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O Allah, guide us among those whom You have guided
and grant us well-being among those whom You have granted well-being
and take us into Your charge among those whom You have taken into Your charge
and bless us in what You have given us
and save us and keep away from us with Your mercy the evil of what You have decreed
For verily You decree and none can pass decree upon You
He whom You show allegiance to is never abased
and he whom You take as an enemy is not honoured
Blessed are You, O Lord, and Exalted
Praise is to You for what You have decreed
and to You is thanks for what You have given us
We seek Your forgiveness and we turn to You in repentance
O Allah, apportion for us a fear of You, that shall come between us and disobedience of You
and (apportion for us) obedience to You, which will allow us to attain Your Paradise
and (apportion for us) conviction which shall make the afflictions of the world easier for us (to endure)
O Allah, let us enjoy our hearing, and our sight, and our strength, as long as You keep us alive
and make it the inheritor of us
And let our vengeance be upon those who have oppresed us
and aid us against those who show enmity towards us
and do not make our affliction be in our religion
and do not make this world our be greatest concern, nor the limit of our knowledge
and do not let the hellfire be our destination
and let Paradise be our home and dwelling
and do not let rule over us, because of our sins, he who will not fear You and will have no mercy on us
O Allah, grant us security in our lands
O Allah, make righteous our leaders and the guardians of our affairs
O Allah, You Who heals, heal our sick and those Muslims who are sick
And O Most Merciful of the mercifuls, have mercy on our deceased and the deceased Muslims
and have mercy on us when we turn to what they have turned to
O Allah, we seek refuge in You from albinism, insanity, leprosy and from evil diseases
O Allah, we seek refuge in You from albinism, insanity, leprosy and from evil diseases
O Allah, we seek refuge in You from albinism, insanity, leprosy and from evil diseases
O Allah, Indeed You are Most Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon us
O Allah, Indeed You are Most Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon us
O Allah, Indeed You are Most Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon us
O Allah, accept from us our prayer, and fasts, and our bowings, and our prostrations
and our reading of the Holy Qur’an, and our listening to the Holy Qur’an
Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it
[it is] a revelation from a [Lord who is] Wise and Praiseworthy
O Allah, make us from the people of the Qur’an
those who are Your [special] people and those who are closest to You
O Owner of Majesty and Honour
O Allah, do not let any sin of ours but that You have forgiven it
and no distress but that You have relieved
and no anguish but that You have relieved
and no difficulty but that You have eased
and no debt but You have settled
and no sick person but You have healed
and no child but You have made righteous
and no person who is afflicted but You have shown Your mercy to him
nor any need from the needs of this life and the hereafter
that is pleasing to You and there is good in it for us
but that You have assisted us in it being met and made it easy for us with Your mercy, O Most Merciful One
O Allah, set right our religion, which is the safeguard of our affairs
and and set right our world, wherein is our living
and set right our afterlife, to which is our return
And make life for us an increase in all good
and make death a relief for us from every evil
O Allah, let our last words in this worldly life be la ilaha illal Allah (There is no God except Allah)
O Allah, we ask You for Paradise and that which brings us closer to it of statements or actions
and we seek refuge in You, O Allah, from the Hellfire and that which brings us closer to it of statements or actions
O Allah, we seek refuge in You with Your Pleasure from Your anger
and in Your forgiveness from Your punishment
and in You from You
we cannot count Your praises, You are as You have praised Yourself
Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good
and protect us from the punishment of the Fire
Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes
and make us an example for the righteous
Our Lord, accept from us, You are The All-Hearing, The All-Knowing
and accept our repentance for Indeed; You are the Accepting of repentance, the Most Merciful
Exalted is You, our Lord, the Lord of might, free from what they describe
And peace upon the messengers
And all praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds


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Hello, Dena FEMA,

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FEMA and

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Working I was ready for

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Magic I shall

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leave in nikka Takumi will have been

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zoom in

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eight like Al Hamdulillah Paul Boyd Wanaka Shoko Allah, I'm Debby

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la Allahumma paz England I mean for sciatica matter OBE by

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ba de Gama jobelan llevo NaVi

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magic wamena yati Nima to Halloween ob Island Nina muscle Oh, dude Nia Allahumma Nabi has many others Adina Welcome wodgina

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wha Jong Hoon worries I mean watching Alanna

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Walla Walla

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Walla dounia activa

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Mina Walla Walla Walla

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Walla, Elan Maddy mostly you're on the

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new Gen.

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Pop on

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to some new Paulina vivo Bina

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caffeine I wanna Yamaha Muna sada Allahu la me was a double Rasulullah he will carry him wanna know Allah I mean Ushahidi I was getting when hamdulillah here on mainland me

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saw the

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woman that domina law he had his woman, Dr. Amin, Allah.

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Allah, Allah ala

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al mutawa hey don't feel Jelani become Annie Gemma Anita alima

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Alamo Jeff and Vito Vito spryfield

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have seen him when ej ma ni Dar

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Al Madani algoma t, j d levena zellen fuoco. levina zellen for

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IBD Leah coonan Amina the Euro

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Lama he is nee

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Allahumma oni swacch chetana v bouboulina Allahu

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Allah on he loves me.

