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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not letting people go too far and not letting them know that you can go to hell. They also mention a person who they met on the phone and they discuss their feelings for the person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being angry at people for their actions.
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piece of advice for all those who are going through blocked, you know, passages and closed doors, please try your best within the capacity given to you by Allah, if it is too closed, set yourself a little deadline and move on, you have to close the door. You know, you talk about marrying people. You know, at some stage we all have had people who we wanted to marry and we were blocked. If I were to tell you that I was blocked to a certain stage where the father told me you can go to hell and I literally went to heaven as a result. But Alhamdulillah you don't know what Allah saving you from? You really don't. And people go so crazy. Like that's the only person on earth and perhaps it may be

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for that moment but but in actual fact, Allah has a better plan for you, you know, and not just marriage. But let's be more serious. Sometimes you want to have a certain education, you just didn't make the grade you tried again, you just didn't make the grade. It's Allah telling you, I want you somewhere else. But you try your best. I'm not saying don't try your best. Once you know that you've given it your best shot, just move away. Go. That's it. And Allah will take you places like I said, I promise you I am today where I am because the doors were closed one after the other had I had doors that will open I wouldn't even be sitting here with you today. If you asked me, have you ever

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dreamed that you would be in this position today? The answer is absolutely not. I had no clue. I didn't ever know. I've never pursued followers, neither on Twitter nor on Facebook nor on anywhere else nor on YouTube. I was just myself and I kept going relentlessly, with dedication with proper focus, proper focus, nothing will take away my focus for more than a moment when I say more than a moment. I mean, sometimes you have a few you feel Oh, I didn't expect it from this brother. There are people whom we've helped in our lives a lot. One day when they dagger you, you know you just got to say it wasn't expecting it from them. But now you learn expect it from anyone. You know what? I'm

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still excited. I met Mufti Mohammed Munir today from America. And I promise you it's my first time meeting him and one of the things I said to him is, you know, I love those who hate me.

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And I'm honest, the reason is, I'm just loving them for the sake of Allah, not for them. Yes upon them. And, and I don't need to waste a space in my heart with hatred. Even if I disagree with someone strongly. I love them. I care for them. I would love to reach out to them one day, you know, I don't have that in my heart. I actually don't. And I think sometimes what people tell me is, you know, we can hear it in the way you talk. We can see it. We know Okay, there's genuine, but then you do have people who really dislike you with a passion for whatever reason. They won't even want to see your face. It's okay. It's fine. And it's healthy to have people who dislike you with a passion

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because the prophets of Salaam had those who disliked him with a passion. So who am I Who are you? But the thing is you are saddened because sometimes those whom you least expected, you know you