Women are not a COMMODITY

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Why other women are oppressed? They are not. But if you understand something, and let me spend a moment since we opened that can let's try and inshallah serve it. Well, first of all, Hannah what Allah forgive us.

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In Islam, a man is supposed to be looking after the women whom he is the guardian of the closest male relative is supposed to be providing the basics for the females, whom he is the closest to in terms of the Sharia. It's either a husband, or an adult son, or a father or a brother, if those are non existent meaning stage by stage, depending if one is not there, then it goes to the other. If one has run away from his duty, it goes to the other, it doesn't mean you leave her on the street, so on. So a woman, in actual fact, does not really need money for anything that is necessity. If she has money, it's token for her own, I would term luxury, it's mean, it's just hers, she doesn't

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actually have to look after someone with that wealth. She doesn't actually have to have she's got no duties besides the car to be paid with that wealth. But a man if he has wealth, he's got duties, obligations, obligations, for what obligations upon those whom he is the guardian of his children, his wife, for maybe his mother, if he's the son and so on. And if the father is not around, and what have you. So there are so many obligations. So by right, a woman a long time ago, used to be inherited herself, you know, when a man owed another man money, and if he died, they would say, okay, just give me his daughter and forget about the money.

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Just give me his wife, the widow and forget about the money, how to build up. What dignity did Islam bring to those women? That is prohibited, it is wrong, it's Haram.

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So much so that even the marriages where someone says, I take, I will marry your sister, and you will marry my sister, and we will cut out the dowry so on it's wrong, completely unacceptable. You can't do that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, forgive us. So Islam, honor the woman by saying, you know what, you are not a commodity, you are not a mere tool for business. Today, if you take a look at women, they have been reduced to a tool of business. They want to advertise, for example,

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electric cables, electric cables, and they'll have a naked woman next to it. I mean, what if you touch those type of cables will be burned lacava, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us.

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But they won't. So to advertise anything, they have a woman Why? Because she doesn't realize we've been reduced to a little tool of attraction. This is why the women of the West sometimes when they realize what's going on, and they say, you know, I've been brought up just to impress and attract the opposite sex. And I've been made to understand that that's what life is all about. When they see the beauty of Islam, they realize the value for themselves, they link with Allah. It's not all about impressing impressing the opposite sex. But sadly, because of so much of technology that has been misused by us, sometimes even our own daughters and our own women happen to be falling in that let

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alone the men may Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us all. So Allah says a woman will not be sold and she will not be used as a commodity. In fact, he will be acknowledged as a human being by giving her a share, even though she doesn't really need something, give her so now and I'm going to give you an example, a man dies, he leaves behind one son and one daughter and he leaves behind 75 Let's make it interesting. 75 million Qatar areas Mashallah interesting.

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So the son gets 50 million and the daughter gets 25 million.

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And this this daughter is the closest relative to the daughter, male relative is that son, my brother, because she's not married. She her father just passed away. She doesn't have any other brothers. This is the brother. So now what happens Islam says this insisted that 25 million is yours. You can do what you want with it. And this guy is 25 million. He has to look after his wife and children with it. And he has to and on top of that all your basic requirements he must provide for you.

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Who has more money divided? This guy has to divide his 50 million in five people 10 million each. And that 120 5 million I'm still sitting with it. And it's mine. Take a look at who got more. But people don't look as deep as that and they find fault in the Quran because the men are not practicing upon them. We run away from our sisters my sister. What will happen is when my dad dies, I will try to steal even the 25 million from her. I will undervalue the property and say oh sister that vote that property is only 1 million real

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Okay, no problem. And I know it's 10 million and cheating her. She's a woman are always a builder. This is what's going on in the oma so people are thinking bad of us not because

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the Quran is wrong. Not because meaning is not known.

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flaw in the Quran at all, but because we are the ones who are not practicing upon the teachings of Islam, and we don't even want to know them. So you are supposed to be looking after them. Allahu Akbar May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us in May, he says