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The title of the Quran is a daily commitment, linked to a woman named Yama who recites the Bible. The "venth day" is a surah Al Morcilla in verse 10, not addressed by the King. The importance of avoiding confusion and avoiding giving up on promises is emphasized, as it is linked to a woman named Yama who recites the Bible. The importance of individual responsibility and accountability is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of learning and practicing Islam.

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Have praising Allah subhanaw taala

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or be near Muttahida Tim Musala heard,

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why the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah good deeds come to an end

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and ended his journey of speaking about one verses, or Jews minute, a year or section of verses of the Quran

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whereby we're trying to extract benefits.

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And by no means does that mean that it becomes the end of the journey of the Quran.

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We find numerous traditions and narrations mentioned or collected by aroma of Hadith. Speaking about the collection of the individual or the journey with the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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that every time a person completes that journey, they begin once again, Coloma $100 every time they come to the station, the end point they MACOM they begin to make that journey once again.

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Another word he mentions that the actions are personal favorite a man and hello what the Hella the best of action those that person comes to the end and begins once again. These are Hadith inside of Sodom I'm Timothy even though some of the Hadith make a critique of them. But the general meaning is there that every time you complete the Quran you begin once again

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in other hadith is every time you inside is macadam, a fuselage of seat mentions parts of it. While item on the agenda who be man Allah tanta, he

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the marvelous nature the Quran doesn't come to an end.

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The once you complete the reading of the Quran, you begin once again is always going to be some objective. Many things pass by the mind and the heart of the individual that's the nature of the Quran. And as I already mentioned, a sign of these actions and in previous Ramadan Ramadan went by

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is the relationship with a book of Allah Subhan Allah Allah, that it could be some element of deficiency, meaning they could have gone less by a page or two pages or some read in the Quran by doesn't become totally abandoning the Quran.

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Staying away from the Quran or having a minimal reading the Quran. And likewise, I'm a righteous actions that maybe we're not fasting as much as Ramadan, but maybe the three days of the month, Monday and Thursday, I'm just choosing some Nawaf enforce it all signs that I mentioned that the actions of individuals are accepted by Allah Subhana Allah because Allah has given me the topic to carry on. And that's why we also read the book of Allah Subhana Allah, though the person comes to me and they begin once again with a journey with a book of Allah Subhana Allah and these are just glimpses, some extractions of some of the verses of a hint of the verses.

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So we began with what the Quran ends with speaking about the last day. So today's verse is going to speak about the last day as well because the final verse inside the Quran is ma'am sealed inside his works on alumina Quran mentions is essential to Bukhara verse 281 With taco Yeoman poor Girona fee Allah from a twofer Kowloon FC Mecca, Serbia youth Lamone.

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The procuration only live for nine days and even fewer dimensions of this verse was sent down that's the conclusion of the Quran. The end of the Quran is the last day the beginning of the Quran is the last day and levena You may know Nabila EB min or Moodle, a high beard, the most important affairs of the unseen is the last day

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so the Quran begins with Allah say ends with the last day in between the beginning and the end is nothing but the last day

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that's what it is about the last day even when he speaks about Allah subhanaw taala regenerate Allah returned back to Allah Subhana Allah standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah and he served Yama, Yama, accountabilities, all what is all the last day

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as if the whole Quran the theme is nothing but the last day to instill that inside our minds of our preparation to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala as today's verse to find from certain morcilla as a Yeoman, firstly, Jamaat nilkamal Our Nene

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as you mentioned, taking the segments of verses from the Quran and pondering and reflecting over them as the Prophet, Allah flotsam used to do ponder over verses, as we mentioned, as somebody's verse, we recite them all night, reflecting upon them.

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And if you mentioned a certain individual and just a glimpse of a verse, or recited the diverse awakens, then

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the reason why maybe some of us are not a well awoken by the Quran, is because we don't sometimes understand the language of the Quran. We don't understand the Arabic language as well. Some individual understand the language when his hair reverse awakens them

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that you read See, lamb and rubella some 3536 Odd volumes of Imam Dhabi, and they speak to that certain ruler,

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who previously may have not been the best of individual even with highway robbers.

