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Light Upon Light, Lecture Seven

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah when Allah Allah He was happy he may we always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household companions, we ask Allah to bless all those who struggled and stroll from the very beginning, all the way to this day and right to the end, to bring the goodness to us and to grant us that guidance and we thank Allah for having shown us that and we asked him to keep

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us steadfast on the path of guidance and to keep guiding us to the true path. I mean, my brothers

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want to test my brothers, my sisters, Charlotte, that's the one we thank Allah subhana wa Jalla testing.

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One two, Mashallah. Mashallah we thank him even more than one Mashallah, you know, I always say when things go your way, you say Al Hamdulillah, when they don't go your way, you say Al Hamdulillah, twice, because he knows why. What happens happens, and it is up to him. So Panama.

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Allah Almighty has sent to us reminders, because He created us he knows best how we operate. When a person has invented a little invention, it's up to that person to let us know what the invention is all about. It's up to that person to tell us how to use it. Nowadays, with the latest technology, you may have a vehicle that is the latest, you may have an a phone, that is the latest if you don't read and check and keep trying. At times, it's user friendly to a great degree, you may never know what exactly your phone could do or what your car could have done. And those are just two examples. more sophisticated than all of that is humankind some handlebar, if I needed to create a device to

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look say, a little camera, imagine how

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difficult it is to bring together.

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Whatever I need to bring together in order to have this camera so that it can work. Imagine if anyone from amongst us was said to be the inventor of some technology that could do something strange, we would think wow, this person must be really intelligent. I promise you what the Almighty has done for us is far beyond all of that. Just your eyes, your noses, our tongue, let me put myself into it as well. Why should I say yours mine as well, right?

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The tongue, the fingers, the senses that we have, the organs we have, the entire bodies we have the feelings we have the soul, we have the sleep, we have so much more that we actually have. And the Almighty has packed it into one human being so Canada, surely he has to have sent us some form of manual or instruction or message to remind us or to tell us at least what it's all about. What will happen if you do this? What will happen if you do that? Surely he has to have sent us something and guess what he did. From the very beginning, he always sent to us messages reminders, I started this short talk of mine, by reminding you of the blessings of the Almighty upon all of us, when he sent

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to us those who took us out of the god the darkness into the light.

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Those who helped us understand what the this life is all about. Because it's very short, extremely short. But people sometimes are in doubt in doubt about what in doubt about the almighty himself. He made us but they don't think that the almighty made us they think we're just here. Look, as much as people are answerable to the almighty himself. we as believers to believe that we came from somewhere and we're going somewhere, we're too sophisticated to just come to an end. And we're too sophisticated to just have started at the point of birth. If we were less sophisticated, maybe maybe some might have found it easier to convince others that you know what? We came from nowhere and

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we're going nowhere. I tell you I give you a small example.

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This morning I heard of a sister who was married on the 13th of December. And they went out I think it was to Turkey if I'm not mistaken. And on their way back the groom happened to pass away May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant him Jenna And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for not only

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For the brain, but for all the families, it's extremely difficult as we speak, the family needs out to us. But that's not the only family that has suffered the loss or struggled. There are so many others across the globe today who are struggling, may the almighty create ease for them say I mean, remember one thing when you pray for someone the Almighty grants you that automatically so just pray for people and Allah granted to you, it's amazing, right? If you are struggling, make dua supplicate for the others who are struggling, and the Almighty will grant it to you. I'm diverting a little bit but do you want to know why? The reason is when you show care for the other creatures of the

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Almighty the almighty case for you. So Hannah, mother of Delilah me, I am connected to the Almighty Who made me when I can show him that I care for you. He cares for me. And this is why when you pray for someone else, the angels are saying, oh, Allah give him the same, if not better than what he is asking for the other. This is why we say keep asking. And the Almighty will give you keep asking and the Almighty will grant you even more. So the point being raised is

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these people who lose loved ones, all of us have lost loved ones to a certain extent, maybe not so close yet, in the case of some, but you will have to go through that at some point. So show concern for those who have gone through it because it's coming to you. And when I said this one day, people say How dare you say that? What do you mean? How do I say that it's true. It's absolutely factual. If you haven't passed away, you are going to pass away. If your spouse hasn't passed away, he or she is going to pass away it has to happen.

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It's impossible, that is not going to happen. So for us to talk about it about reality, don't say don't talk about it, we have to talk about it. It's factual. It's real. That's what it is. May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah grant us protection. But the feelings only the feelings that we have in our hearts are so sophisticated. They themselves have proof and evidence that you know what we're going to meet, we're definitely going to meet I'm so sophisticated, so complicated. I have a relationship with people around me. I've met you guys and you guys have met me, for example, we know each other. I still want to have time to sit with you and to talk with you in a way that I don't need to say,

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brother sisters, we don't have much time, you know, some kind of luck. We don't have much time. I want to sit with you in that way. Surely, there must be some form of a plan for that to happen one day because I'm so sophisticated. You're so near yet so far. So panela, right?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. So you lose someone you dearly, dearly love, nobody will be able to understand your feelings at that moment of loss and beyond it except if they themselves have been through the same.

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But my brothers, my sisters, that proves that the Almighty has a plan. I came from somewhere I'm going somewhere when I go to that place, I'm going to go to by the will of the Almighty, we will have a chance to reunite and to meet again. So the almighty tells us I made you in the first place. You're so sophisticated, so sophisticated. For me, it was just a B and it is in

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fact, oh

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Malibu mansion in LA.

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Indeed for the almighty when he intends to create something when he wants something, he just says B and it is for entire dominion and Kingdom belongs to the Almighty and all of you shall return to Him.

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That's what Allah says at the end of so that he has seen I'm sure many of us are excited when we hear that verse or when we are reading that verse because we know now we've gotten to the end of the surah that's it and we can smile and say that so via scene Mashallah. But my brothers and sisters, that last verse is packed with meaning. Allah is telling you when he wants to create something, he says Be and it is and when it is, it's ultimately going to come back to Allah. You see, there are four things when Allah wants to create one thing. He says Be and it is the second thing. Then he says he owns it because he made it. And the third thing is, the fourth thing is going to come back

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to him. You follow? Why does he own it? Because he made it when you made something you own it in another place in the Quran. Allah says, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah me

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Behold, the reason why he instructs and he has the right to tell you what to do is because he made you that's why that's what Allah is saying that will help you Well, he owns two things, he owns many things, but the 2d is mentioning, he created. So He is the Creator, he owns creation. So therefore he has an umbrella, an umbrella, meaning the instruction, he can tell you, I want you to pray 50 times a day, five times a day, I want you to stay away from this, I want you to do that. But the Almighty has promised us that he won't just tell us to do and not to do things randomly, there will always be a deeper purpose. Whether you understand it or don't is besides the point, he says I will

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tell you what to do and what not to do because not just because I want to create difficulty for you. Allah says that in the Quran, when he has laid instruction, it's never to create difficulty for you. You read Omar who bikuni you saw when I read ob como sa Allah says, Allah once for you ease, and Allah does not want for you difficulty. It might be difficult for a moment but long term, you will definitely see the fruit of following the instruction of the Almighty. And if you transgress, you might feel the enjoyment short term, but long term, you will definitely see the negativity of those actions. May Allah grant us forgiveness. So the doubts that are created in the minds of the people

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are cleared when you understand who is your maker, when you realize what revelation is all about. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I've instructed you,

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even the foodstuffs when Allah says don't eat this, there is a purpose, not just one reason there are many, many reasons. If Allah says this is not allowed, I promise you if you go into it, scientifically, medically, any other aspect of checking, perhaps you will find over time that Allah is proven correct. Why do I say over time you see their discoveries, I give you a small example of the issue of cholesterol, okay, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a professional. But I do know that cholesterol is a matter that is discussed by a lot of people. And there is a lot of money to be made in that discussion. So people say if it is beyond a certain point, it is bad for you. Right? And

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then others say that point cannot be determined for everyone on Earth.

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In one particular figure, because there are people who have different diets, different habits, different bodies, and no one has taken that into consideration. A guy like me is listening. And I'm saying, oh, wow, interesting. Then there is someone who says this whole discussion of cholesterol is a hoax. That's a new discovery. They say, a guy like me is a bit confused. What do I do this or that? The point I want to raise is look at how science and technology and all these researchers keep changing their findings over time until one day perhaps after I'm gone, I'm dead long gone. And then they will say wow, you know what, actually the ultimate discovery is this one here.

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That will come into conformity with Allah subhanho wa Taala His Word? Can I give you one other example? Allah says in the Quran in surah Yaseen again wushang so JJ de mas De La Hoya Anika taco de Mola, zz Aki, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us, the sun moves to a certain extent, there was a time when people said impossible the Earth moves, the sun does not move. A lot did not say the earth does not move. He's only telling you the sun moves. He did not say how much it moves. He's only saying it moves. When, when technology and science denied it completely. People began to find fault in the revelation and said, Revelation is wrong. They've died claiming revelation was wrong. They

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said, Look, it's proven beyond doubt. The sun doesn't move the Earth moves. They were wrong, but they died without knowing what was right. generations later. People had to admit though the sun moves but very little. Allah didn't say how much it moves. He just said it moves. That's all. So if you died and generations past believing that what Allah said was wrong, the loss was yours. Even though science and technology at the time showed you that that's what they felt was the ultimate conclusion of their experiment or discovery, whatever. If they felt it was in a specific way you don't know

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They will be technology that will prove them wrong themselves, but they would have gone new generations would have come. Therefore, ultimately, Allah says something amazing in the salon

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salary him enough. In fact he was he

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was in here

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we will show them and continue to show them signs within the horizons and in themselves, we will continue to show them more and more signs as the times pass that will prove to them ultimately that the Quran is the truth. So Panama, amazing, amazing. Allah is saying, you know what, over time, it will be proven so many things within the Quran. So many things within the Quran, are now being proven to be correct, there will be people who will create doubts in the minds and our hearts. Trust me, over the generations we have already seen from the very beginning, the time of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that those who felt this was wrong and that was wrong over time, they were found

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to be wrong. But the Quran was right.

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You know, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Arabic language already existed.

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And that Arabic language having been in existence when the Quran came,

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it was so eloquent. So correct that now anyone on earth who studies the Arabic language, the correctness of it is taken from the Quran. Did you ever know that anyone Muslim, non Muslim, whoever you are, you can never ever impossible to learn the Arabic language without connecting it to the Quran. The rules and regulations are actually derived from the Quran. That's how powerful it is. Imagine English exists. And then someone comes up with a book now. And from that point in time, English is actually taken from that book, you know, and they found errors in what people were saying and doing in the past but not in the Quran. SubhanAllah not in the Quran. And people try hard. You

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know, I'm going to tell you something very interesting. Today, we're living in an age where anything I say, is scrutinized by 4050 60 million people.

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Do you realize that anything you say I say, can easily be scrutinized by a billion people easily, very easily. When an important politician or powerful person says something, it is scrutinized to the letter.

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And to find you innocent is really really difficult this year, I'm saying they will find something wrong with you, they'll find something with the little hair that you forgot to shave somewhere, you know, here or wherever, because you know what, everyone is just looking and they will see the whole world is scrutinizing because technology has advanced developed. Back in the day, you see the scholars, yes, they addressed little crowds of people, Allah allow that to go further. In the case of many of them to Panama, yet many of them we would never know about them, they might have been extremely important people. Allah knows them. Allah knows who they are, Allah will reward them,

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Allah will grant them goodness. However, at that time, they struggled at the hands of a few people in community. You look at some of the Imams, some of the chefs, some of the scholars have a full time. You know what they struggled at the hands of their people, a few people. Today, if you were to look in numbers, we struggle at the hands of millions of people, millions of people scrutinization

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back in the day, when they hassled the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam they were sworn in number very small in number. Today, they've been scrutinizing the for an

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inside out, they've been scrutinizing, not only verse by verse, not only word by word or letter by letter, Hurricane by Hurricane You know what? a hurricane.

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A small little accent sign at the top of bottom of the letters, they are looking at each one of it. Yesterday, someone sent me a message telling me why is this food and not eat in the foreign? And I'm like, I don't even want to answer this. You know, because you need to have faith to understand this. And one day you will understand it. I can't explain it to you. It's not for me. It's linguistic. It's the law. And you if you're denying that law, there's nothing I can do about it. It's between you and the Almighty. I still love you by the way. Remember that? I still love you. By the way. There is no contradiction between the two. If a person is a stray, if a person is for example, far

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away if a person disagrees with you, if a person doesn't think like you

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If a person chooses differently from you, you have every right to disagree respectfully, every right to disagree. You can disagree very strongly with that person, but I promise you, you can still love him. Allah says in the Quran regarding parents that he will even if they were mushrikeen, which means they were following a totally different faith, your own parents, and they were associating partners with Allah and they were inviting you to do the same and pushing you hard to associate partners with Allah. Allah says, You disagree respectfully, you don't follow what is wrong, and you still live with them with kindness and goodness in a beautiful way. La

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ilaha illa Allah, that is the foreign, the same foreign is telling us that you disagree with love, I disagree with Kay. But today we have become so weak. When we disagree. We start spitting venom on the person right? Swear we have to swear, the first word that comes out is the F word. And that F word has become normal speech. People are asking how are you and they've said the F word three times between the how the R and the EU law in law, Allah, May Allah forgive us. And the end, they think it's cool. It's not cool. So Panama, el amin, may Allah grant us forgiveness, which by the way, also starts with an F.

