Haifaa Younis – His (SWT) Book – The Words of Allah (SWT) #01

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and meaning of the title "naive" and its significance in the context of the title. The title is Nilla, the person who took it up to the culture of Islam. The title is used to shaping behavior and is a source of comfort for those who are in the most spirituality of Islam. The transcript emphasizes the importance of understanding the title and finding the right person to ask for help. The transcript also touches on the benefits of "meditation" and its potential for boosting self-esteem and self-improvement.
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just below 100 Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah why they're early he was Saturday he woman while one Muslim Nehemiah and found our plan Habima and antenna in a custom Jung Ji withdraw woman you're older becoming a Malay amfa or Paul Biya SHA one of Cingular Toshiba. What do you smoke or vanilla to? SuperLumiNova is Herington or hibernacula Don Kaufman in a cancer Well, Herb will be strictly sundry us silly only. Watch your lord the term really sunny of Cali Saramonic Martin, everyone, welcome again to our Tuesday night program. They lost pantalla accept from all of us may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us and reward everyone for attending for being with

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us. What we are going to start inshallah doing from now on when we get to Ramadan. And some of you may say, well, it's it's almost six months total mobile, in fact, it's less than six months, Ramadan inshallah will be beginning of April. So now we are in November, so it's about five months. And why do we need to start preparing ourselves for Ramadan? Because that was the trend of the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them all. They divided the year into six months before Ramadan, and six months after Ramadan. Six months before Ramadan, they prepare for them themselves for Ramadan. And six months after Ramadan they asked actually six months before Ramadan, prepare themselves for Ramadan

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and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make them live to the reach Ramadan. And then after Ramadan, they spent the next six months asking Allah subhanaw taala to accept from them. So what I was Inshallah, what we will be doing in the programs that Allah Subhana Allah will allow us to have together is to take you through one of the landmark or from Oman, and that is the Quran. And we're going to try to get through general information to teach ourselves remind ourselves of this miraculous, or the miracle that Allah Subhana Allah sent to us, and then we're going to try Inshallah, as the time allows to maybe cover some of the surah in the Quran. And to get us ready to get into the mode I

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call this I say this to myself, let's get to the mode of being with the Quran live with the Quran. Hamdi lecker beyond me, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us again and may Allah give us life to live till we reach or Milan Euro BME. So what I want to talk about is the book of Allah. And as I always remind myself, who are we to took to talk about the word of Allah? So may He forgive our shortcoming May Allah forgive my shortcoming, don't be me. And of course Quran as Allah subhanho wa Taala called it in his book. And as a very well known name that we all know, this actually has a definition somehow like everything else in life, and there is the linguistic definition of the

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Quran. And there is the

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legislative definition. What does it really entail when I say the word Quran? So the

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wording the word Quran has many meanings. The simple one, an imam Shafi actually had this opinion, that it is a name. It's a name, Allah called his book is like somebody is called Muhammad someone is caught as somebody as someone is called Fatima Sora, Khalid Ahmed, all these names, Allah chose the name or n, and that was the opinion of Imam Shafi.

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Others say the Quran has meaning. And the meaning is related to what Allah subhanho wa Taala put in the Quran. And that's why it's called the Quran. One of the meanings that it is a book to be arrived from ROA, Accra, and it is a book actually is where Allah subhanaw taala, collected things, collected things and it's stories, history, science,

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talking or introducing himself to us. And the other meaning is, is not only collecting meanings, but actually collecting chapters and verses together to become a book. So many meanings for the Quran. For me and you,

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as ordinary human beings, Muslims who we do our best and try struggle to get close to Allah

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Personally, I think the

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definition of the scholars gift to the Quran should be it Nilla once we learned it, and and keep reviewing it and reminding ourselves of it is Nilla should change our relationship with the Quran. The way I look at it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said the following are the I'm sorry, the scholars said and then of course we're going to come to what Allah said, scholar said what is the Quran? Or I'm basically this is the most important statement can now move on.

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It's the words of Allah. It's the speech of Allah Killam Allah. And when is the Radha Abdi that was revealed, sent down to his servant Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the words are the speech of Allah that was sent down to Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam through Sedna Jubilee.

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And mutawa was Lena Vita, Walter reached to us through an uninterrupted chain

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and muck to obey the fatigue muscle have our McDouble Mostafa, and it was written in the must have or in the book

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and started or start it starts by an Fatiha ends by a nurse, and the most important thing and what are aberdovey Tilawat

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It is an act of worship to read the Quran. So let's look at it again. And when we look at this short love evening, when I am going to be picking up picking the Quran, I'm going to look at it very differently.

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When I pick the book, the first thing I need to tell myself this is not the ordinary it's not like any other book not even like a Torah and Engie for sure it is not let alone any other book. Why? Because it's killer moolah.

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It's the words of Allah. It's the speech of my creator and yours Subhana wa columella and then so this is why itself by itself when I pick it up, I say to myself haha Calum Roby. This is the words of my Lord. And the way it's reached us another miracle and another unique way. No other book was revealed to a human being through an angel.

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And what is it a lot of Muhammad Ali saw to

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see Nigel green, then was written in, as we all know, first like parchments and then it became a book starts with Al Fatiha. That's the sequence you can't change it. The sequence Allah chose it this way starts by Al Fatiha and ends up by a NAS pulao to be happiness. The last verse, although the Fit hustler to Fatiha Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen was not the first thing that was revealed. And Allah chose to put it the first and put it out to be happiness was not the last thing that neither the last Surah nor the last verse that was reviewed, but Allah chose this be this way

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and reached to us through an interrupted chain. This is one of the other miracles of the Quran Subhanallah

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more than 14 and for 1400 4040 years, is when the Quran first was revealed. Actually it is more because we calculate from the Indra and the Quran was revealed before the Hijra 10 to 13 years, it depends. And so it is more than 1400 50 years, the Quran was revealed still, the Quran that I have the Quran that my mom mother had the Quran that my grandmother have, I still have a Quran of my grandmother, and then the Quran that you see it in museums, the oldest Quran that we see, or annual Osmani it's sitting

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it's it's reached us to an uninterrupted chain Subhanallah I need the reason I'm sharing this with you is because I need we as Muslims need to bring back to us, inside us in our hearts, the reverence to the Quran

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because we have it

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because it's there, we hear it. We read it hamdulillah your branding, but it became a habit becomes something casual. Somebody died read the Quran, somebody is getting married, we put verses we have a baby we did. But we don't string a little bit more time think

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and look at it so I can bring it back to my life, the way a wasp Subhana wa Taala intended it to be. It was not send as a Quran of stories. It didn't come in as a Quran just to read as a book to read. And then I'm done.

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It's a Quran and I'm going to come to this in a second I have so many

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reasons and means that Allah intended for this book,

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for us, for me and for you, and actually it's for humanity. So it's the words of Allah sent through Zegna debris to Rasul Allah salatu salam, that is written in the book in a book started by Fatiha end by Sora, to NAS released to us through an interrupted

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and interrupted chain. And the most important that no other book share this is this three probably unique, unique, no other book, not even the books of Hadith has what the Quran has the words of ALLAH Canavalia. And if it was sent directly the same way we read it, that's the way Allah said it through saying legibly Torah, Swati salatu, salam, and the other uniqueness, and that's we all need to bring it back, that it is a form of worship. So when I pick up the Quran, and this is specifically in specially for those of us, those who are listening to me, and they are in the process of memorizing the Quran, or reviewing, or learning how to read, or learning to read, that's

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remember this and for everybody else. When I pick the Quran, and I opened, in I open it to read, this is an act of worship. It's like I am standing up inside out, like I give money for charity, like I am helping somebody like I am lowering my gaze like I am fasting, all these outward acts of worship, opening the Quran, even if I didn't know a single word, even if I didn't know the meaning, what I am reading, it is a Stone, an act of worship. And we all are aware of the hadith of Roswaal is AUTOSAR when he said the meaning of

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every letter in the Quran, equal to 10 Good deeds will aku Alif Lam mean health and he was saying that does that doesn't mean a leaflet mean is one letter, le fleta Nam letter, meme letter 10 and 10 and 10. So imagine if you're reading a Fatiha let alone Al Baqarah, let alone Torah to know any of the any of the chapters or any verse I am reading. When I picked up that book, opened it opened it, the I am in a state of Nevada, I am in a state of worship, and Allah will reward to be Enomoto habit to materiality. No other book has this unique quality at all.

