Mufti Menk – Lessons from Life

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of achieving Islam's love for the wa Rest message is highlighted, along with the need to dress children in appropriate ways. The success of achieving goals and learning to use the Internet to improve one's life is also emphasized. The importance of learning to fulfill one's dreams and achieving their goals is also emphasized, along with the need to stay ahead of opportunities and not miss important moments in one's life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abdullahi rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani. We have to always praise Allah no matter what we're going through, we have to because by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, this is how we will be able to attain the purpose of our entire existence. And we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, him being the chosen by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, who came to us to remove us from the darkness to show us the light. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us steadfastness on that light, I mean,

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we also ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless all the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his household, and we ask Allah to bless every one of us. The Hadith that comes to my mind, is a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says mon Sol, La, hate the sun Allahu alayhi, Bihar Ashura, whoever sins blessings and salutations upon me meaning upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once Allah blesses him tenfold as a result of that, if you take a look at this, it means when you want the blessings of Allah, you need to send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, something we know as durood

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and on a Friday, it is even more important. And you and I know that when we engage in an act of worship, based on the levels of sincerity Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant us a greater reward. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and gentle for those my brothers, my sisters, why are you here? Have you ever asked yourself that question? People come on earth for how long? short time very short.

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You know, if you take a look at

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a lot of what happens on Earth. It has a time limit. It has a time limit. within that time you have to achieve it. If you don't, it will be too late.

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We came on to earth we were little babies born from the wombs of our mothers without knowing anything.

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While long raja

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ki con la la Muna chez

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La la la como some our

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F ADA. Allah says Allah created you, having emerged from the wounds of your mother's not knowing anything, but he gave you the hearing. He gave you the site, he gave you the heart Subhana Allah, as you grew, the development of these organs were nurtured by parents or guardians. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says mommy mo luden illa Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah, for Allah who you have with Danny, he will you know salami or you magician he, every child that is born, is born upon fitrah the nature

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Subhana Allah the understanding

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that they have a maker that they need to worship and they will go back to. That's the understanding as the child is nurtured by the parents or the guardians, they make the child inclined according to the upbringing that they give that particular child. If you have a strong background of faith, the child will follow that particular background without you having invited the child to do anything. Or give you an example.

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How you dress, how your wife dresses, when you have children, before they can even speak they will want to dress like you. They will want to do like you if you are fulfilling Salah in the home. Your little kids one year old who cannot yet speak to you. We will find them Institute when you are Institute. They want to dress the way you dress. A girl would want to dress the way the mother dresses etc. Who gave them this?

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Who made it like that?

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Allah gave parents the automatic power that they don't realize.

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So be a role model to your children. What do you do? Your children will do. The difficulty nowadays we have children and sometimes even grandchildren. We need

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help our own selves to improve because we don't even have our Salah in order. We don't even have our dressing in order. We don't even have the way we speak in order. We've got a heart that is so dirty that when we look at people, we look at them with hatred rather than with love. We have a heart that is so dirty that when we look at people, we think the worst of them rather than the best, yet the sooner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to look at the best and not the worst. One is something that is lacking in the whole room today in llama Rahim Allah, besides perhaps those whom Allah has mercy on what is has not been because no one means to think the best of a situation. You

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see someone, you hear something, you think the best of all the possibilities and probabilities that are thrown at you or that you might come across. So panela we are lacking this in the oma today. And when I said everyone besides those whom Allah has mercy upon, I'm including myself also who needs to improve, may Allah grant me the ability to improve and then every one of us I mean, so my brothers and sisters, that child No one told the child anything if you look at the hadith of Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not ask us to tell our children to fulfill Salah before the age of seven.

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Do you know what he says? Morrow Allah de combust Salah to whom Abner OSA be seen in

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instructions your children to read Sala or to fulfill the prayer when they are of seven years.

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A question is What about before that?

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Isn't that a question? Kids have three years four years? Should you tell them do your Salah? It's a question right? The Hadith says seven years you tell them what about before that before that they are supposed to be mimicking without you telling them because you do it so often that they will want to do it with you. The problem is we don't do it. That's why they don't do it to follow. When the environment in the home is so beautiful. Voila, he the children will automatically follow that beauty God given from Allah.

