Eid Al-Adha 2021 – Sacrifice What?

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allah. Allahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allah Hill Han al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah al amin Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. What being a woman to be at home, be a son, Eli ami Dean.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, today is the day of victory.

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Today is the day of celebration.

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Today is the day of eat.

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Allah has bestowed this day upon us

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obviously with great wisdom

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and for a reason.

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Primarily, it is the victory of man. The victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a creature known as Ashraf Wilma flow caught the most noble of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala humankind over shavon the devil,

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in my life and in your lives, it is part of the divine plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That shaytan will come to you to distract you from the straight path. Allah shows you the way to success and salvation, because He created you. So Allah tells you how to achieve contentment and happiness and there is no other way of achieving true contentment and happiness except through that which Allah has ordained by the prophets that he has sent starting from the beginning with Adam alayhis salam, all the way coming down to Musa alayhis salam Jesus, he Salli Salatu was salam, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us a deeper understanding.

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My brothers and sisters, if you look at Ibrahim alayhis salam, the prophet Abraham May peace be upon him. Allah describes him as an oma as a nation on his own. Yet those who followed him at the time were very few. If you look at those who followed him initially, there was no one besides a few of his family members. But Allah says in Ebo, he might Ghana.

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Indeed, but I him was an oma on his own. If you look at the announcement of the Hajj that he was instructed to make, Allah says what?

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Finn fin as even G. You make the announcement to the people of HUD, they should come for the pilgrimage Who are these people?

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There was barely nobody compared to the number of people who actually go for Hajj today. May Allah make it easy for us to return to the holy lands? I mean, so Allah told him announced it, what was going to be the result of it. Allah promised him and Allah told him, yeah, to carry Jalla wa ala, balmy, yet to Deena Mia, Khalifa Jin army, they will come walking, and they will come on every lean camel, every mode of transport you can think of they are going to come from the furthest points of the earth.

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at that juncture, one who perhaps did not believe would not have believed that this is going to happen. It requires a true believer in that of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. In Anwar Abdullah II how God indeed the promise of Allah is the truth. Always when Allah tells you, this will happen, that will happen, it will happen it does happen, that is Allah. But shaitaan comes to you and I and distracts us with what with the love of this world primarily, to the degree that you forget. It's only temporary, Allah tells you, you are allowed to enjoy what's on Earth, but only within which what we have ordained. You are allowed, for example, to fulfill your base desires in a permissible

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way, rather than through adultery. You're allowed to eat and drink in a way that does not intoxicate you, rather than lose your mind with intoxicants. So Allah tells you regularize what we have ordained made sure that you regularize the fulfillment of what you want. If it cannot be regularized. Do not do it. Stay away from it, no matter what you might have a desire that perhaps shape man makes you want or like all your nerves makes you inclined towards if there is no way of regular right

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That desire, stay out of it for the sake of Allah no matter how difficult it might be for you to abstain because your knifes Your soul is calling you towards something that is not going to be able to be made permissible. You stay away from it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. I mean,

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my brothers, my sisters, when Allah instructed Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. It did not make sense.

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At one point, what was it? Allah instructed him to sacrifice his son? You tell me, can it ever make sense to you and I to sacrifice your own child to take the life of your own child? No. In fact, he saw a dream and for the dreams of the prophets, they are instructions. If you were to see a dream, trust me, it's not an instruction. No one can say, Well, I too can fulfill the instruction of Allah Almighty. That's not the instruction of Allah Almighty to you through a dream. You're not a prophet.

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May Allah grant us goodness. May Allah grant us good dreams to begin with many of us have nightmares, dreams that make no sense. We probably sleep in a condition that may be displeasing to Allah. Let's not do that my brothers and sisters when you recline at night, remember to read the DA what is the DA you say In the name of Allah? I go to bed and I shall rise Subhana Allah or there is a beautiful day that I want to say of the prophets I seldom Miss Mikela whom Oba to Jambi will become

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in M sector and FC thermophila were in our center ha ha ha behave we can lady to follow up by that Dhaka solid him In the name of Allah in your name, Oh Allah do I recline I do. I put my side on my bedding. And by your name, I shall get it up in the morning. If you decide to take my soul away at night, have mercy on it. And if you decide to send it back on Earth, protected in the same way that you protect your pious slaves, what a beautiful to get used to reading it, perhaps it may help you to develop better dreams. May Allah grant us goodness.

