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Lecture delivered in Tamale, Ghana during the Points to Ponder Tour.


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The importance of learning and practicing the Quran is emphasized, along with respect for others and being a "we" in the world. The "we" label is also discussed, along with the importance of not killing people and not damaging them. The success of Islam in Africa has led to a better life for everyone, and forgiveness and building a positive life are emphasized. The importance of forgiveness and building a positive life is emphasized, along with showing respect and avoiding offense.

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Shame on you Raji.

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What up

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad.

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His companions, his household May Allah bless them and May Allah bless every one of you, and bless your offspring goes to come up to the end. May Allah keep us all steadfast upon this beautiful Deen, my brothers and sisters in Islam, my brothers and sisters in humanity I read before you verses of Surah gerat I want you to take the translation of the Quran later on today or sometime in the next few days and go through sutra which is a very, very short surah.

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And what you must do is go through the meaning, learn it, put it into practice, voila, here you will lead a very, very happy life by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala so are we prepared to do that?

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I heard the yes Mashallah. So many yeses, that I think the brother who translated it in fact, do you know, he is my colleague, we studied in the same university at the same time.

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He was in Madina munawwara when I was in Madina, munawwara The only difference is that he speaks a language I don't speak and I speak Shona, which is the Zimbabwean language that he does not speak. That is the difference

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to Allah grant us goodness and ease. So my brothers and sisters, I heard so many yeses, that I'm convinced you understand what I'm saying that we don't need the translation Do you agree? There we are, but we will still have it inshallah, just for for backup purposes. So that is suitable. Why did I read that? Because in those verses, Allah tells us that the belief is our brothers that belief

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Our brothers in belief. Did you hear that? Why we share something in common? If you have one mother and one Father, what does that mean? That means that you actually have brothers and sisters because you share parents agree. When you share a dean and the religion you are brothers and sisters in a man Do you agree? And when you share the same makeup, even if you have a different religion, you are still brothers and sisters in humanity, because Allah and the one who made the all of you is the same maker, do you agree? Subhana Allah, this goes to show that we are brothers and sisters with all the other human beings on earth, and we should, by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala treat them

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all in a similar way, filled with justice, with goodness, with kindness, with compassion. And I want to tell you something very interesting before I proceed to the next few verses. Do you see that Allah created you? And with you, he created so many other people. Unfortunately, some people think that they are the only ones in existence that are so selfish that when there is water, they drink it alone, no one else must drink. When there is money, they must be rich, alone. No one else must be rich. When there is something good, they want it for themselves. No one else must have it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us all that Do you know the best from amongst you? Is he or she who

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benefits the rest of mankind? Or you will never see and only know see the best of the people of those who benefit the rest of the people. He did not say unfair only Mussolini. He did not say the best of people are those who are best to the Muslims know the best of people are those who are best to the rest of the people. So are we going to be the best to the rest of the people? inshallah, inshallah we will remember this is a promise when you see people around, treat them with kindness, speak to them have a smile on your face, at least be just with them. One lucky they will see the beauty of this Deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. How many of us when we see someone who greets us,

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they feel for us, they care for us. They do not cheat us. They're not vulgar. They are kind they reach out to us, they benefit us. We are so happy when you need to give that to the rest so that at least they can see the dean. Do you agree that today across the globe, many people are looking at Islam with the wrong eyes. They think that Islam spreads killing and terrorism and the harm and evil that's what the people think Islam is spreading yet. Look at us We are in 10s of 1000s here in tamale and Subhanallah we are standing so peacefully we can feel the mercy of Allah descending upon us. Allah May Allah make us from those room when we leave here we are totally forgiven because the

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Hadith says nobody gathers in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah to make this from that although we might not be in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala but this was necessary to cater for the crowds.

