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Now you have put together a marriage masterclass. And it is years of work that has been compiled and produced in a way that can be beneficial to all categories of people tell us what what motivated you to put this together many unfortunately didn't get to see a beautiful home many didn't get to see a beautiful example of what a good marriage in Islam is meant to look like. And so part of the reason why I actually created this course, is in the hopes that people will see what it's meant to be, because you can't give what you don't have, if you didn't see something beautiful, it's hard for you to create it. So by sharing these tips, I pray insha Allah that people will be able to experience

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what we are going through and even more insha Allah. Yes. And I do think it's very important for people to invest in this type of education in this type of empowerment, because it's the rest of your life. You know, I see so many cases of people who just got married because they suddenly caught up one day and said, You know what, I think I need to get married, or they saw someone who they felt was was a good person and they didn't even realize that person might be good, but they might not be ready at all. And therefore you find the two good people sometimes but they don't know how to navigate it's like a person just been given a car and told Okay, do you know how to press these

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pedals and they say yes and Okay, right now you can go but there are so many other rules of the road that you need to know. Similarly, when it comes to marriage, so much that you need to know 30 years of experience, all compacted into a marriage master class and there are so much more as sister Miriam has said you should enroll for this particular course and so many other things that you will find there of benefit and inshallah we pray for sister Miriam that Allah bless you and your family, and grant you every goodness