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I started off by saying when calamity strikes what should you do? You first say in Allah he were in LA Hara John I believe in Allah. I believe we all belong to Allah and we're going to all go back to Allah I spoken about those two then you ask yourself a question. This calamity that struck me I calm and content about it. Am I okay? Am I able to continue that swim that I was talking about just now with a smile mashallah you see the professional swimmers watch them? They glide across Have you noticed that effortlessly and they are super quick. Mashallah, before you know it, the best of swimmers and the fastest of them are not the ones who keep the water and who who want to make the

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biggest of

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the biggest of splashes, they are the ones who glide through silently you can't really hear much. You don't see a lot of splash but they gone before you know, you know what with us in our iman, when calamity strikes? Are you going to be a professional in the sense that are you going to be a good Muslim? I mean, are you already close to Allah? Does it make you fulfill more salah? Does it bring you closer to Allah? Do you check yourself? And if you do you know what you're gonna glide through you're going to actually swim through before you know it. You're on the other side of the calamity. Subhanallah thanking Allah Oh ALLAH. I thank you for what you bestowed me with you know why it could

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have been worse. As a movement I am taught when calamity strikes tell Allah Oh Allah I thank you because it could have been worse. You lost one leg? What if you lost both? You lost one child? What if you lost both?

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Subhanallah you lost some business? What if you lost your life?

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Someone knocked your car but you came out without any scratches. Thank Allah What if your whole body was missed? It has happened to others. Each time something happens as a believer, my brothers my sisters, tell yourself and tell Allah I thank you, Oh Allah, it could have been worse. I thank you that it's not as bad. At least you tested me with a test that is okay. With your help, I'm going to keep going. But with that, look at the condition of your heart.

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If you are content, thank Allah, you're a good person.

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If you are contented calamity that struck you, Inshallah, you're a good person.

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But if you are struggling and you are really battling and it's changed you in the negative way, and it's made you even worse, then guess what, you have to look at yourself. Ask yourself the first question. Have you ever harmed someone because now the damage of that dua they made against you is probably hitting back at you then there's gonna be such a calamity that will strike that Allah will not help you through it because it is a punishment.

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Takeda Blum for Inaho Lisa in Allah hijab, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, Be very warned and be very careful about a dua that is or a supplication made against you by the one whom you have wronged. You have made loom on someone you wronged someone. Watch out for that too, because there is no barrier between that DUA and Allah when they make a dua against you. It's over. The justice of Allah will descend If not now, just a matter of time. And we always says