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Jumu’ah Lecture

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Allah, Allah, he was happy He adjumani my brothers and sisters, many times people ask a question, I want to get closer to Allah. I want to change my life. What should? I do? It's a very good question. And at some point in the lives of every one of us, we tend to feel within ourselves that we want to do more to gain closeness to Allah. The question is, what is the starting point? Well, Allah Almighty has answered that himself by telling us, there is nothing that I love more than those things I made compulsory. If I did not love it, it would not be compulsory. This means if you want to gain

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closeness to Allah, do your fourth, that is something amazing, clear cut, answer, your obligations, the five daily prayers, etc. Make sure you fulfill your duty unto Allah, if he tells you, you have to do this, pause for a moment, does he need it? No, he doesn't. Who needs it? You need it, I need it. So if that is the case, and he is telling you, you have to do this, knowing very well he doesn't need it, but you need it, you need to know There must be something massively beneficial in what he is saying La Ilaha Illa, Allah, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. So you want to gain closeness to Allah, at least do your obligations, start off with the five daily prayers, and so on,

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when it comes to fasting in Ramadan, when it comes to your charity that which is obligatory and compulsory, do it with a happy heart, do it such that you're looking forward to it, don't look at it as a burden. It is for you more than anything else, it is for your benefit. Now, the next question is so from among these things that Allah says he wants you to do? Which of those acts of worship is the best? What can I do? I want to gain closeness to Allah, I want to be close to Allah. Well, I can tell you prayer, Allah made it a pillar of Islam.

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The five daily Salah, if you have that, you actually have your main connection with Allah, you've turned on that electricity, so to speak, that's what you've done. You've turned the switch on, you know, you can have power. But if you haven't clicked it to, you know, to actually connect it. There's no point you and I know in this country, we have generators, we have power cuts. So often, if you don't have that turnover switch, no matter how big your generator is, or no matter how long ago the lights came back, or the electricity came back. If you didn't flick the switch, you have no benefit at all. The same applies. We know how important Salah is Salah is that flicking, switch your

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connection with Allah. So the prophets, Allah Salam has told us that it is a pillar of Islam. And on top of that, he says, When a person passes away, one of the first things he's going to be asked about is Salah. And if the answer for that was okay, you need to know the rest of it is going to be a walk in the park basically, much easier. That's according to the Hadith, it's going to be made easier. And if the answer to that was difficult, you already know, hey, if the first part of this case didn't go too well, the second part is not going to be that grand either. May Allah grant us ease if we faltered in the past. Allah says no stress, change your ways change your habits make Toba

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start afresh, and we will still treat you as good as the ending, not the beginning. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a good end. I mean, so now we've established how important Salah is the most important act of worship, and Allah doesn't want it ever to be fulfilled for anyone or anything besides Him. In fact, no act of worship is allowed for anyone or anything besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, from those postures and positions of Salah, which is the most important, which is the most important if I start my prayer, what is the most powerful posture or position of prayer that I could get into and gain the the closeness to Allah that is unmatched? The Hadith answers that for

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you acaba, Maya Kannada Buddha lira be

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the closest that a slave can be to his Lord is when he is in prostration. Have you ever thought Why? All the postures of prayer in every unit of prayer which means all the

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positions in every regard are only once. Besides one.

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Why? simple reason Allah loves it the most. That's all. That's the true answer. Allah told you to do it two times, record is once not twice. You stand up, you stand once per unit right? You stand once you came up once you went down, you went down how many times twice? SubhanAllah. Why?

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against what ever the devil may be trying, you are going to go down twice. Imagine you went down the devil cannot stand it because that is the most powerful posture you could ever get to in worship of Allah. The devil is literally pelted at that time. He's so angry and upset at what you've just done. And you actually come up with a smile. And then guess what? He's so cross and you gone back again. Allahu Akbar. Look at how you smash the devil. This is why take your time in salute.

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The Hadith says the closest you can ever get to Allah is when your head is on the ground or married to an ash Judah Allah Sabathia algebra ha what ashara ba de la and v one v one rook but a new domain. The prophets of Salaam says clearly the proper way of prostrating is on seven bones.

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He said the forehead and he pointed at his nose, which means this is one organ, right? Meaning one bone, one bone. This is the same bone. And then he says your hands, your knees and the tips of your feet, which means your toes. Seven. And that's why those who makes you do it on the elbows, we tell them hang on, you cannot add another two to that list. If the professor Selim says 77 Let's keep it at that. You know, when when some people make sure you they put their elbows down on the ground, you've added another two bones that are not in the Hadith. It's sub it out of them. And it's not. It's only seven and not nine. Remember this. So that posture Allah loves it so much, that it is

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called sujood. The root of the verb is sajida. Listen, anything connected to sajida is always the highest in the eyes of Allah no chance that they can be anything higher than that. So Allah says,