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Then the mercy of Allah descends and Allah subhanho wa Taala gransden especial mercy and Allah subhanho wa Taala In fact, the angels also are praying for the people Subhana Allah and Allah is mentioning them to the angels, Allah mentions them including us being Milady today, Allah is speaking about us with the angels, what a blessing gathering, I want to tell you something, we share in common with the other creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala the fact that the Creator is the same look, I want to give you an example of perhaps a motor vehicle. When you see a Toyota when you see a Toyota, you know that it was made in Japan, right?

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But there are so many types of Toyota's right, they're all Toyota's made by the same company, they have a reputation. However, Toyota is not the only motor vehicle on the road. You cannot say I'm only going to respect anyone who drives a Toyota the rest of them I'm not even going to give them when they will pump into your car there is going to be damage on the road is going to the problems on the road on that road. Do you have someone else who drives Mercedes to him his car seems to be better than yours. By the way I drive a Toyota

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so his cars

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Seems to be better than yours. He says mine is an S Class I tell you, you need to respect him he needs to respect you. Even if this guy's 2018 model and yours is 1918 he needs to respect you on the road because if he does not he will damage his car do you understand?

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You can be with a bicycle on the road, they need to respect you because if not, he will be in trouble and so will you. Be my brothers and sisters, we are muslimeen we know what we have is the best. There are others who might be doing something else. respect them in the world. They are human beings, they are others. They follow a different fate. Leave them Allah says let them

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learn your deen they have their faith, they will practice it we have ours we will practice it. We need to live on earth coexist by respecting the humanity that we have. We will continue preaching they will continue preaching but we have harmony. We do not kill people. We do not harm people. Islam was not sent in order to harm people but rather in order to benefit people and in order to ensure that peace is what will prevail by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala so I give you another example. I am standing here I see beautiful greenery in this city of La when I was coming I saw cows I saw some sheep I saw some goats looking so beautiful Masha Allah, may Allah preserve this

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beautiful wealth of your lovely country, may Allah preserve it. I tell you how happy I was. And I was saying Subhana Allah, even the dogs, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has asked us to be kind to those because who made the talk?

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The same one who made you he made the dog? How can you treat the dog in a bad way? I want to give you the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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He says, bye.

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He said Dalai Lama, while there was a man walking, oh, on the day where it was very, very hot, and it was the desert. He was very, very thirsty. He was very, very thirsty for water. So he saw a well, he saw Oh, well, I'm thirsty and I see a tap. To open the tap. It needs my own hand, I cannot just look at the tap and say, open, open, open and expect it to open. No matter what language I speak. You need to make an effort. So he made the effort and he went down in the well. When he went down to the ground. He drank water. So now his first was over. He came back up. And he saw a dog. This is a it's a correct authentic narration from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam he saw a dog, it was a

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hot day, and the dog was painting out of this. So the man says

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can mean a lot.

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To me, I think this dog is very thirsty, as thirsty as I was before I went into the well to get the water. So let me go back into the well and let me get some water for this poor dog that is dying of thirst.

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And you listening? This is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam telling us there was a man

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in his heart. He was thinking you know this dog was made by Allah, Allah created a love did not make things for nothing. You are being tested. So he decided let me go down what law he went down into the well when he went into the lab, he realized he has no utensils to take the water up besides his leather sock or the shoe that he was wearing. So he mela akufo man and he filled his leather sock imagine your shoe you're awaiting now you know I have a shoe of leather. This was a leather shoe. Will you fill water in it? Anyway ready to fill water in your shoes? The answer is no. Most of us know. But when you have to you will do it. Right. So Kerala. So he filled his shoe with water. He

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came back up now you and I know when there is a dog that comes here. We are Muslim. What do we do? We know that we will run away especially the sisters right? And nowadays even the brothers will run away. So can Allah go Why? Because you don't want the dog to lick you. You don't want it to disturb you. You don't want it as a Muslim. Yes, we are allowed under certain conditions to keep a dog perhaps for security, perhaps for farming perhaps to look after maybe a person who is blind etc. But there is a

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There are many rules and regulations governing our relationship with the dog. This man filled his own socks or leather leather shoe with water he came up he brought the dog near and he made the dog drink the water. So the prophets Allah says, Allah love that compassion so much that Allah forgave him.

