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Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The Quran provides guidance for individuals and families to overcome their struggles and challenges, emphasizing the importance of internalizing the principles and words. The importance of showing one's situation in front of others is also discussed, as it is often covered in court trials. The importance of not acknowledging or comparing experiences to owe oneself a honor as a member of the community is emphasized, as it is used to describe the journey of human existence. The speakers also discuss the history and challenges of Prophet Muhammad Alonzolatan's surah journey, including his struggles with addiction and the use of drugs.
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In the alarm that Elijah Muhammad who was staring you know who want to stop Pharaoh when Naruto billahi min sharoni and fusina woman CEO Dr. Marina Mija de la Vela Medina huami jobaline fella head era, Masha Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree Kela worship Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you Hello Vina la haka toccata Wa La Tomatina. Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah, you Hannah sutopo Bakula. De Hanako comin FC wahida bahala comienzo jaha Baba thermen humeri Jalan cathinone sobre

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la la de Luna de Waal or hum in the LA Cana are the camera peba

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Yeah, you

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tala Haku colon sadita

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philippou Baku

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la hora Sula hufa defensor frozen Halima ameba nos Takahashi kita Bala heater Ayana,

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Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bashar Al ohmori matassa to her Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata Hakuna Bala cynefin Now

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Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the very beginning of the Quran. It is the first description that Alonzo will gives of his own books apana hautala in verse number two of Sora tillbaka larsa which says that he can keep tabula rasa Buffy hudl dill mocked up in this is the book in which there is no doubt it is a guide for the people of piety for the Mattachine Alliance, the world tells us that the Quran is a guide, within which we find guidance. And it is not only the basic element of guidance that Allah is referring to the guidance that we eat, every single one of us knows of the guidance of tawheed the guidance that in order for us to achieve success in this life in the next we must

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worship a lot alone and stay away from every form and type of shock. That is the guidance that the Quran is also referring to. But a larger region, in his own an speaks about guidance not only in the form or in the context of the hidden shark. But alonza, which also speaks about guidance of every other kind as well. The guidance that we need in every single issue of our life, in everyday matters. Alonzo angel says ma forgotten I feel kitabi mean she there is nothing that we have left out from this book the Quran, meaning any challenge or hardship or difficulty that you come across. The Quran contains guidance for you. It tells you the way to overcome the problem speaks about the

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solution tells you what you need to do in order to overcome the challenge that is part of the guidance of the Quran. So in 2017, when we watch the news over on the internet, and we're reading the news, we're reading a newspaper. And we see the problems and challenges that we're facing as a community. Whether it's because the Muslims are a cause, because a small segment from amongst us have done some ignored actions. Or it's because we're in the news, because we're the brunt of the oppression. People are oppressing Muslims, in many different ways and forms were being attacked within the media and within certain political quarters. Or if it's not to do with Islam, and the

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Muslims, were feeling the brunt of the economic recession. We're feeling difficulty within our paychecks. What if it's nothing to do with the economy then all of us have individual and family problems, challenges that we're facing with our spouses and our children, with our health and our everyday living. Every single one of those issues no matter how great or how small, no matter how general or how personal it may be. A large religion says that in the Quran, there is guidance for it. It is what led up in there is guidance within the Quran. But the guidance of the Quran comes in a different way than the way that many of us want an expect. The guidance of the owner is not that

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aligned. So what Jen has listed every single issue on problem that will ever occur in the space of time, a large surgeon has mentioned every single issue that will occur until yomo pm and its solution as an individual thing, because that is illogical. And it wouldn't be possible for the UN in its current form to contain all of that. But rather what a large soldier does instead is that he gives us principles that we learn and that then we can apply to all of those situations. It is those principles that a law focuses on in the Quran, because that is also the methodology that we as parents and as teachers, as elders of our community should impart to our youngsters and our youth as

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well. Rather than

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guiding them on every single issue that they have to come back and ask you in every single issue, what do I do and what don't I do? We teach them principles instead. This is how the schooling system works we teach our children principles. And likewise in Islam we teach our children principles, so that as they go on in life and as they grow up and they become adults inshallah that are successful, it is because the, you know, those principles that will bring them success, they know how to overcome those problems. One of the ways that a large level does this, he gives us those principles within the Quran, is by mentioning to us His names and his attributes, the names and attributes of