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But shaitan comes to us in the same way he came to Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam to try and distract him from fulfilling the command of Allah. The command of Allah to him was different from what it is to us. For us. It's pretty simple. Allah asks you to worship Him alone. Subhan Allah, the most important day today is known as a day of tawheed. a day of the oneness of Allah. a day when we worship Allah alone. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, na Illa in Lama who Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Han Han. Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, To Him belongs all praise Indeed Allah is the Greatest To Him

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belongs all praise Subhana Allah it's the day of tau EAD, which means the oneness of Allah shavon will come to you in this matter, to try and make you worship things and deities besides Allah that don't exist. Subhana Allah,

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things besides Allah shaytan will make you try and worship your own desires and fancies your own mind at times where there is something absurd but because it's in your mind you think you want to do it if you're a believer, you surrender to the instruction of Allah, that's what will bring you success and true contentment and when you return to Allah, your maker who made you from nothing, Subhana Allah, people say, Well, you know, Allah created man from dust and soil agreed. It's true. So why do you say Allah created you from nothing? Because Allah created the dust and soil from nothing. Subhan Allah, amazing. It's Allah. In Amma amo, either dashi and

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Kuhn, his instruction when he wants to create something is only that he says, Be

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fire Kuhn. And it is May Allah subhanho wa Taala. grant us the development of the understanding of his greatness. It's the day like I said, Of worshipping Allah alone, for fulfilling the instruction of Allah to you and I, it makes sense you pray, you have to pray to Allah. Someone might say, Why do I have to make Voodoo and wash my face and my hands when I have let out wind and I'm not washing my behind? It's a good question. Actually. It's the instruction of Allah. That's the answer. It made sense to you.

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It didn't make sense to you No problem. It's not even a major matter. And you're questioning, look at Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam, a major matter? He didn't even question. So Allah says, What does

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he belong him I find in Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam, past all of his tests, we have taken him as a close friend of ours, all the messengers to follow after him from his progeny from his lineage, those that we know, may Allah grant us an understanding. Why, because he's close, he strove to obey the instruction of Allah, even though it didn't make sense at the time when Chopin came to him telling him, you can't do that doesn't make sense. What did he do? He pelted the devil

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shaitan tried again, in a bigger way, and a third time in an even bigger way. Every time he said, No, Allah is the Greatest. I'm going to fulfill this instruction of Allah. And Allah gave him success. You and I in your lives and mine. Shaytan comes to us every day, I tell you, no matter how pious you think you are, no matter how knowledgeable you think you are, no matter who you think you are, every single day, try to think how did shaitan come to me today? Because shaitan comes to everyone every day and tries his tricks. He either tries to make you lazy, which is something basic, you have to fight it, it's up to you. He either tries to make you worship someone something besides

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Allah, including installing yourself as a deity besides Allah, He that is dangerous, extremely dangerous. You need to be careful. Come back to Allah, he might make you turn away from your prayer. That is also dangerous. It's a pillar of Islam. You want to get closer to Allah. Allah gave you heart beats approximately 136,000 heart beats a day. What did you do for Allah you can pray five times a day few minutes a day to thank Allah to worship Him alone to say Oh Allah when I returned to you have mercy upon me.

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shaitan might come to you to make you undress claiming and dressed.

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The prophets are seldom predicted this he says they will come a time when you will find people undressed, and they claim to be dressed kaseya in the area covered but uncovered. When you and I were close, normally we were close to cover Mashallah, at this moment here in Zimbabwe, it's freezing. We are all wearing our clothing, our jackets, our perhaps thermals and so on and so forth. Mashallah. But sometimes the sun is out and what do people do? They tend to cover themselves in order to show and reveal. So Allah says, Don't wear tight clothing, don't wear thin clothing that is going to show you're supposed to be covering adornment is permissible to the degree that you've

