Mufti Menk – Love & Fear

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of fear and love in Islam, stating that fear is a consequence of love and not a consequence of disobeyment. They also mention the negative impact of fear on one's relationship with Allah, citing a study where a woman said she was scared to ask for her partner, but she loved him because he would bring her joy. The speaker adds that fear is a consequence of love and not disobeyment.
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My brothers and sisters, these things depict two major aspects of our relationships. taqwa is to develop the correct relationship with Allah, to have

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enough love of Allah that would keep you away from that which is bad and harmful to you, as well as displeasing to Allah.

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I love Allah so much I don't want to displease him. So it is, it is something it is a fear that is born out of love. That's something people don't explain. Usually, when someone says fear Allah, I mean, I I'm not scared to the degree that I am petrified of meeting him. No, I must love him to the degree that I don't want to disobey Him because I fear his displeasure and his anger. It's true. I fear his punishment as well out of love. Imagine when you love someone, and I've always give this example a spouse, you just newly got married and you really love your spouse. Notice I said newly married because later on only Allah knows what happens.

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May Allah bless her soul and grant us all the happiest of marriages. I mean, so you know when you newly married and you don't want to say anything that will actually hurt your spouse, not because you fear them but because you fear hurting them. You fear upsetting them out of love, it's love. So it's the love of Allah. The love of Allah is everything. That love of Allah taqwa is born out of love of Allah. And that includes fear. Because you actually fear the displeasure of Allah, the Wrath of Allah, the anger of Allah, the punishment of Allah

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