Mufti Menk – Asking Allah For Something You Want – Motivational Evening

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa sallahu wa salam ala Mallanna BIA back there who were Allah Allah He was so happy here Jemaine moments ago we were taken literally to Makkah in the Haram Don't you agree? Yes those who no no, mashallah chef Mooney recitation is so beautiful that when we uploaded it onto YouTube the last time, they gave us a copyright strike believing it was chef Mahira likely. And when we contested it, they disagreed and said, No, he's lip syncing to the voice of Chef Mahara. I happen to send that to Chef Mahara. And he just had nothing to say Mashallah. So this is amazing. The recipe the recital you had this evening is the closest imitation

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of schema, Harold Michaelia, of the Haram in Makkah, Tomoko Rama, when chef Manila came back to sit there. I said, my brother, you should have completed the story. It's the story of Sulaiman and Bill keys. You know, as much as it's a, as much as it's a very, very powerful story about the ants and the hood and so on. It's also a bit of a love story, Masha, Allah, may Allah grant us goodness and ease. But there are a lot of lessons to be learned from this Sulaiman Alayhis Salam used to make a dua supplication to Allah.

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Rob Bill fearly Oh ALLAH forgive me. And the reason I'm repeating this is all of us need to know what were these supplications that worked with other people they worked. Imagine you use certain words to ask Allah something. And you got that thing, although it has a lot to also do with your sincerity with your connection with Allah and so on. But one thing when he made the DUA, he started off asking Allah what He wants, by saying I've been fairly Oh Allah, forgive me. From this, I learned that I need to seek the forgiveness of Allah before I asked him what I want all the time. Whenever you want Allah to give you something first thing you do seek forgiveness, from what things

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I know I did that were wrong things I don't know I did were wrong things perhaps I've forgotten that I did were wrong, minor things, major things, whatever it may have been seek forgiveness of Allah and do not doubt the fact that he has forgiven you. Because one of the plots of shaytan is he makes man think that you're not forgiven by Allah because what you did was massive. Whereas men forgets that what Adam Alayhis Salam did right at the beginning was very big, it was massive, even more massive than what you can imagine, because the only thing ever that was prohibited for Adam and Eve or Hawa May peace be on them was to eat from the tree, and what did they do exactly that

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you follow? And they just said a few words that were taught to them by Allah seeking forgiveness, and Allah says, We forgave them. So oh, man, remember one thing, do not for a moment think that the Almighty

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will not forgive your sin. That's from shape and that type of thought is from shaitan. If you sought forgiveness, you will be forgiven. So the major sins require specific forgiveness, and you must learn to move on. Because sometimes shaytan comes to bog you down like I said earlier, he doesn't want you to believe you're forgiven. So what happens you can't move on you don't enjoy worship. You don't enjoy reading the Quran, you don't enjoy prayer, you don't enjoy doing the right thing because you feel you're dirty or you're not clean enough or you've done things that were so bad that you know, what am I'm not even fit to be praying here. Again, that's from the devil.

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So don't think that no matter what, you've got to move on. major sins require you to seek specific forgiveness, Oh Allah, I did this, this this. I regret it. I feel the remorse. I seek forgiveness from you, and I won't do it again.

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And Allah says if those conditions are met, wiped out, how good is that for Islam, a religion of forgiveness. Amazing, amazing. Every single person has committed sins from amongst us, not one can say that. I am spotless. Right? Every one of us we've done things, different levels I agree different levels. But don't for a moment think that you are too far from the Mercy of Allah because anything you ever want, you're going to have to make peace with Allah to make peace with Allah one of the most important cornerstones is to say Rob Bill fairly Oh ALLAH forgive me or Bill fairly Oh ALLAH forgive me so much so that the DUA to read between the two sets does if you didn't know you

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know, we make one prostration we go down to sujood on the seven bones I'm sure you know which seven bones they are. If you want me to repeat

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Put your hand up. Okay. Well, maybe two of us do that Allah Sabathia alum Jabba wa Shara Via de la and fee will your Dania rock Beiteinu Athena Philippa domaine, the Prophet peace be upon him says, I've been ordered to prostrate meanings such the on seven bones. And he said the forehead and he pointed his nose because that's one bone right? So the forehead needs to be on the ground. And Jabba what Ashara ba de la and fee and he pointed with his hand to his nose when Leah Dany, while khademhosseini, a trafficker domain, rock Britania atrophic, a domain, the two hands that makes it three the knees that makes it five, and the, the tips of your toes, that makes it seven. So the tips

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of the toes, the knees, the two hands, and the forehead with the nose, that's seven. So

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we prostrate for Allah subhanho wa taala, we go down in frustration for Allah subhanahu wa taala, we seek the forgiveness of Allah. And we know for a fact we've been forgiven, a person who turns to Allah, Allah will always grant them forgiveness. You know, before I continue, I remember one thing this evening, I'd like to give every one of you an opportunity or whoever wants an opportunity to put up your hands and to share with us something that happened in your life, either that made you change, or that motivated you or something that was very negative that occurred and how you coped with it in order to inspire the rest of us, because we're all human. And we all go through similar

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things, if you want to share it, or if you feel you want to ask something specific related to something that's happened to you, perhaps you may do so but just in one minute, so bear that in mind, because if you have the courage to put up your hand, and to just share a minute of motivation, I will be quite strict in the sense that if you're going to get up and start telling us all about the price of eggs in China, and so on, we're going to stop you. Because we already know the price of eggs in China, it's on Alibaba, as you know.

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But at the same time in sha Allah here this evening,

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what we'd like to do is to talk to one another, to be able to motivate one another, to be able to uplift one another to remind ourselves that every one of us is very similar, yet unique, similar in so many ways, but unique in identity, unique in circumstances. Allah has chosen circumstances for you and I that are absolutely unique, what's going to happen and what has happened in your life is very different from what's happened in other people's lives from one aspect, but from a lot of other aspects. It's similar you're a Mormon you need to believe you need to turn to Allah challenges will come your challenges are slightly different from mine. And guess what you're going to have to deal

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with it but your life as a whole is absolutely unique. You were born to different parents you're in a different home you a different food, even though it might have been similar cuisine. This evening, we're going to be having a beautiful meal. You know, I see some people who've been here so many times and mashallah, it really it's a boost for me.

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The reason is actually I've seen a few people is one brother, he has been here for almost all my talks and today he's come with his own family mashallah Tabarrok Allah Subhanallah and what does it tell me it tells me you know, perhaps what you're doing is you know, having an impact on the people but more than that, it tells me the food that saffron is really good.

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All right. So hello, that's a good thing. Masha, Allah, Masha, and I'm so excited to see my brother Robert on the left. I just noticed he's here. I haven't seen him in ages, but Alhamdulillah my brother, I'm excited to see you is that kind of him.

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So we were saying that Allah Almighty to seek forgiveness of Allah is something that is the starting point. When you want to ask Allah something. The closest you can ever be is sujood prostration acabo, Maya Kunal Abdullah, Ravi, were who were surgeon, the closest that a slave can ever be to their Lord is in the condition of prostration. Now I was telling you between the two prostrations we say, a bit fiddly, do you know that dua, you're supposed to be making a dua at different times right in your prayer, one of them is between the two prostrations in some of the schools of thought it's actually mandatory, and some of them it's not mandatory, but what is the dua the DUA is a bit

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fiddly. That's the simple part of it. Simple way you could say a slightly longer dua The point I'm raising is Oh ALLAH forgive me.

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I went down frustrated I said, subhanAllah Bella, Allah you are the greatest Oh my lord Glory be to the one who made me are the one who's in control of every aspect of my existence. And what are we saying? You are the highest come up from sujood you say Allahu Akbar and Sarah Bill filet O Allah forgive me who

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was going to forgive you the one who you just described in your sujood. And then you go back to another sujood SubhanAllah. Amazing. Everything happens in Salah.

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Once in a unit besides sujood that happens twice. That's Allah says seek the forgiveness of Allah and get onto the same page then ask him what you want are a bit fiddly. Oh ALLAH forgive me, that also shows me that the seeking of forgiveness is one of the most important supplications that you can ever make.

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What's the other most important one, there's another one that I always say, the most repeated dua. In history. The most repeated supplication on Earth, is which one? So if you guys were listening to some of my previous talks,

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say it loudly.

