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Sincerity and Ikhlas: Purifying Our Intentions


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The importance of purifying intentions for Islam is discussed, including the need for everyone to be conscious of their actions and actions for others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting aside time for prayer and being sincere towards leaders, as it is crucial for everyone to be true to oneself and let go of their fear. Additionally, the speaker stresses the importance of setting aside time for prayer and being a real person for others.

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Asia Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. To purify the intention is one of the cornerstones of acts of worship in this Deen that Allah has sent to us Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hua ala alihi wa sahbihi. My, my brothers and sisters, we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, this beautiful month were in which we fast for the sake of Allah fasting is to abstain from food and drink and various other things from a certain time to a certain time, when you have abstained from eating and drinking, only Allah knows what degree of abstinence you have actually engaged in. Because like I said earlier, food and drink is only a part of it.

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There are other things as well. So in a similar way, when you have a pure intention, and when you really would like to do something for Allah, and you want to please Him, you will make sure you're conscious about everything else. It's not just about getting done with it food and drink, I didn't eat all day, my fastest done, that's it, I'm going to go to the mosque, and I'm going to pray with everyone else I'm back. And it's just a routine rather than that you purify your intention, when it's done solely for Allah to please Allah, then what happens? You You begin to become conscious of the type of person you are. You watch what you say, with your tongue, you watch how you treat

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people, you watch how you guide people in case you have to offer some guidance to someone. And this is why shaytan creeps in and makes us say things that are so hurtful, and make makes us think that we are better. And so we have qualities that start creeping in that are negative, such as jealousy, and hatred, and, and deception and so much more. So remember, to purify the intention is something very important. I might have started off in a slightly different way, because we're in Ramadan. So I thought let me speak about the fasting, and how important it is to do it holistically for the pleasure of Allah, I want Allah by the end of the day to be happy with me, and by the end of the

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month to be pleased with me. And for this reason, what I will do is I'm going to read more Quran, I'm going to be involved in more acts of worship, so that between me and Allah, I know that Allah is watching me, and I'm doing it for him. And I want him to be happy. And I'm going to be charitable in a way that I know when whoever needs to know knows, sometimes maybe you might have had a slightly more public charity, because of how the money was collected. And the intention should be and giving it everyone is watching me give Yes, but I want them to be encouraged to give. So that is permissible. It happened at the time of the Prophet peace be upon him. The Quran also speaks about

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it into sadaqa, Tiffany Mahi waiting for her or to hunt for Arafa liquor. If you're going to make a parent, your charity, it's okay, it's acceptable. And if you're going to hide it and give it to the poor, then it's better for you. So it depends. And this is why we say when ever we speak about F loss, we need to remember it is connected to doing things solely and only for the pleasure of Allah. Usually I've said and I want to repeat this, we do good to others. It's called Ali Hassan my singing, we do good to others we want to be from among those who are good, not because we think they deserve it only, but rather, because we know that Allah loves those who do good. When we read the

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verse, Allah who you hate, will my sin and Allah loves those who do good. I'm going to do good to those whom I think deserve it, and to those whom I think do not deserve it. The reason is, Allah loves those who do good. The verse did not say Allah loves those who do good.

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To those who do good to them. We didn't say that. He said, Generally, you do good, Allah loves you. So one of the purposes of creation is that you've come on to Earth in order to spread goodness and to be good to others. What is goodness, kindness, guidance with lots of love and care, and Subhanallah being able to respect one another, fulfill each other's rights, understanding that we have to protect each other's

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reputations, and so so many things that Allah Almighty wants us to do. And therefore when we become vulgar and hurtful and bad and evil, and we swipe and we have qualities of heart that need attention, many times we lack sincerity. A person who's sincere, would easily be able to work on their jealousy, their hatred, their feeling the qualities of the heart that are negative.

