Mufti Menk – Encouraging Words at Reverts Conference in SA

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulties of returning to Islam during the pandemic and the challenges that come with it. They encourage people to learn more about Islam and not allow anyone to say their the words of Islam. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of praying to achieve the rights of one's family members and not giving up one's faith.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Hawala Ali, he was happy hedge mind, my beloved brothers and sisters, those who have reverted to Islam. This is a session for the reverse. And I'm sure every one of you has a unique story. Firstly, we ask Allah to grant a reward to those through whom Allah has guided you. So there has to have been something either online or either in person, or some interaction or some feeling that made you change. For that we thank Allah and we make dua wherever they are human beings involved. And we thank Allah, because he is the ultimate guide.

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My brothers, my sisters, something we definitely need to know is when you have a gift of Allah, and when you're holding fast on that gift shaitan will come and try and take it away from you. So normally with reverts a lot of the times the Muslims who were already Muslims prior to your reversion offered you a technique. When you accepted Islam, and you said your shahada, they quickly said technique and everyone said Allahu Akbar, and many times that's the only thing they've given you.

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Why? Because they're weak. They don't offer a follow up in most cases. And so they're excited. Sometimes you want to get married, they won't really get you married so easily. All these challenges are part of your test. Are you going to give up the faith simply because some of those who are following it are not practicing or they're racist, or they don't treat you well. Or, for example, they haven't shown any interest in you, as a member of the OMA, not all communities are like this, but many are. So depending on your environment, Allah will test you and shape and will come and attack you.

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When shaitan attacks you he makes you sometimes want to give up it makes you despondent. But remember one thing when you learn, you will be able to develop the correct relation with Allah. When you start understanding who is Allah? Why am I praying? What am I saying in prayer? Let me make an effort to learn the meanings of some of these Arabic words that I say in my five daily prayers. When you make that effort, you will be able to enjoy your relationship with Allah. Allah says, What? Allah How are you a limo como Allah, Allah says, you're conscious of Allah, Allah will teach you Allah will make sure you know and when you know, here's what happens.

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In nama Yahshua Allah Amin, Abadi Eluru llama, indeed those people who are conscious of Allah in the correct way with a balance of fear and hope, are those who have knowledge, if you don't have knowledge of who is Allah? And what is the Mercy of Allah, and how merciful your Lord is and how just he is at the same time? How will you have a beautiful relationship with one whom you don't even know? Well, so this is the reason why my message for you today is very simple. Learn and learn more. Don't pity yourself. Don't wait for others to teach you you make an effort to go out and learn. Wherever someone is teaching, go and study making effort. Don't be lazy study more, in a short time,

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you will probably know more than some of the Born Muslims if not a lot of them. And this is what happens many reverts are more practicing than those who are born Muslim simply because you had the opportunity to see the darkness. When you came to the light. You appreciated it. You know, when you're sleeping, and it's very dark and someone suddenly turns on the light, there is a glare to your eyes. But those who are already in the light for them, it's nothing much for them. They don't even realize what type of a gift it is. But when you've been in the dark and suddenly the light comes on, it affects your eyes. That's how dazzling it is initially. And you enjoy it. After a while

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you can see everything clearly. The same applies to the darkness that Allah describes of disbelief. And suddenly the light of Eman and Islam comes that dazzling is there. You follow it and appreciate it much more than those who were already there. And they didn't even realize that all these lights are shining on me. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you strength. May He opened your doors. I wish that I was with you physically on this day, but still from the city of Madina Munawwara I asked Allah to bless you all and to bring you to this beautiful city time and again, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for you because when you are a revert, you will probably be facing

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challenges with your families with your workplaces. Identifying as a Muslim is not easy on Earth today. That's why those who revert to Islam during these times are probably the most genuine because it's the most difficult to revert to Islam. At this particular time. Give you an example of

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the Macan period

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Where everyone who accepted Islam was being persecuted. It is said that there were no hypocrites from those who accepted Islam in Makkah, because it wasn't easy to accept Islam to do so, you had to have been genuine hypocrisy only crept up in Madina Munawwara when it became easier to be a Muslim. Then you have the set of hypocrites Abdullah Hypnobabies Musa Lula and the others, but in Mecca because it was tough to be a Muslim, they were no hypocrites. The same applies today to a certain extent, where it is very difficult to be a Muslim and there is persecution involved and you become a Muslim. Remember, Allah has chosen you for that sacrifice. Don't give up your faith just because

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people are treating you badly. They treated those who are better than you even worse than the treatment you are getting. So inshallah take it in your stride. Keep on praying to Allah be good to those around you fulfill them, the rights of your family members and see them slowly coming to the dean one after the other. May Allah Almighty open your doors. May He grant you goodness, May he make all of us from those who appreciate the light? May He make us tread upon that path of light and goodness, until the day when we meet with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hereafter and until the day we are granted entry into genital fear those Armenia BL Alameen Akula Kohli hada was

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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