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That's it's the words of Allah. Now who said the Quran is the word of Allah.

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And that's something for us specifically living in non Muslim country, we need to know because that's one of the most common

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argument and you hear it from people. The simple answer, the creator said it about it. It is His words. When Adam Minalima shakiness, the jarak for adjure, who had died smack Lamelo, from alumina, that it can be an oni Allahu Allah. So this is what I took Tober verse number six, the first page of sword October

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4, page six, verse six, first page of sword Tober

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we're in abdominal shakiness the Jonica Allah is saying Taurus Wallace AUTOSAR if any of the disbelievers the polytheist as the non believers, stay out, okay, reach out to You for protection for protection. treasurable give him the protection meaning he said

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If she saved Hatteras ma Kela, Manuel had Taya smart Kalama long till he or she, or so they, she or he can hear the speech of Allah, which is the Quran, hat is Mark anomala to my blue home and then Beach, give him safety or put him in a place which is safe, simply because there are people who they don't know. That's what I wasn't Kalama wa like when I and you say this is my house, this is my computer. This is my desk, right? Now Allah said canal hola

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canal Allah. I keep remind myself, remind our children, remind everyone but I will say number one, I'll remind myself this is the word of Allah. That's the first thing we need to learn. Second, which is so interesting, and 100 Alabama, we are studying this in depth now in our year of knowledge program. The Quran itself has 55 names, Allah called it in the Quran

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55 names five, five, the names in Imam Abu Miley ellos ZZ, and this is in the book of Romans Ryota Onfi alumium Oran, it's very famous book about the science of the Quran. He said the Quran has 55 names. And the idea is not to learn the names, so I have information

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that was Potala did not intend this, what he intended that every name has a meaning and every meaning should bring it to me in my life, the meaning that is intended for and I'm going to start with the beginning. Whatever Allah subhanaw taala give us time, we will do the first name of the Quran that Allah put it in his book, The moment you open, you finish salatu Fatiha first the chapter the opening. Then you come to that chapter, the cow the longest chapter. And Allah says Elif Nam mean, Daddy can Kitab Lowry Buffy the Quran has 55 names. Five, five. First one, Al Kitab. The book, very colicky terrible luck, are you Buffy? This is the book has known it as there is no doubt. So

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it's a book. In general, when I read the book, when I read a book, what is the book is going to tell me any book you pick, think of a book. And then we're going to come

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and see what does the Quran contain? And any question? And is anyone carrying a book, you're going to ask them? What is this book all about? It's an oval, it's an oval. This is a book of geography, math, science, medicine,

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biography. And if you look, if you go to any bookstore, you're going to see the books and they even divide them under categories. So history, biography, geography, science, medicine.

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So Allah subhanaw taala called it the book

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and the book that has everything and we're going to come to one of the names Lowry Buffay, no doubt, no doubt. And one of the things I personally have seen one of the most common reason, not the only reason but the most common reason none Muslims accept Islam. Get familiar with Islam is when they read the Quran.

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Last era,

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very recently, very recently, Subhan Allah is when people read the Quran, there's something in it, something in it. Recently I have somebody may Allah subhanaw taala open their hearts to the Quran. And that's exactly what they said to me. They listened to it.

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And they said it's amazing, something they don't know how to be. They it's it's English. And they said, it's amazing what it has that you can look it up so number one is Akita second name, and again, whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah said, We know who not orano Karim Chiquita being Maknoon was a distance or to Walker Wehrli it's a noble, generous, or an Kareem one of the names of Allah Karim the noble the generals

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what is kidding

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And again, any name, think of a human being. So somebody is generous. What does that mean? They give with, without limitation. They give without expecting back. Right in general, whether it's money, whether it's their time, whether it's their knowledge, anything they give, the Quran is carrying is normal, also is generous. And how's that?

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Look as the Quran, how much I get, and you get when you open a page of the Quran

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in and we just said, not only rewards that's absolutely there,

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the serenity that we feel, if I come to the Quran and picking it up, not because I need to memorize or I need to review or I need to read the MaHA Raj the exact way the right way of reading, when I come to you pick it up and I'm gonna say You know what, this is the words of Allah. Let me read

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if you come with this intention, or even better if you come with it in your law, this is your word, open my heart to read it and see the serenity, LLB the Krylya tautomer.