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He gives parents a value that they don't recognize. That value gets taken away bit by bit. Without them realizing as the child grows older, it is detached. You know if you look at the child in the womb of a mother, it is totally attached. Right? It is totally attached. Everything is dependent on the mother. The mother listens to her and it's affecting the little one. The mother has emotions, it affects the little ones goes through health matters. It affects the little one has some medication, it affects anything that happens to the mother emotional stress, whatever else happens, it affects the baby because the baby is totally attached. There comes a day when that child is born. When the

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child is born, the child is detached, detached physically, but still attached to the mother in many other ways. So behind Allah, you can have so many mothers, but the child would know its own mother miraculously from Allah. And this is why masala is Salatu was Salam. What happened to him?

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that that little baby Musa alayhis salam was put into a little box of casquette and put into the water picked up by the wife of the Pharaoh. Allah says, Well, how do you run?

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common law says you know what, all those who attempted to suckle the child, Allah says we prohibited it for them, they couldn't do it. Why Allah wanted the mother to come and suckle. A child knows this is my mother, whether it is the heartbeat, whether it is the feeling, whether it is the scent, whether it is whatever I don't know, and I don't think anyone else would be able to pinpoint we might think a few things, but the child has not yet detached fully, although physically no longer in the body of the mother. Thereafter, Allah takes that a little bit away bit by bit as the years pass. That's why you will notice when a child is little, all the decisions of the child are made by the

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parents or the guardians. The name who chooses it,

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either father or mother. The hack is the fathers and the mothers. Thereafter, the parents together they must decide what is the name, a lot of us have a culture where we involve either the grandparents or the uncles or the aunts. By right. It is the father and the mother who must decide what the name is Alhamdulillah thereafter, as the child grows a little bit older, what happens? Who decides what type of clothes to buy for the baby? Who decides

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The baby decide, no, Allah kept it for you. Allah gave you the power, Allah gave you the authority, that attachment is there Subhana Allah.

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Now that you have this, be careful what type of clothing you choose so panela many of us we just go out and buy whatever is the latest trend without looking at whether or not it is pleasing to Allah. We are happy, did you get the latest? Yes, I got the latest, latest or not latest, if it is within what Allah has allowed Alhamdulillah If it is not, may Allah bless us, guide us, strengthen us And forgive us. We have to come back to what is pleasing to Allah no matter what.

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Then what will happen, the toys that you choose for the little one. At that little stage, what type of toys will there be that will attract the baby. In most cases, just a little sound, a little rattle. We have a small rattle. You know, it has a few beads inside it maybe a little plastic bowl, and it makes a sound right? What will happen the child would smile and laugh and play with you for a long time as you just rattling it rattling you. Allah is showing you you've got control today, look at you, you can take something which is worth nothing and the child will be okay. I promise you my brothers and sisters, Allah will take away that authority as time passes. Allah gives you a limited

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time to quickly instill within the child whatever goodness you want, just like when you purchase a phone, you need to put in the applications as soon as you can. Less the memory of that phone become filled with that which is unnecessary or immoral. And you haven't yet put that which is necessary in the form. Many of us have these phones 32 gb nowadays 64 whatever whatever I have a little phone one terabytes of vanilla before you know it. So much of space is taken up if you didn't put the applications you desperately need. If you don't have that which is beneficial. Do you know what's going to happen? That form will be filled with that which is not beneficial and men that which is

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destructive. And what did you do? It will bear witness against you on the day of piano

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don't think is just a phone. So you sitting and doing wrong things on it. It will talk on the Day of Judgment. It will bear witness. If the wolves of the mustard will bear witness and the ground upon which you put your head on for sujood will bear witness what makes you think your phone is not going to bear witness.

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May Allah make us conscious.

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So the child needs to be programmed with the most beautiful programming that age coming up.

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A little while later the child will tell you I don't want this toy. What happened? It's Allah showing you Your days are numbered. You as a parent, the child is going to override your decisions.

