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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved children, we're supposed to be taking the name of Allah, before we do most things, anything important. You have to say Bismillah. Before you eat, you need to thank Allah for the fact that he gave you the food and the drink. So we say Bismillah In the name of Allah, because Allah gave me life. I'm on Earth, because of Allah. And I'm going to go back to Allah one day when Allah decides to take me away. And right now he's given me air to breathe, I'm breathing.

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I need to thank Allah, and I need to make sure that I praise Him. I'm thankful to him before I eat, I say In the name of Allah and when I'm done eating and drinking, I have to learn what to say. I say Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah. Allah The Amani was sacani Oh, you can say oh, you can say Alhamdulillah Hillary Obama was Akana was your Alana Amina loosely mean that all praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us food and he gave us drink. And he made us from among the Muslims from among the submitters. So it's important to say this before you go into the loo, you need to say something, what do you want to say? You seek Allah's protection from harmful things. So

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you say are all the winner hemming and hobonichi? Well, haha, if you come out of the toilet, you say, oh, frantic, you're thanking Allah because you relieve yourself, some people, they can't go to the loo. And some people, they're not well, they're sick. So that's why they they they're caught, they have constipation, or their stomachs begin to ache and so on. So you need to thank Allah for everything. When you're wearing your clothes, you say Bismillah, when you're when you're entering the bathroom, for example, you want to have a shower. You know, you say Bismillah before you go to the shower. And so remember this, it's very important to take the name of Allah because he has given

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us everything. And we don't want it to be snatched away from us. We want him to protect it. And we want to have more as time passes. And for this reason, it's very important for us to relate it to Allah to say, Oh Allah, you gave this to me. And someone might say, Well, you know, my daddy got it. My mommy got it. So what where does Allah come in? Well, Allah gave your mom or your dad. And if your dad is working some way then Allah gave the people who they worked for. And when they came on Earth, they came with nothing. When you came on Earth, you came with nothing, your parents had to clothe you and give you a drink and food, because Allah gave them and they had to do it for you. So

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thank Allah for that. And that's why we say everything came from Allah. Even when you're at school, and you want to do something important. It's an examination you say, Bismillah You know, when you leave your home, you say Bismillah hate our call to Allah lie. In the name of Allah, I lay my trust in Allah. Now Hola, La quwata illa Billah there is no power no might except that of Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah when, you know, the all high the greatest? Why do I have to say that when I'm leaving my house because I'm not going to be at home. I don't know what's happening at home. And I want Allah to take care of my belongings in my home and my loved ones whom I'm leaving behind when I'm

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out of the house. That's why I must make that to app. When you jump in the car. You're going on a journey, or you're just traveling anywhere. You can first say they do after leaving the house like I just said, and then you can say Bismillah himadri. However manesar in Nabila for Rahim, you know, you're asking Allah to help you in your car and to protect you and you saying that Oh Allah, in your name, you know, we start our journey and we end our journey. And you are most forgiving, Most Merciful. There is another day. Ah, do you know the other day when you're traveling in a car or when you're traveling? Anyway, whether it's a plane or a ship or on an animal, you say Suhana ladies, a

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hot Alana.

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Woman couldn't cullinane we're in Isla rabina lamancha Lee Boone beautiful day. I want you to learn that da and I want you to learn its meaning. And I want you to use it when you're in the car before anything. You can say that da Subhana Allah is a hot Alana Have a lovely day. All right. I remember flying on some airplanes. And if it's an airline belonging to perhaps some Muslims, a lot of the times they have that do they have that supplication that they play on the plane

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And you know how it sounds so mahana levy is a horrorland

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it's amazing when I was a kid, I used to enjoy listening today Listen, and we used to try and imitate it Omar, la Houdini. That's what we used to do when we were kids. So it was lovely memories. I hope that what I've said is beneficial inshallah, don't forget to take the name of Allah and don't be lazy for that. And Allah has given us everything we have, so we thank him for it until we meet again, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.