Mufti Menk – The Deepest Regret

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah, Allah, he was happy, Germaine, we always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, to bless them to bless all of us, and to grant us goodness in this world and the next, my brothers and sisters, that is exactly what we're looking for Goodness, goodness in this world and the next every time we seek the blessings of Allah. Every time we are asking Allah for happiness, we are asking him for goodness for sustenance. And many of us unfortunately, that do that supplication

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is connected to this immediate, worldly, temporary life that is very, very short. Many of us forget that what is to come is much, much longer, in fact, it is everlasting. So while it is very important for us to continue to make dua to Allah and to supplicate to him, to give us the best of this world, we should never, ever forget that the Hereafter is definitely the more important of the two. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us goodness in this world, and even greater goodness in the hereafter. I mean, so in life, we are faced with big decisions that we need to make. In life. We are faced with challenges, we are faced with circumstances. All this is part of Allah's plan. If Allah wanted, he

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would have made us eat once a month, so that we did not need to eat every day. If Allah wanted, he could have made us eat once a day, so that we didn't need to earn much. Think about it. Because of food and food alone.

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A lot of our sustenance

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is earned. So Han Allah, imagine if you didn't need to eat and your family did not need to eat? Would you really need to have the worry of getting a good job and a good salary and bringing but it's part of Allah's plan. That is why Allah kept it in a unique way nobody will understand the plan of Allah unless they look at the words of Allah. The answers are in Revelation always. So in life, we forget sometimes, due to the glamour and the glitter, and the luxuries and the desires of this world, we tend to forget the rules that Allah has placed, for us to be really happy and to really achieve goodness, did you know the more disciplined you are, the greater happiness you will always

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have without a doubt. The more focused, the more focused you are, the greater happiness you will have, without a doubt. Now, unfortunately, as I said, we sometimes tend to forget because of the pressure of the world, so we use vulgar words, we say bad things, we have friends who are perhaps not worthy of being friends. We have acquaintances and business partners who sometimes brush off onto us with their bad behavior, bad ethics, bad character. We have situations where we find ourselves compromising justice, knowing knowing that we are wrong, but may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep guiding us. Today, I want to go through something very interesting. It is the issue of regret.

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Many of us regret, we regret the friends we have, or had. We regret something we did in the past. We regret a sin we've committed, we regret a condition that we found ourselves in. But the ultimate regret will be the regret in the hereafter. No doubt. So if you look at the Quran, the Quran speaks of regret in a beautiful way. One of those ways is when Allah says he uses the word Yeah, like Danny, oh, yeah, like,

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Oh, I wish I could have and then he says something. He is narrating to us what men would wish he would have done when he comes into the hereafter. And he sees the reality as soon as he dies, and he sees you know, like when you're in the womb of your mother, and you didn't ever ever expect that there was life beyond the womb. And suddenly you popped into this earth and you looked in you were like, wow, I was in this room thinking there was nothing to come and that's the end. And here we are with the with the real life the same way or even in the more unique way

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One day we will pop into the hereafter and we will like wow, is this what Allah was talking about? Subhana Allah, good news to the believers, may Allah make us from among them. We believe firmly that the Hereafter is better than this life. We believe firmly that we are heading into something that we will be wowed by, in reality, May Allah give us a little dose. So Allah says, the biggest regret that mankind will ever have the biggest regret and On what basis? Am I saying the biggest? Because the most of these? Oh, I wish I would have and I wish I could have, you know, change something that I did in the past. The biggest regret will be the friends that you kept in the company that you had.

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Did you know that the biggest regret that man will have when he goes into the hereafter? Yes, we know that shidduch is a major crime. associating partners with Allah, we know the levels of sins. But here we're talking of regret because one thing leads to another. How many people have gotten closer to Allah because of their friends, and how many people have forgotten their morals, their ethics, their values and their faith and their connection with Allah because of their friends, and those whom they associate with? How many people who had no vulgar words on their tongues, suddenly they became the worst from amongst the bad mouth because of the way their friends spoke, how many

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were elevated and they became pure and good and they became proper people who are conscious of Allah because of the friends they kept. That's why the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says you are often led, a person is known without a doubt by the company he keeps. You want to know a man don't look at him. You want to know a woman don't look at her. Just look at who their best friends are. And that's over. The story is closed, there's no chance that they will be any different. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. It sounds a little bit hard. Some might say no, there is an exception etc. know if you are really Bosom Buddies from within, birds of a feather flock together, even the

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non Muslims agree. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us ease. And this is why the Hadith speaks of and even the Quran warns us of the company. Allah tells us subhanho wa Taala through the blessed lips of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it is better for you to have a smaller group of company companionship that is better for you plan to have a large crowd of people who are drifting you astray. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, the first point and Allah makes mention of this in Soto to focus on two different verses.

