Mohammad Elshinawy – My Son, Balance is Beautiful

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of balance and physical health during Christmas is emphasized, along with the need for practice and rules of Islam. It's crucial for one's productivity and avoiding harms. It's crucial to be aware of one's weight and walking at a moderate pace to avoid becoming clingy. It's crucial to meet certain places and avoid harms. It's crucial to be focused and create a plan to achieve goals. Islam provides guidance on living life to the fullest, and one's life is the result of their actions.
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In Alhamdulillah Heyerdahl and Meadow one is crying over he went to the Pharaoh's went to the villa he died I mean surely unforeseen. Our CEO Dr. Marina de la huhtala Fela medela Mandala minute lil fella Howdy, Ella. Portia de la ilaha illa ma Hua Hua Sheree Cara Juana Mohammedan. Aveda whenever you who are Soto yeah yo la Vina mano de la Hakata he will attend moto Neela and Tomas de mon

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Yeah, you have NASA de Porto Bakula. Hola como una Sima Haider, Hola, comienzo jaha Westerman. humare jawline kefir on manisa. water from La la de una de la in La la la cumbre Eva. Yeah, you have Latina Manasa por la la kulu Poland's Dida kumala well philippou become my new para la hora Sula, who for the first 1000 alima old praise and glory be to Allah, we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and its forgiveness. And we turn to Him seeking perfection from the evils within ourselves and from the consequences of our misdeeds. for whomever Allah guide none can ever lead us astray and whomever Allah leads the strain on can ever guide.

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And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of those words of Allah and Allah alone without any foreigners, the true supreme King, as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was indeed His Prophet, and his servants and His Messenger whom Allah those incentives and mercy to the world.

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A lot of articles Allah says to us and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would repeat every Joomla

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and here I am reminding myself and you will hit again today. Oh, you have believed, hold fast to the taqwa of Allah, the consciousness of Allah that breeds generates a life of devotion and obedience and humility and consistency with Allah subhanho wa Taala alight life of couple in the amount of stuff that he deserves, or as much of that as you can possibly muster as a human being. And do not die not be caught by death except in that state of complete and total surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin,

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we conclude in sha Allah, Allah this afternoon, the last of the advices of local man alehissalaam local man or the Ummah one that we've been reflecting on. And two weeks ago in our last appointment together, we recited look man's words to his son.

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When he said to his son, don't turn your face and arrogance to the people. And don't walk on this earth like you own it.

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Don't walk on the earth arrogantly.

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Certainly, Allah does not love those who are both full those who struggle on this earth. The last word of advice, Lockman said that our work captured in the sutra is Wakil said FEMA Schick

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and the moderate in your walking meaning in the pace the speed at which you walk and the Margaret in your walking wobble Goodman fold thick and the lower temper your voice meaning your volume and lower your voice in Kerala Swati la Soto Hamid, certainly the ugliest of sound is the sound of the donkey is the brain sound of the donkey.

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And so what could we miss you and be moderate in your pace.

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Meaning don't just walk around in a way that seems out of control at a speed that seems out of control, nor at the same time, just walk around carrying aimlessly without any direction. But find the middle path between those two.

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And the middle path that has a balance is the path of Islam always. Islam is always calling us to balance calling us to the beauty of balance. Work has alika janicoo mata nwaba and thus we have made you a middle nation, a balanced nation. Islam told us to be balanced but it didn't stop there. It showed us how to be balanced showed us how to strike that perfect equilibrium.

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That perfect measure between the two extremes, because every good quality Is that fine here between two extremes.

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So being brave is the middle path between being reckless and being a coward.

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And every other quality is like that.

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Including even walking like you think it starts all the way from the top and your Islam like even about how we're supposed to believe things.

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slammed warns us against one extreme, which is you don't believe anything without facts. You're not dogmatic. You don't believe in baseless notion, just because people are saying them just because they've been repeated even if for centuries, open your mind and think.

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But then it warns you from the opposite extreme and tells you don't you dare limit yourself to the facts of the physical world. Don't you dare limit yourself to the fact that only science can produce because science only deals with the physical world.