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It then I'll set up almost 30 That's the DUA guide us to the straight path, don't you say every raka guide us to the straight path guide us to the straight path. So those are two powerful things you as a believer needs to know

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I ask Allah to guide me to the straight path and I asked him to give me forgiveness grant me forgiveness. I'm weak. I'm human. You know, we walk we talk we do things we we actually, even as we walking in here perhaps like with myself, I'm I tried to be conscious about what's going on. But sometimes you can't sometimes you're a human and you know what it happens that you're living in the real world. It's not an ideal place. Allah has created the ideal place as paradise not as this world. So we say Oh ALLAH forgive me for that which I know that which I don't know, that which I perhaps didn't even consider was sinful against you or Allah, without your mercy. I am nothing. So

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here's Sulayman Alayhis Salam, Rob. Bill verily, Oh ALLAH forgive me what happened? He Moodle Colyton. But he really had him in the O Allah. Forgive me and grant me Kingdom Hubballi Malik, grant me Kingdom ownership of that which

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no one after me will have

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Did you hear that? No one after me will have.

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And He continued by name by mentioning the Beautiful Names of Allah. You see, when you ask Allah for cure, you can say oh Allah grant me cure. That's a good dua. May Allah grant all of us cure? I mean,

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may Allah grant those who are seeking ill cure among the ummah and on earth, I mean, may Allah grant those who are struggling and suffering with anything is in there difficulty and hardship I mean,

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here we are, asking Allah for cure, but there's a better way of asking. I said, Oh, Allah grant me cure with a better way is owner of cure. Grant Miko? Yeah, Shafi Allahu mushy Anta Shafi Oh Allah grant cure, you are the cure, you are the owner of cure. That's a better way why? Because I'm acknowledging that Allah is the Owner. He is the one Oh Allah, Allah, Zack. Oh Allah, the owner of sustenance, grant me sustenance, it's a better way of supplicating. So I'm just trying to show you that there's a way of doing things but there's a better way this is not wrong, but this is better. Learn the Names, Attributes of Allah, the qualities, what is it? You're asking Allah, I'm asking Him

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forgiveness or owner of forgiveness. Grant me forgiveness. How's that? Going for? A far toward all these names connected to the forgiveness that Allah gives the word the one who asked forgives all the time, he accepts the repentance to work of far one who forgives often, time and again, over and over again. Or far.

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In the month of Ramadan, we have a night known as Leila, to cut out the Night of Decree. That night the prophets, allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the DUA supplication that is the most powerful is Allahumma Inaka. Forward, look out the DUA starts

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Oh Allah you are forgiving, awful, awful. Allah forgives that which is small minor may whatever it is, Allah will forgive. Oh Allah, you are forgiving to him. Bulava. You love to forgive. Wow, how's that? Look at the introduction. Oh Allah you the Forgiver you love to forgive so forgive me.

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Allahumma Inaka foon to hibel alpha for Annie. So forgive me. And that term awful. It shows that the person forgiving you actually loses nothing by just forgiving you. That's Allah. Allah is awful.

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because he loses nothing. He gains nothing by your worship and he loses nothing by forgiving you. That's Allah, he's independent. The gain and the loss is yours and mine, not his. If I sin and transgress, it's against me. Allah says it's so many times in the Quran, you did something wrong, it's against you. You did something right. It's for you.

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So the names and qualities of Allah are very, very important. When you want to ask for a cure. You say you speak about a Shafi the cure. Okay? That's amazing.

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Similarly, if you take a look at the supplications that are made in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are in the Quran, a lot of the times you will find beautiful names and qualities of Allah subhanho wa taala. Unfortunately, today, we don't know the names. And at times, even if we know them, we don't use them. I know of children who memorize the 100 names of Allah, the 99 names of Allah, the 99 names of Allah and they're more than 99 They're probably 120 150. The exact number is not actually known, but the 99 that we know the 99 that are specific,

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those that are mentioned in a specific Hadith, those 99 the Hadith says If you memorize them, if you actually believe them, if you put them into practice in a certain way, then Allah will grant you paradise just because you've recognized your maker. That's the reason you've recognized your maker you've recognized who made you and whom you're going to return to. So to know the qualities of Allah is one thing but use those names. Use them Oh Allah, you are most forgiving forgive me. Oh Allah, this is who you are. This is what you you've promised all this these are your qualities. You are the strongest grant me strength, Oh Allah, You are the protector protect me. You are the giver give me

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and so on. So getting back to this dua Hubballi mule can learn but really I had him embody Suleiman alayhi salam says grant me Kingdom ownership of that, which you won't give someone after me. He says in tell Whap he uses the term Wahab the name Wahhab. You are indeed the giver. Wahab is one who gives gifts, the one who gives gifts and Wahab Wahab I know of another place where the term or the name should I say what Herb is used

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in a supplication

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it's used in a supplication. Guess which supplication anyone knows in the Quran? Yes. Where else is it used for what other thing here? Sulaiman Alehissalaam is asking for something that's well for you and I it's impossible obviously for Allah it's not he saying give me give me that which you're not going to give someone off to me something.

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Thank you so much. Rabbana habla naman as well. Gina will do react in a Kurata UNIDO Jana LaMattina Emma, the name Wahab is, although it's not used there, but it's used for family and children.

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The name the name Wahab is used for family and children. Let me read the verse for you. Okay.

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So, you know, the curry Alehissalaam didn't have children, right? What did he say? He says,

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Rob be heavily laden ghetto lineata Oh, Paiva. Again, use the term hubhub means grant me a gift. Grant me a gift of what have some family progeny, children who will be a gift from you. And Allah subhanahu autolysis we gave him the gift. And and so in the Quran, it says, Al Wahhab,

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the name of Allah that is used Wahab in this case as well. So Allah is giving the gift, something that you lost hope about, but not from Allah, which I didn't lose hope in Allah but I lost hope in worldly things, people get married and it's happening often. May Allah grant ease to all those who are married in their marriages and those who don't have children, Allah bless them with children as well. But it's quite stressful when yours are passing. And you know what, people are just looking at you thinking, it's about time you started a family, and you're busy thinking it's got nothing to do with about time I, I wanted to start a family the day I got married,

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in fact, that started a family. But it's up to Allah when he's going to bless us with children, right?

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People might say, well, you need to you need to be on a strict diet, you know, get off sugars and gluten and this idea that may help you it's good to do things that perhaps might, you know, purify your reproductive system in a beautiful way perhaps Yeah, you can try that out. It's work for a lot of people but at the same time, isn't it some emptiness that you feel within you to say, I don't have children yet, man, Allahu Akbar. Here's the name. seek forgiveness of

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Hola, Roberto fatally Oh ALLAH forgive me, and then that will have in the cantle Wahab, Hubley Oh Allah grant me, grant me what from my wives from my family members from my children, those who will be the coolness of my eyes. So not only am I asking for children, and family, but I'm asking for those who will be the coolness of my eyes. When your child grows older, and their adolescent and they grow beyond that you'd like to at least be happy. That's my son. That's my daughter. Not like some where

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they, as they marry they divorce. How does that work? You married someone and you're divorced your mum and dad. There we go. That's not what Islam teaches. Islam teaches us to look after one another. To try and respect one another. The other day, I spoke about mothers, some of you might have heard the talk, it was a Friday talk in Cape Town. You won't believe it. I got some hate mail men from people saying how on earth would you ever ever say what you said? I said, I'm so happy and proud that I did because normally, I've spoken so many times on children and so on. I've spoken two or three times on mother's? What's the big deal? If anything, I probably didn't do justice to it. Just

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because I said you must respect them and be kind to them no matter what. What do you mean, no matter what I did make an exception, go and listen to the talk. Don't complain me. The reason I'm raising it here again tonight is because we have to talk about things just because it didn't fit in your example, doesn't mean that I was wrong. Perhaps your unique situation may warrant something drastic. But that's not the norm is it?

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So if I say something, if I say guys, you've got to be kind to your parents and look after them, Did I say something wrong? Not at all. But if your parent is is an exception, where they've been abusive, and really toxic and so bad, and you've had to go away from them to protect your sanity, and that's a different thing. That's an exception. I'm not going to be speaking, generalizing regarding exceptions. I'm going to generalize regarding the norm, what's happening. So if I were to tell you that you got to be kind to this person, and that person and I did say, you don't have to obey, were they telling you to do something wrong. Or if they're being nasty, you can address the

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matter. But just be kind. Remember, that's your mother, that's your father come with me. They could be the horriblest people on Earth, but it doesn't give you the right to become nasty with them. You can step back, you can tell them you can you can put your foot down, you can do whatever you have to.

