Why does Allah allows negative things to happen

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My beloved brothers and sisters we know that Allah is in absolute control of entire existence. Alhamdulillah here, Bill Allah me in all praise is due to Allah Who is the Lord of the Worlds, the creator, the nourish of the cherish of the sustainer, the provider, the protector, the cure, the one in absolute control of every single aspect of existence, one might ask, well, in that particular case, why does He allow certain things to happen?

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Subhanallah Why does Allah allow negative things to happen? Do you know that Allah has given man and Allah has given His creatures to a certain extent, some form of a, some form of a choice in some of what they do, and some of what they say, et cetera. So Allah has given us a choice within what he has allowed in order to test us. And this Allah explains in the Quran in a few places where Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, in her Dana, who sebelah we guide men to the path in my Shakira? No, in Makkah foreign, we've given him the choice Either he would be, you know, grateful, show gratitude by worshipping Allah alone, following what Allah has revealed or Quran showing ungratefulness in

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gratitude, and that would be known as Cofer, which means this believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala as well so ingratitude and disbelief come hand in hand. You know, so Allah has allowed us certain, a certain leeway, but all of that is within the permission of Allah, within the power of Allah, nothing happens except by the permission and knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, Allah has created species we as human beings are just one of those species. And Allah says, la Wallah codon Karim bene them indeed we have honored the humankind. We have honored the Children of Adam meaning the human beings, we have given them honor above other creatures of Allah subhanahu wa taala in a

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certain way, and then Allah subhanahu wa taala expands and Allah explains to us even more Lakota kala Cornell in

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Santa Fe accent sun it up on whim, indeed We have created man in the best of postures. And we've explained this in the past to say it's part of the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has created us in plus a posture that is better than all other creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we know Subhan Allah Allah Allah mean, so ALLAH says in na na na who sebelah in MA Shakira in Makkah foreign in Messiah, Camilla shatta you know, you're striving is very different it will be each one will strive in his or her own unique way. So what did Allah give you? Allah created you before He created you, he actually asked you a question. Allah asked you another question. Yes, he did. What

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was the question? Allah says, What if other banca Amin Bernie? Damn y'all don't hold him Goonies Houdini to whom was had that Humala foreseen him. Let's do a big

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con Bala Shahidan amazing. Allah says long back remember when we took from the back of Adam Alayhis Salam,

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all his progeny in Seoul form and we ask them a question what was the question Allah to be or become? Am I not your Lord Your Creator? And what did we all respond? We said Bella, indeed you are shaheed dinner, we bear witness that you are. So we actually set this and we forgotten it and Allah says in the Quran, and Taku Yaga Malkia mattina Hakuna and have a feeling, you know, don't come on the day of judgment and say to us that oh, we are oblivious of this. We didn't know this