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You have rationale, you have an intellect as well. And you have your inner sense, the knowledge that I love pre installed and first of all human beings to recognize certain truths without needing to certain without needing proof for them.

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And then you go to how we're supposed to live our lives. Islam tells you don't over emphasize your physical nature, and become this fleshy animalistic creature that just like an animal eats, leave, make babies die. That's it. But at the same time, don't go to such extreme where you neglect your body, because that's your vehicle. And that's your gift from Allah that he'll ask you about. And you will need to be able to live your purpose. Wherever you look.

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Nowadays, left and right, people are talking about the identity the personality of Reese Ali Salaam and the Christmas season. Our Dean did not say that he Salli salatu salam was an irrelevant human being that had shady origins.

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And the lies they accused his mother of that she gave birth to him outside of wedlock.

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But at the same time, it's refused the notion that just because it's been historically established, and it has, especially through the Quran, that you East LA Salaam, perform miracles, that he's not a human being the middle path. Don't swear from the middle, always look for the middle, but Allah will tell you where the middle is. So kind of with Allah, even in walking, it comes from that high level, all the way to the speed at which you pace on Earth, you walk physically walk through the machine. That's the ideal to be balanced in your walking at a moderate pace. Why? Why is this the ideal? We know it's the ideal I want to reflect. Number one, the scholar said, because when you walk at this

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it will be dignified for you. You will you will be composed in a way that you you know when someone's rushing, when there's no obvious reason to be rushing. It looks like they're immature, or it looks like they're suspicious. Right? Like just they're so hasty or What's wrong? Did they feel something that they do something? And so when you walk like this, it's dignified for you. That's why even flammable cladding and elsewhere Abu Qatada and also the Allahumma they said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he does semirara termoli Parramatta fengshui lafollette he was wa Alaykum Sakina Toluca Lake Masahiro Tanaka 123.

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When you hear the call to stand for prayer, then walk to the prayer while you are

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while present in you is Sakina is tranquility and walk or reverence respectfulness, dignity, one or two, three rule, don't, don't read from a drop tomb for follow.

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Whatever you will catch you catch and whatever you don't catch, you make it up after the prayers over whatever Raka you may have missed.

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So it's dignified Sakina and wakad dignity. Also, and this could be a subset of dignity, but of the wisdom

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of a person walking moderately with a moderate pace is that a person who's walking in a moderate pace is someone who is focused.

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Like your momentum is challenged all in one direction you're driven, you know what you're doing, and where you're going. You're not living pointlessly. It was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always described as that when he walked in them and helped them in problem. It's always like he was declining from an altitude so many ideas about this. He was intentional in what he did. He, I need to do this, you turn your direction and you you go straight to it.

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The people that do not have a clear direction, are not focused enough on their direction. They will fall for anything and everything, when they don't know where they're, where they're going and what they're doing.

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If you don't stand for something, they say you fall for anything. They don't they say this, this is the idea that you need to be walking towards something clear. You need to always be serious about your intentions and what you're doing with your activity. Don't just wander aimlessly, even if it's recreation. This is the time that I need to exercise. This is the time that I need to go to my family. I'm not just wondering, hey, what's the good thing to do at the moment

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We see life is more valuable than that. And so we channel our momentum in a clear direction. They said the third reason is, when you walk at a moderate pace, not too slow, it helps a person lower their gaze,

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which has so many benefits, but it helps the buffer. It helps you lower your gaze with if you're walking at a decent pace. You don't want to bump into anything. And so if you're looking in front of you, you're looking under your feet, checking that I'm heading in a safe direction, that will automatically censor you protect you from seeing inappropriate things, from seeing things that is inappropriate for you to see.

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Which are just present on your way. That's why I was able to do the level on who he said that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time said to the Sahaba, Yakumo juuso Allah talakad beware of just sitting there on in people's way, in the pathways, the roads, the pathways, the highways, whatever it is, the ways of people or body.

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So they said you're also a lot of melanin majelis in Abood hirasawa, we have to have these get togethers we have to meet convenient certain places.

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Never had that too, to see how we have to talk like, communicate with each other, update each other, enquire with each other, relax with each other, we have to meet somewhere. This is the only place for us to meet is that this they're saying? We must have these gatherings. They're very important.

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He said for in Canada. Well, good for Otto parihaka hopko.

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He said if this is a must, if you must do this and at least give the road to do right.

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And they said what is it to do right? What is the right the entitlement of the body of the roadways? roadways could be holies. It could be highway the pathways where people pass by they said what is the right of the road? What is the right of the way? Karla Robin buffer were careful as well. When Emeryville model or Abu Salim

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Willem de Marana Holman car, he said five things he said for you to lower your gaze, because that's the whole point. When you're sitting on the road, you're not walking fast, your eyes are gonna be going left and right.

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They're gonna be hunting, exploring, looking for things. He says lowering your gaze, and refraining from harming people. You're not going to be commenting about this pasture by and dead faster by you're not going to be so loud and obnoxious. We'll get to that in lowering your voice that part of look man's advice, he says lowering your gaze and refraining from harming people and returning everyone sell them, ideally giving but returning everyone to them, because they'll be the passerby, and enjoining good. When there's something good to be done, promoted, and forbidding evil, something wrong happens, you need to be against it, not with it and not violent about it. Those are the five

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things. And so the idea is when you're on the highway, just wandering around sitting on the road, you can see much.

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And as some of our scholars have said, this can very easily be applied on the information highway, the information superhighway and the online space because they call it a highway don't take the information highway, social media. This lawyer is how many things as a person seeing the day it becomes automatic to just scroll through your feed, you just tend your eyes unleashed to just look at things because you're just pacing through the highway or just sitting there and letting the highway pass you by.

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There's so many things that we even interject and we're quick to comment on instead of refraining or harm sharing bad news using vulgarity

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inserting our religious opinions without due right, this is all part of what you just aimlessly being present on the road, the road of the information superhighway.

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And so remember that if you must be on it, then observe those rites of the road lowering your gaze returning this alum refraining from harm in joining good and forbidding evil.

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That is from the goodness of your Islam. Just try to avoid as much as you can and observe the ethics when you might.

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dinar Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say mean Hosni Islam is Mara Taku melayani. From the goodness of one's Islam meaning the goodness that you get out of Islam, or it could mean it's part of you being a good Muslim, also, the goodness of your abidance by Islam, it's measured by Taku melayani. A person just minding their own business.

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This is like burning your life away is the least of the harms of not minding your business.

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speaking up and unnecessarily will likely be more than just burning your life fully. It will cost you a great deal in the hereafter. Because you're not minding your business. You're not tunnel visioned about I need to get here can't worry about these other things. I have my own achieve

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If I need to make I have my own flaws, to redeem myself for I can be too busy about other people's achievements or lack thereof, other people's flaws and mistakes that I want to like talk about and socialize about. I'm focused. I'm too busy with what concerns me to have time for the things that

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do not concern me should not concern me. And speaking about them, that's why

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he said

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that men Castle Rock helambu Castle Rock, Otto, don't put yourself in a place, we're going to talk a lot, because the more you talk, the more you slip woman Castle Rock onto Castle Rock. And whoever talks a lot will flip a lot.

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Whoever slips a lot will see a lot woman canceled on Google for now.

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And whoever sends her a lot, the fire has an entitlement over that person. So don't subject yourself to places and subjects and information that will cause you to fall into that.

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And if you are always doing this and you think it's no big deal, then quickly revisit the advice of Look man, why do I not know that I'm supposed to mind my business just like ABCs Why am I not kind of why am I not focused on one thing in my life

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that thing could have many subsets under it. But there should be something very clear in your life that you have a plan you have a 10 year plan you have a lifelong plan and everything else needs to start getting either shifted under that plan or adopted under it it's part of the greater plan or need to get edited out of your life

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or else it could cost us a great deal and we should care about these things.

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And so this was the advice of look man to his son to begin with and walk in a moderate pace keep it moving stay focused, help yourself lower the lower your gaze, help yourself be dignified. be guided even in the way you walk the way Allah would love for you to be a hola hola has never stopped for a while Emily welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La ilaha illallah wa ala Muhammad Abu whenever you who are solo

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and then he said to his son was Bookman salty and lower your voice in non Corolla swatted assaulted, Hamid the ugliest of sounds is the sound of the donkey wanted to brace the brain of the donkey.

