Tom Facchine – Seek Forgiveness Often

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the use of proactive behavior during the trial, which can lead to surprises and negative consequences. They suggest that proactive behavior can be used to avoid surprises and that it is a practice that is not just a habit, but a habit. They also mention that the trial is designed to enable witnessing and bear witness to the actions of the people involved.
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Prophet Mohammed says that I'm sad that he used to ask Allah for forgiveness over 70 times a day. And somebody could say, well, we can think of almost like, seeking forgiveness or repentance as almost like a transaction, right? It's like, Well, I do this. And so then I have to, then I have to, I have a debt to pay. So now I repent.

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But there's a couple problems with thinking about it like that. First of all, you don't realize everything that you do wrong. There's a lot of things that we do, either we do it automatically, first of all, or we do it. And yes, we intended to do it, but we don't necessarily see the consequences. Maybe you said a word to your spouse. And she did a really good job, hiding the fact that it hurt her, that it upset her. And in reality, you really hurt her feelings, right or something to your parents or something to your kids. And maybe they just did it. Or maybe they didn't do a good a good job of hiding it, but you just didn't notice, or you had to leave or

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something like that. Right? Every single one of us, we have sins that we're aware of, and we have sins that we're not aware of.

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And so proactively asking for repentance is not only a good idea, it's also a practice of the Prophet Mohammed Salim Issa, so that we don't get any surprises on the day of judgment, because on the Day of Judgment, as the law says in the Quran, he's going to enable the limbs to speak and bear witness against us, and our skin and even the earth is going to bear witness and inform us as to everything that we did.

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We're going to see every single thing and so imagine you've got all these things that you didn't even realize.

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And they've been piling up, piling up, piling up, and you didn't take the time to repent. Other Other than for the things that you remember.

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Scary. You might have a lot to pay for when it comes down to it.

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