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Yeah, Allah aeternum taffy funan and Holly Isla oho on the Day of Judgment, the oppressor The one who has wronged himself the one who has done wrong, he will say, Oh, I really wish I didn't have that particular person as a friend of mine. As an acquaintance of mine. He led me astray. I knew the truth, I knew what was right. But this person in particular today has made me regret May Allah save us?

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Learn to recognize this is in Surah Furqan Do you know the meaning of Furqan the criterion, it goes deeper, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. That ability is only given to those who have Taqwa to those who have a relationship with Allah. That's the meaning of taqwa taqwa is your relationship with Allah the powerful one is the turkey. The one who has no relationship with Allah is far from toccoa. De quoi is the consciousness of Allah. The concern of saving yourself from the fire of Allah oldest is part of the term taqwa. So Allah says those who can distinguish are only those who are conscious with us. If you're a friend of Allah, it is impossible to be friend and

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enemy of Allah.

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It is impossible to befriend someone who's drifting you away from Allah, whether it is through your character conduct or your ibadah your worship, may Allah subhanho wa Taala save us. Why oh, Maya Bhavani Marana de coeur de la Danny. Tomorrow, Sunni, Sabina, the next verse. Allah says on that day, the oppressor the wrongdoer, the one who is now doomed on the Day of Judgment, the one who's doomed. What will he say? Oh, I wish and I wish that I could have followed the path of the messenger. It was clear in front of me. I didn't follow it. Yeah, like danila

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canina. It's because of the friend I had, or the circle. I had the people around me they drifted me away from the messenger. Some people are too embarrassed to even dress as a Muslim. Some people are too embarrassed to even come to even confirm that they are Muslim. And Allah subhanho wa Taala who comes first your mate

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Are your breaker Allahu Akbar.

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One is your maker and the other is your breaker. Unfortunately, we don't understand this at times because life we are too busy with it. We are too busy and yes, rightly so we are busy earning, we are busy struggling, we are trying to put food on the table my brothers and sisters in the interim we are losing our relationship with Allah, the owner of that plate subhanho wa Taala and that's why I started off by saying, If Allah wanted he could have kept us to eat food once a month only just like you fill the tank of your petrol we wouldn't mind standing in a queue, filling it once a month and moving that's it no more food for the whole month imagine Zimbabweans would understand this

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quite clearly. But my brothers and sisters allow one to do to toil allow one to do to strive to struggle. That's why he kept more than one meal a day so that you can go out you have to go out like I said, if you didn't have to eat, you probably wouldn't even have to work Lahore Akbar, Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant us goodness. So these are the first two verses then in Surah, two Missa Allah makes mention of those who hasten towards goodness and another group who doesn't go with them who doesn't follow who's not quick enough to do good Look, when there is a good deed done. Always the people who will be rewarded the most are those who are at the forefront. Those who were with it at

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the beginning. Look at the Sahaba the Allahu anhu. The best of the lot Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Allah when he was there from the beginning of marble top top 40. Those were from among them the ashara and MOBA sharena Belgian at the tin who were granted the good news of Paradise, they were from the top Allah praises them in the Quran was Sammy Guna sabich una una can mukalla, boo, Fijian

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marry those who were right at the beginning, the ones who are at the start the ones who always hastened towards goodness, as soon as the news of it comes to them, Allah says they are the ones who are the closest to us. We will give them Jenna with so much of boon May Allah make us from those who always when we hear good, we are the first ones. And when we hear bad, we are the first ones to run away. May Allah subhanahu wa taala strengthen us we need the boost, just like we all need fuel in our motor vehicles, will law who will more importantly, we need closeness to Allah, we need the boost, may Allah grant us ease. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us clearly that there will be a

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group of those who had stayed behind. You know, when evil comes when evil comes towards the people.

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Then those who lagged behind, they will say just as well we went with them, because if we were with them, we would have lost. So say for example, at the time when the Muslim army went out, there were certain certain people who stayed back when they struggled a little bit and suffered a little bit of loss. The people who were hypocrites they sat behind and said just as well we went with them and Allah says, What are in our saw back home?

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Mina la haine la colon naka elementer Kubina whoo Bye babina Kumar Bina Houma de la Tani qu Tamara, whom are phones and now Lima. When goodness comes to those who made haste towards the pleasure of Allah, you find those who lag behind, they will regret and they will say, you know, what, we wish we were with them or with him, so that we could have succeeded a little bit we could have tasted a bit of this, you know, it reminds me of a business deal. And we have to say this because many of us struggling at this moment, we ask Allah to make it easy for us economically as well. If you want the economics to be easy, there's one quick solution.

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Develop your relationship with the owner of the economics who's Allah with the owner of sustenance, who's Allah trust me, when your relationship with your on your Quran on a daily basis is strong. If you can spend a half an hour or more, Allah will open your doors of sustenance without a doubt he owns that sustenance. Even if it gives you less, he will give you Baraka in it with us, I promise you, we need this reminder because we are struggling so much that we forget to worship the owner, the boss, the creator, the one who knows the whole world and we are busy searching for that sustenance with everybody else. Little Tom, Dick and Harry May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us.

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So develop your relationship with the Quran. The example that came to my mind was when a person comes to you as a businessman and tells you look, I've got this, you know, deal with about to go into this venture and you're going to make so much of money and you're going to do this and do that what will happen 99 if not 100% of us, we will doubt it if it's too good to be true.

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Right. And we feel I don't really want to put my money in here I'm going to risk if this is too good to be true. Trust me when you trust the source and you know what's happening and you studied a little bit and you know, this person is a successful person as it is those who put their money in the early stages, when Bitcoin went to 18,000. They were smiling all the ways of annaleigh. And then some of the slowcoaches when they got in at 18,000, and it dropped back to 8000. They lost some annaleigh. Okay, that's, that might be a silly example, but I'm sure we relate to it. What I mean is, when you get into the deal at the beginning, you won't regret for as long as you know the source

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is legit.

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But when you wait and you're sitting and you're watching, Allah says, well, when it comes to goodness and good deeds, you're not even supposed to do that. Hello akubra May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from regret. But ultimately, we need the power to distinguish between right and wrong, what is beneficial and what is not that power. The Quran says you will only get it when you develop your relationship with Allah. Ya. Allah VENA mano

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con la ya la como Karna Oh, you who believe it is only if you develop your relationship with Allah that you will be able to distinguish Subhana Allah. So we ready to develop our relationship with Allah. Take your time in Salah, that's your maker, that is the one who created you. He's the one you're going to go back to. He's the one who made you in the first place. Take your time engaging Vicar, 90% of us and I'm saying this because I've asked a lot of people, how much do you make a day they say What do you mean? That's the question they asked. And I say the Subhan Allah that Alhamdulillah that Allahu Akbar, how many times do you repeat it a day? And they just look at you

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and say, Hey, you know what, you just reminding me now? Subhana Allah. Pamela, how many of us do declare, I don't want you to put up your hands because I know we will all including myself, be embarrassed. But that's the vicar of Allah. We don't want to regret things my brothers, my sisters, take a look. The next verse. What happens in society and community in this verse is in Surah, Al Azhar towards the end of powerful verse where Allah speaks about how people will regret on the Day of Judgment, regret, the friends they had, once again, and the people they followed and those whom they had as a circle, you know what will happen on that day? They will come up and say, oh, Allah,

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Allah eterna. Allah.

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Allah, we regret so badly. We wish that we follow the law and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what will they see? Rob banner in

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kupah, Anna, Luna, sebelah, abana

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veiny, Mina?

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They will say oh, we followed the big chiefs from our communities, the wealthy we followed society's leaders and they led us astray, Oh Allah, punish them double punishment and cast them a big curse. We followed them they led us astray. We regret it, we should have followed you. And we should have followed the messenger Allah says too late.

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Who are the souderton iwakuma Anna, they are the leaders of society and community who are leaders based not on their connection with Allah, but on their connection with the worldly life a very, very big difference between the two. It doesn't need a rocket scientist to distinguish this. If your leaders are leaders based on their relationship with Allah and His Rasool they are true leaders. But if your leaders are your leaders, and you follow them based on their success in their businesses and their worldly life, far from Allah, those are not leaders. That's what Allah says Allah subhanho wa Taala it's clear. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us success. That doesn't mean you're not allowed

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to do business deals with people you disagree with. You may do a permissible business deal, but you need to know your lines and your limits as a Muslim.

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You need to know I know of a very, very wealthy businessman who can sell the massive appointment because it was clashing with ferrets, Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah, a lot of us wouldn't mind a stranger canceling the Juma because of a million dollar deal. What comes first what comes first people will say well I heard that free Juma has might delete you not want some Viola look at how you finding excuses. Allah says Hang on, tell the guy I'll see you at two o'clock. What did it cost you? Subhan Allah. So Allah says Watch out when you lead is a leaders who are leaders based on their connection with Allah, you're going to go in the right direction, you know

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Be a happy person. You come out of a Masjid feeling so good and feeling rejuvenated because you know what your connection with Allah has been rekindled May Allah grant that to us. Sometimes you come out of a Masjid feeling like I shouldn't even have come May Allah not let that happen to us.