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All sorts of atrocities that were carried out inside their lives. But when they heard a verse of the Quran, evoke them

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I made them repent and make them come back to Allah Subhana Allah. And that's one of the intent of listening to these verses of Quran is to awaken ourselves.

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Not just to marvel at the Quran Allah minha the Hadith Italia Boone, what did Hakuna will attempt to do and to serve me doing for student will Allah He were abou the LA sutra nudging the 53rd chapter Quran verse 59 to 62 If I'm not mistaken, so many of us we do just marveled at the Quran.

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There's nothing wrong with listening to good Quran recited the Quran that's not my aim or my intention here.

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But that's not what it is the Quran

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because the prophets that we mentioned there'll be people recite the Quran, with a melodious tone a beautiful tone, but it won't go beyond the throats.

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That's it. What does that mean? That there is no Amel Bill Quran. There is no action of the of the Quran it's just a mere recital of of the of the Quran, it becomes an art. It becomes a profession, it becomes a skin.

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The Quran isn't a skin isn't a profession. It's a daily action. It's a daily commitment. That's our Isha mother. She mentioned it had even Bukhari can have Hulu called Quran that a character the property is on Wednesday Quran that's what the Quran is the embodiment of the Quran.

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So whether your will firstly Gemma and Malcolm will actually this is the final day whereby we gathered you the first and the end of you inside SOTL morcilla the 77th chapter 50 verses a Moroccan Surah, the end of the 29 Jews the whole of the 29th Choose

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the holder the third of June is nothing but the last day

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a few exceptions that we find a few verses. But a whole theme is nothing but the last eight is fighting to observe the Quran

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should be some because to ponder and to reflect upon we fine speak about sort of Musa Abu Bakr as Siddiq asked the Prophet Isaiah in the Hadith and mystery Imam Hakim

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Masha you but Katya Rasulillah was made your hair become gray

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was made you become old

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and he highlighted certain sources and work era

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it a shampoo period almost solid very smooth the image that made my hair go gray I'm so used to that is determined to be mentioned about Sora who would

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the Professor Alex I mentioned shaky but knew who do not ask her where to her

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Surah Hoodless sister sewers and made my hair go gray

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that he mentioned that after he sort of was sent down from Abuja dahican Salah said he's never seen laughing

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Yes, he would smile on occasion but we never laugh with his mouth open and many of us that we do because then it became serious business.

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Because this was the Quran does it makes you become men what makes a region is the Quran that makes men

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that we find return that to him teachers and will obey and decree the

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men nothing distracts them in meeting Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the best teacher or busy this external elements of dunya they may be engaged in Saudi but deep down is something else. Region sada Kuma AHA de la la regional Sudoku Maria de la la min who made this total promise within themselves to meet Allah for minimum mencoba who some of them their journey has come to an end.

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Well minuman young toddler and some of them are still waiting to be cooled by Allah subhanaw taala

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and whilst they're waiting warmer but done tab D there they don't change their intention.

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Rossi filmi him

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deep conviction inside their heart and their mind that um I have to meet Allah subhana that don't waver like many of us, we waver we come in a machete man is strong as soon we walk out the doors. Eman begins to waver.

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He defined that consistency of commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. Amen father narrates or she had Ibn Abbas her nephew, reciting sootel Mozart, he said, Oh my son, indeed you're reading the surah reminded me. It never asked my summit to be Rasul initialism Jaco Fie, Salat Obeah filmography as narrated by Imam Bukhari, this Surah Al morcilla is one of the last studios I heard the prophets and reciting inside Salah inside it's Axolotl Maghrib reciting surah.

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And the CFO of the Saudi mentioned is on the last day.