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Allah says in the Quran Wehrli by the remembrance of Allah, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are each serenity and one of the names of the Quran is Vic rememberance Subhan Allah or no carry cat Alma LA. Look at the other name.

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Moron. Malvina. What is Elena la come? No, Ron movida Allah. So this was for tonight. And We have sent down to you, you and me, moron. mobila, bright, light, light, moving clear.

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What does light do? Every time I read any of these names, I was like, Okay, let's stick. Let's just pause for a second. Let's think, why do I need light? Right? I need light to see. I need light. So I can differentiate between this thing and that thing. So when I come to a dark room, I need to turn on the light. Because I need to see my way. I don't want to hurt myself. I don't want to trip. And I want to see where I'm going to sit. What is this? What Where is, for example, I'm looking for something I need to have a light, the light guide me

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and make me see? Well, let's say Norman. Allah said no one more Vina clean, clear light when of the sahaba. And I think it was a Novolog nosode. Who said the meaning of there is no problem in my life.

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I needed the solution. And I did not find an answer in the Quran. Subhan Allah.

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And how's that? And even somebody actually recently scholar was asked this, they said, we hear this said, So are you telling me Are you telling me if I need to learn how to bake a cake for example, I remember something about food. I am going to open the Quran and I will find the recipe there. See the challenge?

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The scholar said, the answer is in the Quran.

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I said where is it said didn't Allah said was a decree in quantum Latinum. Then Allah said, Ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know.

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Then the Quran is telling you go and ask the people of knowledge for a recipe. The answer is in the Quran. The answer is in the Quran. Subhan Allah, a problem is you and me. And we as Muslims in general, we have not yet understood it. Well.

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We don't give it as much as we give anything else in our life. 24 hours a day, how much we spend trying to read, understand, learn the Quran, versus how many hours we spend is in anything other things. neuron bobina so when I opened the Quran, I'm going to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala your OB, make the Quran, as you said. You said other Kalamaki this is your word. You said it's a normal movie. You said it is a pure clear light. I am not seeing it. Show me and do you think Allah Who let you down?

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Do you think Allah who really want to learn his words and wake the Quran guidance for you? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will not respond Subhana hasha neutron movie in another name

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And this name, especially with this combination repeated in the Quran more than once, who then was another one who then what are Bushra Who then is guidance and Rama loving mercy, what is guidance?

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Guidance, if somebody is made a lot make us grateful for all his near him, somebody is blind can see. So they either have a stick, or they have a service animal, or they have someone, they guide them, they lean on them, or they lean on the stick, or they hold the animal. And that that instrument or that person or that animal, guide them,

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guide them to what same idea of the light, guide them to the right path, guide them to so they don't get hurt. So they don't trip and they reach where they need to be. So when Allah said that Delhi, Calcutta Bhullar, a Buffy houden, or who knows Rama tell me who the the word hood is guidance?

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Then the question is why when I opened the Quran, I'm not guided.

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Couple of practical answers. Number one, when you pick it up, and open it, have the intention that it will be a guide for you. Because Allah sets in more than one place in sort of the natural twice, and salatu Baqarah Surah tunes, many places you can do a simple Google search and put the Quran is a guide, and you will get verses that has Quran is guide a guidance, and you will see it, I needed to learn these and look for it. You know, in general in life,

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when we are looking for something,

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and we know that thing is there, and I keep looking at the end of find it.

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So I need to come to the alone, I need to come to the Quran, and say to myself, this is number one at UCLA Morbi This is the word of my Lord. This is my guidance. This is my light. This is a clear proof. This is an act of worship, the more I remind myself of the basics, we know what we don't do it, then I will get that who they are, it will guide me, it will guide me. And when people start understanding more and more.

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It changes their life. I'll give you an example. That's a famous example of saving almost all the loved one. So you've never not had a modulus has in his. He has people sits with him. Right and when he made people when so one of his usual companions, his own code came from out of town. And he told him I want to meet with Omar of your loved one. So the nephew brought him to save now. And the moment that man came to save Norma started accusing seed normal.

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Yeah, oh, my economizing laptop thing isn't what I thought can be. You do not judge between us with with

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with fairness with justice, and you don't give us an emergency now.

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And this is in public.