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Man, Ban Allah, Allah He must didn't ban Allahu Allahu beighton Phil Jana, whoever builds for Allah, a place where everyone comes to put their heads on the ground for Allah, Allah will make a house for him in general straight. That is for no one besides the one who makes a house in which others are going to come to put their heads on the ground. What's the meaning of misogyny, misogyny is a noun that is derived from a verb Originally, the root of it is to prostrate and Masjid means the place of frustration, even if it's in your own house and voila, he is recommended in everyone's house. And I know we some have bigger houses, some have small if you have a big house have a special place where

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you pray and spend time there. The day you die and you're alone in your grave, one law he that time you spent in that particular place, worshiping Allah is going to come to help you. It will come to help you you will never regret it. You have a big home, specialized a place people have a toy room. Imagine people have a playroom, but they don't have a playroom lockable look at it. Just have a little place and tell Oh Allah, this is the place, perhaps your children will come there watching you. You find serenity and comfort. Call the oven out in your home, have your prayers at home if need be. And remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given great value to this.

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So Jude prostration, so take your time in it. Take your time. I know we have to say the remembrance of Allah at least once Subhana. Allah recommended thrice. But beyond that it's between you and Allah 579 I can go on and on. How close are you to Allah like charity, two and a half percent you have to give? Actually, that's not yours. What's yours is after two and a half. What are you going to give? Now we want to see that is really yours. You find the point, the two and a half percent always belonged to Allah, it was just the change you had to give from the $100 bill. It was always Allah, the fact that you gave it yes, you get to reward that you didn't steal it. That's what you get a

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reward for you gave it it was Alice. But if you really want to prove how charitable you are, what law it has to do with more than the two and a half. Then you're talking from your cash which Allah did not make obligatory upon you. It's my money. That's why some people say I'll give 10% Why two and a half is from the compulsory and the rest is mine. I'm going to give

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there is nothing hard and fast to say you have to but it's up to you. Same with prayer. You have to do the forest. The sooner is you do the forest in the masjid in congregation and this

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The sooner and nothing which means that which is voluntary, go home Lata xiaolu Quran the Hadith says don't allow your houses to become graves. What does that mean? Well, a grave is a place where no acts of worship take place the person's already did. So the sooner is telling you go home and do acts of worship at home. Why? You need roenick you actually need spirituality. You need a beautiful ambience in your home. You call out the oven you do your prayer your kids come your family comes you have whatever and there is a Koran that is recited loudly and so voila, you enter the home you feel so good, because why that house is full of a bother it is alive. It is alive. A house in which Allah

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is not worship is a dead house. Even Jim is more likely to attack and Chopin is more likely to come the Hadith says a house in which Surah Baqarah is read the Quran is read shapen runs away. So then this it's very interesting, you will feel it your children will feel it your family members will feel it by the help of Allah.

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So you come to the masjid you read in congregation what is the benefit of reading in congregation? The Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim says Salatu Shama it avalonian Salatin fed v b sub ny chilena de Raja one narration comes in we're actually in the Salah that is fulfilled in a congregation we're not talking of a Masjid here. We start off with congregation Be it at home, be it at work, be eat on the street be eat anyway, the fact that there's a congregation already multiplied by 27 times SubhanAllah. If I read alone, if I add a person to me 27 times more reward. While like if this was gold coins, we would make sure we pulled somebody and said hey, hang on 27 times more will we'll

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share it Allah says no, we give you both 27 each so behind Allah, but when it comes to acts of worship, we don't think business mindedly you know for those things. But in actual fact, we should start doing that. May Allah grant us ease even if you just have to pull your family members you know, and make sure they are with you behind you. It's okay. Even if it's just your wife standing at the battery, it's fine. Remember this you will get 27 times more reward to pray together in JAMA. So what is the reward of the masjid the masjid is even greater than that. So great that there is no multiplication mentioned of a reward when you read in the masjid besides for three machines. So, one

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day the professor solem at his own machine Medina mono what I was explaining how the reward of coming to the masjid is that is over and above congregation because congregation can be done anywhere. Like I said, the masjid the Hadith says Salatin famous god how the Illuminati Alfie Salatin famous in the masjid al Haram, and one narration says al Masjid Al Aqsa, which means the Salah that is fulfilled in my Masjid is 1000 times better than the Salah that you fulfill in any other Masjid except Masjid al Haram. And in another narration and mosquito Aqsa, what about Masjid al haram? Masjid al Haram is 100,000 times better you go and make one Salah it's multiplied by

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100,000 mosquito Hara that means Mecca and what about mosquito Aqsa when duration says 500 times as for mosquito net but we the common correct narration is 1000 But there is another narration that makes mention of 10,000 either way, it is multiplied but for our massage. There is no specific number. The number is for Salatu Jama and definitely when you read in the masjid there is a very great reward so much so the professor Salaam says you must try your best to go to the masjid unless you have a valid excuse.