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But even inside the Surah, prior to the verse before in verses afterwards, speaking about the last day, as Allah mentioned, it has a young lady and click on that this is a way by Allah Yetta Kalamoon. No one's going to be allowed to speak on that day. What are you done with the home fire at 10 00? No one's allowed to bring any excuse. No excuse to be accepted that day. While do yoga Ed Lynn Mackenzie been well to those individuals who reject the last day

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as you mentioned that he missed the last day

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and he's 50 versus Allah

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paddle repeats wailing young lady Lily Mackenzie been Asha Murat 10 times, as is that every paragraph in between is a reminder people who are rejecting the last day

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their conviction last day and capably Quraysh. Time and time again. The Count of resurrection in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. And in office Allah mentions right in Canada from Caden *y *y. Dune, if you're able to plot or plan against Allah Subhana Allah, as automatic as he mentioned, I mean, Babbitt did

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this for me a warning, no one can plot and plan against Allah Subhana Allah, this Kpop inside the Quran, that you think you can become Scout free, you can escape Allah subhanaw taala and that's what many people that they think that that's what leads weakness,

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that I will be free. Allah doesn't know what I'm doing in this dunya I won't be held accountable. What is God the society that we find, do whatever you want to do, and we will see about it later on even some Muslims that's what our perception has become.

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The latest stage in my life, I will see a selfie you will actually entails of the ancient and there really is a last day they really the day of reckoning are standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala while doing yoga at Lille, McKenzie been both of those individuals who reject the Day of Resurrection. Then Allah mentioned in terms of talking of learning what are known as G mean, that is going to be if not Allah mentioned is going to be rewarded for those individuals who don't reject the last day, who don't question the last day who don't give up regarding last day in the devotion and commitment towards him. Subhanallah and

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as the numerous other is inside the Quran, speak about the same concept. Allah mentioned in Arabica while you're still beta, we don't want to mature female piano via telephone

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inside and if that means such there is not a burqa indeed your Lord

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Your Silverdome Yama, Yama is going to make over your city obey the home make this criterion this distinction between them on the Day of Judgment in front of him SubhanaHu wa Erna ha had a Yeoman fossil had a small ishara little curry but demonstrate pronoun for something which is close by

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that is important understand the Arabic language how that means something which is close to you or even duck.

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Had a minute Day of Judgment is close by that's when whenever Allah's kind of speaks about the last day VCF and MA BT speaker in the past tense, or something very close.

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In the beginning SUTA Nan Allah mentioned at Umrah life, Allah de Loup Feldmeier be utter Amarula Concordia it's been established, aka Amarula Allah speaks about the last in the past tense. It's been written down codified, Hussmann nurserymen is going to take place. So to Ambia Allah began to sort of mention it thoroughly nursing itself Boom wahome field of flooding, Moriarty dune. So tonight we are speaking about the prophets 21st Chapter Kuranda begins we're speaking about the hours come close to mankind.

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But most of them are in a state of rejection, heedless and away in the preparation for the last day so a little calmer.

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And Richter what is Sarah to one shocked uncover the 54th chapter Quran Allah mentioned that indeed, the hours come very close, it's there.

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And there's the moon has been split apart is one of the signs that were blessings that were given what it is that they were given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to show these people while they were living and historic has been documented as well. That it was the splitting of the moon historically has been documented and the courage to visualize that.

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But if I'm alone, way here Akula I mean will be her some PVC every single sign they still won't believe signs off the signs as shown to them still, they reject Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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And then Allah mentioned going back to SUTA Nahal. One more I'm gonna start the inlet alum Hill basally Oh, who are up Rob.

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What is the hour except for like the blinking of an eye.

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But who Acropora is quicker, swifter and even a blink of an eye.

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That's how quick they generally going to be when people are resurrected. Come live with them. How long did you reside upon the earth? Now it's the Yeoman saw a day or part of the day that's how we resided for an ad b2c and a certain bucket of speaking about the individual been resurrected and he's done keeping resurrect his food being resurrected us how long do you tally for carry for this Earth?

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Only part of the day or portion of the day?

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Because when he slept before he only slept for half a day a portion of the day

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as hobble calf as well. slept for 309 years when they woke

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Same thing they just fought they were given some point go to the marketplace gone buy some food

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when it took those coins and it went to the marketplace representative people looked at and said these coins have been pruned sir because

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these coins are from centuries ago.

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Not 10 years, 20 years centuries ago, these coins of those people that I spoke about and these young boys went into, into the cave, what rock team in the depths of the cave they went there.