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But the only thing is, go easy, Be kind. Be kind, Allah chose that test for you. So Suleiman alayhi salam, when he did that, three things I'm only going to say number one is he sought the forgiveness of Allah number two is he asked Allah and number three is he's mentioning the names of Allah that are connected to what he's asking. Allah says, We gave him immediately the next verse, You know what Allah says? fossa? Karna Allah Who li ha Tajiri be Emery. We made the winds under his power, the wind that was blowing, we gave him authority over the wind, Allahu Akbar mentioned the wind blowing, and you're looking and you're saying

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a bit more, and suddenly is blowing more people think you're crazy, right? You say for example, calm down, slow down, you know, blow the clouds to that area. And this thing is going there. People think what's going on here, man.

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It happened to Sulaiman Alayhis Salam, Allah gave him the the ability. Allah gave him the ability to control certain things to a certain degree. And one of them was the wind, the clouds, he could speak to the animals and the birds and the insects. Imagine you're looking at ants. Especially back where I come from in Zimbabwe. You see these red ants, you don't play with them, they will finish you up man.

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And one guy tells me you know how to get rid of ants. I said what he said Surah to Nemo, I said my brother I've read the whole Quran they didn't go

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I read the whole Quran they didn't go

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it's possible it could go Who knows? You can read something maybe or you know people say all sorts of things, but it's not wrong to take a little bit of spray and spray them no, but didn't you know what happens to them and Allah He said last time, you know, the ant actually told the other ants that don't worry you guys can go back into a man will not stamp you and here you are stamping them I said but wasn't haram. If Sulaiman alayhi salam stamped them and walked all over them. He didn't do anything haram but it's just that Allah gave him a certain gift. If i i might be stamping over so many things walking out today, but I'm not sinful. I didn't you know, intentionally go out and look

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for things to kill more at all.

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So Allah make it easy.

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You will want to get rid of the cockroaches that we have back here back at home.

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Or you want to get rid of so many other things you find no problem. You can. You can but remember, Allah gave certain

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People like Sulayman Alayhis Salam, he's the only one that I know who had certain things and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him also had similar gifts but unique in his own way.

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He says,

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at times the animals spoke to him. There was a camel in the Hadith. The camel spoke to him complaining about the owner who was overburdening the camel. It's in the Hadith.

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There were there were stones that spoke to him greeted him in Maccha. Hadith, correct. There were miracles that happened, correct. Well, Suleiman Alayhis Salam had other miracles. He had things given to him by Allah. The point being raised is, he says, are a big family. That's that's the powerful part of it. Oh ALLAH forgive me. He's a prophet of Allah. He's a king.

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Some prophets were actually kings, he was a prophet and the king. And so he's seeking the forgiveness of Allah, robbing freely and grant me this tonight, I want to tell you, every one of us has needs start off by seeking the forgiveness of Allah. The idea is to get onto one page. Someone wants something from you, what do they need to do to you?

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They need to at least get to you greet you smile at you. You know, at least be in good books right? They say my brother, can you please do me a favor?

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Hey, your smile is melted the guy he before you even ask him the various is anything asked me done? Consider it done.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:37

Before you ask him right, because of how you are right? Agreed.

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But if you've had a bad relationship with someone, and you've been right on the other side of the, you know, the coin completely, and you're saying, do me a favor, I need this I need that I say for what? They wouldn't even look in your direction. You wouldn't even feel comfortable asking them. So. Allah's example is far higher than that far greater. Allah is merciful. He's kind, he knows you. He knows your struggles. He knows your uniqueness. He knows your trials. Sometimes a person appears to be very, very close to Allah, they have struggles, their struggles are hidden from others. They know what they are working on in terms of eradicating their bad habits, a dark habit you may have, it

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happens we are human beings, you may have something if it were to be exposed to the masses, you would probably be embarrassed. If it were to be exposed to your own spouse, you might be embarrassed. So it's between you and Allah, Allah knows it, you know it, work on it. Work on it, you can do better, you will do better, you shall do better because there are so many other things that you need from the same Allah whom you transgressing against.

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One of the most important things is Janna, I need paradise. How do I get it? Well, look on Earth, there's so many distractions. Allah didn't say you won't be distracted. He says that they are distractions, they will be powerful. Abstain, stay away wherever you fall, and come back quickly. That's what happened to Adam Alayhis Salam, wherever he fell, he came back. But there was one major fall that's it. After that he realized he recognized the devil as well to say you know what, shaytan is gonna come to me and make me go far away from the one I need the most.

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So Allah Almighty has given us revelation to remind us and to tell us

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your turn to Allah

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