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And what do you think will happen if any one of us to say no more, of course get upset and his face changes?

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The nephew was the companion of say normal.

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could sense it right away. Say Don was getting angry. He looked at him and says, Yeah, I'm the

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leader of the believers.

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Let him go.

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Allah said to His Rasul, Allah said to His Rasul immediately, in his book, and the Quran, who they love, what more of our advantage actually

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take pardon as your character, what more behalf and enjoying good and what is known

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and stay away and move away from the ignorance and he is ignorant.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:52

And you read this in the commentary of this verse, they say, well, Llahi matador was a house. And they say, By Allah, a homer did not even let it pass. Immediately. He held his anger. And he said, this verse I shared with you sorted out of

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this is the guidance. To me. This is the guidance it shouldn't be to me and

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to us who there. So it guides me to the right thing if God knew what is good for me, for example, and there's a lot of examples about this, right? Everyone knows talking about global warming, about we are abusing the earth, that we are draining the resources, which is true. It's reality. And we all are seeing it. Well the answer is in the Quran.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:37

Absolutely the answers in the Quran. Somebody was telling me yesterday is like 12 countries in the world where there the famine in it, and the amount of shortage of food is becoming

00:30:38 --> 00:30:40

almost a fan.

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And then you look at us living in the West. And Allah says, Yeah, Benny Adam, who was unit account in the coolie masjid, Children of Adam, to beautify yourself, or take your beauty with you when you go to the masjid or in another meaning when you are going for sunnah beautify yourself. What could you wish Rob? Eat and drink? Ah, well, I have 234 Don't waste don't waste in No, I have been surfing. He does not like or love anyone or those who are wasteful.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:27

So when you come to me and I say How should I live in my house? How much I buy how much I cook. Now 234 Don't waste

00:31:28 --> 00:31:44

don't waste that's got good guidance. That's Huda for me. Then what a hammer they always come together almost always. Who then we're guidance and loving mercy. Where is the loving mercy in the Quran?

00:31:45 --> 00:31:47

Where is the loving mercy in the Quran?

00:31:48 --> 00:31:50

Go and resort to Zuma.

00:31:51 --> 00:32:06

And I if I remember well, I think it is verse number 52 or 53 qualia a bad year Latina Sofo Hana unforeseen laptop Lenovo Mirage Mattila in Ohio, Florida. No Virginia. In a well off.

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Oh yeah, buddy. Say to my servant, he's talking to rasool Allah Santosa say to my servant, don't despair, say to my servant, who has transgressed again against themselves don't disappear. Rahmatullah don't despair, from the Mercy of Allah. In Ohio fear was the number Jamia volley. Allah forgive all the sins, in know what awful Wehrli he is all forgiving on merciful

00:32:45 --> 00:33:16

are 100 electoral Branimir 100 lakh of them I always say this having the record of be Allah. I am so grateful to Allah that is, my lord, because none of us will do that as sort of unforeseen. they transgressed. They say this verse was revealed. This was this was mentioned. When was she the one who killed the uncle of Roswaal a salatu salam Sadan Hamza, and then he became a Muslim. It's not that Martoma Rahmatullah.

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So when I sin, and then ask Allah for forgiveness, and then I sin, and then I say, I'm done, how long? How much? I'm going to do that. And I need to remind myself the answer is in the Quran. When I disappear when I disappear, not as La Takamoto noroc materia. Don't you ever despair from the mercy of Allah? It's in the Quran. Who then what?

00:33:43 --> 00:33:45

Guidance and mercy

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another name and Allah said this chapter in the Quran, it is the the Quran name Surah Furqan criteria, right to Baraka Levy, Nazanin for on our lab, the Tabarrok glorify Him and levy the one Nezzer ascend down and for on the criteria I elaborate on his servant. We just said what is the definition of the Quran? Colombo, Ala Moana Silvana Abdi, the speech of Allah that was sent down to his servant to Muhammad Ali Serato. Sir, what is for Han? That's the name of the Quran. It's one of the chapters. So

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what is for on? What's the criteria? It's that thing, that divided that teaches me

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that there is truth and there is falsehood.

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The Quran is a book should teaches me and you what is truth? What is falsehood? It's not somebody's opinion. And in this country, this is true. In another country, this is false and this time of the year this is false this time of the year.