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Then there comes a little time when they want a more sophisticated toy they will cry for what for your phone. Why? Because they see you on the phone all the time. Now they want the phone so sophisticated at two years. They know what the password is they know that you have to put a thumb they know whose sum it is or whose it is they will call you they will face the phone to your face. Two years old. What is that it's a law showing you your child is developing its own understanding why we gave them the summer and the bustle we gave them the hearing and the the the sight and the brain and the heart and the thinking now the child will come up quickly instill in the child what

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you need to. So what do you need to shala I need to instill good clothing, the sense of speech and so on my brothers my sisters, be careful. When you don't fulfill the duties unto Allah in the presence of the children. The child doesn't know what it needs to do.

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Most of us are on our phones. A lot of the times boys and girls men and women, mothers and fathers were on our phones a lot of the times. You know what if you took a moment to show excitement, playing with a small toy when your child sees the excitement in your face, playing with a small toy, it won't want the phone it will want that toy because it's watching you day in day out. So excited with such a nice face with such a good attitude with this small toy. The child knows there's something about this toy. I promise you with Salah many of us we will make Salah at home but we do it as a chore as a burden. We say let me quickly read salah and coming back. There was a mistake in

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those words. Did you hear what I said?

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The word quickly how can you say that? Let me quickly read Salah I'll be done just now. Haha for Allah it's quickly and for that Tom who came to your home you can sit with him having tea for two hours.

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May Allah forgive us and then when we go for Salah it's like getting up in the morning it's such a burden no if you Subhana Allah you get up you have a smile everyone sees your attitude is beautiful you looking so happy you're delighted you're on the masala with a beautiful smile a lot. Do you really think your child is not going to follow that example knowing at that age that if I really want happiness, the smile, the goodness the joy, it comes from Salah.

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For us it's a burden.

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I'm reminding myself when you're doing an A bada do it with a smile. Take your time. That is quality. When you do an act of worship was quality when you're wearing your clothing, your cloak and so on, be excited about it. When you do putting on sooner Libous the clothing, be excited about it, show it with a smile, be happy your children will follow automatically. The problem with us is even when we in it we are so like, you know it's a burden when it's a burden the children want to be far away from it. children want to be found. Allah takes it away. Let me move quickly further.

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You have another example. What is it? The first school that you send your child to who chooses it? You choose it right? You decide you're going to go to this we call it nursery by our part of the world. You're going to go to this nursery A little while later you're going to go to this primary school because there's two options or three we want you to go here the child has no nothing they're happy excited to get the school uniform, excited to go to school. Let's say a child has no idea i'm going to the school or that school waits until you get to high school. Childhood say Dad, don't go to the school. What happened? Allah took it away from you before you could make the decisions now no

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longer it's not you anymore. Why Allah is telling you listen, this child is not yours. It's actually ours. Amarna we gave it to you to handle for a little while. That's all while you have the child instill in the child the best teachings, when you sit after salah and do Vicar in a beautiful way. Even if 20 years later, the child grows up and starts thinking my father used to always sit and do liquor used to always sit and do the sooner one day they will start doing it just by that sadaqa jariya you get a reward after you've passed away Why? It was your example they followed how many of us we have all the people in our homes every morning they sit with the Quran, but the young people

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may Allah have mercy on us. Sit with it, sit with the Quran with a smile, not a burden, smile, read one page but with such a beautiful smile, learn how to speak every time you read Salah you come back and you're smiling the whole house is lit Mashallah was no because you know what? drew you closer to greatness of character. That's what it did with us. The problem is a burden. we fulfill it, yes, but as a burden, we do Salah because we have to not because we want to. There's a big difference between the two. Many of us we are here today because we have to be here. May Allah forgive me, and all of us. When you come here because you want to be here not because you have to be here. Then you come

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early, then you sit then you enjoy it and you engage in Vicar, then you make sure there's no backbiting happening because you want to be here when people leave you're still sitting in Mashallah you're excited house of Allah, I want my name to be registered here. I've been here for the longest. I'm a VIP in the eyes of Allah. It didn't make me big headed with the people. But between me and Allah, I have a secret that no one knows. I know it, he knows it. What is it? I want to do the Salah, not just I need to.

