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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala upon all conditions we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless them to bless every one of us, and to grant us delivery from this pandemic that has taken over. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on us and grant us every form of goodness. I mean,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, we talk about justice. When we speak about justice, generally, people think it doesn't refer to me or to you. They would think perhaps it's referring to someone else. And maybe it's referring to those who judge between people. But a sense of being fair.

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A sense of justice within the system, within the mind, within the communications and the relationships we have is something that is a pillar of Islam.

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Every week we hear the following verse

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in La Jolla.

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getting one

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yeah, you go Kula Allah.

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Allah instructs you to be just, Allah orders you and commands you to be just Aladdin. Every aspect of justice is included in the term Aladdin.

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And then Allah says, well, a son, and then Allah orders you to be good, to be kind. So if you look at the order of this verse, Allah asks you to be just and then he says, You should be kind as well.

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And then Allah says, You should take care of your relatives whenever people are in need. The first thing that you and I who want to reach out to them should do is to look at your own relatives, your kith and kin, your society, your family and then broaden the circle.

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Which means if I am a person whom Allah has blessed in one way or another, and by the way, every one of us is blessed in our own unique ways, even if you think Allah has not given you what law he if you were to ponder, you would realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed you in ways that he did not bless others. You may have something unique, you need to look for it. It may not be money when people say Allah has blessed me. Normally they refer to material items, which is one of the worst things you could refer to as a movement.

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If materialism and technology and advancement had any merit in the eyes of Allah in terms of being blessed,

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the one who would have had the most would have been the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yet, he didn't even have running water from a tap. If Allah wanted, Allah says tabouleh can be

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If Allah willed Allah would have given you much more than all of them, Allah would have given you gardens beneath which flow rivers of all sorts, but Allah says he Subhana Allah, Allah would have given Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the latest of all they were no vehicles at the time. They were no aircraft at the time, yet he arrived in the heavens with the buraq By the will of Allah, may Allah grant us a little bit of an understanding.

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So remember,

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when Allah has blessed every one of us we need to make sure we use that blessing to reach out firstly to our own family, our own family, Allah gave you brothers and sisters, in the case of many of us, and Allah may not have given you brothers and sisters, but he may have given you children or he may not have. The point is your closest circle is most deserving of your kindness. So Allah says he will corba He wants you to reach out to your relatives and then broaden the circle if there is a problem across the globe. I am taught to reach out to those who are struggling in Yemen, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Sudan, wherever else it may be.

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But charity definitely does begin at home. If your own family is struggling here, start off with them. And Allah will bless you. That's what Allah says. So if you take a look at our lives, we have interactions with one another. And we have friendships over and above the blood relations that we may have. At times, things will go wrong, they have to go wrong. They were planned to go wrong, hundreds, if not 1000s of years before you were born, as a test to see whether you will pass or fail, your name is written as pass or fail and you continue into the Hereafter, you will get your results just like when we do a little COVID test in order to travel and we're waiting with our

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hearts perhaps in our throats at times because you have a sore throat or something. And when the result comes out, and it says negative, you're so excited. And when it says positive, you can sell your travel plans.

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That example is cheap. But because it is a current example. It is something in order to bring it closer to your mind that I've delivered.

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You and I ultimately need to go to Jenna, we need to go to Paradise, you will only go to Paradise, when you have served

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Allah justly on earth. And when justice came before your families, before yourself, before your relatives before anything, a lot of people have a major problem where they will tell you I know that you are right. But I cannot side with you because on the other side is my brother or my father, or my sister or my relative. Therefore I know what is right and wrong. But I'm going to side with my family. That's what it is. When that happens, my brothers and sisters we have lost the alpha. Allah tells Dawood Allah His Salam yada Whoo, in

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a bit been help for

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Oda, would we have made you a vice chairman on Earth. So judge between people with total justice and don't follow your whims and fancies or your desires because that will lead you astray from the path of Allah that leads to paradise. Allah is telling this to a messenger of his What about you and I, my brothers and sisters, follow the path of Allah follow the path of justice, whether it is against yourselves, your families, whoever it may be. Listen to what Allah says. Yeah. Are you a Latina? mano? colocado? Amina? shuhada

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fusi. Couldn't we meet

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up on ob? He couldn't honey and

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for long Oh labby Hema, wala Debbie

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de leeuw powerful reminders the Koran to some of us means nothing besides a melody. Unfortunately, it just means a melody beautiful verse, well recited good that you read what else that's besides the point, even if you have no time to read, but you practice the poem the call and you will go to general Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us to become truly from amongst