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Now think

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if Allah wanted, it could have been better than the dog. It could have been a beautiful peacock, which opened its feathers. And it was tasty. So the men saw it and said, Wow, let me help the peacock. It could have been a goat or a sheep which would have allowed the man is closer to it could have been something sweet a cat a kitten, but no, it was a dog. You know what it was a dog So

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why was it a dog? Did you ever ask yourself? Okay, before I tell you perhaps one of the reasons I can tell you something else. It could have been another human being right?

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It could have been a pretty lady Subhanallah whoo

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whoo. Mashallah, would you like water?

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Would you like water? But no, it could easily have been a woman because it was anything to hide a lot of a human being is far more important than a dog. A human being is far more important than a dog. But Allah subhanho wa Taala that was a dog Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because if it is a dog, and you helped it, your sincerity level is very, very high. That's it. You cannot do it unless it's for the sake of Allah. Did you hear that? It is a woman pretty good looking. So Kerala you see on the road when there is a woman driving, even if she comes out of the car to see if there is a flat tire. 10 vehicles of boys and men will stop Hey, do you need help? They will fight each

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other to help her. Why? Because she's a pretty lady. That's all when the old man gets stuck. Only the sincere will stop and say uncle Please sit down Let me help you. So

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when a woman needs a lift on the road, they will be 20 boys have a need to take care. But when the old man is walking with his stick, only when you love a lot he will stop and say my father Let me take you the beam

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Mashallah, Mashallah. So this sincerity you do it for the sake of Allah, you are kind to the animals for the sake of Allah. Now I come with the big question. If that man achieved forgiveness, because he was kind to a dog, what do you think you would achieve? If you were kind to another human being?

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You will achieve more than that by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let us forget about this idea in the heads of some that you know, when you look at people who are different from you, they are your enemies, they are bad, they are worse than animals, etc. May Allah forgive us for that type of statement for that type of thinking, for indeed it is ignorance. When we look at others, we should look at it as an opportunity to display the good deeds that we have, so that if they were the enemies of Islam, at least they recognize that no, I used to hate Islam, but now I know it is a good religion. Maybe they won't accept Islam, but at least the enmity was reduced. That is a very big

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achievement. So Panama and sometimes what would happen is people might love the deen and come into Islam. Some of us here maybe we are reversed to Islam. Maybe we converted to Islam, but most of us are fortunate to be born as Muslims. It does not belong to you alone. In fact, if you want to go to Gen Latin for those one of the good ways and easy ways to get it is to spread the deen of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to teach people to guide them. The Hadith says well la la de la obika.

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Well lovey if Allah uses you to guide one person, it is better for you then something very valuable. At that time the conveyance that was the most valuable was known as the red camel. Today it is something beyond that. SubhanAllah you will achieve such a great reward. So my brothers and sisters, now we go back to Sudan, where Allah Subhana Allah says Allah, for the moon, the believers they are brothers and sisters. So when they

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They are brothers and sisters who may dispute with one another. The job of all of us is to try and help them to resolve that dispute, because when we dispute the Quran says while

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he do not dispute with one another, because you will become unsuccessful and you lose your power.

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When we are small, small small small groups, what happens? Each group has not much power, when we are a large group, even if we are breathing So, Kerala it has a big difference, it makes a big difference, because we are together, to be united and to be together requires a lot of sacrifice. You need to sacrifice a lot each one of us has pride. Pride is actually from shavon when it goes beyond a certain level. So much so that the

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man can have it can be him.

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He will not enter Paradise in whose heart is a mustard seeds wait with of pride. We are talking here of the arrogance that pride you know when someone says I am proud to be a Muslim, the English language that word that is used does not translate as gibberish in Arabic. In fact, it is happy, I'm happy to be Muslim. It does not mean I'm arrogant to be a Muslim. No, I'm proud to be a Muslim means I'm glad and happy that I'm a Muslim. We are not talking of that type of pride. We are talking here of arrogance. What is arrogance. When you despise people, you look at others and think they are low, they are small, they are nothing that is pride. When you look at the truth and the justice and you

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deny it and reject it, that is pride. That's explained by the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So let us work on our hearts. Let us make sure we remove that pride. We are all brothers and sisters, I care for you. Just like I care for myself, I will try my best to reach out to you just like I reach out to myself, my brothers and sisters, that is what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught.

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So he says, If you like the mercy of Allah, then help each other to resolve the differences and the disputes that we may have amongst one another with absolute respect. Sometimes there will be certain matters whereby we may differ in our understanding of the deen trust me for as long as there is evidence to prove what you are saying regarding that which is Islamic, let it go let it happen. Let it be some people raise their hand some people don't raise their hands. Some people say the best Mullah before the fact they have some people say aloud Some people say soft. You know what there is evidence to prove there is evidence you need to learn. You follow what you are taught with its

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evidence and inshallah you will succeed but to continue Allah subhanho wa Taala says oh, you who believe they are you and Medina hamano Oh, you who believe? Do you know when you hear a law saying yeah, I you

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know, you ask yourself, How

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am I from among those who believe?

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What is the answer?

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Are you from amongst those who believe? So if Allah says, Oh, you believe you should put everything aside and listen, what is Allah saying? What is he saying?

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Don't mock each other. Even the women don't make a mockery of one another. And the men don't laugh at each other. Don't make jokes about each other that will hurt people don't hurt their hearts. Don't call people bad names to Pamela.

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Don't call people back nicknames that they don't like someone's name is Fatima. For example, what a beautiful name. If you want to give her a beautiful name that she likes, maybe shorten it for some reason. There's no harm. There's no harm if she likes it. If she does not like it. Be careful. Be careful, you hurt their feelings. It is actually sinful behavior. If this Islam teaches you so much that you are not even allowed to call someone with a name that they don't like because it will hurt their feelings. Do you think the same religion can teach you to harm them physically? Never, never. Even with your mouth, you're not allowed to harm someone. So power law, learn to love each other.

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learn to live with each other in harmony in goodness by the will of Allah and you will prosper. Because the verse I read earlier Allah says when you dispute you lose your

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Power, you will be unsuccessful. But when you happen to resolve the matters and when you up together and when you have that as an OOMA, you will grow any nation across the globe study the nations, the most successful nations are those who stand together, they stand one. Recently there was a country, the entire nation stood together in the face of aggression, what happened as a result, so in parallel, they are successful.

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They are people who will emerge and have emerged successful by the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But if we ourselves cannot stand together, what would happen?

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Allah bless us all. May Allah grant us peace. So my brothers and sisters, we continue with these verses Allah subhanho wa Taala says, regarding spying is dropping backbiting, talking behind the backs of people in a way that they would not like it. If it is true, it is called Riba if it is a lie. It is called Nanaimo oboe ban actually.

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When we meet people, we speak nicely in front of them.

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How are you?

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anything good? Lovely. As soon as we turn around, that person is a devil. They are seated. They are a snake. Why?

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tells you Be careful, don't do that. You meet people, you greet them correctly. If you have a problem with someone, resolve it respectfully, respectfully. Now, I want to tell you if I have a problem with you, if I go to the whole world and talk about it, well, I solved the problem. No, I make it bigger. But if I'm a true believer, and I care genuinely for all that Allah has told me to care for I will come to you I will try to resolve the matter. I will speak to you once, twice, 10 times 20 Times and The matter is resolved. And the public does not even need to know the public does not need to know the matter was resolved. But today we enjoy one small thing, Instagram, the next

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thing Facebook, the next thing, the next thing Snapchat support Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to use technology in a beautiful way. I mean,

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then and I'm going to jump straight through to the last few verses where Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us something even very, very interesting. He says, Oh, you who believe Yeah, you will not in fact, he does not say oh you who believe he says oh people or people I have created you or we have made you from a single male and the female. So ladies showing us We are all related to panela we're all related to one another. We have relatives, some are Muslim, some are not Muslim, some have passed away some are alive, some will come later on Allah says Allah

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and we have made you into different nations and people different tribes in order that you recognize one another. Allah says we made you different tribes, different people, you see there are different races, different parts of the world different colors, all this is not in order to hate on people or to consider people little No, it is only for recognition purposes. So one day there was a young boy asking me what do you mean recognition so I said you know, if all of us were exactly the same, we would need number plates.

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Imagine everyone looks the same. Everyone is the same height we began to notice

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the cars they can confuse you if they're all black, all Land Cruiser, everything similar. What would happen? you distinguish your vehicle by the plate number. Why? Because everyone is the same. Allah says no, no, no, no, no, no man. You are far higher than that. We won't give you a number plate. We will give you your own fingerprint, your own your own identity, your own height, your own color, your own language.

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It is a gift never be embarrassed about your color, your language your height, no, never be embarrassed. It is a gift from Allah.

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We are equals in the eyes of Allah. I will I want to share one last thing with you. And that is when I traveled in the world. I noticed something will lie. The Muslims who do not live in Africa do not know sometimes the Islam in Africa.

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I was telling my colleague Dr. Mohammed today in the car or was it yesterday in the vehicle in Kumasi and today as well. I spoke about it

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said my brother, you can go to the Middle East you can go wherever you want. You will find when they are giving up their Deen Allah is replacing them with people in Africa.

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I have seen people in the Middle East, itching to uncover themselves or to dress modestly. And I have seen the total opposite in the most remote places of Africa. Look at what Allah says one

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step at a woman.

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If you are to turn away, Allah will replace you with someone else. He does not need you. He does not need me. If you are turned away, he will replace you with someone else. And then they won't be like that they won't be like you they will be better than you.

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So I always say May Allah strengthen us May Allah keep us safer. Do not give up your deen, be strong. Keep on teaching it to your children. Don't worry what others think of you no problem. You have your life you have your ally, he's with us. And He will guide us we go through our trials, our tribulations, our struggles, we go through difficulty no problem allies watching Allah knows when we get to genital field those May Allah gather us together with Muhammad Allah.

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I am not a rock star who came here to be the only reason you know me is because I have said what Allah and His Rasool have said, if I did not say that, you are not going to know who I am.

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So therefore, you need to glorify Allah, and you need to praise the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, rather than getting excited that this young man from Zimbabwe visited us today. More important is Allah and he's like I said, I am nothing if I did not say Allah, Allahu wa ala rasulillah.

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And it's my duty to tell you this last time I was in Accra last year. And I was so happy at at the World Cup. Welcome. It was very warm. But I was feeling Allah. Because it was such a big welcome. I started to get scared. Will Allah forgive me? Because look at these people. They are so excited. I don't know if there is any excitement beyond this excitement. And it's not supposed to be for me. It is supposed to be for Allah and His or soon.

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I found it difficult to speak. I don't know if some of you know about what happened. I found it hard to speak. Why? Because I love my brothers and sisters. But at the same time, I was scared in my heart to say yeah, Allah, what answer Am I going to give you on the day of judgment? I'm not even fit to stand here. If I said something from my pocket, I'm wrong. I have to speak what Allah has said. You need to develop your relationship what would mean no with Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

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If I speak to you and what I am telling you brings you closer to Allah then I am correct. You may do it for me, that's all.

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But if I bring you closer to me, I am not the owner of Jenna. I am not the owner forgiveness. I cannot give you that. I can only show you the path to say you want the forgiveness. Get to Allah become a better person, lead a happy life.

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lead a happy life. Don't miss your Salah dress properly. read the Koran speak honestly reach out to people be kind to the rest of humanity. Reach out to the animals like what we said today. thank Allah for what he has given you. These are the messages that will bring you closer to Allah. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive me And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us true love Allah subhanho wa Taala unite us in gentlemen for those we don't know each other very well here but in general, we will get the chance to sit and to talk and each other to discuss about how it was in family one day.

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Bless you.