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I have rockauto, my beautiful brothers, and my amazing sisters. You know, I really thank Allah Almighty all the time for the favors he has bestowed upon us. There is so much of good work that Allah has allowed us to do. And there are so many people out there who talk a load of rubbish, unbelievable what they say and what they come up with and how they perceive what you do. I give you a simple example. There is an amazing, awesome app out there to help millions of you. And I know a lot of you are desperately looking for spouses. And we know the amount of people who use these apps, we will I'm a part of it decided to come up with something unique that would protect you in the

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biggest possible way. And here you have people saying dating app, Zina app, this app, you know, replacement of Willie app without understanding a thing, they didn't go through the FAQs, the app is not yet out. By the way, it may come out after Ramadan, we were only releasing the excitement. That's all. That's all. And the app is not out. So if you've downloaded something, it's not our app, it's not the simply Nika app, it's something totally different. Yes, they did use the guys who are doing all the work. And the guys who were actually doing the, the tech part of it, they did come up with the term AI wellI, which is only a moderator who was given the name, if you look at the advert

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carefully, it was done. Yes, in a cringy way, according to some no problem, it's fine for it to be cringy. The idea was to, to attract the attention of the young. And that's what it is. All those making noise are married already. So it's more like they're saying too late, this should have come out when I was looking for a spouse, mark my words, the guys who are not married, they know the value of this beautiful, beautiful app. And so I thought, let me give you an update and tell you, the app is amazing, it will come out as soon as we get a few more of the clearances. The AI Willie is never a replacement of the system that I've worked by throughout my life we believe in. And you

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know, we follow the Quran, the Sunnah, and the Sahaba, or the Allahu anhu, we follow the Allameh. And we really do follow the footsteps of those before us, we don't come up with something new without it conforming to what Islam has taught. So remember this, you will still need a Willie, you will still need a proper Nikka to happen. This is only a a chat moderator someone who's your companion in your chat, who will monitor everything that's being said, prompt you help you and guide you protect you and so much more. And it's artificially intelligent people were saying, Oh ai ai has two sides to it. One is a beautiful, amazing side to it that will help you in your knowledge to gain

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closeness to Allah in your ibadah. I mean there is there are so many apps nowadays that use AI to listen to your Quran and to correct you and to calculate things so much so much. So there is a lot of goodness, but there is a dark side of AI where people can fake things, people can cheat you that that is a different side when we are going to use it, what do you think we're going to use it for? We will use it in order to protect you completely. Too many people have complained about other apps that you know what I was duped, I was conned, we're going to make it a little bit more. You know, difficult in the sense that it's not just an easy thing, you get access to people and you you have

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access to their pictures and photos. And you can just talk to them as though you speak to anyone and con them and so on. We will help you understand the red flags, we will help you and prompt you as to what type of things you should be asking how you should respond to certain things, how you should look at when we would think that you know what, these are red flags, it's time to actually close that chapter and move on or to lock in with someone and do something, you know, to take it a step further. The families will be involved, the people will be involved, whoever needs to be involved will be involved. And we will take into consideration the cases of those who are who are perhaps

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reverts those who don't have family those who've got a stranger relations with their parents or their folks that are people whose fathers have abandoned them since they were born or have nothing to do with them. Suddenly at the time of marriage, you expect them to go back and get the father who's raped them or who's starved for Allah or who's abused them in such a big way to be a part of something, it would be very traumatizing. So there is a way to actually work with that particular scenario and to ensure that we protect the child and at the same time help them to move on. So all of this is because we desperately care for the OMA

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Those who are saying, Oh, this is controversial. This is cringy. This is dating. Wait, when it comes out, you will be jealous of what we've done.

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And I hope it's in a nice way. Unfortunately, we know you're already married and you've already made your mistakes. If I can say that stuff for Allah, maybe I shouldn't say that. We hope that you can actually work in your marriage and be content with what you have, so that you don't have to now be jealous of the new generation who have access to many more people than you and I did. There's nothing wrong with that. Another quick thing I want to tell you is, you see, we want to guide we want to give lessons we want to do counseling, we want to actually help you when you have marital problems, we want to try and develop it to the degree that it's a one stop shop where everything

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happens under one roof. Even if the worst case scenario, you're going through something which that requires counseling, we will try our best to help you and then perhaps we might even help you through your divorce and so on to the best of our ability. All this one stop shop people need it. The emails I get, I'd like to think 60% of them are to do with marriages and divorce. And from among the 60 95% of them are people who are confused regarding spouses wanting to get married people who have cheated them people who've you know duped them condoms, secret NIC cards, private NIC cards, something that's not even in the car that seems to have happened that no one understands we want to

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protect you that's the reason why we care for the OMA we care for the OMA another controversy that people have raised and inshallah I'm going to be speaking about it a lot more is regarding a book that that came out was not published by me but it's a brilliant text to study the Sutras of Makkah it's not a Quran, it's not a must have I have a very high is not probably higher than a lot of the guys out there when it comes to Quran. So I've memorized it since I was a child I read it and complete it very often. I know it's all the as is starting from Surah to Fatiha to Surah to nurse I've been the Imam of Tarawa and they are full Quran recitals in my voice online that are available,

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and so on. So to think and to imagine, to even think for a moment I came up with a new Quran is a is devilish. It shows stupidity and ignorance. That's what it shows. So it's not a Quran, it's not a must have must have meaning it doesn't even have the Arabic in it. It's not even part of what we would like you to recite for the bad, or for Salah, or for anything of that. It's only a study of how the Quran was revealed. Nothing more than that, and nothing less than that. So basically, for those who have been making a big noise, you know what happens when there is a popular person, and we have to say this, it would be in the best interests of little guys to actually come out and make a

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big noise about it. And they haven't even spoken to the person. It goes to show they'll raise things that happened 20 years ago that were clarified 10 years ago, that will clarify things that didn't happen that were a confusion, they want to raise it again. And again, it goes to show it's not about the app, it's not about the book, it's about you gaining likes, and perhaps beyond that, earning money through those views. It happens. So therefore, when you see these controversies, take it in your stride, a lot of people will still make a video about this one here. I don't care, it's fine. We are serving the Ummah in the best possible way feasible enough. If anything, we have higher

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qualifications than they do. By far, we've been serving the Ummah for longer than they have. We have scholars we are connected to that they wouldn't even imagine because they don't know. We don't have to make it public and make a big noise and a big thing about it. So Wallahi it's a shame it's a shame for people to make a noise. It's a shame for people to make a noise. And then they say, Oh, this guy is not a Muslim. This guy is now this it's about time we called him a coffee room. What on earth are you talking about? My brother we've converted more than 10,000 people and and we're not even counting Subhanallah every day and every moment and every other day. There's people converting

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reverting to Islam, Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah Mina, it's okay, it's fine. The thing is, what on earth are you on about you don't even know me, my brother. You don't even have a clue who we are. You haven't even bothered to ask first and you don't even know you want to jump straight into the bandwagon and make your big statements I suggested to the publishers of that study book to say, if perhaps you might choose a better title. It may disallow these noisemakers and these people who forcefully want to find fault to actually find fault in the name. So they have considered it they've taken it on board and each other they will make their announcements if you want to know more about

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that Quran, translation or the what they call the Quran, which is actually a study of the Sutras of Makkah and then another volume that studies Surah Baqarah. Another one that started studies other suitors of Madina Munawwara like I said, it's an amazing piece of work, but but

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if you want to know more about it, go to the website, go to the FAQs and go and check what it's all about. Go and see firsthand. Don't just listen to things online and get excited because there's one

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A guy who nobody knows one guy who who's really a hater, a grave worship or sometimes proper, proper proper, and they will come and say This guy is like this. And but do you know who's talking? Do you know who who is talking and who they are. I know a brother who was so frightened to be circumcised after he reverted to Islam that he has not yet circumcised and that you know, subhanAllah, and no one to judge him, but it's a fact. And he's the guy who makes the most noise online. Wow. And I'm thinking if people knew what happened to you, my brother, I promise you, you will be so ashamed of even opening your mouth. So may Allah forgive those guys, I promise you, they have no power and

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strength to do something that's fitrah that they're supposed to have gotten done. And they want to make a noise and do tech fear of the rest of the Ummah, who's working hard day and night. I'm not even supposed to be making this video but so my whole life you see me, it doesn't bother me, we work for Allah the only the only sad part is they're inciting violence, there inciting hurt and hate and people have already threatened us, And subhanAllah people have tried to hurt us. So that is probably a thing, we gathering the info one day when we need to use it against you, Allah here we will. And we will in a big way not to say that I don't forgive you forgiveness is something I don't hold

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against people. Wallahi you know what way Allah what Allah has given us, he hasn't given them at all at all. So we thank Allah and you know what, if this is the case, it was people like this, who are in our equation that Allah has blessed us as a result of, so it's fine Alhamdulillah Allah daddy, but we need to stop it. Because if we don't, they will attack others who are not as strong as I am in terms of thick skinned, they will probably attack others in a bigger way. I I really believe some of them are mentally deranged. That's what I do believe when you watch them. It's clear. I mean,

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people want to argue about things that they don't even know. And they they think they know, they haven't even been in been in the field of power, they don't have a strategy in power. They don't think they don't serve a specific category. They just swipe everywhere. They want everyone to do exactly what they do and how they understand it or maybe a chef or two they follow understood it. Whereas they don't know that way is a vast field it has so much it has so much for everyone. Each one of you who's watching this, you have to participate in the data in a positive way. Encouraging people you work with people you interact with your your own development while you're developing your

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family members. And then whatever you can do to those whom you are with you and to those online. To make a video or two, please do it. It will come to help you on the day of judgment on the right side of your screen. Whenever I see anyone male or female, doing videos to encourage people to come closer to Allah in any way shape or form. Even if they themselves may not be there practicing I think Allah that He has allowed the spread of the deen because I work for the same company. What's the company, the company of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah known as the deem that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam brooch Why should I be jealous of you when you're working for the same boss that I

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work for the same company, the company is going to grow and expand, right? It's amazing. So therefore please support someone don't just say negative comments, we have a habit. Every time you see someone male or female calling towards Allah, we try and pick on the most negative thing possible. And in the comments. You can read the poor suffering beasts commenting about all the negatives without looking at the positive. And if you want to encourage people, that's not the way to encourage to, you know, if you want to find fault

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in any way, someone doing the dour. I've seen these guys making videos and they go out to some some Speaker's Corner. And so a lot of some of these guys, some of these guys have had a colorful past a very colorful past so colorful that you can see on their faces that this person has come out of drugs. This person's come out of the nightlife and Alhamdulillah I'm glad that they did. But sometimes that life because you saw so much of darkness, and you're now in the light, you ended up belittling others who are not even in a type of darkness as bad as yours is, or was. You see there in less stuff. You were in the real real stuff, you know, that was injurious. That was dangerous.

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That was bad. And you came out Alhamdulillah and now you're calling people towards Allah go easy on others who are lucky. They are less misguided than you were at one stage so go easy on them. But you find some of these they enjoy sitting late at night doing their own videos for a long, long time, calling people names, names, and they don't even know brother Alhamdulillah thank Allah I was born in a very, very practicing family. I was born in the compound of a masjid. I was born in the compound of a masjid with my father being a part of the masjid and teaching Quran and Sunnah and so much more. And I grew up relatively with the Quran from the very early days of my life.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, so inshallah we've never seen what a nightclub looks like. I've never seen what the cinema looks like inside, let alone a nightclub, or whatever else. Never been to any one of those things never touched any of those bad things by the will of Allah subhanho wa salam

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Hola and today guys Masha Allah I know I look at people who are practicing and I think Allah, but when they start speaking ill about others who are working in the field. I always say you making a mistake my brother, you know, one day someone will react in a different way than my reaction. I am easy, I can forgive you. You are my child, perhaps you are my brother. Perhaps you are my sister. I feel sorry. There are some people who have dedicated a whole website a whole life that's on 24/7 Almost they rotate just to call people astray. What are you doing for the OMA? Thank you. How many people have has Allah chosen to you to guide to the deen of Allah? That's another question with with

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myself even if one person is guided to Allah from the 1000s that have already accepted Islam, and I know I used to count I stopped counting. But if one is done, Allah He that's for me, I asked Allah to grant me Jana as a result of his mercy that will come that will descend because of the goodness he's allowed us to be used for. It's only the allowance of Allah. So relax, go easy. We're going to be having a beautiful series here in South Africa today, tomorrow in Cape Town and the following day in Durban, the date today being Friday the 20 What's the 26th of

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January but Alhamdulillah Allah Callaghan, I'm excited to seeing you guys and I really thank Allah Almighty, that he that he has chosen us to do good work. I love you guys. Even the guys I spoke about now I care for all of them. Wallahi all of them even when you see a guy, this guy's Australian, this guy's Australian, then make an effort and they go out and they quote so you will be in the quote every brother you're quoting totally out of context, because they're talking about the most half. This is not the most half the according, you know, there are books that have gathered the two hours of the Quran. What about that? There are books that have gathered through but yeah, seen

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they call it? What about that? There are books that have gathered a lot of different of different topics. There are books that have gathered, what about all of that? And some of them are in Arabic. This is not even in Arabic. It's just a study of the Makkah Surahs Wallah. It's beautiful to note so many topics and subjects that are discussed the way they were discussed in Makkah. Amazing why? How many of you can actually tell me the first five or six or 10 sewers that were revealed? In Mecca? We wouldn't be able to because we've never studied it. Don't you want to know about it? Don't you want to know what topics were discussed? How what scenarios they were what situation there was? It's a

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very deep study. So when you sit and listen to people who are so ignorant, they weren't they were waiting, itching to find fault. I remember a guy. It took him four years to find fault. And he went up to another scholar telling him what's, what's the ruling on mink because of this, who is that? The guy says who is that? I don't know. He started saying, Oh, he's a nurse. He's a guy who's a stray, he does this. And he does that. So he says, Well, if that's the case, then you shouldn't listen to him. And so it shows the share who was being asked, didn't even know who I was. You really reckon it's going to stop me? Do you really reckon it's gonna bother me Wallahi the loss is yours.

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I'm not even aiming for guys like you in the data that I have. I'm aiming for people who are not Muslim people who are very weak Muslim, just for them to connect with Allah or to understand what we do as muslims. That's it. And for them to connect with Allah step one, and then there'll be a step two and slowly but surely, many of those who sometimes portrayed themselves as extremely religious are actually are actually struggling with bad habits and dark, a dark side to them, that no one knows about besides them and Allah, but at times, we get to know in times we don't know but it's human. You have bad habits work on it. But when you come and make a big statement, oh, this and oh,

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that this guy is involved in a cringe thing. And you know, someone else on the WhatsApp group started saying, Well, soon he's going to be involved in this and that, my brother, there's nothing wrong in selling agendas and selling hijabs. In fact, it's a blessing business, in selling hijabs and selling phobes and selling things that are connected to the deen of Allah, in selling Islamic books. If anything, it's better to make money through those things in a way that's, you know, that considers both parties, so you didn't rip anyone and at the same time, they were happy to buy you were happy to sell and so on. Then to make money via food and drink. Did you know that because this

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is connecting you to your Allah to the deen of Allah, which is a far stronger connection than the connection to the dunya. But it's more important than other things. You buying cars and selling them you're buying this that's a Holland business. So it's Hallel what's what's wrong with you? Why are you burning? When scholars would like to earn for example, I have my own separate income that I've never asked you for a penny Not a penny for a visa bill or people who have invited me they know I do not ask for a penny Not a penny. In fact, mostly I travel on my own expense and I even contribute perhaps sometimes towards my own event that's happening. I'm not interested in you reimbursing me

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ask the guys ask the people I've dealt with. Does this guy take any money? They'll tell you? No, he doesn't ask for anything at all. Yes, some of the guys provide airfare. Some of the guys provide this it's fair if you've invited me and you can afford it you should be providing but if other scholars would like to say, Listen, it's gonna cost you so much. What's wrong with that? Why do we burn when scholars want to earn money? Why do we burn for what you want to earn money selling controversial stuff, foodstuffs, and so on so forth, whether it's halal or haram Allah, Allah knows you want to do business and you just scraping through the halal barrier. It's okay you earn no one's

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saying no. But when a scholar would like to earn no he shouldn't. Why May Allah make the scholars wealthier than everybody else? Wallahi that's the day we made tend to appreciate them a little bit. You know, I think there at times, we think that scholars should be poor people go to the masjid Wallah. heathen massage, it should be paying their scholars and Imams more than the salary of a doctor. Yeah, and the admin should be getting a similar salary. Well, Allah he a great person, but no, why? Because, oh, what qualification does he have, he's just calling the man five times. So we bullied them, we treat them like crap. Literally, Allah will sort you out. You won't, you won't have

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contentment in your life. When you see disasters in your own circle, then you will know you if someone is if someone is good enough to tell you the truth, and you've been abusing them or I've been in the masjid, that's probably the reason why you're struggling five years later, or 10, then you will have to go back and apologize. Imagine when we're sitting and we actually telling people Oh, this guy's Australian, this guy, when a guy like myself, I've dedicated the before these people ever sometimes before they were born, and sometimes before they ever started practicing, we've been instrumental in, in beaming positive messages of the deen of Allah, with hope and the mercy of Allah

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reminding people in a unique way, the topics that you guys think some of the guys think I didn't cover are totally covered. But in a unique way, it does not have to be your way can be my own way. What's wrong, it's a way that is palatable to the people. There are studies. I know universities where masters and PhD students have actually studied the way I do that work. And they've got theses written on that. And I know they've sent me emails, they've shown me the work and so on.

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And I'm surprised at it because it's not supposed to be but what they say in the modern age using modern technology, modern methods with a very, very well thought out, laid out, studied system. That's how that's how this works. You know? So Subhanallah if you want to talk a load of rubbish, that's Allah choosing you to study things that are not even there and refute your own imagination or lie. That's what it is. And sometimes people say oh, the guy did this and then take it easy go easy, Wallah he fear Allah fear Allah. I would never ever dare come up with a new star Villa boron, I have memorized the Quran. In fact, in Ramadan, I want to read it off by heart live from cover to cover.

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Just in order for people to learn that you know what, this is the Quran. Starting from Surah Fatiha to Surah to NAS, maybe we might decide to do a challenge. Or just get opinions of a few of the scholars that I'm connected to. And see. And this is because Ramadan is the month of the Quran. Let's see. May Allah make it easy? Anyway, you guys

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I know many people want to be in this life and so on Wallahi I love you all everyone, even those who hate me, I love you. It's okay, come come. We'll give you a nice big hug inshallah. And it's fine excuse you Allah, you don't know if you if you knew what I knew Subhanallah you wouldn't even waste your time with all that. But yeah, some people became famous because they started they started

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attacking the others who are popular. If you look at their videos, one last thing I want to say look at the videos of the refute, refute analysts or whatever you want to call them refuse scientists look at their videos, right? Go back to them and look at their videos. The ones that have had the most views are the ones where they've refuted someone else. Thank you. What does that prove? They do it a lot of the times if you guys anyone wants to be famous, just come by the attack or say something good inshallah or whatever. Normally the attacks go further. That's why the day those people want to apologize, it's going to be a mission. And many of them will say, I don't want to

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apologize. I believe this will lie. 10 years from now when you are in the dark. When you're really in it, you will regret what you did. You will regret it. And you know what? The violence the hurt the hate that you have caused as a result of calling someone a Kaffir is something that you pay on the day of piano. May Allah forgive you on my side like so. You're lucky it's me. You're fortunate that it's me on my side. It's okay. Yeah. Like I said, Allah, if you knew what Allah gave us Subhanallah I think you'd make another 50 videos. You only made one. It's still nothing. There's another 14

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I left that you're going to have to make if you knew what Allah if you knew the contentment Allah has blessed us with Subhanallah you would never even think

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you wouldn't you would say in my imagination I didn't dream that this guy here is actually this and I think he I thought he was this really is not is something else altogether. May Allah bless you may Allah grant you guys goodness, I'm spending my time sitting on my own channel here. Just saying guys, Allah please pray for us, number one. Number two is when you hear these refutes refutations and so on. Try and look at who's talking and try and see what they're saying. A lot of the times they don't even know what they're talking about. Like I said, I would I've never come across. I've never come with a new Quran if anyone and when they ask a scholar they say what's the ruling of

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someone who's come with a new Quran that has a different 13 on it? I would say that's haram because this is not even a Quran it's a study book that studies the well why don't you ask the correct question to say that what is the ruling of studying the Sutras of Makkah and the revelation that was revealed in Makkah in order to learn in order to learn how the topics that were discussed the methodology of the Quran, the way that the revelation was revealed and so on, everyone will tell you it's part of the Hadith Hallo comenta allimand Quran Allah Allah Maha. And there we go. So please don't make noise guys. No, yes. Someone says every time I see automatically I get a big smile.

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Wallah. Get a smile, even when I don't see you. How's that? As that? You get a smile when you see me I get a smile when I don't even see you. Allahu Akbar. I'm always happy men. Sometimes we're exhausted. I was in Dubai, for example. Prior to that I was in so many countries working so hard. That's why I didn't get a chance to do this video. Today I did. Mashallah. I'm in Johannesburg, by the way, about to go for a talk. And this evening where it's looking very promising. We have international and local scholars, we're going to speak about the spirit of the Prophet Muhammad wa Salaam. And I want to speak about an angle, the angle of how revelation is connected to the Sierra,

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in order to educate people regarding what we believe about Revelation, and so on. So that's this evening, tomorrow evening in Cape Town The following evening in Devon, so if you guys are around, Please come Please come. And you know what, don't turn towards naysayers we're doing in sha Allah good work, positive work. We want to bring everyone closer to Allah, we want to spread goodness and SubhanAllah. If there is an error you feel then discuss it in a proper way. Perhaps send me an email to say if you've made a blunder, I think, Oh, this is what I feel. It's and we'll take it on board. It's not like we won't, I could agree with you. Most probably. And I may disagree. In some cases,

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it's fine. Another thing is try to understand it before you talk about that simply Nikka app, go to simply Nikka dot a PP, and go to the FAQs and read about it, it's amazing you or your children or grandchildren are going to need it. Or if you don't need it, then at least you benefit from it in one way or another. It's amazing. It's the best according to my opinion, right? Secondly, if you would like to know more about the book of study that, that you know, a study of the Quran as revealed Maccha vs. And then Medina vs. Surah, Baqarah, and so on, you can go to that website. It's QUWA Go and check the FAQs and ask them the pub. I'm not the publisher, I just

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gave it a kudos. I just said walleye eats a brilliant piece. And it will be very good for those who'd like to learn on that particular level. Not everyone's on that level. If it doesn't help you, you move to the next level. But on that level Wallahi it's beneficial especially revert and those who would like to see because sometimes people say, you know, I've had this and that's the reason why I supported the work when it came out. I've had people come and say I you know, I'd like to know how Islam started and what happened. Every one of us knows the first words that were revealed. Well, I mean, come on, is it wrong to study that everyone knows that you know, the first Surah to be

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revealed was this surah and then this surah and then the surah Muslim milma death if they were revealed right at the beginning then saw at the lab, so that lab Tabata had been whatever but it was revealed at a certain and so on. So there are so many sort of I don't know the all the exact order of all the sewers are in terms of Revelation, but in terms of the low in my food and the most half in the Quran, I know them off by heart of Bihar because that is a bad, that is a bad May Allah bless you all. Anyway, love you guys. And inshallah I pray that Allah bless you. Alas thing one more last thing I asked you, if ever you feel it in your heart to defend me in my absence, do so. If ever you

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

feel it in your heart to defend me in my absence, too. So, inshallah if you believe that I'm a decent person who believes in Allah and His Rasul who follows the Quran and Sunnah and you must judge me by by what I have said, me, my with my mouth, don't listen to a little audio that someone did and someone claims this is Mufti mink and this is what he said. audios are all fake in the sense that they are tampered with. Sometimes the context is not known. Sometimes you don't know what has happened. There's a lot going on. So some people will create a video out of an audio

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

Don't accept that that's unacceptable. We want to see the video I have said things you go back and listen, you can, you can take out clips that show the proper context and you can post them. You can post them. We've got millions of people who are posting content that I've made on Tik Tok and on Instagram and on Facebook and YouTube and Subhan Allah it's benefiting the masses. I've never made the noise about it. I've never made a noise about it. If you notice that so inshallah Take care guys, I wish I could say more of your people's names, but like I said, we've been positivity there's too much negativity out there in the world. And we're looking for goodness insha Allah may Allah

00:30:38--> 00:30:46

bless all of us keep us steadfast on the Quran and Sunnah. And may Allah Almighty grant us gender culture those, Apolo Kohli had a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.