Mufti Menk – Why Alcohol in Sanitisers is permissible!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the restrictions on alcohol and sugar intake in Islam, including restrictions on alcohol and sanitizer, and the use of nudges. It also touches on the impure substance used in cosmetic products, and the definition of "ug pleasant" and "ug pleasant" in terms of alcohol use. The speaker concludes that the current debate on alcohol and sugar intake is just a reflection of the lack of proper intake.
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Assalamu Aleikum, my brothers and sisters in toxicants, as you know, are prohibited to consume in Islam. were not allowed to consume anything that intoxicates in large quantities even if the consumption was a small quantity of it, because the prophet SAW Selim says mascara Cafiero who for callaloo Haram, that which a lot of it intoxicates, then even a little bit of it is prohibited to consume. That is the consumption. So, People sometimes ask about alcohol in sanitizers, alcohol in perfumes, and in some cosmetics and so on. What about that? Let's understand something. There are several rulings regarding alcohol. But the term alcohol is a very broad English term that includes

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the Arabic term Hummer and much more than Hummer. So what is Hummer It is generally referred to the wines that are produced from the fermentation process of either grapes, or dates, or apples, etc. So, if you have a wine, if you have a beer, if you have something that intoxicating, a drink that was made by fermentation of the grapes, and the dates and the output apples, according to some scholars, then it's not only the consumption that is prohibited, but it is beyond the consumption because it is considered nudges. nudges means impure to touch. So if you were to have wine poured all over you it is impure. It can never ever be pure, even if it was to be put into a sanitizer as a

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wine remember this. So, the wines the beers they are not only prohibited to consume, but they are impure to touch as well. Let me explain these two one is haram and Hillel and the other is Nergis Empire. So, when it comes to the wines, that are from a fermentation process, they are both nudges which means impure to touch and Haram, which means prohibited to consume, you get it, if the alcohol was was produced through a synthetic means, in a laboratory, and usually it's, you know, colourless, Subhana Allah that is haram to consume because of the intoxicating factor, but it is pure to touch so pure, that in fact, it is a disinfectant, and it is used to disinfect to remove impurity from the

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body. So it can never be allowed to consume. But if it is fermented, and from a fermentation process, then the chances are it will be nudges as well, unanimously when it comes to grape and dates, and even apples and so on. It is nudges as well from the fermentation process. But if it is the lab process and the synthetic alcohol where this alcohol actually drips down as a pure of you know, liquid, pure pure meaning colorless Subhanallah it is haram to consume because of the intoxicating factor, but it is not Hummer, it is not Hummer, it is alcohol, which is a term broader than the word Hummer. So yes, because of its intoxicating factor, we won't consume it, but it is not

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natural. It is buyer. And this is why for many years, I've always said that the alcohol in perfumes, there is no question about it being my hair. It's not legis because it's not the wind. It's not from a fermentation process. It is actually derived from a totally different means. And what we need to understand is nowadays, they use it even in some cosmetics. And we know with the sanitizers today, people are arguing alcohol and sanitizers. It's not like they put beer in the sanitizer. It's not like they put wine in the sanitizer, no, if they did that, we would say don't ever use it. It's impure from an Islamic perspective. But this is alcohol that is beyond the process of the wines, the

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end the beers that are fermented. So I hope that clarifies it completely. It's quite simple to understand, you know, the, the alcohol they use in the swabs, the alcohol that they use in the perfumes or in the sanitizers in the cosmetics is not the nudges fermented wines or beers, let's get that straight. So therefore, if it is intoxicating, and it is, although it's very dangerous to consume that pure alcohol from a ferment from a lab process, it probably would burn your insights. But some people mix it with other liquids and then consume it, it is still totally prohibited to consume.

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But when it comes to touching it, when it comes to the bahara and adjust, it is possible. There are so many things in Islam that are haram to consume, but are here to touch. I mean, you want to consume. Let's look at plastic, for example, because it's harmful to the body. It's haram to consume, but it's hard to touch, you can touch it, it's

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it's pure. And there are certain things when they are nudges, they will always be impure to eat. So when something is haram and nudges, which means it's prohibited to consume and impure to touch, then it's sale and sale becomes prohibited. Its transportation becomes prohibited, and various other, you know, to aid someone to actually consume it or use it or buy it or sell it would also be prohibited according to the majority of scholars. So I hope that clarifies the issue at hand. My brothers and sisters don't mix the two up. One is bahara and Naja, which means purity and impurity to touch and two is halal and haram. When it comes to consumption. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease So

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to conclude, sanitizers with alcohol are fine, they probably would render your hands clean and disinfect them. The same applies to alcohol swabs. The same applies to alcohol and perfumes. The same applies to alcohol and cosmetics, it is not the Hummer, and it is not that nudges it is not the nudges wines or beers. And when it comes to that, which was created from a fermentation process, the wines and the beers, then we would say that that is not only prohibited to consume because of the intoxicating factor. But it is also prohibited to touch it would be considered impure if it were to be touched. Now, the last thing I want to actually also say, My beloved brothers and sisters is when

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it comes to dead animals, for example, that is the the consumption of it is obviously prohibited as carrying. And when it comes to the touching of it, you would be allowed to take the hide the skin, and to tan it and to consider that hide pure. I hope we've understood this. So this is just something very interesting that we that I thought would be relevant right now with this whole debate going on. And people are saying how could you have alcohol in sanitizers and then read Salah How could you have alcohol in your perfume and then read salah and I heard someone say well, you know the alcohol evaporates? Oh, no, no, no, that's not part of the debate. Even if it doesn't, it is

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actually part here but haram to consume. And I don't want to confuse you when it comes to the beers and the wines and that which was swimming fermented. In that particular case it is both haram as well as nudges. You know the example of alcohol the example of vinegar is given as well where there is a time in the processing of vinegar when it is alcohol and beyond that it is processed further. So the intoxicating factor departs and it becomes vinegar. So, this is why the vinegar sometimes you know the in the process of it you will find it is alcoholic at some point if there is an intoxicating factor, and it has not yet been fully processed, it would still be prohibited to

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consume. But if if it has been processed to the next level, the vinegar although it was alcohol at one stage, it actually becomes permissible to consume and the professor seldom enjoyed it. nierman edenville holla as a condiment, he praised it and he says what a great condiment is vinegar. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all I hope you benefited. And I really don't mind people holding other opinions, but I thought I would clarify this and I've been holding this opinion for the last 20 years Alhamdulillah May Allah grant you guys is what Allahu Allah Allah Allahu ala nabina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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