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covered yourself, and you have not exposed yourself on the day of happiness like this one, when we're celebrating the victory of man over devil. Devil succeeds sometimes because we forget Allah and we start doing things that displease Allah. Neither did you read Salah to know did you dress appropriately? No. Did you worship Allah normal your relationships Okay, and perhaps you might have fallen in other traps. This is a reminder to say don't do that my brother, don't do that my beloved sister, let's turn back to Allah belt the devil and come back to Allah. This is why when the hood judge actually go to Pelton Minar it is more symbolic than anything else. There is no physical devil

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there, but rather it is the devil within that you are taking out with every pebble that you have used in order to stone or to pelt. It's a small pea size pebble it shouldn't ever be bigger than that. Sometimes you witnessed people coming with a rock and saying harsh a THON. I'm going to attack you today you've been attacking me all my life. Such people are ignorant. They don't understand more than the physical part of it. It is the intention and the strength within

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and the removal of shapen who attacks you on a daily basis with jealousy, with pride, with enmity with hatred, with backbiting, with adultery, with gambling, perhaps with intoxicants with so much more, you know, primarily it has all got to do with the love of this world. You are connected to your children, aren't you? May Allah bless us with children who will be the coolness of our eyes. Allah says one day we're going to take the child away. Are you prepared for us to take the child away? It will happen perhaps. Or the child will lose you as a parent. It will happen Are you prepared? Take it in your stride in the law he were in La heraion indeed, unto Allah we belong we

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shall all returned to him. Take it in your stride. You lost something. It is hard. It is difficult. It's not

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To feel sad, it's normal to cry. It's okay you can cry. But you are not crying because you're questioning Allah, you're crying because you're just a human being, you're missing something Allah gave you. You're missing something Allah blessed you with someone good something hap that you were given. Look at, for example, the looting that happened now in South Africa, people lost their livelihood, we pray for them. May Allah bless you with more than double what he took away from you.

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It hurts us to see something you built over generations at times. Suddenly, in a few minutes, it's all gone. That was Allah in Manila Hema, Allahu Ma, Hakuna Lucia in India who be utterly masama Indeed, for Allah belonged, that which he gave in the first place, and for Allah belongs that which he took away.

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And everything that Allah has given, he's got the time tag on it, it's going to expire. It's going to stop, it's going to come to an end at some point. If you believe that, take it in your stride start working again. You lost a loved one. Yes. You will mourn the loved one only in accordance with what Allah has ordained after that. What do you do you have to carry on? Normally the youngsters of today are into football. We give them an example and say you lost a man you're down to 10 men, what happens? Does the match come to an end? No, it carries on, you might score goals when you are only 10 or nine men. But if you stopped and you are sad, because your best player is gone, you lose the

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game. We also are fighting against shaytan you don't just stop worshipping Allah. You don't become angry with Allah simply because he took your business away. He took your family member away He made you sick and Ill you can no longer walk because you don't have a leg anymore. It is difficult you might feel the pain but take it in your stride thank Allah upon all conditions, because on the Day of Judgment, they will be a special color, calling out those who used to thank Allah upon all conditions, they will be granted their hisab First they will be entering genital Fidelis according to one of the narrations, primarily it at the beginning before others

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are in a Latina can we Medina, la de sala de la a color we'll call where those who used to praise Allah upon all conditions,

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and they will be brought forth and they will be taken account of and they will continue and proceed before others. May Allah grant us goodness. So shaytan comes to us what does he do to us? He makes us attached to this worldly life because we want money we steal we pinch, we become jealous of others. We don't want anyone else to earn I must be the only one who earns Have you noticed how a person with the biggest business making millions feels threatened by attack shop that opens across the road that sells the same item? You're going to sell food I'm also going to sell food. What's the big deal? You can't want to stop me? How much money do you want to make? Are you not gonna allow me

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or anyone else to make money? Then what do you want us to do? May Allah protect us? That is the love of this world that is ridiculous where you have transgressed beyond what Allah is going to give you to that which Allah is giving others don't worry about them, you will get yours you get your sustenance and more, work harder, perhaps change your prices, perhaps change your product, perhaps no problem. Don't become jealous of others don't think that Allah has given you the right to stop others from doing exactly the same business you're doing. May Allah protect us. One might consider it slightly wrong because of culture and because of what we may feel here and there. But in actual

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fact, sustenance is from Allah believe that when you believe that you're at peace, someone says, Let me help you open another business similar to mine, perhaps I will give you the stock Why not? Subhana Allah? Where are the people like that? The problem we have love of dunya put a knife to the dunya and you will succeed Bismillah Allahu Akbar. It's gone. The blood does not reach Allah The meat is not important. ly

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the meat will never reach Allah

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ooh ha No. Whoo.