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Now we come to the Coronavirus right, it's important to talk about it what happens we do know that yes at the beginning Mashallah tabarrok Allah We were so interested in knowing what's going on. And always remember one thing as a mock Minh, we must take precautions where there is something that is detrimental to life, we must take precautions, no matter what you are not allowed to put the lives of people at risk never. You take precautions and if need be the restriction has to be put into place you will put it into place. Anyone who claims that those who said that we need to restrict or we need to minimize or we need to take precautions does not like the masjid hates the masjid hates

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Salah is not a proper Muslim is all a lie. In fact, they may be better Muslims with those restrictions than the ones who might have promoted being very, very, you know, easy about things or there's nothing like this and it results in a lot of people being affected, hurt, harm and even death. May Allah protect us all. So put things into perspective. Those who promote precaution and restriction where it is needed

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are not

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ever to be called people who don't like the machine, they don't like salada they probably read more solid than you and I, they probably go into sujood longer than you and I, they probably read Salah with jamara elsewhere, nobody ever said don't do Salah with Gemma, do it at home. I remember promoting very loud and clear to say, read more Salah, take more time in your Salah, etc, etc. But there were restrictions at a certain time primarily during the month of Ramadan. Right after that what happened? Well, we got to know more, we became a little bit more equipped, we started seeing things from different angles. And guess what, at some point, life has to continue. And I remember

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sitting on this pulpit here telling you and and reminding myself that life must continue with precautions. So we won't allow someone to come in on their own no precautions and pretend like Look, I know what's going on. So you know what you can go to somewhere else where they think like you. But for us, we will fulfill the Salah, we will not close the masajid we will make sure that the precautions necessary are taken and thereafter we will continue with life. And if you get sick after that it was in the hands of Allah. So what what could I do? That doesn't mean I'm complacent on one hand, nor does it mean that I'm using religious blackmail on the other. We're in the middle. And

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there was a time not too long ago, there was a bit of a spike. So precautionary measures just precautionary. We added a little bit of restriction for a short moment of time it was necessary, it was necessary. Because we felt so and as soon as we felt otherwise, it went back to where it was. We are so fortunate we actually have very little restriction compared to some other countries. And Mashallah we're making use of it. I see this Masjid subhana wa Salatu fudger and do some other Salawat. And you know what Alhamdulillah the people are coming and everyone has is taking precautions. They're taking it seriously. So remember this sujood is absolutely important virus or

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no virus. There is no compromise in your sujood my brothers and sisters take even more time in us to do it. Because when you get to that to do that is when you will get Shiva and cure.

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Guess what? Here we are with our own prayer mats. Subhana Allah. Is that something wrong? No, not at all. It's just a part of precaution. Did you do hamdulillah? But did anyone stop you from sujood? Never did anyone stop you from Salah never did anyone stop you from congregational prayer. Never. The only thing that was slightly restricted was the machine. And I want to encourage you and I and my brothers and sisters. Remember, you're healthy, you lead a normal life. You're going out to work anyway. And you there is no reason why if there is no reason why you shouldn't be coming to the masjid you should still be coming to the masjid.

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Why why I'm surprised sometimes is you find a very healthy person getting on with his entire life. But the most you know,

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we need to understand. Let's talk about it. Let's create this conscience consciousness Let's conscient eyes ourselves about it. That Hang on. If you're healthy, and there's nothing wrong with you generally, take your precautions and go to work. Take your precautions and go and do everything else. Take your precautions and go to the masjid. Why? Because Raja Luna boo Allah can bill massage Ed, there is a special shade on the Day of Judgment for a person whose heart was attached to the places of prostration primarily your mind goes to the houses of Allah Masjid. So yes, it is correct. If your heart is connected to the machine,

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you know, when I was young, and up to this day, as we grew older, there is always certain uncles that I would never forget, you come to the masjid they there You must be knowing some as well. They there and some of them have passed away and I sit and I think hey, I'm sure allowable recompense that uncle May Allah grant them gentlemen all of them and asked to because they were they come fudger come over come as they were just say, Hey, we just there may Allah make us such that we can free ourselves in that way. Love Akbar, we need to build our one line you and I don't know how long we're going to live.

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So to prepare for the day, we're going to meet with Allah, it should be a beautiful thing. And the best way you can prepare increase your sujood and I want to end off by telling you that you know sujood Allah loves it so much. Allah will not allow for it to be done for anyone besides him while

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messaggi if Allah tada omarama he had, indeed the frustration.

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The places of frustration belong to Allah. So don't ever worship anyone besides Allah. That's what Allah tells you in Surah two gene and my brothers and sisters, take your time Institute. It is an honor

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Learn a few more of the two hours that are that can be read Institute, because it's a position that's going to really help you the closest you can get to your Lord. The closest you can get to Allah is in that position of God, I pray that these few words have helped myself and yourselves to revisit the whole connection we have with salah and to do it as an honor and to fulfill the forum and then also try to do your summoner your novel and to live in the home and to make sure that yes they will be pandemics they will be tested and we will take precaution and they will be restriction but as best as we can to the best of our ability let's try and fulfill things the way they should

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be. A kulu Kohli hava masala Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad