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My beloved brothers and sisters, if I were to tell you that I'm going to show you something that is better than the whole world, and whatever it contains, what do you think it would be? So to put things into perspective, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us and obviously, this message comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala to us, where he says, there is a certain thing. And there's actually more than one occasion when he said, this is better than the whole world and whatever it contains, but I want to discuss one particular one, that is the most prominent one. And it is appears in a hadith that is absolutely authentic. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says a

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certain thing is better than the whole world. And whatever it contains, Now, obviously, this is in value, and in reward, I wonder what it is, before I knew many years back when I was told there are certain things that are better than the whole world, and whatever they contain my mind started wondering, I started thinking, What could it be? And then I started thinking, do you know what is meant by better than the whole world and whatever it contains, so all the gold and silver, all the jewelry, the precious stones and minerals, the oil and gas, everything would be yours, right? Everything, the value of all of that, more than that would be yours. And all the clothings, the

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perfumes the accessories, the watches, the cars, the aircraft, the the boats, the seas, the mountains, the sceneries, the islands, the food, stuff, whatever makes you happy, all of that, all of it. And even more, because the whole wide world from the beginning to the end, and everything that it has, there is something if you were to do it, you would actually achieve greater than all of that. So what exactly would I achieve? Allah says, It is better than the whole world and whatever it has, number one, the reward is greater than the whole world. And whatever it has number two, it would help me gain paradise and in Paradise, I will definitely have way beyond the whole world and

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whatever it has. So it's amazing. Now to start thinking what it might be. The first thing that comes to my mind or came to my mind many years ago, I was thinking, it must be a very difficult task that will take a long, long time to do. Or it might be something that would be so difficult that many people would not be able to do it. And then when you start looking at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way he taught us, we are taught that the thing Allah loves the most is that you worship Him alone. And the thing that upsets him the most is when you associate any partner in any act of worship, will Allah so we need to understand this. If I were to worship Allah alone, I will

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achieve so much. And if I were to associate partners with a lot, even in a single act of worship, I would lose so much.

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So I'm sure it's something connected to worship, and worshiping Allah alone doing something for the pleasure of Allah Allah alone. Yes, it is my brothers and sisters. The Hadith says rakata Alpha God, Hiram Mina dunia wala Fie her the two voluntary units of fudger are better than the whole world and whatever it contains, in other words, the to sooner of federal, are better than the whole world and whatever it contains, Allahu Akbar, Subhana Allah, if I were to get up early, and cleanse myself, in preparation for Salah for the prayer, and then I went to commence by offering the two units of sunnah of federal. And then I do my father, which is also two units of Vijay Subhana. Allah, those

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two that preceded the fire have, they their value is greater than the whole world and whatever it contains, so imagine the forest itself forever meaning the compulsory that which is compulsory. Imagine that Subhana Allah, if Allah loves the too soon, of fudger so much.

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Imagine how much he loves that which is funny because I know of a hadith I could see I could see means where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells you that Allah says

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The following. So Allah said, There is nothing more loved to me than that which I have made compulsory. Well from that Hadith I learned that if Allah loves something, he makes it compulsory and if it is compulsory, it means he loves it so much. And if he has made something Haram, it is something he dislikes so much. I also know that when Allah makes something compulsory, it's because the benefit is to me before anyone else. And I would know that if Allah has made something prohibited, it's because the harm is against me before anyone else. So if I were to get up early in the morning, and to offer the two units of voluntary prayer prior to the two units of compulsory

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prayer of fudger, then I will achieve a reward greater than the whole world and whatever is in it, and I will achieve more than what the whole world has and whatever is in it in terms of value. Suppan, Allah Subhana, Allah, my brothers and sisters, just imagine, there must be a very great benefit for getting up early. So let's get up very early, pre dawn. And then we should do so with a smile. We're about to engage in an act of simple worship that is rendered for Allah alone, yet it is the most loved unto Allah, the five daily prayers, it is a pillar of Islam. Just preceding that, which is compulsory. We do we offer to voluntary units of prayer for fudger rakata Alpha jury, the

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two units of sooner of fudger are better than the whole world and whatever it has, get up early, make sure you have enough time to fulfill the two units. Don't rush it and don't get up last minute, it's an honor. Try it out, see your life changing and see how beneficial it is to get up very early. I'm very sure that if Allah told you to get up early, there must be beyond just the benefit of worshiping Allah, there would be other benefits for yourself in the worship of Allah alone. So there goes, my brothers and sisters. Remember those of us who fulfill our prayers in the masjid, we need to get there early. If we want this reward. We need to make sure that we fulfill the two units of

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sooner either before we go to the masjid or at the masjid but prior to the karma or the commencement of the compulsory prayer, the minute the compulsory prayer has started, you won't get the same reward, you won't. So there is a hadith which says either aqui Mata Salah follow salata in landmark tuba, if the obligatory prayer has just commenced with something known as the karma, or the tech bill, some people call it the tech wheel. In that particular case, there is no prayer that you're allowed to fulfill except that for unless you're completing something that you were already into, and you had already started, in that case, you can complete it, but you need to make sure that you

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don't start up a new prayer, especially a voluntary prayer. Once the the compulsory has commenced, the vast majority of scholars actually say it's prohibited. There are some scholars who say it's okay but this hadith negates that it actually says,

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You must make sure that if the Salah has started the forum, you join it, you make sure you are a part of it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. So either way, the importance here is actually of the two units of sooner of fudger if you want to reward more than the whole world and whatever it has, and obviously you will be blessed and with that blessing, your day will be much better and as you commit to these two units on a daily basis, you will definitely be a better person, you will be content you will be a happier person your relationship with Allah will become amazing because you are doing something that he loves. And at the same time, imagine it will

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also benefit you your health, your mind your spirituality, your emotions, whatever else it may be. Even your mental well being get up in the morning Subhana Allah breathed that fresh air wash yourself in a beautiful way to stand facing the Qibla and start off Allah Akbar knowing that what I'm doing right now is hi Romina dounia wala Fie hub better than the whole world and what ever it contains, and then enjoy Alhamdulillah been me in a rough man Ebrahimi imagined the the core arm that you're going to be reciting inside those two units that Allah says are better than the whole world and whatever they contain, how blessed is that relative

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Nigeria, Ghana mesh Whoa, that Koran that is recited early morning is being witnessed, witnessed by the angels and obviously witnessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers, my sisters, imagine if Allah loves the two voluntary units of prayer of more than the whole world and what it has, what would be the value of the farm. Amazing, amazing. Take your time in prayer, my brothers and sisters, this

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is coming to you to explain to you very simply In brief, the benefits of prayer. If voluntary prayer brings about so much of reward, imagine that compulsory, so take your time consider it an honor, it will come to your assistance not just when you die, and getting into your grave, but in the Hereafter, as well as helping you on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the best of this world and the next imagine, when we get into the hereafter what we will have, and Allah says you did something that was so pleasing unto me, and more beneficial than the whole world and whatever it had, and you did it every single day. Subhan Allah horrible I mean, my brothers and

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sisters, Allah is encouraging us very strongly, to fulfill those two units of sin of federal. Make sure you're not sleeping at a time when others are reaping the beautiful rewards that are being spoken about by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam we all need to be scrambling for that reward. And when I say scrambling, I mean, we need to make sure we're there and we get that reward everyone will get it whoever fulfills this Salah if you don't guess what, there are billions of others who are doing it. Don't be the only one missing out. Let your home and your household not be the only home and household from among those that are missing this beautiful reward and in fact,

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earning the displeasure of Allah by sleeping through prayer. May Allah strengthen all of us akula Kohli hada sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka Allah Nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.