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That's where the Quran in Malta tell yet. Always speaking about resurrection, bringing people in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's when the young male Fossen

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Yan will first we mentioned six times inside the Quran three times inside the surah and Allah right the beginning so I mentioned a Yeoman or Dylan Leone will follow madaraka Yan will fossil Leah Yeoman Agila the MBR drusen

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Why have they been Jumia at why they've been collected on that day,

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but don't have to be in front of Allah for the day of distinction of standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala

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in other places of Quran Allah mentioned how the Yeoman First Lady couldn't to be to cut the bone.

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This the day that he was rejecting in a normal foster Academy pot.

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Inside surah number that we find attractive Jews to the Quran. This is the mecca This is a station of distinction of meeting in the university me autumn edge Marine, every single individual we brought to the station in front of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And as young will fasten, it just wanted the names of the last day. Yama Yama, Yama, who wrote Yama, Yama, Deen, Yeoman hacer Yeoman hallowed Yama tesab Boone Yeoman, he said Yeoman Asifa Yo Ma jumpy yo Matunuck Yamato 100 Just some of the names and Harsha I'll Korea and her car that how some food is begin by speaking about the last state to the Alhaji even begin by speaking about the last day of people read that day in a drunken state without NASA Sukira watermelon be Sucre our kidney well attended Malaysia did.

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That was going to happen on that day. That's how Allah begins his Surah Al Hajj is supposed to be speaking about the gathering.

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This this great act that we do. But Allah begins was speaking about his garden before the garden is dunya. The Gathering inside of Astra al hasher the 59th chapter the Quran is the gathering of mankind. What had to be by the soup that we find Allah ends we're speaking about Allah state in South Sudan causes Allah speaks about everything. Could lumen RNA affirm everything will be will come to an end

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will be destroyed. The only thing that will remain is the sublime face of Allah subhanaw taala. What is this unfortunate that Allah Allah mentioned in my pocket he mentioned the harder they held. I look at the Bina Bill bassy this day of distinction is for those individuals who reject the concept of resurrection yolmer Yuvaraj through the day, they're going to be resurrected in front of Allah Subhana Allah

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that's what Allah means it's so taboo, that they have mutual loss another name of the day judgment is Amanda de Nikephoros. Allah you have called Bella Rob be that took our funa formula to number owner be marmelade to medallic Allah Allah He, your seer, simple, easy for Allah. Zara Molina kifaru Anna newbattle disbelievers make the atheists make that claim today today's language, disbelieving individuals Malay dual,

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they claim there's no resurrection there's no last day

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there is no coming in front of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah says it's claimed these individuals that I'm gonna lead in a cathedral and then you couldn't Bella would have been a indeed via your Lord Allah, your sin will be Nasi subhanaw taala

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than you will resurrect them.

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Every single one of us.

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Every single one of us will stand in your will Hashem in front of Allah subhanaw taala yet or may have been lucky will bow to the young will fasten a distinction between a Huck well boppin

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uncooked we mentioned you first see you first silibinin Hala a distinction in all of the Creation remember we mentioned bein agenda que bien and if Jannetty will now

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just recently find alpha is intellect EDA is is a is a Class A classroom so the class of the people of paradise and across to the people who go towards the Hellfire Jamaat now come with a welline

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We're going to gather the first and the last.

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And I'm probably mentioned your mana confini more Eddie come unless he couldn't learn what they do confit dunya. Now the home for dunya.

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This is the movie the promise. The promise we gave him inside the dunya is now being lived in Saudi Arabia, the promise that we gave to these individuals. If I'm cooking

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mentioned the rights of Ibn Abbas we mentioned AlLadhina camdeboo Muhammadan Salas of those are the those who rejected the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Medina camdeboo and the bien bien Copley and those who rejected the prophets that came before.

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This were an ummah mentioned when we rejected one prophet is as if they rejected all of the prophets.

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Some people might say it's a good word is good people they, they believe in in some of the prophets. They believe in some partial aspects regarding Allah Subhana Allah Allah had the mega tree. That's not sufficient.