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Then we have another verse Subhanallah

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verse of Sudoku

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and I'm sure a lot of us might have heard this many times because Sudoku

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is recited a lot in Asia and in federal.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the one who regrets he will say, Yeah, like Tony, God, damn, Tony hayati. Soon as his eyes closed, he's gone into the hereafter and he sees the reality he will say, Oh, I wish I had handled more. I wish I did more for my life which life within your life you did more for the real life which is the hereafter. As soon as you get into the hereafter. You realize, I did the business deals, I bought the properties. I did this I earned the money. I had luxuries I used to run after the latest of this and that, but what about now? What about now? I really wish I did something for this real life. So Allah says yeah, late and he condemned to the

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hierarchy. A person will regret at that point to say, I wish I did more for my hereafter. My brothers and sisters, you know, if someone offered you $20,000 salary a month today, next year, you will want more Do you know why your standard of living will go so high, that you won't be able to survive with less than that anymore. Yet there is a person who will earn perhaps $500 100 300 and because of their standard of living being acquainted or being in sync with that amount, they are still happy and excited. So this is why it doesn't mean how much you have is going to be happy. It's your connection with Allah that will make you happy. I could walk into a five star restaurant and

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pay $300 for a meal and another guy will pay $3 for sadza, and he will have a belly food more than mine with healthier food. And he's still a happy man smiling and back at work at two o'clock with us 3pm the cholesterol still going in LA Akbar? May Allah grant us goodness. So it all depends on how you look at things my brothers and sisters, be content with what Allah has blessed you with. Keep a portion for the hereafter help those in need and help them a lot. Even if it's a good word, help people who ask of you and we are not condoning asking, but sometimes out of desperation, the good people have to come to ask. If Allah has blessed you, what will $5 do against you? Allahu Akbar.

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May Allah open our doors. May Allah grant us goodness, my brothers and sisters, and that's why in Surah Al Anam Allah says, On that day, people will be standing about to be thrown into hellfire. And they will say, yeah, Allah eterna Nora

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v. Bobby.

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Bina one akun Amina Mini, how I wish that I could be sent back to the earth so that I could believe and I could not belie the messenger and Allah and I could do good deeds. Again. Allah says too late. We gave you a chance. We sent you messages, beautiful messages. What are we doing right now we're talking about Allah. What does Allah want from us? One word, discipline. Think of it. So Allah wants discipline in your acts of worship, discipline in your character and conduct. Nothing else. discipline in your dealings is connected to your character and conduct.

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Allah wants discipline, be disciplined, be hard on yourself. Don't be hard on others, be hard on yourself with others, you guide them in a beautiful way. So Allah is telling us they will be people who will regret it on the Day of Judgment, don't be from amongst them. The last verses that I want to share with you. Number one is, you know, when the books will be given on the Day of Judgment, when the books will be given, the person who gets the book on the right side will be extremely excited, because he knows Oh, I'm getting my book on the right. It's like when you see the list and you check up to 50% all the names written in blue. And after that, when it comes to 49.9 the names

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are written in red, and you haven't yet seen your name. You don't even want to look at the rest of the results. Because you know, that's it, it's over. I'm going May Allah subhanho wa Taala not let that happen to us. So Allah says, What am man o t Akita Babu Mishima. Lee. As for the one who will get his book in the left, left hand, What will he say?

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Fire cola eternium ooh, takita. He's going to say, Oh, I wish I didn't even get my book. Like I said, you don't even want to know your results. I wish I didn't even get my book while I'm at the Rhema he said, I wish I didn't even know what my accounts were. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why do that, prepare it for

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Now brothers and sisters, no matter what you've done in your life, you are writing your book right now, delete the bad pages by Toba. And so far, every bad sentence you've written in your own book will be wiped out completely say, Oh Allah, whatever I have done is wrong. I admitted, I seek your forgiveness and I'm not going to do it again. I will try my best to be the best possible person. And then you can get your book in the right even if you did bad. Allah says we'll convert that into good because you turned to us voluntarily when you could.

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Not when it's too late. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us goodness the last point.

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Those who are far from Allah did not believe did not believe at all, when they see the punishment and the roars and all the evil that may afflict them and befall them in the hereafter. They will see ya later, Honey Boo.

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Oh, I wish I was just I wish I was just again, not to be mentioned. I wish I wasn't even a person. I wish I wasn't even resurrected. Why the regret just because they were distanced from Allah. So my brothers and sisters, these are the few verses depicting the regret of others. May we never be from among those. I have said the way to Allah seek forgiveness. smile when you think of the beauty that Allah has bestowed upon us in the rules and regulations that are absolutely great. Help others allow will help you have mercy on others allow will have mercy upon you be just and you will find justice will be served even one day when you need it the most. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness

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aku Kali hada sallallahu wasallam ah Baraka, Allah Nabina Muhammad

Jumu’ah Lecture, 11/01/2019

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