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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy here Jemaine

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brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Adam alayhis salam and

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the first

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child to be born

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for Adam alayhis salam

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was a boy by the name of carbene.

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In English or in biblical terms, his name is Cain.

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He was born first and straight after him in the same stomach was a sister. So they were twins

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born twins.

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And it is said by our scholars that the last of his children was sheath in biblical terms, namely set

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and some say he was also a prophet. He was given scriptures we'll talk about him a little bit later inshallah. So the first one was carbene, Cain and his twin sister, Gabi, his twin sister, was beautiful. Whereas carbene wasn't very was not very handsome.

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After him came heavy.

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In biblical terms, his name is Abel.

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And he also had a twin sister, but have been was a little bit more handsome, and his twin sister wasn't as attractive.

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It was only in those times.

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where Allah spirit Allah allow the brothers and sisters to marry from each other.

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insists was allowed at that time, but not the twin. And is narrated in many studies that different narrations of Hadith that are that how were carried

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many stomachs, more than 100 stomachs, 200 stomachs, and each one of them was a twin. So she always carried twins, a boy and a girl every time a boy and a girl every time.

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So Kobe didn't have in with the first two. And they had twin sisters. You weren't allowed to marry your twin sister.

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So they'd marry from other sisters, what from the twin sisters of others

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otherwise, we would not have been here it would they would have died out and nothing. We couldn't have come here at all.

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The one who allowed the marriage, the marriage between us and forbid the marriage of the brother and sister Uncle and Auntie children and grandchildren and so on and parents is Allah

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and the one who allowed the marriage at that time between non twin brothers and sisters is Allah the same one who created us the same one who made this okay and healthy for us is the one that allowed us at that time.

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Obviously, they,

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their biology, biological features inside was same as us but a little bit more advanced. You know, Allahu Allah a little bit different to what archeological findings suggest today. That hundreds of 1000s of years ago, millions of years ago, human beings were very,

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in a premature

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This is not true.

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And we have a lot of scientific evidences to disprove this.

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Such as the fossils they have found. The oldest, the oldest fossil they have found is called the Cambrian.

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And this Cambrian fossil, also called the Cambrian era, was more than 50 500 million years ago, as memory serves me. And this fossil is a complete nervous system. Complete everything.

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It wasn't

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premature at all.

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It wasn't primitive.

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And as I mentioned last week, you watch some documentaries of archeological findings, and they date back 50,000 100,000 200,000 years ago, finding bones of humans and other artifacts, and they were quite advanced. I said to my wife the other day Subhanallah I feel that I think the early generations were more advanced than us technology technologically why said because we couldn't have reached what we reached without knowing for example, what the wheel is the circle they invented it a long time ago what the wheel is mentioned last week that they got 50,000 pieces, they found the first flute so that's that's quite a design.

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to design a flute

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anyway, we all understand what Allah has told us in the Quran, no matter what they say.

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So they intermarried from one another. Well they did not mean to marry they were meant to marry from one another. Adam alayhis salaam decreed that had been would marry the sister of Claudine and Kobe would marry the twin sister of habit.

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had a sickness in his knifes, that was his test. His test was jealousy. Being the older brother, being the one who wanted the

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the nicer sister. He wanted his own twin sister. Because she was pretty

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happy, didn't mind. But this was the decree of Allah Spanner dad.

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He can't marry his own twin sister. This is hard on.

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So Kobe got very jealous. And remember what we said before the first sin was arrogance by a police what led to it was jealousy. Now Corbin is experiencing the same thing. And it is right there. He's thinking to himself, probably how easy the first test is going to be? how easy the first trickery is going to be for me. I've just lived it before I know exactly what to do.

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Unless he's sincere. Unless kabhi turns to Allah and becomes sincere team I will not have power over him.

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Keep in mind no sin had ever been committed. My brothers and sisters know they had never seen anyone before them commit such a sin COVID hadn't learned this from anyone. It was naturally inside of us.

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It's naturally inside of us look at it, test it out. Look at a two year if you've got any children, two year olds, one year old, maybe not one, maybe one and a half, two years old.

