do something until we can verify these waters. So Allah has given approval for so they didn't they until they asked the messenger Allah salatu salam. And he said that how did you know it is for my Eureka and neurocare? How did you know? And he

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said, share some of the meat and also give me a piece also and it shows you that this is fine to accept payment for care is permissible to accept payment for care, no problem. If you have sickness and the check comes and resides and he wants payment and it's allowed

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That Hadith in Bukhari and others testify to this fact. So it also not called the Rukia. That's the third virtue, that it's a definite cure. It's a definite cure. And that's why those who will have gene possession or the ultimate said you can recite Al Fatiha seven times. One of the time people rushed to other super great local baklava and Fatiha fetter, very important, very effective, the greatest source of the Quran, nothing's been revealed like another virtue that was number three years. Virtue number four, the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam was sitting one with gibreel as in the kicking back hanging up.

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What's up? Oh, you know, Jenna.

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So he's hanging out with Vivian and he's teaching him the human noise. Problem Solver. Laura said it looks up gibreel Ali Salam informs him. He said a gate in gender has been opened that has never been opened before. Now. This is the first time like this gate in general has been opened. And an angel descended. And he said I give you a solid glad tidings and good news of two lights. What are the two lights

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and Fatiha and the end of sort of Baccarat these are the two lights. So upon law, it was exclusively sent down to escorted by an angel. We know when someone's important. You have the escort you have an entourage of bodyguards because they're important. So the Fed came down, escorted by an angel that has never been sent down before Allahu Akbar had to bring out the big guns for this surah. And it was via a gate that hasn't been opened before. Like what a surah. They see why am I the brothers we recite at 17 times a day. They see why now, how important is this sword? I don't think it's there. Just to look past the time have you been in your solar just to do something known great meanings

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behind great meanings. So if you have the chance to listen to other FSE please do. I think what you're going to gain here is enough not rather listen to other Tafseer other morphus your own gift of sort of this great surah so that's another virtue that it was sent down via and exclusive gates have done that by an exclusive Angel. And that is recorded in Sahih Muslim and an essay on the authority of a cannabis. This angel said received the glad tidings of two lights that have been given to you which no other prophet before you was given the pan of law. So he said the opener of the book and the last is of suitable hoorah. There's another Hadith that says you ever recite the

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last call from Mr. Rosso. Last year yet another Hadith says last three, eight.

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They will suffice you from all evil. At night, recite these two eight will not take you five minutes. Just recite them if you can't recite them, listen to them. The last two are very important. I will suffice you from all evil. Protect yourself, protect your family. You know when your kids go to bed and the windows open, you rush to close it. You don't want him to catch a cold. You don't want him to catch a flute you for the dunya What about the dean recite these last year who are very important. So we're done with the virtues. Of course I'm just summarizing a lot of them. As for the prayer,

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the prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Men Salah Salatin, Lamia graffia omachron, for he faded for heritage I wrote him. The profile is similar to Islam says whoever prays performs a prayer in which he did not recite and fair to her own clan, his prayer is incomplete and he repeated it three times. Incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, defective. Therefore sort of the Fatiha is a must in every Raka when you are praying

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As for Juma, you have to recite it if you can't hear the Imam 100% However, this difference of opinion Do you recite it when you do hear that Imam big battlefield in terms of scholarly debates on this issue and Sharla what I'm going to do I'm going to put some of these fatawa up in the Student Services section for him and upload them you can read them and speak to the machine and ask those who you deem are people of knowledge and follow the opinion you deem fit. However, a lot of random acid to be on the safe side recited when the man pauses hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen is a chance they recite

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our rough man Allah hippos recite or after Al Fatiha sometimes they give you especially the chef area they give you a because they are of the opinion one of them that you have to recite it even in Jamaica. So you were started in Jamaica but what what about if you hear some use the delay when you hear the Quran recited Allah who just says listen, so you may attain mercy that's not correct. Some say based on this ayah you don't have to recite if you hear it however other scholars which seems to be most correct opinion no that's to do with outside of the pre in the pre you have to recite it based on this hadith and others. So recite if you can, if you can inshallah Tada. So that's to do

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with this one as for those who are

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have problems reading at Fatiha. They can't learn it. What should they do? There's three groups, those who can learn it must if you can recite Fatiha, but you have the ability to learn it, you have your local shake local Masjid, you have to learn it. That's the first group. second group, those who can learn about find difficulty, they should also learn it, they must learn and do proper pronunciation. However, if they've done so many classes, and they still can't get the letters exactly because they're non Arab. And due to the tongue in the culture, they can't perfect it to the best of their ability their recite and inshallah they are not held accountable more than this,

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because Allah will not overburden us or more than it can handle. Us. For those who can't even do that they can recite, they have no ability whatsoever. They're just not intelligent, and they haven't got the means or whatever the case may be. Then they can recite Al Fatiha from what I know only. So we know that there are seven, eight. So if they come to pray,

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and they only know hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. They can't even remember him. They just became Muslim five minutes and I have to pray for example, then they said hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil aalameen, seven times. Or if they not only know to eight, they recite them until they reach seven times.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:55

If they can't even do that, and then ask God, according to them and other based on the authentic hadith, a man came in he said Dr. Salah, teach me something that will suffice me from the Quran. Others i can't i can't i don't know if it I don't know nothing he said, say so para la hamdu Lillah wa la ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, what the how they will live in them. Just say those five phrases, and that will suffice. And that's something good you can give to revert sometimes reverts I just accepted Islam, then put them under pressure. Yes, if they can learn it, learn it. But if they can't, in the meanwhile, they can do this until they learn it doesn't mean they keep reciting it

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until they have judgment. They don't try anymore. No, they have to try until they

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surely get the hang of it. And that's the if you look at the Hadith about learning the Quran, the progress of our sentences that may help us the system, the name, but when he said the one who started he didn't use the system to use the name is one of the data. He used the verb and we know verbs are temporary names are permanent, indicating that this is a is a temporary state will stuttering temporary. They're making long term. Some people use that Hadith are local. So they gave me an excuse. No and I saw use the name when it came to the expert. Because once you get to that level helaas not going to go down.

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Now that should continue. But the one who is stuttering it's a temporary it's a temporary state. So when he learned the Arabic it gives you these gems also ones are verb ones and names apparently you won't get that in the translation most of the time. So those are just briefly some of the rulings regarding an idea and also in with me who was asked, what about the one who mispronounces it? Is his prayer invalid? He said if he does not know what he's saying, or he doesn't know he mispronounced that. No, he's pres violent according to the most scholarly of the two opinions, according to the most correct of the two scholarly opinions. However, if he intentionally changes and he knows then

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of course he's invalidated his prey. So if you intentionally change of course, like Sir Arthur Levine and amda you said I'm doing you deliberately change it it's an invalid your aka and if you don't fix it up you invalid you pray at Fatiha is one of the other can and if you miss aerocon intentionally or unintentionally that unit is invalid and if you don't make it up the whole prison round

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other mistake

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instead of the

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the Xena doesn't know

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yeah Kurt, you tell him in his arrogant is ignorant. Now as we said remember the three groups one, he has the ability to

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he should learn and other one he has the ability by far the difficult. He still has to learn. So he falls under that category. He has to learn arrogance he's not excuse here. So I'm going to pull this photo by blue team and others in the Student Services section Sean panic aloha Mohammed shadow Allah Mr. felucca, one or two

The Names & Virtues of Al-Faatihah

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