How will I be Judged?

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker advises not to judge past experiences and to focus on history instead. They stress the importance of seeking forgiveness and not acknowledging sins. The speaker also warns against talking about past experiences and instead focuses on history.
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You are not going to be judged by your past, not in the eyes of your past is exactly that it's your past, forget about it, put it behind your back, you might even want to laugh about it sometimes because oh my god, Allahu anhu, at times used to laugh about how they worshiped pieces of food that were carved or made into an idol. And they laughed at that later on. But they had sought forgiveness and their lives were changed. So it was okay to laugh at it to say, we were so silly, why don't we look how Allah has blessed us and guided us. So my brothers and sisters, don't let your past haunt you. Because you'll never achieve comfort. It's a bigger crisis, to let your past haunt you, then

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the sins that you had actually committed, which were also a crisis at the time. But now that you've changed, forget about the past, it's gone. It's history.

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The beauty of Islam, you don't need to ever confess those sins to anyone. Nobody. When you sought forgiveness from Allah, it was wiped out, even the angels were made to forget it. So don't ever talk about it. Or even have them become another umbrella. The one who sought forgiveness from a sin is equivalent to he or she who never ever committed that sin. Look at the mercy of Allah then. So if someone says, Did you commit a sin I didn't, because I'm equivalent to the one who didn't ever commit the sin and it's wiped out. It's gone. I don't wish to talk to you about it. You are not my God, you are not Allah, you are not the Owner of the Day of Judgment. And for all purposes, you

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don't need to know.

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Some kind of law, you're perfectly fine by saying that. Absolutely. Allah says you know what?

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Allah, he catches

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those people, their recompense will be the following. So which people, the people who did so much evil, but when they remember them out, they sought the forgiveness of Allah, and they changed their ways. Two things happened in their lives after the sin, they sought the forgiveness of Allah and they change their ways. Those are the people for them is multilateral, neurobion true forgiveness from

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which are not to digitally mean tactical, and how harmony in Africa and paradise beneath which they will be rivers flowing, they shall dwell there in forever and ever. When a jewel Amylin and what a beautiful recompense for those who did good. You did good after you did bad Allah says, We're not going to talk about your bad it's all about the good La ilaha illa Allah Mercy of Allah