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those who practice upon the message of the Quran, whether you like it or not, whether you're going to lose whoever you're going to lose, because of justice. As a Muslim, you should be prepared to lose your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your friends, a relationship you may have built over decades, you should be prepared to lose it totally for the sake of Allah and justice. What is right is right, even if it is yourself. Allah says, Oh, you who believe stand firmly for justice, even if it is against yourselves. That's what Allah says no and unfussy come, or your parents or your relatives. That's Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah May. Allah says whether they are wealthy or poor, Allah comes before them. That's the first I just read now. why some people side with the rich. They say, I know your rights. Had guys loaded La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. Have you heard that before? I know you're right. But I'm going to lose some money lose all the money, because that money is going to lead you to jahannam La hawla wala quwata illa. Allah knows it. It's okay. I don't mind I really don't mind. Yeah, I consider it a total absolute honor to break a relation.

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To put someone on the grounds of justice, it is an honor total and we will arrive on the day of the AMA, with a chest by the will of Allah that is clean and clear. And a heart that is Salim like Allah says about the Day of Judgment,

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de la hubby.

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That day when your children and your wealth will not help you, the money won't help you, your children, your relatives, your family, nothing will help you. The only person that will be safe that day is the one who came with a clean, clear heart between them and Allah they worshiped Allah alone and Allah came first for everything in front of everyone. hamdulillah May Allah grant us a sense of justice. Some people fire those who work for them

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in an unjust way. I'm not saying you cannot release someone you release them from work.

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But when they are owed something and you don't give it to them what law he you might think you got away with something Mashallah, you were smart, weren't you? Allah is always smarter.

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You might get away with murder in the dunya never ever in the afra it is coming to catch you. You know may have been half a day I was made against him by the prophets of Salaam Allahumma salli ala he kelderman Killa bico Allah, send upon him a dog from your dogs, la how La La La quwata illa Billah which means let him struggle and suffer

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because of something dangerous that he did. One day when he saw a wild animal like a hyena coming in his direction. He told his friends I know I'm not going to make it out of this while he was haunted by that prayer. He knew this is my death and guess what? It was his death. Here you have the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him making a dua against someone. And guess what he knew the day it came? This is it. My brothers and sisters when you have harmed someone and wronged someone, your day will come it is coming when it comes. You will know this is my day, but it might take 10 to 20 years. The Pharaoh according to one narration it took 40 years.

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When Musa alayhis salam made the duel against him. It took 40 years according to one generation. But when his day came, he knew it was the day.

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Babu jemena cd Allah says, Oh no, you want to turn to us. But all along you were corrupt. You were fooled with that which was distant from Allah and distancing others from Allah. Allah says sorry, it's too late.

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May Allah grant us forgiveness. When you treat people treat them fairly. Your family members, your in laws, your daughters in law, sons in law, mothers in law, it's no point for us always picking on mothers in law sometimes. And growingly. The problem is the daughter in law La hawla wala quwata illa Billah.

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I, we will never side with someone who is wrong. But at the same time when giving advice, we will give a balanced advice to say you know what? It could be this it could be that Subhana Allah bl Allah when you go through a divorce,

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big deal. What do I mean by big deal, you're not the first person who divorced, you're not going to be the last one. Divorce is probably 60 to 70% in our communities. It was planned for you before you were born. Allah already knew part of your examination, we're going to be asking you 5000 questions, here they are, it was set for you cast in stone and beyond. So when something happened to you, it was just a law watching this was planned. Now how are you going to react as a result of that divorce. If you have wronged someone in child custody or access, you will pay the price. If not today, then tomorrow, but the price is going to be paid. Don't think you're too smart. You're too

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wealthy, you're too powerful. You're too good looking to get away with things you may temporarily get away Allah will come from when a thug tells you I'm coming for you, you will not sleep. One who is the owner of the universe when he tells you I'm coming for you. What makes you think that you're at ease. If I mean I lucara

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back sooner.

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Do the people of the towns feel secure from the punishment of a law that it overtakes them at

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Tonight or in the afternoons while they are asleep, Allah says Watch out, we are coming for you, we're gonna get you. When, when you haven't stood up for justice, when you have wronged and oppressed people, it will never last. If you're a judge in a court, I tell you, one of the worst things that can ever happen is for you to be corrupt.

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And what is even worse is when some of us actually go up and spend 1000s of dollars bribing the justice system that is corrupt in some countries where we go and pay money to people within the system, be it the magistrate, be it the VPP Be it any judge, perhaps in high court or supreme court or wherever, if the system in any country happens to be corrupt, number one, the country will not progress number two is we will be punished for oiling the system sadly, and unfortunately, it is said that the Muslims

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are quite guilty of some of this corruption. Hence, I stand in the masjid telling you my brothers and sisters, behave yourselves.