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Allah from the greatest principles and foundations of the Quran. And that is why they are repeated and mentioned so many times. Each one of those names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala has meanings that pertain to certain issues and problems that we may face within our lives. It is for this reason that a large so what you're offering are on one of the most common endings of a verse are the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah azza wa jal says to us in the Quran, in Surah. In the Quran, what Allah has smell Hasina, for the Uchiha to Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names, so call upon him using those names. To call upon Allah using those names doesn't

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just simply mean to recite them or to read them or to memorize them. But it is to understand the context of your own, and which one of those names are most befitting and appropriate. And then to internalize the meanings of those names so that when you use them in your draft, it comes from the heart, and you have knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that particular name, our Prophet told us on a low alley, and we'll send them the hadith of avorio rhodiola, one in Manila at certain what is Rena isma me attend

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la isla de

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la has 99 Beautiful Names 100 minus 199 Beautiful Names, no one memorizes them, except that they will enter into gender memorizes the means that you understand them and that you know them and that you internalize the meanings so that you understand what it is that Allah is referring to not just simply the translation of man means the Most Gracious, or Rahim is the most merciful and caring is the most generous, but we don't actually know how that applies to our individual situation. It is to internalize those meanings and then to use them and apply them into your daily life in your in the way that you conduct yourself as a Muslim. When there's issues and problems and challenges that

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you're facing. You seek solace in those names of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is an overarching principle of the Quran. I want to give you an example of one of those limbs and apply that within the context that I mentioned in today's hotma. And that name is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Latif al Latif. And luckily, it is often translated as the subtle, with a gentle or the acquainted these old translations of the name and Latif. But like one of the names of Allah subhana wa Taala, it is difficult to compress the vast meaning of one of the names of Allah into a single word. The English language doesn't compare to the Arabic in its eloquence. So when we give it a single word

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definition, it is not the full scope of the meaning of the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. A luckily has two primary meanings that it refers to. And there is mentioned some seven times in the Quran Allah uses his name a lot leave in various contexts. The first of those meanings is that a large surgeon has knowledge of everything. He is well acquainted, not only well acquainted and aware of what is going on in the power to open, but a larger region has knowledge of even that which is subtle, that which is hidden, that which we hide even from our own families, and from our own loved ones. And sometimes that we even deny to ourselves as being the reality. Allah has knowledge of all

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of that, that is from the meanings of a lucky Eliza which it says in the Quran, led to the deikun absorb whatever you will absorb or who are lucky for hubiera in Surah Al Anam that I will vision does not perceive a loss of Panda hautala but allows vision perceives everything and he is a lovely Phil hubiera Kabir is the one who is acquainted who is aware who knows everything, but a Latif is not just the knowledge of the parent, it is the knowledge of the hidden and the subtle as well. And this is the meaning that a large though which are mentioned in the Quran in surah loca man, look man the wise as we know the commander Hakeem in the page of the or in the page of that sword on the

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Koran, and so look man that is named after him. He gives advice to his son, and he speaks to his son in principles and foundations. doesn't tell him that if you go here to ABC and D, you know, he gives them overarching principles, that if he learns and embeds within himself and applies

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He will be someone who comes closer to a larger agenda from the advice that he gives to his son look man in the Quran. Yeah boonie you're in in Turku, Miss Paula Huberty min hurdle. Photography sokrati in office semira to film, TV holla in the La La ke from hobby. Oh my dear son. If there is even a mustard seed of something, an atom's wheat of something, and it is hidden, either within the heavens or within the earth or within the mountains, allow will bring it forth. For Indeed Allah is a lucky leaf, and and hubby alone knows everything. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Alonzo didn't seize the black ant, on a black rock, in the middle of the moonless night. Hawaiians the

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world sees and perceives, and Allah here's the cordoning of that ant, even though nothing around it, me see to perceive it. Allah knows and is well and fully aware and acquainted of the situation of that. And so a large religion, no matter what it may be aware, we may be, no matter how big or how small, no matter how private and personally may be to you, or open or share there is a large religion knows every single thing. And that is why when you turn to a line you make a line so whichever doesn't require from you, that you explain your situation in the minute list of detail, even though to show your poverty and to explain your situation is recommended. But it is not because