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My brothers, my sisters, we need to know this. Allah subhanho wa Taala will always dominate. He knows he made us he created me and you He has sent a manual. And he's telling you, this is why you are here, this is what I want you to do. If you press this button, this will happen. If you press that button, that will happen might not happen right now. But it's going to happen. You want to do heroin, you will pay a price for it. This way or that way, now or later, you want to press a button, you know, when you're in the lift, you press five, and then someone says you know you're on the sixth floor, you press six, someone says no seven, and they keep on going until they or sorry, it's

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number 10. Now you're going to stop five, six times is going to delay your your whole trip getting to your your 10th floor. Now there are lifts that us that are such, if you press it again, it depresses it actually, and presses the button that you press. So when you are supposed to go to five and you press it again, you no longer go to five, you pressed it twice. In the same way when you do something haram Allah tells you quickly, unimpressed by seeking forgiveness. So it's not like you need to do it a second time in order to be forgiven. No, it doesn't work like a lift. But actually it works such that you can come out of it quickly before it has had that effect. People say, you

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know, when I had my wedding, we served alcohol. I've had this question. And now I'm seeing that in life and struggling so much I don't know my sister or my brother, if it's connected exactly to that. But the fact that it's bothering you, if you seek the forgiveness of Allah, he can undo it completely. He will forgive you. He will definitely forgive you. If you did something wrong in the past, there is always hope. The same Almighty is telling that to you. Don't lose hope. Don't let anyone make you believe for a moment that the Almighty is not the most forgiving, the Most Merciful, the most kind, the most generous, the most compassionate. We have another thing Lord, my brothers,

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my sisters, but he is the one who sent to us a manual the question I have.

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How many of us have bothered to read that manual to understand it, to sit with others to be able to actually confirm what it says to be able to look into the deeper meanings to be able to know if I were to do this and that would happen. Allah says you do good deeds, you will get this you do that you will get that we all want paradise, don't we? By show of hands, who wants entry into paradise? Put up your hands.

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Entry into paradise with no reckoning whatsoever, put your hands up. You don't want to take account of your deeds. You just want his mercy. Go up, put your hands up only the mercy of Allah not my deeds. That's all of us. May Allah grant us genda to save those May Allah grant us paradise say I mean, I promise you the fact that we want it. There is a great chance he will just give it to us and said you know what, one day you were sitting and you will ask a question you want paradise. You wanted without reckoning just by the mercy of the Almighty. And you said yes, yes, yes, yes, I do. We're giving it to him.

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He can do that. You know why is the most compassionate, most forgiving, Most Merciful, most kind, most generous, most generous, Mashallah, he will do that. But you know what you need to keep trying. It's like someone saying, you know,

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What I would like, I would like good health. I would like good health, but they are not

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carrying themselves or they're not eating healthy, or even living healthy in any way.

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They're playing the food. They are playing the fool. You say, I want good health, but you have no control you just eating and managing anything and everything so panela and you don't exercise you don't bother to exercise. One of the biggest gifts that you can give your bodies and talking of something physical right is to exercise on a daily basis, daily basis. You might want to give yourself a break one day of the week on a daily basis, sweat it out, you find you will be a much healthier person than if you are just lazing around enjoying the day without sweating. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease. So the almighty sends us this instruction he sends the Quran in

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that Quran he tells us you do good deeds. You believe you try your best worship Me alone, you respect everything that I have created, I will give you paradise. So let's work in that direction. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a great improvement. inshallah. Today, we will hear a few talks from various speakers

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explaining to us various aspects of the faith of the goodness that is supposed to be coming from us, and the goodness we will achieve and receive my brothers and sisters. today. All of us are searching for contentment for happiness more than anything else. whether we know it or we don't. We're searching for contentment more than anything else. Happiness. You know, some of the young people say no, no, no, no, I'm searching for money. Because money will make me happy. Trust me money. Yes, it is very important. It is a part of your living. You have to earn it. You have to work hard to earn it. But I promise you more than that. You will need contentment. There are some who don't have much.

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They're very content and some who have a lot of money. They're not content at all, which is more important. They will tell you after having earned the millions and the billions that you know what, I just wish I had a happy life. I could sleep. I just wish I had nothing people around me. May Allah grant that to us. May He grant us goodness, me he opened our doors. I end off by repeating something I said twice already. You know my brothers, my sisters. When we do something the Almighty has asked us to do we will definitely see The goodness from it. And when we stay away from those things he has asked us to stay away from We will definitely see The goodness that comes from that abstention. But

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if we were to lose ourselves and lose control, and if we were to not follow any rules and so on. We have no one to blame but ourselves when things start going chaotically wrong in our lives. Still the almighty through His mercy blesses us and grants us goodness if we are going through difficulty and hardship. It is not a sign of the anger of the Almighty It is actually a sign of the love of the Almighty for as long as you are continuing to try to be the best possible person you can be in your relationship with your maker and in your relationship with the rest of the creatures of the same maker inshallah I look forward to seeing you again later today. Until then, I could only have masala

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