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So the our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as has been confirming selection Bukhari when he would hear the brain of a donkey he would seek refuge with Allah from the occurrence straight on Can I tell whether Mina here can Hamish? Why he would say

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the donkey when it makes this sound is because it has seen a devil it has seen the shape on

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and when he would hear the sound of a rooster crowing.

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The deep because the rooster crowing

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he would can si de la Hammond fugly hula, hula la Madigan. He would ask a lot from his bounty because this is a moment when do I would be accepted or more likely accepted. He says because this is a time that they have noticed an angel there's an angel around they spotted an angel and so they make this sound.

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And so the idea of the breaking of the donkeys what we want to focus on here, the donkey makes this sound in panic, he sees the Trayvon so he makes this sound.

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And that is why it is a nasty sounding unpleasant sound.

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Made for an unpleasant reason.

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Or an unpleasant occasion. So no command is telling his son, don't be like that person who out of nowhere for no obvious reasons in front of us. This makes it a loud sound that annoys people or startups people don't be like that.

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You teach your child teach yourself to lower the volume in your car, right? So not yell across the rooms. To not argue it allows in a loud way to not startle people with your profane language, your inappropriate choice of words, you're cursing, your foul language, all of that is intended here.

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When you want to speak to someone, you walk up to them, and you speak to them in a way that they hear, but will not intrude on the conversation or just simply the peace and quiet of the people around you.

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in Angola, Swati assaulted me because the ugliest of sounds and sounds of a person like that. And it was recorded that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of the ways that previous nations who receive these previous scriptures recognized him when he came is that he said Lisa will probably well earlier we have in our books, this is our checklist that he is a man laser will have the value. He is not vulgar and he's not harsh. And laser Sahaba and will as well wonderful harben feel as well.

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He's not someone who's boisterous, whose voice is very loud in the marketplaces. And this is interesting because that's when people raise their voice.

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And so he is known by being different in the good way. Even when people are loud, he's not loud. So how about when everyone is being quiet, and then you are loud, you are inconsiderate of the people around you. This is unbefitting of the behavior of a believer. And thus look man made a point to spell it out. The last thing I would like to say there's only a few minutes left in the hotel.

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How do we think about the advice of look man alehissalaam In conclusion,

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notice how it went from the the biggest, most fundamental things that everything else has to be built on regard for Allah above all regard for your parents, remembering the hereafter establishing the prayer enjoining, good, forbidding evil, not being arrogant while you're doing that, not being arrogant, in the way that you walk, and then being balanced, you know, finessing every detail of your life.

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That's the idea. When the Sharia law Sharia is so blessed in the fact that it regulates every last detail of our life.

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What does that do for a person for sure our Shetty I did not come to build bridges and perform scientific experiments and tell us we don't need to study medicine we can just use our Dean didn't come for that. Our Dean came to teach us and guide us how to reach Allah, and then regulate for us our lives, so that our lives can be prosperous while we're here on our way to Allah subhanho wa Taala as part of our journey place regulations for our lives. But those regulations, they exist in everything they exist in finance, they exist in person to person ethics, they exist in wherever you there are every passing thought in your mind. The Sharia has something to say about it acceptable or

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Ideal not so ideal. That's a blessed aspect of our Deen. It is actually one of the number one reasons why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America by the way.

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So in the United States, they serve a wild salmon is the fastest growing religion. The number one reason By the way, and you should always remember this. Even more than that the miraculous nature of the Quran and the proofs of Islam is actually the simplicity of our Deen the doctrine.

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In simpler terms, though, he that is the number one reason why they enter Islam. It is what I believe there has to be one creator, he must be all powerful, he must not be part of this very limited, very messed up world. He must be transcendent of this world, allow this world to exist for wisdom that we will soon understand for us to live our life to the fullest. All of these very general concepts of Allah being in charge and being the most wise and being all in control. That's what does it for everybody, then some of the proofs come but one of the greatest reasons after that why people become Muslim, they say because Islam offers detailed guidance,

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definitive guidance, it defines for you how you should be because really, what is the point of a God that doesn't speak as they put it? What is the point of a religion that only exists in one hour a week or Joomla? Or even Sunday church? What's the point? What value that adding to my life.