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Why because they're sincere. I want to please Allah if I want

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Please Allah, say for example, in my business I am earning and I'd like to earn I want to please Allah subhanho wa taala. In the interim I want to

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feed my family feed myself perhaps spend on a few needs to have a little bit here I may go on holiday and all of this inshallah is within what is halal what Allah has ordained. So I want to please Allah, and I want from him blessings in my sustenance. If someone else opens a store or a shop, for example, similar to yours down the road, you want to be angry, to the degree that you do bad things to them and you insult them and you want to do them down and so on. Because you know what you are connected to Allah, you're doing something for the pleasure of Allah and as a result, you know, Allah will take care of you. Allah will look after you and Allah Almighty will indeed give you

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blessings far beyond the monetary amounts. So many people have earned millions they have nothing in life. There they cannot sleep, they cannot eat and drink, they have no family members whom they can perhaps, you know, enjoy this world with sometimes it depends. And sometimes a person has far less, and they are enjoying so much. That's the blessing of Allah. So remember, we do things for the sake of Allah. Similarly, when it comes to acts of worship, we must only do an act of worship for the sake of Allah because Allah is the maker. Allah alone is old worship. Remember, when a person declares what we call the Shahada? The shahada is the declaration of faith. When a person declares

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that statement, they say I shall do Allah Allah illallah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger. So the first part of it if you take a look at it, La ilaha IL Allah or shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, I bear witness that now Eli mama, the meaning of it is, and if all of us know it, no, there is none worthy of worship, besides Allah, that itself teaches us if last sincerity.

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It teaches us that there is no one or nothing or no deity, nothing at all in existence, worthy of any act of worship being rendered for them or to them, besides Allah, or made me besides the maker, that's it. So Allah alone is owed acts of worship. And that's said in the statement of faith, that declaration there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. So if anyone is rendering an act of worship, for anyone or anything, or to anyone or anything besides Allah, they have defied their own declaration of faith. as common as that meaning is common sense is that may Allah Almighty strengthen all of us. So when that is said, you know, to one another, we also need to be genuine. So

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it's a sense of last, it's a sense of sincerity. We're not talking of the level of Allah Almighty and worship. This is now the linguistic meaning of the term and you need to be sincere to one another. That's why in a hadith the Prophet peace be upon him says a deal Naseeha will gnarly mania rasool Allah, Allah Allah he will he will surely he will they are emitting Muslim in one meeting him.

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They said all the prophets of Allah wa salam said that a deen and Naseeha this religion or this faith is all about sincerity, is all about genuineness and Naseeha Noosa in actual fact means sincerity, that there isn't linguistic meaning where it speaks about advice in honesty has also advice but the advice is a secondary meaning the primary meaning is to do with sincerity.

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And Allah calmness, I mean, you know, this person is genuine. The Quran speaks about how the person is genuine and trustworthy, and then they're advising as a result, as a result of your genuineness you advise the person so Allah Almighty here is telling us that through the blessing Lips, lips of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that here is the deen it's all about being sincere, sincere to who be sincere to Allah by worshiping Him alone, be sincere to the messenger by considering him the messenger and by taking serious the message that he has brought, what's the point of saying messenger messenger and you know what the message he came with means nothing to you.

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Similarly, be sincere to the leaders amongst you sincere to them, help them you know, prop them up in the correct way where they have faltered you may want to choose the correct channels to provide for them some form of guidance perhaps, and you do not create mystery

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foreign land because it will create a disaster for for the entire nation. Similarly, to be sincere towards the rest of the public, everyone you need to be sincere to them. If I am sincere, I will care for you. I will not harm you, I will be able to provide for you and prop you up into a good position. Provide for you some goodness from me, minimum is a good prayer because I care. This is all part of the sincerity that is being spoken about in this hadith Deen on us we have. So my brothers and sisters, when we develop ourselves over time, we will realize we become superb human beings, we begin to speak in a beautiful way we begin to think in a beautiful way, our hearts are

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all in the right direction. And we look at those who perhaps don't like us with an eye of goodness hoping that one day they will come to the straight path hoping that one day they will understand and realize and inshallah it will be and those perhaps who might have wronged us even when we are retaliating, we do so in a way that will not make the matter worse, but rather it will either solve the matter or it keeps it where it is. But if we are to do something that will result in the matter becoming worse, where is the sincerity? And therefore I'm not saying at all that you need to let go of wherever people have wronged you know, but what we are saying is when they've wronged you, it is

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still better to forego and to let go still better. The Quran says that the Sunnah says that but when you are taking them to task, you do so in a way that will maintain the dignity and the respect of both sides as far as you are able to. Don't drop your God be sincere to everyone. And this is something that is lacking in the Ummah May Allah Almighty help us revive it. And may Allah help us look at each other with the eye of love and care. And may Allah Almighty help us help one another. And may Allah help us resolve all matters and problems and bring us together as an ummah, Apolo Kohli had SallAllahu wasallam ala Nabina Muhammad, Laila to call the following

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mean fish