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This is true or 100 years ago was false now it became true. No. These are all human beings opinion it can change we all change. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala says and full on that is the book that sort of teaches me What's truth what's true and what is false.

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I need again to open it and I say yo Allah I am so confused you're on be everything around me is making me so confused. I I reached upon a lot of us are feeling this especially these days not to be I have so many things I used to know it this way now attend to be that way. I know this was always wrong. Now everyone is saying it is right. And vice versa. Show me your OB you said your book is for on. Show me and teach Tabarka Leonie Nizoral four on HANA Abdi why the corner lol Amina deal. So it will warn people the Quran will teach me if nothing the Quran teaching, and I cannot even say this word. But the Quran teaches me who I am. And who was my Lord?

00:36:20 --> 00:36:25

And what is this life? What is this doing all about? And what is the

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if you go if you just look at this, you're going to see how Truth is truth. House falsehood, this falsehood. If I look at dunya life, this life

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that we disobey Allah, kill each other, drain the resources, you name it, human beings have done as the Angels send it to Allah in the Quran Surah Al Baqarah Januvia. May you see Duffy how we as we could Deema or not no severe handicap on or deselect? The angel said to Allah? Are you going to put on the earth? Those who will you've seen Sophia, they were surprised mischief. We asked we could demand and they got to be killing to the point where the blood will be flowing. And we know at this sub Behala when we said before we're Nakatsu that and we glorify you all the time and honor you a lot for wisdom. Allah in the animal my NuTonomy

00:37:26 --> 00:37:36

he Subhana Hina was what we don't know. So the Quran when it comes and teaches me What is this all life about?

00:37:37 --> 00:37:52

And yoga and again, look at what is dunya in the Quran dunya in the Quran, many things in the mamatha were hired to do combat in Anza now Amina semi factor ottavino battle. Allah said this was why choose

00:37:53 --> 00:38:45

this life is like clean as a no Mia Sama, we send it down from the sky for a lot of thinking about it. Then that terrain came and mixed with the vegetations and the plants for this life of this earth myoclonus well and what people usually eat and animals have either the two Oh boohoo for housing unit then Earth. Earth becomes beautiful. And and with a lot of beauty. Well one Nevel called your own Alia and the people who are living in this earth thought I assumed they have control over it. So far we're at our house on Luna our decree Cayman Leyland owner, however, maybe during the day or during the night

00:38:46 --> 00:38:58

for Jana Hasid. We made the earth as there is no vegetations get left Donna Williams, as if it was not full of vegetations the day before.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:20

What is this parable? This is life. We come with nothing. Then we grow. And we like and become a youth and young and live full of life. And we have everything we have money we have children we have family homes, houses and we think this is forever. We all think this way. Then suddenly

00:39:21 --> 00:39:26

what happens? Human being die and nothing left.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:31

For on divide criteria.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:36

Criteria teaches me right from wrong.

00:39:37 --> 00:39:59

Re teaches me reality. The reality that we are in a slumber that we are forgetting it assayed now he said a NASA Mian either Martin Tobon people are sleeping. When they die, they wake up, which we think the other way around, meaning we're living, we're alive. We're talking we'll interact

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

acting, but we are in a state of helplessness. We are so consumed and so absorbed in our daily life that we forget the reality. At one day were leaving. Nobody stayed Natha Saraswati Santosa What about you and me for and teaches me this reality cool luminaria fun, everyone on this earth will perish will disappear wherever our job becomes imaginary will become sort of man and only thing that will stay is the Face of your Lord, the face of the merciful who Lucia in Horicon, Elijah, everything will perish except his face so to gitea

00:40:51 --> 00:41:08

are and will make me see all right from wrong reality. Where is my focus should be where is my energy should be spent on or right from wrong Subhan Allah

00:41:09 --> 00:41:10


00:41:11 --> 00:41:31

she'll sit Allah more than once in the Quran. When resume mineral Kurama who was she fell on or off not only more money, why is it oh Bonnie Minahasa Oh, Allah said this was water this one is Zeebo mineral Quran is sent down from the Quran, Maha Shiva, it's cured in Momineen.