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But the fact that it held me gives me structure and defined sermon guidance. This is so liberating for me guessing.

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But it's not just that it frees you from guessing. Being connected with the heavens liberates you from all the limitations of this world. It liberates you from serving people, and liberates you from serving even yourself. And no matter what you accumulate of this world, you're not deluded by it. Because you don't believe in this. You're connected with the heavens more than you're connected here. because your mind is always about how do I walk? How do I eat? How do I pray? How am I supposed to feel? How much do I fear? How much do I hope? How much do I love, it regulates all of it, even our emotion. And so it constantly keeps you thinking about the greater picture, the bigger

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world, the upper world, the hereafter. And our log though just above all else. And so if you accumulate of this world, you're not diluted because you're not really focused on this world. As if it's the by all and end all. And if you're hurt by this world, it doesn't break you because you know that you have a greater share than just this.

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And so it liberates you from every form of limitation on this planet. You're not even limited anymore by your lifetime. Your lifetime is running out my lifetime is being consumed by diseases, or could be consumed by like, animosity and enemies and hard feelings and low fight. This is not my life without my life.

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It's so liberating to stay focused, and the rule of day to day are a practical way to stay focused is such an error.

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And you know that even if my entire life and my reputation my honor my payment my legacy is with Allah

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And when you're like that, by the way, you enjoy even this, like, it's not just the hereafter. Because whatever comes your way, like extra, I'm not really thinking get I'm thinking more that you're after. So whatever comes to it's extra, and whatever doesn't come my way, it's no big deal, just the rest area, I'm gonna keep it moving. So you get to enjoy both worlds

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because you're tied with the heavens.

00:25:24 --> 00:25:28

And the greatest one who was ever tied with the heavens was our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:25:30 --> 00:25:38

And that is why he was not broken by this world. And that is why he was not forgotten. When his lifetime in this world ended.

00:25:39 --> 00:25:41

You know, you may have seen it and I'll end with this.

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A lot though. agenne said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more often Allah vichara. We have raised through your mentioned, when he transcended climbed above the calling of this world, the demands of this world the limitation of this world, he was not blindfolded by it that he thought was stolen, he was the most the best of us in that regard. I love that I read through your mention, it continues to trickle down the reputation of our profit loss and limb from the heavens until today. What I meant with that was circulating yesterday, a very large demographic research was released that said, for the first time in US history, Mohamed became one of the top 10 names given to

00:26:23 --> 00:26:25

newborns in the US.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:39

That's really amazing. By the way, you may not realize at first glance why that's amazing. It's amazing because Muslims United States are less than 1% of the population. First, so for us to be among the top 10 names

00:26:40 --> 00:27:17

means that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his legacy is so dear to people. Even when those people don't exist, his name still shows up on the map, aside from the people in the Muslim majority countries, aside from the fact that Mohammed is the most common name on the face of the earth to happen here in the United States, shows you what life looks like when you're not contained by this life. When you live with clarity when you live with purpose when you live with balance, the balance that a lot drew out for our lives. May Allah allow us to constantly and you constantly reap the benefits of connecting with him. So kind of with Allah and beautifiers through

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his guidance, and the balance and the strength that his guidance affords us and our families in our communities alone, I mean, aloha Medina, Medina, Allahu Medina, Divina, which is eliminator de la Molina de Nova Kula deco hace la Rania de

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la robina hablan amin as wodgina was Oriya

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robina Filipinas novena

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Tina McCullough phenom. abre Robin Ella to Joe Lubin a bad day today. Tonight we'll have Lana Milan kurama in a cantilever hub. Robin a Filipina Zulu banner was rough and Marina was a bit of a dam and

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will Catherine Robin Allah to keep an eye in the scene our partner Robin. Elena is from Cana Hamilton. Latina men coplanar Robin Allah to hominem Allah patera NaVi wa Elena or Hannah Anka molana from Surah Allah Coleman Catherine de la homilies LA and muslimeen workfit Lana Mina Mina illa Allah wa salatu salam o Baraka, Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah, he was happy

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