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The blood reach Allah

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while I can I know

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what reaches Allah is the taqwa from you. The God consciousness. Did you change your life? Did you put a knife to your bad habits? Today is the day of putting a knife to what to that which is distracting you from Allah? What is it all those bad habits I mentioned Now earlier,

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starting with the shilka that people involving Subhan Allah put a knife to it today is your day. The sins that you're in.

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You know what they are. People know what they are. Put a knife make Toba today is a day of returning to Allah. Allah frees more people

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on the day of arafa from Hellfire than he freeze on any other day and here we are just after the day of arafah celebrating surely today is also a day of goodness the prophets of Salaam has kept all these days within a grouping of days known as the first 10 days of the hedger. We are still on the 10th day Subhan Allah

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my brothers, my sisters, the meat doesn't get to Allah the blood doesn't get to Allah subhanho wa Taala what gets to Allah subhanho wa Taala is your consciousness of him? Did you develop a better relationship with Allah? Do you really think Allah wants us to just eat and drink and forget him? That's what people do. shaitaan comes to you even on the day of he to tell you to do that which is displeasing to Allah. Don't allow that to happen. Fulfill your Salah today. So a lot of vo when the time comes, do it with a full heart. Take your time in it, thank Allah. Look at how after every Salah we are declaring the praise of Allah and the greatness of Allah. He is indeed the greatest he

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gave us a sacrifice. He tested Ibrahim alayhi salam, and all of us are celebrating but a true celebration is only for those who are prepared to sacrifice for the sake of Allah.

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It's very difficult for you to dress the way Allah asked you to dress rather than finding a loophole and claiming that Allah doesn't ask me to dress this way or that way, fulfill his command. That's it, you know what it is, you know, you just need that power. It's not as difficult as sacrificing your child. You're just sacrificing the beautiful hair that you have from being shown. If Allah asked you to cover it, and you've covered it, is that as difficult as the sacrifice, then you'll enjoy the day of eat when you've made that intention.

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Perhaps you're a person who's been blessed with a good body for the sake of meaningful use for the sake of Allah, you've covered it. Perhaps Allah has blessed you with good looks. You need to know how to manage yourself, how to carry yourself as a believer, male or female. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding May he make us from those who can sacrifice. So this is the day of eat. You see what it is, it's the day of happiness.

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A Yama a yamo a clean wash. It doesn't stop there. But the creme de la atalla the days of Shrek which are these days when we are going to be reading the tech beer. The days of tashlich these days of eat, they are the days of eating and drinking. It doesn't stop there. Allah says through Muhammad Salah salam, and they are the days of the remembrance of Allah. The eating and drinking will only be enjoyed truly by those who are remembering Allah. You forget Allah, what's the point of the eating and the drinking? You follow what we're saying? You remember Allah, Allah say, Bismillah you eat you enjoy. Remember the poor, the needy, those who are suffering, struggling, and my brothers and

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sisters be responsible. You know there is a pandemic.

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You know that we are going through a struggle, just be responsible. Ask yourself, what is responsibility, think about yourself and others and think about the reality of what's going on.

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So my brothers and sisters, on this day, we remember those who are suffering across the globe with this disease and we ask Allah Oh Allah grant us alleviation from this disease eradicated for us here Illa Allah, Allah me.

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My brothers, my sisters, think about those who have passed on as well make dua for their mercy and remember the day when you are going to go to Allah in the same way they went to Allah. Allah humma humma either Cigna, Isla Massaro LA. Allah have mercy on us, the day we become what they have become, may Allah subhanho wa Taala Grant has goodness my brothers and sisters. This was just the remainder of the day of EAD

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and to highlight a certain point where

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we say, what is it all about? People say, Well, today is the day of sacrifice. Yes, but there is a deeper meaning to it. I've mentioned a portion of it may Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us goodness Apolo Kali hada or sallallahu wasallam Allah wa barik ala nabina Muhammad