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Right? And watch them. When another baby takes their dummy for example. Or they bottle they fight for it. They want it back. We always have the you know that saying? It's like taking

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candy from a baby.

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Baby always loves his candy. Right and that will fight. Babies will fight fight babies to get their candy back. Isn't that right? This is selfishness thing, when we go to try and teach them not to be like them.

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So called Bill had that jealousy have been tried to advise him and have been was stronger actually. It was said that he is stronger physically. He tried to advise him my brother fear of loss penalty for this his decree.

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And he said to him take my out, you know, let me take my sister and you take your own. He said no, no, no, I'll take your sister you take mine.

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Now Adam alayhis salam he knew about this. So he brought them together. And he said to them,

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okay, why don't you go he knew what the outcome was going to be. But he wanted to show called me in a lesson. So you can forget about this. So it's important you both go and offer an offering

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an offering to a last minute dial and see which one will be accepted in those days. If you donated something or made an offering for the cause of our last panel dialer, then they would see like, like something like fire come down and it will take the offering. It's a sign of acceptance that I have accepted your piety.

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It's not like offering to a statue or something like that Allah does not need. Allah says already answered this in the Quran. layyah Nana lahoma when you slow to your shaping Hajj, for example, that sacrifice, Allah says, it is not it's made which Allah subhanaw taala receives Allah doesn't need any of that. He already explained that well are the male, nor is it its blood that Allah Subhana Allah wants, when our kin nl otaku women come.

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But what he does receive from you is your piety. Giving that offering is the piety How does he let them know in those days by showing them that he has been accepted your piety is better. So Allah mentioned this in the Quran

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and sort of Merida Allah Subhana Allah says, in similar manner or him

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what not

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a de

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Taco Bell

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for Taco

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Bell, mean, funny,

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which means and recite upon them

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and recite upon them the story, the true story of the two sons of Adam, when they offered a sacrifice, and it was accepted from one of them.

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And not accepted from the other.

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The letter said this the other person who, whose offering was not accepted said, I will kill you to his brother.

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The former The first one is offering was accepted replied,

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Allah accepts only from those who are pious.

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Meaning my brother, if you are pious alone accepted from you,

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it seems that I have given it impiety so shape up my brother has given him an advice, but the truth hurts his brother. It only made the jealousy grow. He said what so now you're going to take my sister. This is what it's all about. In the same Hadith it says that

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had been went he was a shepherd. Yeah, cheap and corbeil was a farmer he grew wheat and crops have been went and found and got his finest, fattest, best shape. And he gave it as an offering. Corbin went and got

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his his worst

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bits of weight

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that he had. And so Allah accepted the fine one and rejected the ugly one. The piety is what he was often and obviously here was a feeling of selfishness and greed.

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So because of that, he said, I'm going to kill you.

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lojack now ablaze couldn't kill Adam alayhis salam. So what did he do? He did worse. Now cobbin This is the human nature, different abuses nature. So at least once the worst thing a human, the worst thing a Muslim can do to another Muslim,

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or to any other human who is they are at peace with

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is to kill them.

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So we said lock to lenok that's the best way is going to get his revenge lojack

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get rid of him jealous of them, they better than you get rid of them in, get them off. You can't look at them anymore.

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Get rid of them.

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Why? For myself, my selfish greed. Just for me.

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Allah has forbidden this. He said this is for all. And my dear and my true believers are the ones who inherited.

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So what happened carbene began to develop this and have been kept on advising him, my brother, be a pious personal level accepted from you. It is not because of the sister or whatever. It's because of your self, be pious to Allah and all will be resolved. But you're not letting yourself go. You're not submitting to our last panel dialogue.

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Allah continues by saying

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that he said to them and recite to them. This verse came down to time to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he explains the prophets I send them that he had informed Musa alayhis salaam, the Prophet Musa to tell the children of Israel, the Jews today, the children of Israel, the following story of Corbin and hubby. Why? Because the children of Israel Allah knew that they were beginning to shed blood

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and he knew about them in the future, that they will also shed blood and oppress.

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And we know of the children of Israel who are the Jews today, what they are doing to the innocent, weak and feeble Muslims in Palestine.

