Mufti Menk – How to know if its a Punishment or Mercy from Allah

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes how Islamist groups use punishment and negative language to assert themselves and gain political support. The speakers use examples such as a woman who lost her job and a man who lost her job and destroyed her family. The message is clear that Islamists are not accepting the punishment and negative language.
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How do you know that it's a punishment?

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Or a point of mercy? Simple litmus test. Look at the condition of your heart. If it's brought you closer to Allah, it was never a punishment, it's the Mercy of Allah. And if it drifted you away from Allah, it was a punishment. Even if it looks so positive, you suddenly got a wage increment or a huge business deal of so many million. If that made you make a trip to Mecca, build a masjid drill a well help the people reach out to family, humble yourself. Ah, that's the mercy of a neuron. Allah Allah, Allah gave you the dunya and he's giving you the akhira you're preparing for it. Look at that. But if it was that you earn so much, and you got so much and suddenly first thing let's go to

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the nightclub for example. Let's go and pop it out. Let's go and do whatever else let's go to the casinos. Let's see how best we can throw and blow and boast and brag if that's the case, it cannot be the Mercy of Allah. It's the opposite.

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And people say

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but why would Allah do that to me when he gave me okay, let me explain why. Allah says that at some stage in some people.

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In order to punish them, we gave them

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fall I'm not Zuma King Ruby. He fattener I let him Ababwa cliche. Allah speaks about the previous nation. When they forgot Allah totally. Allah says, We opened the doors of this world for them totally.

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Why would Allah do that?

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Well, Allah says in the Quran, Allah Quran, Nikita Lobo levena Cafaro Phil beloved, Mata I'm calling don't let the people who are disbelievers Oh distant from Allah subhanahu wa taala deceive you when they have a lot on Earth. Allah says that is just for a short time we've given them you know, sometimes you have a really, really good person.

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Allah says, well, we gave them their coupons were used on Earth. We gave them a nice healthy life. They enjoyed beautiful holidays. We gave them nice children, we gave them lots of beauty we gave him so on earth, when they come to the hereafter Allah will tell them your coupons are used. That's it. Your coupons are used for Allahu hubba and man Thorin. Allah says in surah Al Furqan you know what you all your deeds, they're gone like Ash, what we didn't oppress you, we didn't harm you. You were a good person, whatever we needed to give you, we gave it to you on earth. Look how much you enjoy it.

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So Allah says, those people we gave them as a result of them forgetting us. And then Allah says had either ferry Hobbema auto, or has now

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Botha for either Mobley soon when they became so immersed in what we gave them and they forgot us even further. Allah says We suddenly punish them with sudden punishment that overtook them and they were confused.

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Why were they confused? The same reason I was mentioning because according to them well when I got surely Allah must be happy with me know Allah gave me down and Tyrone and destroyed them too.

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