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Al Islam termly les subhanaw taala, total submission to Allah subhanho to Ana, that's where it shows that a person really believes in Allah Subhana Allah, that a person full of goodness is is this submission to Allah subhanaw taala it because it mentions Gemma and our lien fees are aided were hidden or everybody gathered in one gathering in front of Allah subhanaw taala Anna, and I'm certain you mentioned University Boehner Boehner come when combined in color,

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we may separate between the creation and judge upon the creation, what each creation will be given to the individual. The young will first need you Mr. Anil Kumar a well in

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this day of distinction that we make gather the first and the last of you some of the automatic procedure mentioned similar versus inside the Quran. Speaking about the gathering of the first and the last school in an overly known affair in say the first and the end that much maroon ala me party Yomi maloom they are going to be gathered in the station and known station that every individual is going to be gathered there

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and other places are Purana mentioned cafe that you know whom the only luxury Buffy how will it be on that day there is no doubt about that day. Gemma unknown we gather all of these individuals. Well we'll see at Kowloon FC Makassar but Rahimullah youth Lamone

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and every single soul we give him his due recompense and no individual be oppressed in that day. Then the strange thing is that Allah kind of straight off his mentioned Allahumma magical milk to tell Malcolm and Tisha within the annual commitment Tisha where there is human tissue to the lumen Tisha Quran is strange, are activated yet, how Allah moves from one theme to another theme, the same theme to remind us

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that you are we all going to be brought forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah. So whether you're a king, you're a leader, you're a prime minister of personal authority, or whether you're just a subject a normal person.

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All of this belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. Don't let that get to your mind, get to your heart.

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Because we've mentioned many times the atrocities in the face of this earth is drunkenness, of power, of ego on the face of this earth that we're living, for our inner the frowns of previous time is relieving. reenacting the same process that is good to their mind that they feel that they're demigods on the face of this earth, that they have the right to punish and to chant to kill, and do whatever they want to do in the face of this earth.

00:23:02--> 00:23:09

That's what Allah reminds us that unmold, clean lays subhanaw taala doesn't belong to anyone.

00:23:10--> 00:23:16

That's what we mentioned many times that every single human being she just reflect upon every individual is just a human being.

00:23:17--> 00:23:27

That there's going to be one day, there is going to be one definitely of accountability, and just that we all worried about ourselves. That's why a person shouldn't also must only a responsibility.

00:23:28--> 00:23:40

The greater the responsibility, the greater the questioning, the greater the subjects. That's what's going to happen. So no one should aspire. But that's why the progress is absurd to a Buddha, don't seek

00:23:41--> 00:23:58

some form of positional authority, because upon you is going to be something difficult for you to be because he had that for us an insight at some of my companions gonna be able to be responsibility. That's when he thought that Abu Bakr Siddiq was that was a weak, humble man, one foot of weeping.

00:23:59--> 00:24:06

But at the same time, he may be weeping excessively, but he was the most strongest in his mind and his personality.

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That's why the professor chose him to be the Khalifa of the messenger. Because you know that this individual, he is far more intelligent, all of the companions and the rest of the companions.

00:24:20--> 00:24:25

That's when that day when companions are emotionally upset about what's happened to the Prophet and if not to Salaam

00:24:26--> 00:24:34

is Abu Bakr Siddiq who codified put together all the companions for the moon all together and they believe in a conviction conviction.

00:24:35--> 00:24:38

Why Muhammad Allah Rasool called Harlequin copy rueful,

00:24:39--> 00:24:51

who is Muhammad, except for messages The Quran mentions just that many messenger came before. If he used to be killed or slayed of the dice, are you going to turn back on your heels?

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

That's what Islam is going forth. Carrying on in that journey towards Allah subhanaw taala

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Only if you have a sore for Jim. Jim.

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When a blowing of the trumpet comes, you're going to gather every single individual will be gathered in front of Allah subhanaw taala the First and the Last.

00:25:12--> 00:25:20

That's an even inside the beginning surah Allah mentioned leaking or when in some manner in the video destroyed the first people.