00:41:33 --> 00:42:03

To the believers, when I Osito volley mean at na Sato, however, the same Quran, the same word, the same pages when i is equal to one in Minahasa. It does what does it do to the wrongdoers? They become even more and more losers? She found a cure this is a sort of a strong and the same concept of last resort tools. And this type of everybody yeah Yohannes people

00:42:04 --> 00:42:34

human being humanity Ajah at Como Eva tomura become has been sent you a word of admonition from your Lord, where she found only Matthew solo and a cure to what's inside the hearts. Well, who then will Rama to remove meaning saying same way guidance, loving mercy to the believers and see what Allah said next. That's makes you and me

00:42:35 --> 00:43:03

should be very happy. And how I should look at the Quran. Could it be for the lie of your affinity? For bizarrely carefully offer a home will hire only my edge mount still GM Medallia saw to Sam tell them before the left you have your affinity by the Grace of Allah and the grace of Allah here is the Quran. What we are Mati most of the scholar sells you the Rama here is the sooner for us. So I saw those

00:43:05 --> 00:43:59

of you that carefully. That's where they should be happy with. That's what should they rejoice, not I got a new job on getting married, I bought a new house, I got a promoted, these are all dunya things Hamdulillah we should be happy. But this is not the real happiness because it's going to disappear sooner or later. Versus the book of Allah the words of ALLAH couldn't be fulfilled. And it's secure. It's secure Shiva, Shiva. Shiva fell in which way what kind of disease I get. I get disease internally meaning spiritually or mentally, and I get dizzy diseases physically. Does the Quran cure them? Yes, to very limited people. Because those who get fully cured by the Quran, they

00:43:59 --> 00:44:35

have so much special relationship with Allah, and so much belief and certainty from the Quran is a cure that works for them. But for the ordinary people, you and me, what does the Quran Dustin, give me serenity? helps me to go through the difficulty. Yes, I am going to go to the physician. Yes, I'm going to take the medication. Yeah, I'm going to go and do surgery if needed. But the Quran makes me live with the difficulty easier, accepted, look at it in a positive way, rather than a negative way. That's a Shiva.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:49

What's inside the chest? jealousy, hatred. When I know from the Quran, as I am learning and I'm leading, that Allah is Allah is that just, that's a lot.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

Give people he chose to give this person this and that person that and Allah is just why I am jealous than that.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

Quran teaches me Allah is just an Allah subhanaw taala for our wisdom, give some people more than the others, then my heart will be cured, I'm not going to be jealous. Again, the reason we don't see these things because we don't have this real connection with the hora.

00:45:20 --> 00:45:22

I don't look at the Quran as a cure.

00:45:23 --> 00:45:59

I don't look at the Quran as a guidance. I don't look at the Quran as a loving mercy. I look at it as a book of Allah Alhamdulillah most Muslims still have this reverence to the Quran and held a lot of branding. But I need to move to the next level. I have five months now to Ramadan. I need to work on my relationship with the Quran and change it from a book I read it only in Ramadan in taraweeh or when someone die or when there is a baby is born to a book that is part of my life. May Allah would give us all let's look at our relationship with the phones.

00:46:00 --> 00:46:15

Our relationship with the phones and let's compare this with a relationship with the Quran on daily basis. Unless you are using your phone to read the Quran Hamdulillah you have combined them both. But I'm talking about in general

00:46:16 --> 00:46:51

who then guidance loving mercy and she fell on Lima for saloon. The last thing I'm going to say because of the time and we're going to continue Inshallah, as we're going to continue this is going to be most of our topics tell inshallah Allah make us do to Ramadan. Allah said about the Quran. And I said it in the earlier zyk it's a remembrance. But what kind were had the Quran, mobile or pencil now, and this is deke. This is

00:46:52 --> 00:47:03

a mean to remember Mobarak that's the word blesser De Anza na Phantomon Memorial and you turn your back to

00:47:04 --> 00:47:16

what is a blessing. Mahila Baraka as without the word we commonly use, many of us are very familiar with what is baraka? albaraka Then if you look at the word is a nama was yiadom

00:47:17 --> 00:47:20

something that will multiply and increase.

00:47:21 --> 00:47:32

So we didn't want this Quran what is welcome the Quran is going to give me Baraka. The Baraka is not always tangible. The book is not always money, the dollar become 1000.

00:47:33 --> 00:47:56

And the burqa is not always I don't have children, suddenly, I'm going to have five or six, not necessarily the best, let us not limit limit. The word Baraka Baraka is that, things will bring more, and what usually does, and one of the most important, Baraka is actually time,

00:47:57 --> 00:48:47

time when you have this relationship with the Quran, Allah Olivia, now, when you have this relationship with the Quran, that is part of your daily routine, and you don't do it just quickly, you will give it part of your valuable time, quality time, you're going to see these Nilla how your time during the day changed, you became more blessed. There's more time, more time, or the same 24 hours by the way, it's not going to change. It's not going to become 36 hours. But what we used to do in the 24 hours now we are able to do what we used to do I'm sorry what we used to do in 48 hours. Now we so we are doing even 24 hours because Allah is guiding us

00:48:48 --> 00:48:55

again, the baraka is not in my ability. We are human beings when we what can we do

00:48:57 --> 00:49:02

last Panama time looking at me looking at you

00:49:03 --> 00:49:16

seeing that we really need we I'm looking for the Quran, Nairobi I know it's more of our Have you told you in more than one place actually. Allah said show me a lot was showing

00:49:18 --> 00:49:23

the way you speak with change the words comes from your mouth will change

00:49:24 --> 00:49:50

your your reactions to things will change. Allah Allah the I know when your relationship with the Quran becomes the relationship of a dear friend. Not a book not a friend that I remember him once a year. What I remember him when I need what I need, or I remember him when I'm sad or when I am happy. No, this is a dear friend that we normally these days keep texting

00:49:51 --> 00:49:59

is Daniel May Allah forgive me, but we need to live the reality. Z con mobilemark remembrance of Allah

00:50:00 --> 00:50:14

and it is a blessing. And the more Subhan Allah, I look at it this way, the more when I pick up the Quran, let's just try that. Let's just train ourselves that when I pick up the Quran, it's going to be different.

00:50:15 --> 00:51:06

See, like now you still see when the Quran is on the floor, many people will jump shouldn't be in the floor 100 Because we still have reverence to the Quran hamdulillah now I need the same way I react when I see it on the floor. I need to look at and say, Ah, that's my guidance. This is my cure. This is my loving mercy. This is the word, word and the speech of my Lord. And this is my way of getting more good deeds. It's my act of worship. And this is the way this is the words that reached out to me, throughout all these years, in an uninterrupted chain, from the heavens, to me that human being may Allah subhana wa Tada. You ought to be me. A gentle Quran Robbia Colombina

00:51:06 --> 00:51:10

y'all Allah and this is a dual * for Swati song to sinner.

00:51:11 --> 00:52:08

But in when he said along, let me Abduch it would have been my tequila I am your servant, the son of Your servant, the son of yours, your female servant, more than via hockomock Now CTB Eric, my full lock is in your hand, more than pa hockomock your decree is going to be applied on agraphia about your decree is just as mo can be cool is when I asked him with every name that is yours submitted enough suck. You call yourself with it? Oh Anzahl confict Arabic or you send it down in your book? Or oh, I learned them in Hungary or you taught someone someone of your one of your creation? Oh, certainly here in the ECB in Milan a binder or you kept it of the knowledge of the Unseen with you.

00:52:09 --> 00:52:13

And what does it do? How did you handle Quran? Arabia?

00:52:14 --> 00:53:05

Your Allah make the Quran, a spring of our hearts where she felt as a whole winner and the cure and the removal of our worries were July Ximena and the mean to remove completely our soul. Your PME What do you think Allah will do when I really mean this to her sincerely, your Allah, Ya Allah change my relationship with your book, change the way I look at your book, change the way I expect from your book. What do you think Allah will do? Of course he will respond Subhana May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, and may Allah subhanaw taala give us this in our condition in Kalia Subhana Allah Morbihan the shadow in La Jolla and stuff we look forward to the Sun Allahu Allah say

00:53:05 --> 00:53:38

no hon Allah Allah He was high with a steaming Katya is one question was there what is the three things that is unique about the Quran? Number one, it's the Quran law is the speech of Allah. And number two, the way it's reached to us through St. Newbury through Roswaal. A salatu salam with an uninterrupted chain and the third thing in water has to do with in our tea. It's an act of worship to read it. I mean your be sermonic marshman To wind over a curtain soon inshallah. Inshallah next week if Allah has announced sit down article

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