Mufti Menk – Warning Waste Food Now & Pay Later

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not overpaying for one's food and not wasting it. They explain that throwing food away is a serious matter and that they will start seeing the benefits of their actions in the future.
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Salam aleikum. So we eat and mashallah we visit restaurants in the town, I have something very important to say, more important than the type of food, what you're going to eat and so on, is do not waste Wallahi I had a brother who, who was at a restaurant, a five star restaurant, he told me the amount of food, the wealthy wastes. When they come into this five star restaurant, he says, I'm ashamed. Please, can you talk about it, I said, I've seen it too. And he says, sometimes we don't realize we could have been blessed in so many ways in this world, but we might not we might get caught because of how much we threw away. So don't over Order, order less and order again, if need

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be, but don't over order and throw the food away. They can't do much with it in so many places. So you're going to order so much food, and you're going to throw it away. The punishment of throwing the gift of Allah away, will be felt in this world as well as the next. So it's a matter of time before actually we start seeing the negatives of what we were doing. A day will come when we won't be able to eat. Perhaps we won't have food, perhaps something may happen with a gift of Allah taken away from us simply because we used to throw away the food that Allah Almighty blessed us with an order too much or cook too much or simply throw it away. Please don't. It's a serious matter. It's a

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very serious matter. I hope you take in all the less and don't waste

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