Mufti Menk – Have you Tested Positive – DON’T PANIC

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The host and hostess discuss the benefits of testing positive for COVID-19 and staying warm, including a doctor's visit to help people deal with the virus. They stress the importance of protecting oneself and others, including those who take precautions and aren't healthy. The segment also touches on the idea that COVID-19 cannot be contagious and that individuals who take precautions may be considered honoring their obligations.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hope everyone is doing well Masha Allah, Allah, Allah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of you, my brothers, my sisters, if any one of you tests positive for this virus, the first thing you do is your thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and you don't panic. One might wonder why thank Allah subhanho wa Taala because you're still alive, you're still Well, you're okay. You don't need to panic, chances are, you're almost certainly going to come out of it. But don't panic at all.

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May Allah make it easy for you. I'm going to share with you a few tips today that you need to know if you test positive if you panic, what happens is you start compromising the oxygen intake, these palpitations and everything begins to disturb your immune system, and your immune system becomes weaker and then you become psychologically sick and then you start feeling like you're not going to make it I'm going to die. And you start telling everyone Oh, you know this and that and so on. No way, no way. You don't panic. You have to thank Allah and then make dua to Allah call out to Allah seek from him. And you know what, you take it in your stride Alhamdulillah It's okay, Allah is the

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cure, he will give me the cure in 99% of the people out there that you know, have come out of it. So panela so it's, it's there. It is something serious, we take precautions. But with those precautions, if we test positive and at some point, you probably will test positive. It's okay. It's not the end of the world. You don't need to be embarrassed about testing positive I was thinking if I test positive, I'll announce it through the whole globe and I'll make a big scene out of it simply because I want people to learn how to deal with this thing. So so halala don't panic, please. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant ease the chances are you at one stage you probably will test positive

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Don't worry. You know what? What has helped a lot of people that black seed oil, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C Mashallah Tabata color. Yes, if you have very severe symptoms, you need help. SubhanAllah you will need a doctor at that point. But we're in the early stages you deal with the symptoms, a lot of the home remedies people have ginger tea, people are having so many other things to help them whatever helps you generally to deal with the symptoms that you are feeling would probably help alleviate the symptoms that you are feeling even though you tested positive for this deadly virus. So Hannah, so my brothers and sisters, the reason I'm out here today is to tell you in this Omani

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gear, that don't panic Mashallah diabolical, not at all. You have to leave it in Allah's hands. And then you you have the black seed oil, what I found very beneficial is the steaming. So you take a little possibly like a stainless steel sort of a dish, the size of your face, maybe the size here and then you put a few drops of black seed oil into that dish. And you have a little bit like two three cups of hot water boiling hot water, you put it before you put the boiling hot water in there you get your towel, you put your towel behind and you actually put it above and you get it to try to get it almost over the the stainless steel pot and then you pour the water in and take leave the

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kettle out. And then you put your your cover your face and put your face as close as you can to that steam in the water for one for one to three minutes. And you're breathing in nice deep breath and out in and out in from your mouth out from your nose in from your nose out from your mouth, you can alternate it and you'll feel so much better. You see that steaming helps you last thing at night it helps me just for two three minutes. People can say what they want I'm telling you what has helped so some handler it's just amazing that steaming actually helps. In fact steaming will help you every time you come back from having gone out somewhere for necessity even though you've worn your mask

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and even though you've gone out wherever but you come back you steam yourself you feel a lot better. I was saying half a spoon of black seed oil when you don't have the virus yet. Perhaps in the morning and in the evening with a bit of warm water. keep yourself warm. Try and protect yourself and sapan alarm it's just amazing Masha Allah May Allah protect all of us. You have a hot shower helps a lot Mashallah Tabata cola. And you know what, guys? If you start getting more and more and you difficulty if you're getting difficulty in breathing, one of my friends told me there is a doctor in New Zealand young lady who had made a video about the balloon and how to breathe in it and

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he says it really helped him. It really helped him where he took the balloon and he breathed. You know, he took a deep breath and and he blew the balloon up with three breaths. So

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He blew it into the balloon. And he says it really helped his lungs Mashallah. And after he had three, you know, blown into the balloon for for blowing in three breaths, you know, then he released the air. And then he did it again and he says he really felt good, it helped him breathe, and he stopped coughing. So that was amazing. It's good to exchange these notes with everyone deals with it differently. Now look, there are some people who have underlying perhaps conditions there are some people who are unhealthy because they drink too much they smoke too much they might be on drugs, may Allah make it easy for you. And you know what it's It is said that those people find it much more

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difficult with the symptoms, symptoms. So I thought I'd just come about and let you know much love you know, guys, so May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah bless you guys and give you ease. Like I said, Do not panic. If you have tested positive people better than you have been tested positive. And guess what? They're out of it. And they're so excited. They feel like they've conquered the world because they're out of it. And I know that it's not

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it's not something to be proud about. But the reason why I'm saying this is because people start panicking as though it's the end of the world. Come on, it's not the end of the world. Yes, you got it. I know you didn't want it. I know you took precautions, you got it and you got it. You had it therefore, therefore, you know, inshallah, you're gonna come out of it, even in LA, no panicking. It's not the end of the world. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Okay, before I take in some of you guys to talk live here on the session, I want to say one more point, very interesting factor. There are people who pass away during this particular COVID-19 virus pandemic that has struck the globe, are