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Tila Tahoe

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Allahumma amin

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and levena home and Luca dos Santos. Yeah, then jela.

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A long, many,

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many Deborah

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Jaffe calls

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on Allah whom

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I know can Hoda what to call one alpha alpha one Vina Allahumma in nearness. onaga

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renal balconi Laval Deena wanzhou corner Gina, Allah whom have been a lie he

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was in Rubina wogonin Isla

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Mina was eating Allah homosalate Luna de nada learning module Amina will also learner donia and allergic Navy Shona learner

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de Kooning

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one mo da

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min Cooney shabu, Allah Houma

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la Wa La can handle hot

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water one I can come to either

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Allah na na na na na.

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Giovani mu ca buko Allahumma giovanny

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Nana v Latina heavy Ajay mariee Allahumma Naga

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to him boo Nance was

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Allahumma inaka boon to him bolus was

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lahoma in nagasu to him was one.

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Hello my taco bell Mina Sala Jana was

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on was sudo. Donna Welty.

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It was Dima Nikita and medela de hillbrow. We know him by any I don't mean one way, then xeno min Hakeem in hammy.

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Allahumma in

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fog neck. Hello.

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Movies I'm Maddie. Morty.

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Allahumma in Ravi Babu, Robbie Manu eema no big mouthing Vina pocomoke I don't own vena cava Oh, nice hello hello maybe policemen who are like some major being upset.

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Movie kita lambda who

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vaultek Western thermotherapy

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allow me my labia Paulo Vina

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was in corner Ella john de cajon.

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lahoma in

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Robert E.

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want to become long mamina now

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one oh become long

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wanna Oh vincula whom I mean en

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la mean phone in

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Allah whom are at Korea cavanna worry acaba ina Omaha Tina was wodgina

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Tina Amina

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marry in

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Rocky beam Allah

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Muslim enough equally Mecca Allah whomsoever home vehicle nnaemeka YAH YAH

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YAH jumper bow somehow out all been y'all saw me about Galena

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Tunisia Allah

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homosalate domina vehicle nnaemeka Allahumma mustafina vehicle nnaemeka Allah homophobe Amata Mohammed

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so long, long while he was Allahumma Karim omata Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma dunja was an almighty Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Hamas omata Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Allahumma Haider sofo fellow Muslim me, Allah whom Allahumma wahiba so forth Allah in Muslim mean, Allah hamari Nana's Luca Mina, equally Genie Genie ma I didn't know I mean who am I wanna Oh to become law whom Amina

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to become

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a genie Maharani nermeen whom?

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Allah whom is FEMA?

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Allah who must be modal bhana yo Shafi anta Shafi la Shiva, Shiva, Shiva.

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Also Omen nada

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Allah, Allah who must be Now watch me female Milan

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was naming Allahumma COVID li Jemima hotel Muslim Amy Allahumma

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Allahumma sakin homefield Jan Alomar hum hum wifey foreign home well acronym newzoo Allahumma was modified at home

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he was 21 whatnot to

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be one comma. Comma you wanna

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Amina Dennis Allahumma? Jacobo home mithya

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profile on Minho. verodin

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LLC, Ella

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enough in

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the house joaquina

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Yeah, Aziz Yeah.

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Me have been a habit and I mean as well Gina.

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Gina kurata.

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a mama robina

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what is Ra? v Amina was a bit about mana.

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caffine have been

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one in alladhina Saba Puna minima and wala fie kulu Vina larina mano

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de pollo. Bina levena Mano one.

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kulu Deena

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Deena mano woofie Lana in Naga

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to follow

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in nesina

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Jasmine Allah ina is wrong karma.

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Karma Hamilton who Allah levena mean call me Lena robina Allah to help min Ma

00:14:21--> 00:14:23

Ma Bula

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amin caffine Allah Hamas Shabaab al muslimeen Allahumma homosalate Nisa misnaming Allahumma Sahil Lana omo

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Arjuna I mean, he's

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long enough

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to take

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Bina Allahumma Villa Villa Tina hardy marry

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Muladhara Lana FEMA kamina has been in

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Walla combined in a first time while I see on inla Sultan Walla Walla

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Walla, Walla

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Walla, in

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one movie talent in

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one shot in Los Angeles.

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One aha jetadmin Hauer eg dunia will

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carry Ba

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ba ba

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ba mathmagic

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Amy Alomar banality Mila Isla de lucado Allahumma Feedburner Anita yamina in

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in Naka

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rocking Allahumma inaka foon Gary moon Rahi moon to him Bulava one. Yeah, but yeah, Kadeem Yeah, then Jana and he will

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carry Allahumma Taco Bell Mina walk

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Rocky Rafi, Allah

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Allah come in subtlety will be more to come in robotic mean gala

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la cama

00:16:49--> 00:16:52

from Bernardo, in ntaganda. Sammy

00:16:53--> 00:16:54

What do

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what Videla hemani Jamil muslimeen almost Naima, one move meaning me not even one Ahmad in a casimiro Mooji Buddha

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was all along was

00:17:13--> 00:17:19

Mohammed. He was a big money well hamdulillah

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