Mufti Menk – Severe Hardship for a Believer

26 July 2019, Harare, Zimbabwe


Does man not see how insignificant he was one? Wallahi those who don’t believe this world is a test are deceived. 

This jummah khutbah is related to the severe hardship a believer faces in this dunya.

Running water from the tap is something we are accustomed to while for millions others dry riverbeds are what they are accustomed to. To them running water would be a luxury.

Allah never does anything to a believer except that which is the best for the believer.

For a true believer, anything and everything that happens to him or her is good for them.  Nothing is bad. And the only thing that fills the heart of a believer is when a believer is content with what Allah has chosen for him or her.

Please continue to listen this talk to understand why hardships happen to us and what to do when it happens, because it will happen.