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All they need to do is watch any documentary written by non Muslims any documentary by non Muslim and you will see what we are talking about the two different

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the the upper class and lower class of people, the upper class obviously, the Jewish people living up in high mountains, well guarded beautiful mansions and the rest the Palestinians and included with them are the Christians, but especially the Muslims living with Allah He may Allah be with them worse than the homes of rats. They are killed, noted. There is no

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remorse even for the children and the babies.

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No one cares about them.

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But Allah says do not assume that the violin, the oppressor, that Allah is unaware of what they are doing. He is merely just giving them a wait. So the punishment can be worse, let them earn more sins. When they kill them, they'll come to go to Paradise, but then I'm just waiting for the organ to die anyway in the end, but these ones they're gonna get really bent. The oppressors are also saw cinnamoroll scholars are unanimous on this, that there is no sin

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that a person does. There is no sin

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that you do on Earth, except that

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either if you repent, allow forgive it, or its punishment will be in the hereafter.

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Except for two sins. The punishment is both in this world and in the hereafter. And I'd like to add, there are some sins which is punishment or only in the world instead of the hereafter. But there are no other sins that when you get both punishments in this world, and in the Hereafter, both, except for two sins, and they are

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killing, murder,

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and corruption,

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corrupting people's lives oppression. So corruption is oppression, and murder.

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The person of this will be punished in this world and in the Hereafter, their life will be miserable, that will kaput and they will die a terrible death and in the Hereafter, their punishment is multiplied.

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So people who separate between families, for example,

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who cut off relationships,

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who help in spreading rumors about husband and wife until they cause them to divorce.

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Those Who cut off their family ties with their relatives and their cousins for worldly reasons.

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The husband cuts off his wife from her family in the fall and the wife brings bickering and nagging to her husband about his family,

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night and day, in order to cause the cutting off between him and his brothers and sisters and his parents.

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Did you know my brothers and sisters, our scholars are unanimous about this, that the punishment for this is in this world and in the hereafter.

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Both so a person might ask themselves why don't I Why am I poor? For example, why do I work I never get anything. Why am I always

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misery and doors are closed in my way? Why is it and why is it I live miserably why is that I'm so Richard I'm still miserable. Why am I children doing this to me? Why is that? Why?

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monitor what what kind of deeds and actions have we done? Has someone we've oppressed metadata against us? Maybe.

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So we should always seek forgiveness from people My dear brothers and sisters should always monitor actions towards people corruption and murder.

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Katya Tara, him separating and severing the ties of relationships.

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Allah says reverence to him and reverence to the whims that boy you the womb, what is the womb, a law called relationships and cousins and relatives and they called it the ones who share the womb Odin or ham or ham.

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The ones who share the womb

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and Hadith Sahih Allah says in addition to the Rahim to the womb, monka taki

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kotoko whoever cuts you off service your I will sever him from me. woman was on a key was halted and whoever connects you, then I will connect them to me.

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Especially between the husbands and the wives.

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This happens a lot brothers and sisters.

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My past dealings in the past have news and information that I received

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about couples.

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Among the first things they attack is the spouse's family.

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His mom, her mother, his father, father, brothers and sisters.

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Okay, we get wronged a little bit by some people I know that we wrong others and we get wronged no one is perfect. But there is the good and there's the bad. There is the righteousness non righteous. There's the harshness the soft. There is the good news in the bad news. There's those who want the euro and there are those who want this dunya Allah says this in the Quran minco mejuri to dunya amin Kuma you read it. There are among you those just won this world and there are those among you who desire the hereafter. Which one do you want to be? A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yara Salalah I have

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relatives. Every time I do good to them, they do better. Every time I do good to them. They do bad to me.

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They wronged me. I try to get close to push me away. And Susana said Really? Is this really the case? He said yes. He said so long as you are doing good to them. Then Allah subhanaw taala is punishing them with your goodness.

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That unlike You're doing good, they don't like that because because you're so good. That's why they're doing that. And every time you do more good, they're getting hurt. They want you to be bad. Don't continue to be good. And you win this will then the hereafter

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and then the husband and wife divorce

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What is that husband and wife going to do?