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May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us goodness, the money you spent bribing Allah has spoken about it in the book and clearly saying you're going to be paying the price for that.

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It's clear Converse

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Lita kulu, Fareed coming

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How can you allow this to happen? Just because you want to usurp the rights

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of someone else, you end up bribing people. Allah says that justice is coming. Brothers and sisters. What's the point of coming for Juma? Every week? What is the point? Do you know? It is in order to get your dose of a powerful reminder with the gloves off to tell you you need help. And so do I. That's what July is all about. That's the reason why we're speaking in English. A language you can understand to tell you Juma is all about the message the hook but you're not even supposed to be greeting each other while the hook was going on. Primarily it's supposed to be in the language you understand. Hence we have this talk because you need to get a jolt and go back feeling I need to

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change myself. That's what it is. Otherwise, you're wasting your time coming on a Friday and listening to niceties. And as soon as you walk out, there's nothing you've actually gained. What's the point? Wake up my brothers and sisters, the gloves are off. I have to improve and so do you learn to address people with respect? The youngsters have road rage for what? What are you trying to prove you might have a nice car. That car's not going to save you from death. In fact, it may be the cause of your death.

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Behave yourself. The people who have sound morals and values reach out to others.

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The prophets of Salaam says and I'm going to end with this hadith by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the prophets of Salaam says quite clearly when he heard semi agenda bata hussmann Baba jurati he

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you know he heard the sound of people arguing outside his door so he came out and he saw them arguing over the ownership of something. He says in nama Anna Bashar method Oh come in MIT Nickerson fella Alibaba COMM And Yep, akuna Abdullah baja gtg min bow. I am a human, I will listen to the two of you. And I will judge according to what I've heard and according to the evidence, but sometimes some people are more eloquent in presenting their case. So I might think for a moment that this person perhaps is one who is right, I am warning you. He says if I have ruled for anyone, and they know that this judgment is wrong, what law he says in number here departamento de familia, ha ha it

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is a hot piece and chunk of the fire of jahannam Take it or leave it when the two of them heard it. Neither of them wanted the item. The one says no. The other one says no. Why? Because they know their agenda is at stake for something that costs just a little bit you're arguing over 1000 rants You know what, even if it's mine, never mind take it I don't mind because when you look at it and i know i'm not saying it's not your right to go and get your your dues. But I'm saying in a case where you have worked out it's negligible and you know, what, what am I losing? What hasn't Allah given me? Allah has blessed me with more than most people. Like I say all of us, that's the case. And so

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you're gonna argue over something

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Small it might be that you were wrong when you go to Africa Guess what? It will be too late to argue over there. The worst thing you can tell someone is I'm gonna catch you on the day of judgment because when you go there, you might have just found out you were the one who was wrong. So to mess out here, the professor Selim says that oh Children of Adam meaning sort your problems out now before you come to a day when the determine the dinar will not help you. So let's get back to the the verse I read at the beginning. And that is a verse we hear every week I was saying what's the point of coming to Juma when you don't even stand for the verse that is recited so many times that

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you know it by heart in

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any way that

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I told you that too many of us the Quran is just a melody because you know what, what law he I'm not joking to a lot of us to the majority of us, if I were to tell you, what does in nama hypermobile athlete depict, you will say it depicts the end of the Juma football.

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That's what it means to you and i right. If the man says an ally,

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everyone's saying, Yeah, you start setting up a little bit, and you're getting excited to say, oh, wow, the Juba goodbyes early today. And I know by the way, I was given the timing, so don't worry, we won't exceed that.

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So I will also end this by telling you my brothers Allah commands you to be just no matter what don't take risks be just a day will come when you will pay and by that time, it's going to be too late La hawla wala quwata illa. Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us starting with myself, may I correct myself and then every one of us, may Allah grant us goodness and the reason why Allah mentions goodness. Second is because you can never ever go to a person and say, you know, I know what's right. Never mind. Just be kind be good. Alaska asks us to be good and to be kind, hey, hang on. Allah said be just and then he speaks about being kind. You cannot come and blackmail

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me by telling me Be kind be kind and I must forego justice, no ways that comes first. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease and justice is what is right or wrong in the eyes of Allah. That is justice. So even if you have a ruling issued by anywhere else, if it is against what Allah has ordained,

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it is not justice. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us, goodness and May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us. You know, I'm just thinking of ending that verse. Allah says young Han in fashion you will not carry well, but Allah prohibits you from that which is immoral from that which is evil, sinful, and that which is transgressing the limits of Allah. That's what he said. akuto leha Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad