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So let's start planning my brothers, my sisters taraweeh is going to take place in Ramadan. Where am I going to be? What is the timing? How's my work placed? How is my travel going to be? Where am I going to open the fast what's going to be happening Inshallah, in the weekends, what do I want to do? Will I have the opportunity to listen to a beautiful melodious recitation in a masjid where I'm going to enjoy every moment of it as an act of worship?

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Why do I say an act of worship because sometimes we're guilty of fulfilling Salah as though it is a race and not an act of worship. That's, it happens.

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So we select a place where they're done 10 minutes

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and we actually tell our friends let's go to that Masjid. Why? Because we can sit outside and smoke later, you know, they finish in 10 minutes. Oh, you're planning that? Is that what it is? That's wrong planning. You'd rather say Guys you know what? We quitting smoking? It's a bad habit. We quitting shisha? It's a bad habit. And I know they were all around this area.

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But it is to say the least we just saying the least.

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We're going to quit this bad habit. It's a bad habit. I'm going to give this thing up. It's a bad habit. Start from now. So quitting have bad habits. Don't say I'm going to do that in Ramadan. Just in Ramadan. I'm going to quit smoking. No. A bad habit must be given up from now. But something you want to do in Ramadan. That's going to happen in Ramadan. You can plan for all of that. All of that. Like I said, taraweeh doesn't happen now. It will happen in Ramadan, the fasting, you can start voluntary fasting from now it's the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Do you know the benefits of fasting on a Monday and a Thursday, try it out, your life will change. Fasting on

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the 13th 14th 15th of the lunar calendar, try it out, your life will change. Rewards are multiplied by 10. So if you fast those three days every month, it's as good as fasting 30 days because it's multiplied by 10.

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And if you fast the two days every week Subhanallah imagine how much reward you are attaining. By the time you've completed the year. It's as though you fasted the whole year, but guess what it was only by virtue of reward. That's Allah's gift.