Mufti Menk – Respect & Dignity

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We have been taught most of us to show respect towards others. We were taught by our parents and at times teachers. But is this respect limited to only people whom we are acquainted? What about friends of friends? Extended family  members 100 times removed? Cats? Dogs? Snakes? Pigs? We are forbidden touching dogs but there are circumstances that permit.

Remember the man who was forgiven all previous sins and granted paradise simply for his one single act of respect and kindness? What did he do? He gave a thirsty dog water to drink. Who was watching? Nomads? Passing caravan maybe? No. No one like that. Only the One who mattered most- Allah. He saw and He rewarded.

Next we look at dignity. It is needed in our every manner; in our every act and speech. Even the fingers forwarding messages must be filled with dignity. Do not demean ourselves by forwarding lude albeit funny messages or memes because remember- it’s being recorded in our book of deeds.

Islam is a religion of respect and dignity. The Quran tells us so. The example of the greatest man to walk this Earth teaches us so. When he could have quashed a people for spilling his blood he chose instead to complain to the Almighty of his own shortcomings. That is respect and dignity for others.

To increase our knowledge on these two important attributes specially in a time when hate is rampant and latent, please listen to this speech by Sheikh Menk.