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Abuja, Nigeria 2013


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The importance of finding a way to earn support from others, especially those created by the same creator, is emphasized in Islam. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to use their wealth to reach out to others, especially those created by the same creator. The importance of building houses and businesses in order to reach their potential is also emphasized, along with the need for people to respect their position in the church and be a source of good news and ease for others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of love and being loved for one's position in Islam.

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

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Surya Molina, Maria de la, la la la la,

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la la la

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la la la la la la la sharika wash Havana Mohammed Abu Omar Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam ah Baraka Allah. Allah Allah He was happy woman salat

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wa salam

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ala Muhammad

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Allah hi Eva de la What? Taku Yeoman to Jamuna de la la

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luna, Fatima Casa Botswana hola hola mon. My brothers and sisters in Islam. It is important that each one of us be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember that we are returning to him. The one who is successful is he or she who continues to prepare for the day he or she is going to be meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And he or she who has forgotten even for one moment that he or she is going to be returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala is at a loss. And for this reason, we were created. We were created in order to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who made us so that when we return to Him, we find a beautiful abode that we shall be dwelling in forever and ever. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this clear he states on

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I have not created mankind or Jim kind except for the reason that they worship me. Every one of us wants to be protected from the devil. Every one of us wants to see goodness in our children. Each one of us wants good health. We would love to earn enough to lead a comfortable life. Every single one of us wants to have a good spouse and lovely children and to live in a nice neighborhood. And each one of us would love to have running tap water and beautiful electricity with air conditioning. Each one of us wants to create ease for ourselves. So were in the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam do we find that an ingredient has been meant made mention of where we can also earn

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what we are looking for in this world.

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We have one simple Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam simple words of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam within a long duration. He makes mention of something a small snippet that I'm going to pick out and talk about today. Because it is a reminder for me and for every one of us.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has uttered the words How is it? Meaning he has mentioned to us how it is to earn the assistance of our own maker. If I want his help, what should I do? So he says, Can Allahu fionn in Abba de macconnell Abdul fionna a fee. Allah continues to be in the assistance of his worship. For as long as that worshiper is continuing to be in the assistance of his fellow brother or another. We need to understand this very clearly. When I feel in my life that I have no assistance, things are going wrong. My health is failing. My salary is not enough or I don't have a job or things are looking loose ended to me where I feel very insecure. I feel like something is

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wrong. I need to ask myself have I helped my fellow brothers and sisters? If I have not, how can I expect the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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every one of us

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should ask himself or herself. have we given out a small charity today before we came to this Friday prayer? Or do we have the intention of giving out even a very small charity as we depart from this beautiful house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One might say, Well, I don't have money. Well, then we have not understood that a charitable deed is not only confined to monetary deeds, no, it can also be by a smile, by a beautiful greeting by helping someone cross the road by pushing someone's wheelchair by being polite and kind, by being courteous by fulfilling the rights of others by stroking the hand over the head of the child who is an orphan, out of affection and care to show

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them that you care as well. You show care for an orphan, Allah shows care for you, you show genuine concern for a widow, Allah shows care for you. So if I want the help of Allah, I need to start helping the others and I need to protect myself from selfishness because selfishness will chase away the help of Allah. When a person lives for himself or herself alone, he is at his own mercy. But when a person lives in a way that he wants to reach out to others, his maker will reach out to him because he has reached out to those who have been created by the same maker. So panela so my brothers and sisters my message today is, it is about time we reached out to others with the

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goodness that Allah has given us if Allah has given you power, use that power to help people not to harm people. If Allah has given you wealth, go out and look for those who are in need many times Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us that the people who are in dire need sometimes you will not recognize them because they are too shy to ask you. Yeah, Sabu Moodle Jai Hello, honey.

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I mean,

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a person who is ignorant may look at the poor and consider them rich, because the poor are not going out to beg. There are two types of poor those who have the guts to go out and beg. They must be in a serious condition. May Allah protect us from begging, but those who are in greater need, sometimes they are too shy to beg, because they call out to allow alone. So it is up to me and you to make do out to allow to ask Allah supplicate to Allah, Oh Allah, I have a little bit of wealth. Show me those who are in most need so that I can use my wealth spending on those who are going to worship you. On those who when we make life easy for them, they will pray to you and they will pray for me

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as well. Sometimes you help a man he is not grateful. But sometimes you give them small assistance. They pray for you so much that you do not know your good health is as a result of the prayer of someone whom you've helped somewhere down the line. May Allah use us to reach out to one another. my visit to this beautiful country of Nigeria is also connected to the fact that I felt I needed to meet my brothers and sisters and I needed to share the good message of the deen. We have a religion of peace, we promote tolerance, we promote goodness, we promote peace and we promote assisting one another reaching out even to those who do not share the same belief because it is through reaching

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out to them in goodness that they will see the light of this beautiful Dean and they will inch towards it. If not convert completely into it. May Allah make a steadfast and strong.

