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Salam aleikum once again Masha Allah Nicki Minaj. So to be very honest, I did not know who she was a few years ago. But Subhana Allah, you know, I laughed at a joke when someone said, Mohammed is not on the main Hajj, you know, you know, you have people playing drafts with the man heads, you know, when they say on the man, head of the manager and the manager of the manager. Obviously, it's not a game. And it's not something to joke about. But you have people saying mainhand, not on the main edge, and I'm thinking what's going on? Anyway, I got to know later on. And so Hannah law, she happens to be following a lot of people on Twitter, on Instagram, and whatever else it is, she needs

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a life in the

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entertainment industry. She's not a Muslim woman. And at the same time, she probably for some reason follows me. Now, people are very inquisitive. Trust me, you don't need to know. You don't need to know Alhamdulillah if someone wants to follow you, or me or anyone in order to learn a thing or two, not everyone who follows you agrees with you. Some people follow you because they disagree with you, and they just want to see what you do. So the foolish are those who think that when someone follows someone they agree with everything they say or do I've seen people from opposite countries who are at war with each other, follow each other simply because they want to know from the horse's mouth,

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what is being said and so on. So in this particular case, whatever the reason is, big deal. So Panama, I am happy and inshallah I pray that it's a means of goodness for for everyone and a means of guidance for one and all inshallah, why not? You know, we wish goodness for humanity at large. I have no authority over people, all I can do is present the goodness in a beautiful way. And if people are benefiting from it, I think a lot and if people are not benefiting from it, I'm sure they can benefit from others even more than they can benefit from me. I'm not the only guy on earth and this is why if you don't want to follow don't follow you're supposed to be following color law color

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school and not me in particular, I if I were to guide you towards color or color vasudha hamdulillah it's a good thing. And if I were if I don't do that, then it's a bad thing. So sometimes I might word things in a different way. But if you do if you study deeply, it's all the same. It's all from Allah and His Messenger May peace be upon him. So remember my brothers and sisters Don't let curiosity killed the cat.

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Mashallah Tara tala Allah, I don't know. I mean, I, I do know a little bit of a fine detail. But sometimes, you know, let me explain. If you come to me with something and you want help for something, or perhaps you need guidance on something or you're getting guidance for something from me,

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part of the professional side of a person should be that they don't discuss people's private issues with others because that's when there is a big letdown. Religious personnel sometimes do that. And they discuss people's personal problems with others and this is the reason why nobody trusts some of them. Now, for me, I wouldn't give you any detail if I know that you would know exactly who I'm talking about. I wouldn't and this is why I say Don't worry just make sure it's been for a long time I know that someone has just found out now I knew since August last year the end of July last year when it when it all happened so Pamela so on handler May Allah guide one and all I'm thinking to

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myself, people are passing so many comments, some of them are good and some of them are nasty. You know, we're worried about the guidance of someone else when we're not worried about our own guidance. Yes, we should be worried about the guidance of all but charity begins at home Remember that? Yeah, I have levena manohara income

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for Saku

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Bala Isla de to all you who believe, be concerned about yourselves. Those who are astray will not harm you. If you yourselves are rightly guided Subhana Allah so May Allah guide us all and May Allah bless everyone with goodness. I thought I'd spend a moment to tell you who's on the Manage and who's not on the main Hajj.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us all Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah