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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Masha Allah Smilla he will hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was Samia Jemaine we love you so much that we had to come back again and meet you mashallah Tabarrok Allah

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Masha Allah

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do I say My beloved children? Or do I say my brothers and sisters? Which one do you prefer?

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Mashallah, I think let's say brothers and sisters, because as you grow older Inshallah, you will appreciate it and you will be able to one day perhaps let your children watch the day when you were at this beautiful torchbearers event in Dubai. May Allah Almighty accept it from you, from us from all the organizers, and everyone who made this happen? I mean,

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do you know? And do you realize the reason why we hold these events? It is because we are concerned about you, and about the betterment of the entire globe. We have so many categories of people. One of them is the youth. And from among the youth, they are those who go to colleges, those who go to schools, it's important for us to connect, to connect with the idea of helping you focus, there are so many distractions on Earth today. So many things are happening that are not good for you. And there are a lot of things that are happening, that may be good for you that you might not notice. And sometimes you need to be directed and pushed in that direction. If you look at those who have

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succeeded on Earth, you will always find that they've had qualities that are worth looking at. One of the main qualities that I always tell people is

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to be active and fight laziness. If you're lazy, you're not going to succeed. If you look at the guidance that Allah Almighty has given us in the Quran, and why do we have to quote the Quran, the reason is, that is the word of the maker Allah. So we will always quote his word, because it is the yardstick it is the guiding light, it is something that the one who made me has given to me in order to know why he made me so I will always look at the Quran. Sometimes you have young people saying, Why do you have to quote the Quran? I've had people ask me that it's a good question. Well, the reason is the one who made me it's his word, I need to know why he made me. I always tell people you

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are on earth. Not because you want it to be here, because Allah Almighty put you hear, none of us have chosen to come on earth. You look at the Earth and you find parts of the globe are so depressing. And some of what's going on is so sad that people say, I wish I wasn't even here, you can keep wishing you are here. So you're going to have to deal with it. You're going to have to live with it, you're going to have to do your best while you are here. Allah Almighty gives us stories in the Quran and every story he tells us, there are definitely lessons for us in those stories. Allah says towards the end of Surah use of luck or the kana fee costs also in him totally owning.

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Indeed, in the stories of the messengers, in the stories in their stories, there are lessons for those with sound intellect. I'd like to hope that you guys are intelligent, when we were little technology was not where it is today. Today, we're sitting, I have a phone in front of me a little laptop in front of me. I have so much of technology. I have a timer there. I have a little indicator on this side. All this is technology. Back in the day when we were little there was nothing like this. The headmaster used to get up and yell at us. And that's it. And they, at that time, they actually used to beat people up. You know, you guys are lucky. There's no more beating up when we

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were small. We used to be whacked, right? I'm sure your fathers and grandfathers might tell you and slowly but surely, the world moved in a direction to protect the child which was a good thing to say. We choose more effective, yet more appropriate methods of discipline. Majan if I were to discipline you and tell you listen, you've been misbehaving. Give me your phone for one week. Will you give it to me?

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Don't lie don't lie. No way. No lying allowed. If you will give me your phone for one week as a punishment for something you did. That was bad.

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Put up your hand.

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Okay, there are a few hands. Okay, a few hands. Maybe you guys are not that well connected, put your hands down. Mashallah. But don't you agree with me that if we were lazy, we wouldn't be here this morning, we wouldn't be here. If we were lazy, we wouldn't be here. Because you had to get up early. You go to school early every day, you had to make an effort. And you had to come all the way and you had to be seated. And it's not easy to come earlier than others. Because then you have to wait. You have to wait a few hours at times. I was here very early. I waited for about one and a half hours. Do you know that? Subhanallah but if people are lazy, they don't achieve so I want you to promise,

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promise yourself and promise Allah that you are going to fight laziness. You see, we have five daily prayers. If you look at the timing of these prayers, you will come to realize that Allah Almighty is kept one before the sunrises because he wants you to rise before the sun so that you can shine brighter than the sun. How's that one? Allah Who wants you to rise before the sunrises Subhanallah he wants you to be brighter than the sun. Mashallah.

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So those of us who rise early, and we get up before the sunrise, and we turn to the one who made us and we pray. It doesn't take long. I was thinking the other day when I'm sitting on my prayer mat early in the morning, and I'm thinking, look at how merciful My Lord is. He's actually just given me a duty of the shortest smallest prayer to be at this time. Imagine if it was a long prayer. What if we had Salat al Fajr? With 10 units, you know, 10 raka at

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it would be difficult, you're going to start and you're going to think to yourself, I still got another nine to go, right? But Allah says no, it's just two units and add another two units before it which is very valuable. Very valuable. So two units and another two units. How long does it take? Wallah? He I tell you it doesn't take more than between five to 10 minutes. Not more than that. And what does Allah want from you? He wants you primarily to get up. That's what he wants you to do. And he wants you to pray to him. He wants you to get up in order that you can fight your laziness. He knows that if you're early, you will be not only successful but you are healthy as well. Early to

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bed early to rise. What does it do to you?

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It makes you what?

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healthy, wealthy and wise. So one old man comes to me says I've got up early every day, but I didn't ever I didn't ever earn enough money. I said you know what? Maybe you were lazy because sometimes you go to sleep thereafter. People say I got a very early but they don't say I slept away after that. Well, I've done it a few times where you get up for Salatin Fudger you're all excited and after February hit the sack. And sometimes you get a better snooze than you did all night. Right?

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It does happen. It's not prohibited but weak days, you need to make sure when there's something to be done, try your best not to go to bed after Salat al Fajr.

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Especially in a beautiful country like this where the timings are not so awkward. If any one of you is from the UK or from Europe, or from the North Pole or the northern hemisphere close up to the North Pole, you would know that the timings are so weird. Sometimes they have Salat al Fajr at times at 830 in the morning.

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Have you ever been to a country where Salat al Fajr is at 830 in the morning I have and a country where Salat al Fajr sometimes is at 130 at night, come on SubhanAllah. So sometimes you get up to go to school and you have not yet made fragile because it's not yet the time of Fudger. And sometimes you get up and you you have to do your Fudger and sleep after that because it's still a long time before your day starts. So thank Allah, you're living in a situation that is relatively balanced. So you get up early in the morning. These five prayers are so amazing. Allah wants you to discipline yourself. Allah wants you as a young person, and even the older ones, but it starts off at a young

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age when salah or the prayer becomes compulsory on you. Allah wants you to get up and make an effort because he wants you to train yourself. He wants you to worship him to start with a few minutes. And then you're conscious of him throughout the day. Let me tell you, when you go to school, don't you have some kids?

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Their upbringing shows clearly that in their house, people swear a lot. How do I know that?

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Because they swear they come and say some ugly words.

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Imagine kids who've never heard a swear word

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because there are parents and those whom they live with are disciplined, and conscious of the fact that if we say something, the kids are going to pick it up. And then there are other kids they interact with, who are the opposite. And when they meet, these are hearing those and thinking, Gosh, I've never heard those words before. And then what happens? If you get us to eat you go home and one day you start swearing and your mother or father says, Where did you get that from? I didn't teach that to you. Right? So we need to make sure we're Muslim. We believe in Allah, we're good people. Allah wants us to be disciplined Control your tongue. The first words when you got up were words of

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praise of Allah. Do you know when your eye opens, as you get up from your sleep, you're supposed to say Alhamdulillah or praise is due to Allah, Allah we are here and bad. dama tener la Hindu? Sure, one of the DUA, or supplications, that you and I are taught, when you first get up is to thank Allah, that you actually got up after you were semi dead. What's the meaning of semi dead

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you're fast asleep fast asleep. Some people don't even know they don't realize what's around them when they're asleep. Some people sleep to the degree that you can do whatever you want, and they won't know and others are light sleepers, right? light sleepers, as soon as you just come near them and say, they quickly get up what's going on, you know, but Allah wants you to sell hamdulillah as the first words thinking that I'm back. I'm up, masha Allah, and I think Allah and we're all going to go back to Allah, you started your day that way. So I'm going to be conscious of Allah for the rest of that particular day. And every day that follows. Look, if you want to solve the problems

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that you notice, while you're living on Earth, one of the qualities you're going to have to have is discipline. You need to control yourself on Earth. I cannot do everything I want. I need to make sure I do what is good. And what is good. What Allah has told you is good is good.

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So you control the way you speak. You are young, you need to hold yourself, you need to discipline yourself. Restrain yourself. You want to swear, don't swear. You know the swear words. I know so many swear words. Trust me. I probably know more.

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What can I say? More illustrious swear words than you? I swear. I probably know swear words that are so terrible. That you wouldn't even know the meaning of right. Probably. Who knows? What do you think you guys know biggest swear words than mine.

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They see the boys are saying yes. The girls are all just quiet looking at what did you just say?

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Who knows biggest swear words the boys or the girls?

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La hawla wala Quwata illa villa.

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Okay, let me tell you why I'm saying this. Why I'm asking this is because it's not about how many swear words you know, it's about how much you're going to restrain yourself never to use words that are hurtful, abusive or insulting at all. Because you're a believer.

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Allah is going to ask you about what you've said, and you are, you know,

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using the worst words against people you go to school with, against people you interact with, against people whom you you're supposed to be looking out for.

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So it's really something Allah teaches us

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to abstain from by practicing restraint. If you're not going to restrain yourself, how can you succeed in life? There are so many things I want to do that sometimes I know. You know what, it's okay. This will displease Allah, so I'm not going to do it. And if you fall in it, you quickly come out and you quickly say to Allah Almighty, oh, Allah, I made a mistake. I'm a human, what I did was wrong. I had this moment of anger, I said a bad word, I did a bad thing. And forgive me, I'm not going to do that again. And Allah forgives you.

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So every one of us needs to make sure Wallahi that we use good words we say good words, we stay away from that which is hurtful, insulting and abusive.

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If you are in your school environment, and you grow up with all these words, you say whatever you want, and you think you're a big deal, you hurt people, you're not going to achieve holistic success. As you grow older, you're going to be interacting with a crowd that's similar to you. And if you're interacting with a crowd that's similar to you in in bad ways and habits, then the chances of you succeeding have been minimized. So we have a day like this in order to remind yourselves and myself to say listen, you need to control yourself. You need to be disciplined, you need to practice self rest.

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strength, and you need to make sure you take people in.

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You know, when we see hurtful things happening within our community, to people, we shouldn't be hurt. If you see someone homeless, you should feel it. If you see someone being attacked, you should feel it. And what do you do about it, you need to do something positive, you need to do something good. The first thing you should do is to pray to Allah pray to Allah for them. That's the first thing you do. And you need to make sure that the harm that they're in is not coming from you.

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Because if you're the one harming them, how are you going to be praying for them, you won't pray for them.

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So I'm not going to harm people and people who are harmed, I'm going to pray for them to start with, and then I'm going to help them.

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I'm going to help them to try and see how best they can be saved, secured, and so on. This is why Islam gives the importance

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to the homeless, the people who don't have a home, the people who are destitute, the people who are poor, do you know that if Allah wanted, he did not need rich people,

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to give to the poor people, he didn't need that he could do it on his own. He's the one who made the rich, rich, he could do it on his own. Allah feeds.

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Every insect and every bird and every fish, Allah feeds them, Allah gives them provides for them. Do you think that Allah needs you and die to give the poor, actually he doesn't need us. But he's giving us an opportunity to see the condition of our hearts to be able to prove to him that Oh, Allah, I care, I will I have something they don't have, I'm going to share it. These qualities of Allah, He, we need them in the world, we are lacking these qualities, we're becoming selfish, it's all about me, the age of social media, if I have I want, it's me, I need to be I need to be No, let's change the narrative to we need to be, and it's all about us. Subhanallah if we do change that

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narrative and make it about us, you make the world a better place. Because whatever you have, in terms of goodness, you're going to share it. Imagine Allah Almighty tells you, I'm going to give you such a good job with such a good salary, I will give you a brain, I will give you the ability, I will give you the energy, I will give you the acceptance to be in the right place at the right time. And then to be able to do such a deal that you earn 1 billion, right? You earned 1 billion.

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And now that you've earned 1 billion Allah's watching you because as you walk out, and you just got your billion around and you or wherever it might be in your account, or wherever it is. And suddenly, you notice a few people who are struggling, they they're scavenging in the pin. People do scavenge in the bin they looking into the bin and trying to find leftovers from people's food in order to survive. And you are sitting there and Subhanallah or you're passing by and you realize you know what, Allah has given me so much what are you going to do? Allah says we will provide for those people without you anyway. But if you are going to show an interest in them, it's a bonus. It is a

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connection with us. You realize the one who made them made me I could have been in those shoes and who knows it might happen that I might lose my billions I know people who are billionaires who lost their billions. I'm sure you guys know a few to some people lost from so many billion to so many billion. They lost a large vigor but they weren't poor. And others became bankrupt after they had so much May Allah protect us. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him tells us if you would like more more from Allah. Learn to spend. If you spend Allah will spend on you and fake your

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own fake Alec Hadith Bootsy you know the meaning of Hadith Bootsy

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what is the Hadith could see

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it's a hadith where

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Hadith Bootsy is what

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were the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is telling you what Allah said that's Hadith Bootsy so Allah Almighty said this, what did he say? He says, oh son of Adam, addressing all of us are human beings right? Oh son of Adam, spend oh son of Adam and I will spend on you. So you want Allah to give you you need to give others you need to give others amazing.

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Cody Riley here is a spoon who fell your faith on me.

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Allah Almighty says whoever's wealth is narrow or less, they should spend from

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Allah gave them. This verse has deep meaning vast meaning, it also would lead us to understand that we need to adjust our lives based on how much money we have. A lot of people don't do that. You see, I have a mobile phone.

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Do you know the make of this phone?

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What's the make of this phone?

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The make of the phone has become such a big deal that we go to war over Apple or Android. Am I right? We go to war. I just heard the boys screaming. I don't even know what you were saying. But some people were yelling this and some were yelling that Subhanallah the make of the phone has become such a big issue because the brand the brand, but I tell you something, one who has Neither Apple nor Android, they have or no Samsung, they have a third phone or something that you've never heard about for as long as it's working. And it's fulfilling the functions they need. Isn't it a good thing? Do you really have to have a specific brand and a specific name? Well, if I can afford

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it, easily, then yes. But otherwise, I don't need it. And it's not going to be my main focus on Earth. Allah tells me adjust your life based on how much you have. If you're not going to do that you're going to struggle.

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So some people drive maybe a Bentley and others drive a Toyota like myself, right? Did you see the video we did where I was in an Uber?

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Can I tell you what,

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it's okay, you can drive whatever car you want. It's okay, for as long as I got from point A to point B.

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If you could afford a very expensive car hamdulillah thank Allah for as long as it does not make you proud and arrogant. And for as long as you don't belittle other people just because you have been given something inshallah you're heading in the right direction. When you come from a wealthy home, be humble, greet everyone, talk to them nicely, because now that's your test. When you come from a poor home. Remember, thank Allah for what you have, thank Allah and don't look at something and wish for something you don't have. It's human to wish for a few things, but not every single thing. And when you say Inshallah, one day I'll get this you don't say it with a hurt with a heart that is hurt

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and in pain. No, it's not in pain. I'm just saying Inshallah, Allah will give me too. I'm happy with what I have right now. Subhanallah to look at what Allah has given you and thank Allah for it is an act of worship. It starts off from a young age young age. That's why we are here to tell you about it. To tell you about it. Well, Allah He, one of the most important things you could ever have is contentment. Being happy. Not everyone comes from a wealthy home, not everyone is going to get a job that's going to give them millions you will get something inshallah Allah will provide for you. And when you have, share it with others, give others so I was telling you, this verse helps us to

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understand that each one of us should spend according to our level.

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But it also helps us understand that when you are in need, look at those who are in a bigger need and spend on them. expended them, and Allah Almighty will bless you, or tell you another quality we need as young people growing up.

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We need to be trustworthy.

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You need to be truthful. Look at the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he was young.

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He didn't lie. He told the truth.

00:23:44--> 00:24:00

He was upright. He was honest and trustworthy. They used to call him a surgical I mean he was young Wallahi young boy growing up young boy just like you and I were younger than me but what I mean is the people I'm talking to here today the youth

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a young person as he grew older they know knew him as a surgical Amin would anyone know you as a surgical Amin or do people know this guy's Elia don't even go there.

00:24:13--> 00:24:19

Do you get what I'm saying? Do people know you as a truthful person, if they know you as a truthful person, upright person.

00:24:21--> 00:24:45

Congratulations. You've achieved a lot for your friends to say that this person is really a truthful and honest and upright. Congrats Wallahi We're proud of you. We need more people like this. But the sad reality is in our lives, many people are not known as truthful and honest. In fact, they are known with negative descriptions.

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People are known with negative descriptions. It's so sad.

00:24:50--> 00:24:55

You need to change that because I want to succeed Wallahi we want to see you succeed,

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

to have made an effort to have this type of a conference

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On a day like this, to call everyone and to bring them in is only because we'd like to see a positive change in your life and we want to see you grow in a way that you are such an amazing human being your family, you've contributed towards your society, your community, your neighborhood, your school, your city, your country, the Ummah, the whole world you contribute, there are people who have grown just like you have from the same schools who have left a positive mark on the globe because they served the globe in one way or another. There are people just like you who grew older with beautiful qualities and they actually achieved so much I promise you if you work hard, you can

00:25:44--> 00:25:45

achieve even more.

00:25:47--> 00:25:50

And this is why when I get young people coming and saying you know what?

00:25:51--> 00:25:59

You might have heard this in some some clips perhaps young people come and say I'd like to be like you when I grow up. Make dua for me, which means pray for me.

00:26:01--> 00:26:10

Or sometimes the parents come and say pray that my son is like you and I tell them no, not like me better than me. Don't aim here. This is too low. It's too low aim higher.

00:26:11--> 00:26:15

It tells someone says I want to be like you say No not like me better than me why like me?

00:26:17--> 00:26:45

May Allah Almighty grant you guys such success that is way beyond anything you have seen in your life to say I mean, wala here we want it for you. And we want to see it for you but without honesty without working hard without that connection with Allah like I said, you start your day say a prayer command. You cannot be a person who wants to succeed and you haven't yet recognized your maker who made you who put you here by force

00:26:46--> 00:26:59

who who put you here without you having had a say in it. Have a small connection. It's supposed to be the biggest connection but you start off with something small and inshallah let it grow with your maker.

00:27:00--> 00:27:37

I cannot compromise my five daily prayers I can't because why I want to succeed. Oh, but it's hard so what Oh, but it's tough. So what Oh, it's a cold days. It's hard to wash. So what oh, I've got all makeup on. So what Subhanallah Oh, you know what, we're all playing games. So what you will pray by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala because you need to develop that connection with Allah we're going to go back to him so many have already gone back. We're all going to go back we look forward to the day we go back to Allah because we tried hard. And in the interim, I'm going to work I'm going to earn I'm going to perhaps at school.

00:27:39--> 00:27:42

When was your last exams your last examination? When was it?

00:27:50--> 00:27:51

Right now recently

00:27:53--> 00:27:53


00:27:54--> 00:27:56

How was the examination? Was it tough?

00:27:58--> 00:28:05

You know, it's crazy because from this side, I hear them saying it's tough. And besides seemed like they just sailed straight through it. Right?

00:28:06--> 00:28:17

The boys are always complaining because you know what, probably you guys are a little bit too much into your games a little bit too much into a few other things. So you're distracted? Does it sound right?

00:28:19--> 00:28:20

Yes, it sounds right.

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Mashallah, I see a few guys there, Masha, Allah, may Allah Almighty grant us success. But the examinations are such that if you don't work for them, you're not going to achieve. You need to work. You cannot just chill, and go and do your socializing, to say the least, or whatever your games and then expect to get to have flying colors. You need to work hard. You need to get up you need to study you need to maybe develop a study circle when I was young, I had a few friends we used to sit together and study it helped me more than when I studied alone. If I was alone, yes, it was okay. But when I was with one or two guys, and we talked about it and spoke and exchanged notes and

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asked each other questions Wallahi we became masters at the subject because we were like, testing each other already. And that's how it works. So you use your mechanism, but that's how you're going to pass. If you do not work hard. If you do not work hard and you fail you have none other to blame than yourself. The same applies. When I returned back to my maker one day, I need to look forward to the trip. Because I have no option I have to go back to him in the same way that I had to come here. And when I go back to him in sha Allah I will be so happy to see my makeup because I've prepared I did a lot of good things while I was here. I prayed and I tried my best I know what needs to be

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done. As a Muslim. I know what needs to be done slowly but surely insha Allah I'm going to get there. As I grow older I develop a better, better connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala the world is going through a lot. So much of turbulence, so much happening

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Weather patterns, disasters be the natural, manmade, whatever it is Wallahi we need to make sure that we're living our life such that we're an asset. We're an asset to the whole world.

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And it starts at this age where work hard, build your character, speak well to people, discipline, practice self restraint, like I said, and make sure that you don't just hurt people and you're not a negative force.

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Like I said, you go back to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was known as Sadiq al Amin, go back to Musa alayhis salam when he was young. One day, he saw some girls at a well.

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And they were trying to they were waiting in order to get their sheep to drink some water from the well.

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And he helped them.

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When he helped them, they went home.

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And when they got home early, the father asks them, you guys are early today and they explained the story that there was a man, strong guy who came and he helped us. And you know what? He had two qualities in him. So we want you to employ him. Why don't you employ him?

00:31:18--> 00:31:19

What were the two qualities?

00:31:24--> 00:31:24

There we are.

00:31:26--> 00:31:31

They said, Yeah, but this God who? Oh, our Father, why don't you hire this man?

00:31:32--> 00:32:21

In FIRA man mr. Jarrell tell calling me because the best whom you could hire is the one who is strong, which means they're not lazy. And they work hard. And I mean, I mean means one who's trustworthy. Those are the cornerstones of success at a workplace. You want to employ someone look for those two qualities you want to be employed, you have those two qualities you will succeed. What are the two qualities hardworking and honesty? If a person is very hardworking, but not honest, you don't get anything. And if a person is very honest, but they don't work hard, you don't get anything. You need these two qualities work hard and be upright and honest. And Allah will grant you

00:32:21--> 00:32:48

every success. So that's Musa alayhis salam, we looked at the Prophet Mohammed salah, listen, in that way, any story you read in the Quran, you will always find these people were so upright, they were so amazing look at use of use of Alayhis Salam, the handsome Nabil of Allah the Prophet of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, He went through hardship, hardship upon hardship, who were the people who planned his downfall? Do you know?

00:32:50--> 00:32:52

Who were the people who planned his downfall?

00:32:53--> 00:33:32

His brothers, his own brothers, they plan his downfall. But do you know years later, when Allah raised him above all of those brothers, what did he do? Did he punch them up? Did he swear them? Did he abuse them? Did he insult them? Did he belittle them? No, he knew that Allah has given me Allah has given me more than he's given all of them so he said, Look, you know what? I forgive you guys it's okay. latter three byline Coolio minefield Hola. Hola, calm Wahoo hammer rah, hey mean, I'm not going to take any retribution today. Allah will forgive you. He is the Most Merciful, of those who are merciful.

00:33:33--> 00:34:22

That was use of Alayhis Salam. So remember, these lessons we learn they are in the Quran for us to look at young people as they grew up, they developed good habits. And I want to spend a moment talking about how to fight your bad habits. Because young people get used to smoking sometimes. Sometimes they want to go to waste their time in the wrong way. Sometimes on the phone, there's so many wrong things that you can do. And bad habits. You know what the bad habits are? Do you know what if you're not going to practice self restraint and hold yourself back, occupy yourself with something that is meaningful, get in the company of good friends even if you just go out fishing or

00:34:23--> 00:35:00

do some sport some activity go to the gym, whatever Wallah. If you're not going to do those things, your time will be wasted in that which is futile. So always remember, thank Allah for what he's given you work hard on your bad habits, work hard, understand them, recognize them. Look at yourself, how you talk to people, even amongst your friends. It's one of the most important things many people as they grow older, they don't know how to talk to others. They don't respect people. They don't have any care for anyone but themselves. Are you courteous. Do you offer people do you have manners? You're a Muslim, your support

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

wants to be upright Islam teaches you how to greet people, not just that I'm supposed to say Salaam Alaikum know, if you're younger you should greet those who are older. If you are small in number you greet those who are larger in number. If you are walking past you greet those who are seated. All these rules are from Islam. This is only about the greeting. In a similar way. There's so many other rules and regulations and guidelines that Allah brings forth to us to make us amazing people, amazing people. For us as Muslims, we are supposed to understand the blessings of Allah very important. Sometimes people have a lot in life but they're not blessed. They don't have the

00:35:41--> 00:35:59

blessings, they don't have Baraka, we call it Baraka. If there is no Baraka, you're not going to really succeed. But even if you have less in numbers, and you have a lot of blessings Wallahi Allah will make you a happy person. I'm so happy I'm so content and this is the way inshallah we will succeed. So

00:36:00--> 00:36:11

Inshallah, I'm going to remain with you, and we will give you an opportunity also to talk to us by the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala but in the meantime, I will end my talk here.

00:36:13--> 00:36:17

And Charla, I'll be back shortly by the will of Allah subhanho wa jal