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So my brothers and sisters, if you have been given a little bit of wealth by Allah subhanho wa Taala ask yourself, have I reached out to any poor community around my own country to drill a well to drill a few bore holes in a way that when I die, they will still be extracting the water and I will be receiving the full reward of everything they are achieving. And of all the goodness they get what did I use my wealth for? Or I asked myself have I reached out to the homeless and built one room house one room house for one person somewhere in the rural areas of my own country. If Allah has given me the wealth, and I choose some poor person, some poor family somewhere far away, and I have

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built just quietly one home with one room, not something very fancy, you know, in our countries of Africa, the deeper you go into the rural areas, the cheaper it becomes to build. I'm sure it is the same here. So if we go deep in and we can house two or three families quietly between us and Allah by the will of Allah He will help us to build that house we need in paradise. May Allah grant us Jenna. Sometimes we lack ideas but

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We have a lot of wealth. And sometimes we have a lot of wealth. But because we are eyeing out another property, another car, another gadget we forget to become charitable my brothers and sisters, sometimes a man has millions. And instead of reaching out to people, he is looking at another building which requires more millions. So he's just messing and messing my brothers and sisters, there is no harm in investing, there is no harm in building whatever you can in terms of the dunya. But remember to build your Paradise by helping one another.

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When you reach out to the creatures of Allah, to the fellow human beings to the muslimeen. And on top of that to your own relatives who might be poor, when you reach out to them in a good way, when you make life easy for them when you pay school fees for their children. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala will definitely reach out to you in so many ways you will have good health, you will have good children, you will have children who may get good results and you will have people, children who will be the coolness of your eyes. Why? Because you reached out to help the children of others. So Allah took care of your own children in the process.

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Let us not be shallow minded. This is only one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam imagine reaching out to people how many of us have reached out to people in order to distribute some form of knowledge. Nowadays, you have USB sticks, you can purchase 20 of them, it won't cost you much you can load them with some good Islamic literature, whether it is audio, whether it is books, whether it is video, and you can distribute them and give them to people who will make use of them even if it is in the form of a DVD or an audio CD or whatever else it is that is reaching out to our brothers and sisters in order to disseminate and teach the correct Islamic teachings that is also

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helping your brothers and sisters.

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So this religion is so pure that we are sitting here in the house of the Almighty talking about how to reach out to others in a positive way. Now my brothers and sisters, imagine someone who is harming others.

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If benefiting people will call the help of Allah for ourselves, what do you think harming people will do? So this is why we are taught that if you cannot benefit others the minimum do not harm them. If you have not harmed someone you have already benefited them through the fact that you did not harm them amazing sapan Allah but that is the bare minimum. However, in order to help people you will need to know people in order to know the people Allah has made the five Salah compulsory and he has asked you to come to the masjid. Why did he asked you to come to the masjid so that you can meet one another so that you can know one another so that you can talk to one another so that you can

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help one another Subhana Allah today I guarantee you we are seated in the masjid if you look at the brothers sitting on either side of you, you will not know each other in most cases,

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you will not know who this is, and they will not know who you are what we know we are brothers indeed. But it needs to go more than that. We need to love one another for the sake of Allah when you come for salatu wa salam or federal or whatever other Salah it is try to learn to greet the people as you are entering the masjid as you are exiting the masjid. And it should not be such that we make life difficult for others by

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making it hard for them to come to the house of Allah. When we look at them. We beg from them. My brother, you are the boss of that company. I need a job at that company. He will tell you, brother, I have come here to worship Allah. Don't make it hard for me. Do not make it hard for me to come to the house of Allah. If everyone is going to beg for me a job How am I going to enter the house of Allah I am here without my title. My brothers and sisters, the beauty of Islam. When you walk into the masjid, your title remains with your shoes outside. Do you know that you can be Brigadier General that was outside the masjid inside You are my brother in Islam. That is the highest title

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you can have. I can be who I want. I can be the Top Shop the biggest businessman, the richest man who ever I want. When I enter the house of Allah my title stays outside the door because I come here there is no superiority for anyone in the house of Allah and in Islam, although we acknowledge the people's positions and we respect them, but we fulfill the rights of one another.

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So this is why when a rich man walks into the masjid, the fact that he is reached must remain outside the door. He will stand in the soft in the line with the person who is the poorest, and nobody should start talking to the other making it tough for them to have come into the house of Allah. Sometimes you look at a rich man and the poor man might look at him and say brother, I just need 1 million naira. Please can you save me he will say brother asked Allah Why are you asking me I'm in the house of Allah. I

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begging for my health, please can you also back to him perhaps he will help you, Allahu Akbar. My brothers and sisters, this is of importance. We need to know one another in order to be able to help one another today, I challenge you to go and figure out who are your relatives. Sometimes the new generations don't even know who are the second order uncles, they will not know because they are living in the city. They have no idea Have you ever taken them to the rural areas to meet the rest of the families or to the other parts of the country wherever they may be to say let's go and meet them. You should know your uncle's your aunts, your grandparents and your second or the grandparents

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and so on the relatives from either side know them in order to smile when you get them and to know that you are part of one family. If there is anything they need, they should be free to request you before they go to others because you are their family.

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This is why it is a greater reward to help family members who are in need although it is a great reward to help anyone may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, my brothers and sisters, as you have heard, my message today is to reach out to one another to get to know one another, to greet one another to smile at one another to create ease whether you are driving no matter what you are doing. Some people are not courteous on the roads. But Subhanallah as a Muslim, it must be known that we are the most courteous on the roads. We are the ones who fulfill the rules of the road because we want to see everything operating properly. If we don't then there will be chaos and we will be the

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cause now Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us every form of goodness, this is the short message that I have a Kudo kolyada was stopped in La Jolla, Kamali Seidel muslimeen Festival.