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they considered martyrs, perhaps, if, if they got the virus after having taken every precaution that they could have, and they tried their best to protect the bodies that are entrusted to them by Allah, and then they still got the virus, and they were patient, and they tried the remedies and they did whatever they could and they still died in sha Allah, they will be granted a very, very lofty rank, perhaps the rank of martyrdom to a certain extent where it's not the real martyr for civilian law, but it is just with the ruling, okay. hoekman. So my beloved brothers and sisters, however, a person who was careless, a person who took no precautions, a person who did not bother

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probably didn't even believe that diseases could be contagious. And unfortunately, some religious people have misinterpreted the Hadith that says law as meaning diseases cannot be contagious, which is actually not even an accurate translation. I'm going to get to that. But if a person was careless, they would be guilty of having committed suicide to a certain extent, because, while at will to be ad, Camila Toluca is a verse of the Quran while attempting to do and don't kill yourselves. The Quran says suicide is haram. Number two is Allah says, Don't ever throw yourselves into destruction the body belongs to Allah, it's your duty to look after it, take care of it, when

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Allah wants he's gonna take it back, you don't do something that will damage your own body. That's the reason why, you know, messing around with your body and these permanent tattoos and you know, piercing all over the show and all that it's not up to us. It's up to Allah. He doesn't allow it because it's his, he has given us the body and it's his Amana, his trust, we have to return it to him. Now, number one is the suicide issue where you know, some of the scholars have said that when you are careless and so on, perhaps just like how a person who was not careless may have the rank of martyrdom, perhaps a person who was careless, may have that level or may is answerable to Allah for

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having thrown themselves into destruction into death, which is a form of suicide. That's one thing. The second is they are also guilty of culpable homicide, perhaps causing the death of others which they're responsible in the eyes of Allah for. So those who are careless, you are in a lose lose situation, those who took precautions, you're in a win win situation, when you take precautions, you know if I was written it for you, and hamdulillah you thank Allah. But if you haven't, I told you two things. If you die, Allah is going to ask you Why did you throw yourself into destruction, which is a form of suicide, number one, number two is you're going to be asked, Why did you throw the

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lives of others in destruction? I know of people, religious people whose wives have passed away who some of their family members have passed away just because they were careless and they continue to say, This is nothing. This is this. This is a hoax. This is whatever this is a farce, and so on, hang on, hang on. It could be you know, there could be some conspiracy behind the whole thing, but it doesn't mean the reality.

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See on the ground is a joke. The reality on the ground is actually serious. So we don't panic and Alhamdulillah we take precautions and we try but we don't throw ourselves into destruction. And more than that. You don't throw others into destruction. People say, Well, I haven't seen people dying. That's because you don't work in a hospital, my brother or my sister, simple ABC. You don't work in a hospital, you won't see people dying. You know, you're not in the frontline, you won't see people that. So let's not be foolish, always saying and I've always said this always saying is take precautions. That's it. We're not saying more than that. Another thing? Why are you throwing the

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lives of others into destruction? What answer Are you going to give to Allah? You might not believe it, it's a reality. You're being a fool. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us ease and protection and May Allah subhanho wa Taala really help us? Like I said, the bulk of people come out of this, but they are those who perhaps won't. Then there are those who tell you well, whatever is meant to be is meant to be, it's going to happen, it's going to happen, that sort of religious blackmail I've addressed in another video. And I did say that that's a big fraud. It's actually a statement of religious blackmail, shame upon you. Because everything is predestined, why bother about anything

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anyway. Because as it is, you're going to earn whatever is written for you, you're going to marry whoever is written for you, you're going to die whenever Allah is written. So why bother? You know, just sit on your laurels all day and just Subhan Allah, May Allah forgive us? May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us forgiveness, my brothers and sisters, that's not good enough. That's just not good enough, you have to do your best. You have to do your best to protect yourself and to get what is beneficial for you, you have to go out and work go out and try and so on. Okay. So I'm done with that. And I'm done with what I wanted to say I wanted to say two things. Number one was, you get the

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disease, don't panic, what to do. So panela at night, you might find it a little bit difficult. Some people say if you're on your stomach for a little while and hit your back a little bit, you know, you actually loosen the flame that's also beneficial if you're on your stomach. Some say don't sleep on your back, because it becomes a little bit worse. And some people say that you can sleep on your side, side to side and perhaps you want to sleep up a little bit, it might help you because at night gets a little bit worse. So there goes. Then the other thing I wanted to talk about was how important it is to try your best so that you can achieve the rank of martyrdom. If in the very rare

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case you happen to lose your life. It is not to boot to have COVID-19 if you have COVID-19 and you've tested positive, the chances are the best thing to do send a message to all your loved ones, all your friends, whoever you've interacted with in the last two weeks, just let them know listen, I was positive and perhaps you know you can isolate and make sure that you're not positive yourself. That's the most responsible thing to do. The best thing to do you will be rewarded for having saved lives from the poor and now my brothers and sisters, I am ready to allow a few of you guys to join me here to say a few words on this topic of COVID-19 be even in LA he has his own agenda.

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