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But we have a major problem because we are taught that there are certain people Allah doesn't forgive, I need to know who they are because I don't want to be from among them. So if you look at certain Hadith, certain occasions, for example, the hadith of Miss Misha ban, the Hadith of the half of Ramadan, the half of chabanne, where it is reported that Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives all those besides certain people who are those certain people, that Hadith is in soon an imager. And although the scholars have spoken about its authenticity, or whether it's authentic or not, the point being driven home is actually a point that is agreed upon by all to say, if you want to

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achieve the forgiveness of Allah, save yourself from the following. Number one, I'll mushnik straight. The first word is a mushrik that had he says a person who associates partners with Allah in worship, Allah says I won't forgive that person.

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But now I said earlier, no matter what you've done, if you seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive you look at the companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam they will all mushriks at one stage, they will all people who are associated partners with Allah in the meccan period, those from Mecca, that's what they were, they will miss you the king of Mecca.

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Because they sought forgiveness and change their ways ALLAH forgive them. But we're talking of a person who passes away and he did not seek forgiveness or she did not seek forgiveness. Allah says I can forgive everything but she I won't forgive. In Allah Allah

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me as

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a loss has chosen and declared and dictated that he will not forgive association of partnership in worship with him. But besides that, he may forgive whatever he wills