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Allah needs to know the information. It's not because Allah is unaware of what's going on. It is to show your poverty and you will need in front of Allah, Allah azza wa jal knows. And Allah knows your situation better than you can even explain those emotions that you have within your heart that you can't utter. You can't enunciate, you can't find the words to explain those feelings that you have. The no other person understands even those people who may be going through a similar trial to yourself, but they are unable to understand your particular situation. Because everyone's dynamics are slightly different. Those feelings and emotions alone knows because a lot is a lucky for

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hubiera. So a lot of soldier lose all of this. Allah subhanaw taala says to us and sort of look in the Quran, or so rucola original Ruby in the lamb that sudo Allah Allah, Allah will who will Lucky for you, if you are a parent, your words you speak openly, or whether you conceal and hide them in you within yourself, a lawyer knows them, for indeed he has knowledge of what the chests and the hearts contain, and should he not know when He created you. And he is a lucky funnel. Allah knows everything. And that is why a new piano when the people come to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not only the appellant actions and deeds and words that a law will judge, but Allah will judge

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us for our intentions as well. And it is that intention when it is coupled with the action that will determine the gravity of the deed, the weight of the deed, Allah subhana wa Taala understands what we have concealed within ourselves. And that is from the meanings of a lot leave that type of knowledge and also from the type of knowledge that allows the children understands our needs and what we need. So a large surgeon understands that we need provision. So a law provides for us, as the law says in the Quran, lm Torah and Allah unzila mina sama Eman for those people are in the law.

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Do you not see that Allah causes women to descend from the skies, and because of it as a result of that rain, the ground turns into green, it becomes vegetation and plants and indeed a lot is a lovely funnel hobby. And a large religion says Allahu laclede from very bad years omya Sha, Allah is Latif to his slaves to servants to his creation, and he provides For whosoever He wills. So every single creature upon the face of this earth, no matter how great or how small, Allah gives us provision to it in the way that he needs. That is from the meanings of a Latif that Allah knows your situation and he responds to that, because of his knowledge. The second meaning of a lucky leaf that

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is mentioned in the Quran. And the second meaning of this name of Allah subhanho wa Taala that also applies to our situation, in particularly in overcoming challenges and problems that we face is that a leaf also means that Eliza which an old salts always does what is in your best interests, even if it is something that you cannot comprehend. Or if it is done in a way that is so subtle, that you don't even notice that is from the meanings of a lucky alarm. So which often in our in our dryers we call to Allah and we asked him for so many things. And in our dryers, we are normally very specific in what we want. We want children, we want a bigger house or we want a nicer car, or we want to

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marry a certain person or we want a certain job. We're very specific in our doors.

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Sometimes a law responds to that driver and he gives it to us. And sometimes a law doesn't respond. But we know from our religion, that when the larger wheel chooses not to respond to you, then Allah azza wa jal has actually responded to it, but in a different way, he just hasn't given it to the way that in the way that you asked for. Because sometimes when we make dua, instead of responding to the DA, he removes hardship from us. He removes a calamity from us that otherwise would have struck us was sometimes Allah azza wa jal in return, he gives us something better than when we asked for, even though we ourselves conceived, we don't understand it. We don't know where it came from. And that is

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from the meanings of the name of Allah Latif. So when you have your issues and your problems and you're making dua, you're turning to Allah, you're crying at night, you don't have any other door that you can turn to except for the door of a large religion, and you make the CD from your heart. We remember that name and Latif because a lot leave means that a lot of xojo is responding to you, but you may not understand that response. You may be beyond your comprehension, Allah has decreed something for you because he knows that it is in your ultimate interest, not your short, short term interest necessarily. We want everything to be now in here, because that is the nature of humans.