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How is that husband going to differentiate?

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How is that husband going to bring his wife closer, and push away his own Mum, mum and dad, his own brothers and sisters? How is that wife going to do that too? How would you do that?

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How? How do you how do you fix this problem? They're both extremely important. In fact, the wife of the husband can be divorced. But you can't divorce yourself from brothers and sisters, mother and father. They're there for life forever.

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And so we should consign together.

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And never mentioned anything about our brothers and sisters, our relatives. This is revenge. This is hurt. This is this is obscene. This is really bad. And then you live a life of misery after that. And your children. They suffer too.

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Because then they can't talk to their auntie and uncle. They can't speak to their cousins and relatives.

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This is a major sin.

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You find this in several I attend the Korean War.

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And those of the womb, those of the womb.

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Corbin wanted to kill his brother, what did his brother have been say? In reply?

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Let him

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in a

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You Please lie

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in me,

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in me,

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if me or if make effort Koon I mean, when

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he said yet, Oh brother, if you stretch out your hand against me to kill me,

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I shall not stretch out my hand to kill you.

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For I fear Allah,

00:22:16--> 00:22:22

the Lord of the worlds. Instead, I would prefer that you bear the burden of my sin and your sin together.

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And so become an inhabitant of the fire. That is the campus of the transgressors. Brother, if this is what you want to do, I'm not going to do the same thing. You can take my sin isn't your sins. What does this mean? It's not automatic. But it means on the Day of Judgment, those when we have oppressed, they will take our sin, we will take their sins

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and they will take our good deeds.

00:22:49--> 00:22:54

Which one do you want to be? Now especially in relation to Muslims and relatives?

00:22:57--> 00:23:12

A brother or a sister of yours? Oh, well, yeah, brother, sister relatives. If they want to harm you physically, avoid their harm, but don't do the same to them. A Muslim wants to harm you avoid the harm, but then do the same to them. They can carry your sin if they like.

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Allah says

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felt Oh

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see any February

00:23:34--> 00:23:35

okay for you.

00:23:37--> 00:23:39

He got

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to Konami

00:23:50--> 00:23:52

for us via hominin.

00:23:54--> 00:24:17

Which means his soul then prompted him to kill his brother, and he killed him and became one of the losers. Then Allah sent a raven scratching into the earth to show him how to bury the corpse of his brother. He said to me, was I not even able to do as this Raven, and so very my brother, then he became full of remorse. he regretted he regretted

00:24:19--> 00:24:20

but he did not repent.

00:24:21--> 00:24:59

he regretted but he did not repent, and this is the way he died. Regret is not enough, my dear brothers and sisters, there are people who regret their actions, but they don't do anything about it. And there are those who regret and they repent, they fix. Those are the people in the last Mandela forgives. For this reason. A lost power dialer tells us in the Quran, that we have written upon the children of Israel that whoever kills one soul It is as if they have killed all of mankind, that killed on saw unjustly and whoever revives one soul It is as if they have revived all of mankind. Islam is about keeping life preserving it

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

killing it. And also

00:25:05--> 00:25:35

in the Hadith the prophet SAW Selim, he said that because of this carbene will carry the sin of every murderer until the last L, including the murderer himself, he will carry that sin, the mirror will carry it, and Kobe will get a share of that sin. This is because process lm said, anyone who does a good thing starts at p and everyone who does it, that will also get the reward of a share of it and whoever starts a bad thing. And people do it. And they will get a share of that bad thing until they repent.

00:25:39--> 00:26:09

So monitor your actions My dear brothers and sisters, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins, and to make our affairs righteous to reconcile between us and our relatives and loved ones, to keep our relationship strong, full of men to unite between husband and wife to unite between them an Amen and righteousness to save us from bickering and nagging and save us from complaints except to him Subhana Allah Dinah, our love forgive us in our tongues, for it is the tongues that make us into hellfire.

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It is the tongues was harvest which harvest and make us into alpha. We ask Allah to forgive us and to

00:26:18--> 00:26:28

protect us emini, Arabella mean her there was a lot while intervener Mohammed while early wasabia in Japan located well hamdulillah Europe behind me yeah