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

The ancient people existed before and the day to destroy those people come after them

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is a warning. Other Young will firstly Jamar Nelson will actually know as we began when no one's going to be free from escaping from Allah Subhan. That's why the Cyprus studies or the Quran wherever Allah mentioned a warning

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wherever the first and fourth most enduring actions

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are what he speaks about the ancient people how they were destroyed. The first of them is or lessons or yet when Quran the double Quran about will take place inside an era. That's the conclusion that we find. The main theme of such verses in the Quran is to equip ourselves,

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preparation for the last day

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preparation to meet Allah Subhana Allah

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does you find that hadith whoever wants to meet Allah, Allah wants to meet that individual.

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Whoever doesn't want to meet Allah, Allah does not want to see the individual, be a man and what does that mean?

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All of us be falling short. But there's some hope in our heart and our mind.

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For what a Buddha for, but who pardons. Who forgives? That leads I'm trying on my journey to get to Allah.

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That's what a Muslim should be called Luna Kasuri. All of us are deficient. No individual can stand up and say yeah, Allah, because of my mouth because of my obedience, because of my thought, because of my actions. I deserve paradise.

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Now even a prophet Allah is set up so no one no single individual

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are at the mercy of Allah.

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I would imagine that is shouting covers any individual

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that on this journey, they tried to find Allah subhanaw taala

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that's what the Quran is awakening, he began to awaken the soul and the mind

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to come to the last day and so it's not the end. That's a hey, Allah had mentioned in the routine of learning what rune Allah speaks about during the first couple, and now

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that's the Quran history, but certain places or the Quran, Allah presents Jana first.

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Why to encourage the individual this is what's going to be given to you these 10 segments insightful and morcilla. Those be we're rejecting the last day.

00:27:35--> 00:27:37

Do you think we're not going to give you anything?

00:27:38--> 00:27:49

Of a natural Muslimeen mean Maddock a full moon? Are we going to be criminals? That people who submit to Allah Subhana Allah, Malcolm K for DACA? And how do you judge

00:27:51--> 00:27:52

those people

00:27:53--> 00:28:02

Kornet on delay, subhanAllah, observant, obeying Allah Subhana Allah is going to treat them that these people disobey Allah subhanaw taala

00:28:03--> 00:28:05

are we going to make the move to Kinchen puja?

00:28:07--> 00:28:18

Are we going to make pious people that foot God rebellious individuals, so we shouldn't lose hope. We shouldn't lose hope inside alive, doesn't have that bone in our lives, especially in secrecy.

00:28:19--> 00:28:59

Have the in secret insider live bonding. So reflecting over ourselves, reflecting over our lives, cannot make muscle like a blink of an eye is gone by just yesterday wish to play on the streets. Today, 50 years have gone by. People are still playing on the streets. People are still doing the same things. Some people don't learn some people don't change. But a person has to change for their own betterment for their own goodness. That's where the intelligent individual is. And that's the recurring theme inside the Quran was the Quran be a yam Allah continuously remind them about the days of Allah and Allah illa biLlah that's what we're here to do, just just to remind ourselves,

00:29:00--> 00:29:01

just encourage ourselves.

00:29:02--> 00:29:19

And we said many times, this isn't to look down upon any individual, no individual to look down upon another Muslim. No Muslim should ever think that I've surpassed another Muslim inside my life. Even when you see a Muslim who's sitting in your heart in your mind you personally should thank Allah

00:29:20--> 00:29:28

should find Allah that I'm not doing these actions inside my life. That is not Allah is the unfolding should be thanking and praising Allah Subhana Allah

00:29:29--> 00:29:35

because we have you mentioned the greatest blessing is at least a comma steadfastness just we began with to find that beginning and the end.

00:29:37--> 00:30:00

That life is a blinking of an eye that moment of change of distraction to take the individual away, supposed to make those applications but I've been afraid and I know Sabra pulled down upon us patience, make firm as see keep us steadfast on this path. mellows under granite all the Tofik and ability to reflect upon the over the verses of the Quran make the Quran a source of richness in

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

thought our living lives inside our graves and inside an Accra the day that we meet Allah subhanaw taala