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But a lot of Zola gentlemen, he looks at the end for the interest of the believers and the meaning. He doesn't just look at the dunya or they remediate life, but a large religion also considers that

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and that is why a larger withdrawal is a Latif because the way that he deals with the believers in his own year is far more greater and encompasses far more than just the everyday living. Allah subhanaw taala gives us an example of this in the Quran. In one of the most famous and common stories in the Quran, we have the story of use of it is Salatu was salam, the prophet of Allah, usually in the Quran and Allah mentions a story in the Quran. Those stories are divided and dispersed throughout the Quran. The story of the Prophet Muhammad Ibrahim and Musa alayhis salaam who Salim Shri blow Tara masala, the prophets of Allah, the stories are normally dispersed

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throughout the Quran. We find verses here and verses there. But surah Yusuf, in the story of Youssef is an exception to that rule. It is one of the few stories of the Quran, about a prophet of Allah with the whole of his life is condensed into a single Sora it is mentioned all in one place. And that is because the large zoa gel wants us to understand and know the journey that is profitable law went on, and the different challenges and hardships that he faced. Because the story of use of Halley's Salaam is ultimately a story of trial and hardship, use of valleys. Salam overcomes one challenge, only to be faced by a great one. And he overcomes a second challenge only to be overcome

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by a third way to one and each and every single time. He's a man and his his connection to Allah strengthens and it becomes greater. Yusuf Ali Salaam is a boy as we know from that story in the Quran, and is taken by his brothers and his left for dead in a while. Those brothers that should be looking after him should be looking for are looking out for his best interests. Instead of looking out for him. They leave him for dead in a world. That is a trial that alized origin mentions. You Safari syndrome is found by a caravan of people that are passing by, they find the boy in the wild and instead of returning him home, taking him to a position or personal authority so that he can be

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reunited with his parents. They sell him into slavery in as a trial. As he has a sleeve and sold into bondage and slavery. He comes into a household where the wife of his master wants to seduce him. She wants him to do haram and alive social game to the Prophet Yusuf Ali Salaam, beauty, physical beauty, as our Prophet told us on a low while he was cillum and Yusuf Ali Salaam doesn't want to succumb to the requests of his of his master's wife. It is a challenge. So then he has a fourth challenge where he's threatened by prison. So use Valley Ceylon chooses prison, and the difficulty and hardship of prison and jail over committing harm. So he enters into jail, and he

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stays in jail for a number of years until finally allies brings him out of jail. And even when he comes out of jail, he's faced with the challenge of now trying to reunite his family, his brothers come and visit him and he must speak to them and deal with them and overcome that situation as well. The whole of that story Yusuf Ali Salaam story in the Quran, if you were to read it and analyze it, it is a story of difficulty and hardship challenge upon challenge. But after every single one of those challenges, and the end of the surah when a large soldier speaks about how Yusuf Ali Salaam is reunited with his parents, who united with his brothers, how you safale salaam forgives his

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brothers, and the dream that he had as a young boy that Allah mentions at the beginning of the surah has come true. Yusuf Ali Salaam, similar

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His own situation, he speaks about his own situation. And he says, center be the Virginia ministration. And allow was good and benevolent to me when he took me out of prison or job community but remember the unmeasurable shavon beanie will be in a hottie. And Allah was good to me when he uh, we you like to do and meet together. After shaytan had come between me and my brothers he had caused animosity between us, Allah has reunited us and then he says it is cinemas Allah mentions in the Quran in Robbie luckily for Lima Yasha For verily, my lord is a Latif to whomsoever He runs, you safaris Sam has the life of difficulty. But when he summarizes and gives the conclusion of his own

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story, he doesn't focus on the challenges and the difficulties. He doesn't focus on the trials. And he doesn't ascribe any of that to a large religion, but rather he speaks about allows gentleness and mercy. Because ultimately, everything that Allah had decreed, and the journey that Yusuf Ali Salaam had been on, there was ultimately one of God, a lot chosen to be from amongst as prophets, and a lot honored him with knowledge and with miracles. And Allah gave him and bestowed upon him so many favors, that he became one of the most powerful people in the land of Egypt. All of those are the features of Alaska Magellan. So yes, you may have difficulties and problems within your life. But

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when you balance them with all the blessings that Allah has given to you, in your life, in terms of your health, and your family, and all of those other things that we enjoy, but we often don't recognize or acknowledge them when you compare the two indeed, a lot is a Latif and even what Allah has decreed from hardship as we know from our religion, it is in actuality, a means of expressing your sins, of raising your station of increasing your reward. So allies love to you even in the way that it equates hardship for you. Allah azzawajal mentions his name in the Quran. Because there is a name that we need to familiarize ourselves with is the name that is pertinent to our situation,