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subtle difference.

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So I'm calling on myself and yourselves to just improve the way we look at things a bother. You know why? Because my brothers and sisters, ultimately I want gender. That's why I'm here. I'm here today for a short space of time to score as many goals as I can before my match is over and my whistle is blown. We know that about Sport, Sport, you have a specific 10 bit from the beginning to when the whistle is blown. You have to do one thing. What is that one thing, keep scoring goals. That's the same thing you got to do in life from the beginning to the end of your match my match, which will end with the whistle being blown it's over.

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I have to keep scoring goals one after the other one after the other It doesn't mean I scored one or two. Now I must sit back and relax no way shape on will score more and more. And if you're losing a little bit here and there make Toba go back score again and again and again. Even if it's six five, you still want it by one. Haven't you wanted us to lift the metal? A lot tells you from

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naoise II move.

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Allah will weigh your deeds on the scales whoever's good deeds are

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They are the ones who have succeeded. Subhan Allah, you want success, don't lose hope because you committed one sin or two or you did one thing wrong or you flopped a little bit in your life. A Winner is he or she who gets up back after that and keeps doing good until they end the match. On a winning note Subhan Allah how many people the Hadith says 70 years they will do good right at the end, they spoil it all. How many people are winning the match to zero at the end, they lose three to haven't it hasn't even happened. But they were so excited up to the last minute. Don't get excited. In the AMA loop inhotim your deeds will be determined by how they ended. Right at the end. You look

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at the score. When you decide Subhan Allah now Allah has had mercy on me. People say May Allah take us away with Eman Allah hates effect. It is a fact May Allah take us away with the man. Don't be too proud. Don't be too haughty not on Earth. No.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a chance to be on Earth. Let us make the most of it. I want to tell you how to get close to Allah and how to win with Gen metal for DOS. If you look at the

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return the page by page page by page you will notice one thing very clearly.

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One thing very clearly. Allah subhanho wa Taala has repeated certain things so many times. It's easy for him to say once, please fulfill your Salah or give us a cup or read the Quran once he could have said it. No, he says it so many times in the Quran one after the other. Why? Why that?

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Licata found me

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remind for definitely the remaining benefits those who truly believe if you believe in Allah, you don't feel bad when someone corrects you. If you believe in Allah, you don't feel bad when someone repeats again and again. As a reminder, in fact, it's an honor to be reminded someone tells you by you know what you let us together become more regular with our Salah. Why do you get angry? Some people say what do you think I'm not regular with my Salah. I didn't talk about what you are and what you are not we are reminding each other here. It will benefit the true believers. So Allah says I'm giving you one example. One example there are so many in the Quran, but one it will raise the

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in Naveen is Luna kita bomb.

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Yo Juna TJ

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debu amazing verse. Those who recite the Quran, you know what is meant by yet Luna Kitab Allah, they recite the Quran, you get a reward for reciting it in Arabic without understanding one letter equals 10 minimum, so you get a reward for it. Don't be fooled by those who say, if you don't know Arabic, don't read it in Arabic, read it in Arabic, you will still get a reward for every letter. On top of that there is another right what is the right? Make an effort to understand it. Make an effort to put it into practice, make an effort to convey to others all these duties unto you regarding the word of Allah. How many of us have gone to university we spent six, seven years learning what

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accounts medicine, something else? All these books, how many books have you learned and you had examinations on 2015 big big thick books, 400 pages, but the one book of your entire life known as the Quran, you haven't yet read it, you don't even know it. If you didn't have all of those degrees and you only had the Quran, your agenda is much more accessible and it's closer range. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant this gentleman it's just a word of encouragement to say make an effort my brothers and sisters we need it, we need it. So that's the Quran read the Quran what will it lead you to a comma Salah Salah there is no chance that you can be close to Allah without Salah if you

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think you're close to Allah without Salah you're actually not.

