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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was heavy age my,

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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a very interesting and very important topic that we must discuss and we must realize and understand

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is that amongst us, there are scholars those who are

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teaching us they've disseminated to us the knowledge of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they continue to teach us

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they will always be difference of opinion amongst the scholars remember that it's impossible not to have difference of opinion, from the time of the Sahaba Viola who and whom they differed, and the times they differed very strongly.

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But none of them belittled the other because that is a disease and it becomes a mental psychological problem, either a superiority complex, an inferiority complex, or simple mental illness or the fact that the person has not purified themselves they haven't cleansed their hearts, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us even in his presence, when there was difference among the companions, before they could get to him to clarify it, he made it clear that there is a certain etiquette, you differ in a way in a manner that will continue to ensure the respect of the person you differ with, no matter how strong that difference is. The reason I say this is lately, there are

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scholars who have differed on the Coronavirus on the wearing of the mask on the social distancing on so many other matters. There are scholars who have differed on so many things of late. Some of them have stooped lower than the levels of a true movement

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to belittle others, and we need to call them out.

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Because if we don't, the youth and the public will lose respect for all the scholars and they would then lose respect for the dean, they would not be interested in listening to the scholars saying these guys are just fighting amongst each others. Each one is calling the other names. No, no, each one is not calling the other names. Some are calling others names, while the others are busy working very hard. I was taught by my own scholars and my own sanity that my teachers and those whom we look up to in terms of our elders, our predecessors, they always said, busy yourself in your work, never insult a person you defer with

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what's your aim? Is it to present the heart and the truth if it is presented in the most beautiful way? Say I believe this opinion is correct because of a B and C and I believe this opinion is totally wrong. It is unacceptable because of x y and Zed stop there and continue. But when you begin to belittle someone call them names. Remember you are far away from Islam, let alone the Sunnah of the prophet or seldom because the prophets are seldom says layered Hello Jonathan Khanna fickle behemoths tala Huberty Min hardily min kebun a person in whose heart is an iota or a mustard seeds wait worth of pride will not enter Paradise. So the Sahaba the Allahu anhu asked him you know, we

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like to wear good clothes, good shoes, etc, convenience, whatnot. He said no, the pride is to reject the truth and to despise people to belittle others that is pride.

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Pride comes in three most important things. Number one, when you have a lot of wealth, you need to check yourself for pride. Number two, when you have a lot of authority, you need to check yourself a prime number three when you have a lot of wealth you need to check yourself for prime. These three things are an Amana for the oma not for you. When Allah gives you wealth, it's not for you. It's for the oma when Allah gives you authority, it's not for you. It's for the oma when Allah gives you knowledge, it's not for you. It's for the oma so Allah tests you and shapen comes in tamper with you. You develop pride, I think I know. I think I have I think I'm powerful. The minute those three

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contaminate your mind, you have a problem. You need to go to a real and a true scholar of the deen just to clean your heart today. We have chefs who people look up to and they say this is my chef, but if you

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To study that chef, he has hatred in him he has jealousy he has ill feeling he swears and belittles other scholars. What type of a share is it? Is it not a sign of the hour? A simple vagabond from the street will tell you please clean your heart now ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah when I walk into this Masjid, I always notice one verse that brings me reassurance people say Why do you keep going to this Masjid? I say, well, it's my local Masjid number one. Number two is that it says here at the top in Malmo, camino eco. Do you notice the same?

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Indeed, verily, all believers are brothers. And it's the vibe and the feeling we get when we walk into here, the pride is out of the window. Do you notice that everyone is together? No matter who you are, that's the feeling you should be having in the masjid. So that's why it's a machine with a difference. Go to the other questions. They all have verses that someone has chosen to put up Mashallah, that's good. It's a reminder for me, this one stands out in a way different from others. My brothers, my sisters, when scholars differ with one another, remember, the one who is belittling the others is the one who has a mental problem, a psychological problem, a complex they need to deal

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with, no matter who they are, how old they are, how many years they've been going on for no problem, they have a psychological issue. They are causing damage to the oma because the prophets are seldom has taught us you're not allowed to belittle another human, let alone a scholar of the dean who's working hard to serve Islam. Here in this Masjid you and I know, there are people sometimes who will come and try to nitpick to say, you know what your scholars know, nothing they've studied in this place. These guys are from this part of the world. Those guys are from there, they know nothing, etc. It's a problem we've been facing for a very long time. But look at our scholars, what are they

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doing? They are so busy doing the work, they don't even have time at times to even know what others are saying about them. They don't even know someone says, Did you see what so and so said about you? The answer is No, I haven't. I mean, we are busy doing the work. They are they are free sitting and talking about others. On the day of piano, we are those who did the work, they will all be one side were those who set aside and kept on talking about them, they will be on the other side. My beloved scholars, if you are belittling someone, here I am today telling you stop it. It's enough. Allah will take you to task you are destroying the oma, that's what it is the youth are looking for

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guidance. If you differ present the difference of opinion, say I believe these this opinion is wrong. Those are scholars they tried, I differ with them. That's it. Why do we have to go and stoop so low to confuse the masses? There are genuine scholars who have done decades of powerful work, and we call them names. What happens to the youth? We have generations to worry about the oma we have to worry about it's not about you and I please Oh dear scholars, I'm sorry to say it but I have to say bluntly, behave yourselves. Here are the masses looking for guidance, not looking for swear words against one another, you find one calling the other names and what's the other one doing? He will

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smile and say May Allah forgive him and he will keep on doing the work. My brothers and sisters recognize them. When you hear a scholar belittling another, understand it's a mental problem. Understand it's a psychological issue. Understand, it's a complex that they've developed thinking that they know and everyone else doesn't.

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And understand when a scholar begins to sway at another and scoff at another and belittle another it's a sign he has lost not only the plot, but even the argument. You know, it's like kids when you're playing a game and you're a big guy, and a little guy comes in actually wins. What do you do? You spoil the game? And you say he's an idiot, he's a dog, he's a puppy, he's a whatever, he's a pig and so on. May Allah forgive us. These type of words are being used by those who are supposed to be carriers of the deen of Allah of the Quran. And Suna my brothers and sisters. Do you really think those are our two leaders? Or should we excuse them? Should we excuse them because if we're going to

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go back and fight back, what will happen we will create a public disaster for nothing. We're going to make a fool of ourselves as an oma. The truth is we make dua for them and we carry on we're either Baba, Jai Hilo, Nakano, Salah

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the Quran teaches us when the ignorant and the arrogant the Jew hell, when they are communicating with you, the only thing you can say is Salaam peace and you walk away, maintain your peace, keep the peace among the people and continue Allah will grant you goodness, my brothers, my sisters, it's up

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About time we as the oma the Masters realized and recognize

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those who make a true effort and constantly serve the oma. They serve humanity. They go out, they feed the poor, they go out they teach diligently. There are people we don't even hear of who have produced her farm. They have produced so many of the young people learning the Quran, you and I were taught by men and women of knowledge who have dedicatedly trained us when we were young to read the Quran. No one even mentions them. No one even knows them at times. Those are the Olia Allah, those are the friends of Allah who dedicatedly work quietly teaching and if and if Ba Ba, da da. Those are the ones who get the full reward massive and they are not even known by the public. They are known

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by the angels who carry their sadaqa jariya the reward on a daily basis La ilaha illa Allah, may Allah bless all those who taught us from the beginning right up to the end. My beloved brothers, my sisters, don't fall into the trap of belittling scholars because one of them have belittle the others or a group from among them have belittle the others. Like I say, difference of opinion is legitimate. You are allowed to say your opinion regarding the mask your opinion regarding the vaccine, your opinion regarding the social distancing your opinion regarding anything, if you're a scholar, you're allowed to mention it with its merit and with its evidence, but you're not allowed

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to belittle another, or scoff at them or call them names because then you need medication. You need to visit not only a psychologist but a psychiatrist. Because there is a mental problem honestly, that will seep through the masses who begin not to greet a scholar of Dean simply because he has another opinion regarding a mosque. I've seen people walk into a Masjid without mentioning where and a great scholar, a great scholar in front of us. And some say don't greet him. He's wearing a mask. Now how La quwata illa Billah. And these are people with beards that could actually Subhanallah reach their

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belly buttons. Now look grantors goodness, which means you would think they are religious? Where is your heart? How dirty is it? How rejected are you to not greet a fellow Muslim they call each other confident Kfar yet they are saying the Shahada that does not take you out of the fold of Islam, when you have a difference of opinion, express it, it's been going on from the beginning, from the time of the Sahaba, they did not call each other too far. Because they differed in certain matters. They didn't that's a weakness, it's it shows you don't even have the evidence to back yourself up. You just have to swear like a child. You have to be little like a baby like someone who hasn't even come

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out of their tools.

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Don't do that. Do you have merit in what you're saying then presented properly, show the evidence, be confident with the hat in your hands and move on, move on the oma will remain intact people will respect you, they will respect the others who hold a different opinion. The funny thing is one llahi I want to share with you a story before I close, there was one scholar who saw the prohibition of a certain thing, and he was vocal about it and he belittled others, his son was affected by a disease. Right. When that happened, he was forced to follow the opinion of the other scholars. The irony of it is while behind the scenes he imposed on his family, the opinion of the others he kept on

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promoting the opposite opinion simply because of pride. And I told him I said you know what? Why don't you come clear and honest and tell the public that I've been saying this, but I'm wrong. For my own son, I'm using a different opinion. And you know what he said? He said, No, I still agree with the original opinion. But this is only necessity. So I'm using it for my family. So I said is there not a necessity for the whole

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look at how the scholars are making fools of people, then they they call us and they say Well, those are scholars for dollars.

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Scholars for dollars, he says is a term used by some to refer to others when they have no other way of challenging them when they are not confident with the truth that they have within them. You are belittling someone, not all of them are like you, my beloved. Not all of them are like you. You can ask around even here in Bossman there are certain scholars who bring you the dollars instead of taking from you ask them they will tell you they will confirm that you know what these scholars they are not scholars for the dollars. They are scholars who give the dollars not all the scholars are poor. Some of them are wealthier than some of the wealthiest you would know. You don't know. Why be

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jealous of them. They didn't steal the money. They didn't sell the deed. Don't think things up with your mind. Because of your jealousy work on it. May Allah protect us all from jealousy in the last minute

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Mr. Khurana jealousy will eat your good deeds like fire, it's dry logs. The reason I mentioned this today we as the masses need guidance and as scholars, the fraternity needs to be told, listen, defer and defer strongly, but with utmost respect akula Kali, hava sallallahu wasallam about a gallon