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whether it be us as individuals or us as a community and as a nation. We need to go back to those principles of the Koran and those names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and learn what they mean not just the translation of the words, but what they actually mean, and how we can apply them within our lives. barakallahu li walakum phylloquinone was talking to one of our newer yummy my female

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co co Neha Mustapha la howdy welcome, Alicia. mearing Muslim minimalism infrastop Pharaoh in the whole of Orion

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was talking to the woman why Allah seldom at the Sleeman kathira.

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Another example that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives in the Quran of the second meaning of the name of a lottery that a large soldier always does what is in your best interests, is in the story of the people of the kingdom. So to recap, that sort of that we recite every single fighter that we should be reciting every single Friday, Alonzo vigil mentioned the story of the people of the cave, who were a group of young men, small in number when compared to the rest of the community. And they were persecuted and tortured for their beliefs, because they wanted to worship Allah alone. They didn't want to engage in the shock of the community. But those people of their community, unlike for many

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of us that live in non Muslim countries, where people didn't allow them to practice their religion, they would persecute them and torture them. And they wouldn't even threaten them with death, as as mentioned in some of the narrations of Tafseer. So therefore, those children or those young boys, they went away, they went away seeking some type of refuge in another place, and they come to a cave and the sleeping, they come to the cave, and they stay within their cave with the intention of taking a short rest, letting things die down and lay low, and then they would leave and they would carry on their journey elsewhere. But a larger Virgil decreed that when they slipped in that cave,

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he wouldn't just be a short rest, but they would see for over 300 years, 300 years they would stay asleep, and then Allah would bring them back to life again, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the story is showing another meaning of a lock leaf, or another variation with an example of the meaning of a leaf. And that is that a large religion always decrees what is in the best interests of you. Those people were the minority. Those people were being persecuted, but Allah subhana wa Taala in the Quran, he praises them, because they stood up for their beliefs, because they were confident in the man because they didn't let the question of their community overcome and overpower them on a larger

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scale. As a result, he gave them that honor that their story would be mentioned in the Quran.

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lizer which will give us many other examples in the Quran. The story of the people of the trench is a story of a law being allotted to them. Yes, they would die ultimately in this life and they would be burned in the trench, but alive so widget in the Quran when he describes the story, he says that he kahal fosun kebele. What they attain was the greatest of success, because the success that a lot is looking at, and the interests that Allah sees are not just the short term interests of this life, but it is the greatest in the interests of the hereafter. So when a large Virgil addresses our mothers in the Quran, the wives of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the Allahu anhu

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mehg mehreen Allah says to them with Quran ama youth Luffy boo tique una Mina Yachty la he will hikma in the LA Tana Latif and hubiera. And remember, we that which Allah has revealed in your homes, your houses, from his verses, and from the knowledge of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Quran and the Sunnah much of it was narrated and revealed within the houses of the Manhattan meaning a law says that that is one of the greatest blessings that any person could have hoped for, in the law Kanda Latif and hubiera. Allah was to them and lucky for you. The message of today's hotma, my dear brothers and sisters, is that we need to acquaint ourselves with the names of

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Allah azza wa jal, the Hadith that I quoted to you at the beginning, those 99 names if you understand them, you will have gender, you have gender, because by understanding those names, and encompassing and applying them within your lives, you're able to overcome those challenges that will inevitably come your way. You're able in every single challenge and problem and situation, whatever it may be, however, way too small, you find a way of coming closer to Allah, and that journey of constantly coming closer to Allah in this life, irrespective of what life may throw at you. That is the definition of success in this religion was colossal panda with data that he wants to success in

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this life and the next and the large social mixers from amongst those people who know his names and attributes and apply them within our lives. Let's alarm each other. He shows His mercy and forgiveness and blessings upon our community that our law safeguards us and our families from Sri Ponte and his traps and escolares logility makes our situation on offense easy. So peinado bigger, bigger is that Yamanashi phone was Salam O Allah mousseline hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

This talk was delivered at the Grane Lane Masjid on Feb 24, 2017.

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