Mufti Menk – When Allah changes your life through a calamity

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people often try to avoid social interaction and become negative, but they can also be rewarded with small acts like knocking on doors and causing people to live in poor health. They also mention a disturbing image of a woman who had to slip into someone's ear for a long time.
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Abdullah aid was founded by brother Shaquille when he lost his son Abdullah, who was a few years old to a muscular condition whereby it's called a spinal muscular atrophy SMA he lost his child he, he couldn't believe it because Allah had blessed him with everything. He had the world basically in his hand something that a lot of the young people would desire for he had it already, but when his little one was diagnosed with the sickness and illness,

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he was helpless. When the doctor told him he's got a few months to live. What Who Do You Think You Are you Allah? That's what he said. Because he was upset. And obviously the doctors are not always correct. How many have been given a few hours to live and they're living right now they probably attending this function, right? So it happens that sometimes when Allah wants goodness from someone, he starts the path in a way that looks very negative. How many of us have turned to Salah and prayer have improved ourselves in our own personalities and characters after we've lost something or we've suffered?

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This afternoon, I was speaking in salata Juma in Preston, and I said, sometimes people are brought to the masjid by ALLAH because ALLAH inflicted them with some harm, that nobody could help them resolve.

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They knocked on every door, and none of those doors open until they came to the door of the Masjid.

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When that flung open

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as they entered the masjid, they say Allah Metalia Baraka magic, you know the DUA when you enter the masjid, Oh Allah, open for me the doors of your mercy at Allah. So those of mercy are open through prayer. Sometimes when we are far away from Allah. Allah causes something to happen in our lives when he loves us. In the Lavida, a hubbub the Nikola the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says when Allah loves his slave, he tests him with tests and more and he gives him a greater reward the greater the tests hence look at the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Have a look

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at the tests he went through the challenges, the difficulties, the hardships, do you know what he said? Oh Allah for as long as you're pleased with me. I don't mind all of us.

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I don't mind. If you're pleased with me. It's okay. homeless person no food struggling with bad health. Imagine someone had to whisper in your ears for you is Jenna. You would smile and be excited living under a tree struggling with the code but you know, hey, there is a beautiful place I'm going to be in for eternity.

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I'd rather have that than here.

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