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You want that link with Allah. It starts off with Salah, a Salah to Mr. Dean from an akarma have a comma didn't try it out. And it needs dedication. Not one day, not two days, every day. If you've missed it for some reason. Read it as soon as you remember man. Nah, man, Salatin Alessia

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Cara, the prophet SAW Selim says whoever slipped over a Salah or forgot the Salah, let them fulfill it as Kava immediately when they remember. Show your link

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with Allah, it's my maker, my brothers, my sisters, you are going back to the one who made you you have no option while learning you are going back to Allah What have you prepared? You think he wants your pounds and your degrees. You think he wants everything else your clothing, your makeup and all the other stuff that you have accessories, zero he wants your taqwa he wants your consciousness. Your relationship with Him starting with Salah, Salah is the first thing that's going to be checked on in your hisab if that is in order, trust me the rest of it will be easier. According to the Hadith of the Prophet Allah. Let's fulfill our Salah. You want a relationship with Allah, you want

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the good life you want good children, you want Baraka? It starts with Salah Salah there's no chance that you can actually have true happiness without Sunnah. If things have gone wrong in your life, check your Salah I guarantee you there's something wrong with it.

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It's impossible for someone who Salah is in order and then they don't have contentment. You lose your job, you're still content why my Salah is keeping me going. You lost some family member my Salah is keeping me going I'm still content, big loss happened to you your health. Suddenly you had cancer. You were dying, you died. But your Salah kept you happy up to the last day. You still had hope in Allah Oh Allah, I'm either going to get cured so I'm happy or I'm either going to go to general so I'm happy What did you lose nothing. You are a happy man. Subhana Allah so Allah. So that's the thing. Allah repeats it so many times in the Quran, but here are muslimeen We are here on

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Juma comm Salatin, forget about the masjid. We don't even read it at home. I asked one youngster, where did you make Salah? He said Masjid.

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I was like, What do you mean? He says, Well, I was sleeping and I saw it in my dream you know I was a builder who you trying to fool? Allah forgive us.

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Did you get to that level of whatever that now you just close your eyes and say, I read Salah hacer una la

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sala. And the last point I want to raise is something that is repeated by a lot a lot. Something if you keep it, it's not going to come to your grave.

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The minute you release it, it will come.

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Did you ever I said if you keep it with you, it's not going to come to your grave. The minute you've released it, it comes to your grave. What is it?

00:27:24 --> 00:27:25

your wealth

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accommo salata and Saku Mirza Now, those who spend what Allah gave you when you came onto the earth, what did you have nothing, not even close. Your clothes are going to stay behind.

00:27:39 --> 00:28:15

If I've got 1000 pounds, I kept it if I die, it doesn't come with me. People are fighting after me for it. The more I have, the greater the chance of my children killing each other over the amount. If you die with 1 billion I don't think your children are going to be happy after you unless they have serious taqwa. They will fight over five pounds. They'll kill each other. They will stop talking to each other. I am a counselor for the last 20 years I promise you the richer the family the more split they are once the father dies, trust me it's a fact in most cases, like I said earlier in llama, Rahim Allah, but the one who spent the money. It's next to your name.

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Feather woman, the law, HIPAA law one of the translations of that verse. What remains with you? It's going to be finished soon as you die. It's gone to someone else. What you deposited with a law it's gonna come with you forever. It will help you. So learn to give Don't be stingy Don't be miserly. Learn to give an Allah will grant you Jenna, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us with Jenna.

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I close by reminding you of the one point

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that is the most powerful point that we mentioned today. My brothers and sisters, do something about your Salah, improve it. Initially, you will have to read it because you have to read it. There will come a time when you will love it so much that you will read it because you want to read it. when that's the case. Then you have developed your link with Allah in a beautiful way. May Allah grant us all Jana, may Allah bless us all with mother Villa with forgiveness with Rama. May Allah help us all in our problems and issues. May Allah protect us all and grant us goodness in the dunya and akhira or sallallahu wasallam Mahabharata Kala Nabina Muhammad

Jumuah lecture – 12 July 2019
Bolton, UK

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