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The speakers discuss the importance of reading the Quran for guidance and guidance, as it contains all the guidance and guidance that people need. The success of Islam in driving people to fulfill their dreams and achieving the message of Islam is emphasized. The "monkey's" position is considered the most precious and rewarding, and the "monkey's" position is a path of success for individuals. The importance of learning and making an effort to achieve success in life is emphasized, along with the importance of learning to please the Lord of the Universe and finding the best book in Islam.

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Alexandria Hello, Bill I mean, was Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad wa ala early he was herb Iijima Unum, about for all the bill him in a shaytani Raheem, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Are that Allah, Allah Elisa and Ole Miss la definitely Salaam. Your slide was afina merzouga

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so my dear brothers and sisters

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Alhamdulillah you're going to start the new year in Dar Salam Institute to study Arabic and Islamic sciences. And hopefully, many of you would like to become alima alima Islamic scholar in sha Allah.

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So I'll just give you some some advice, how to move forward on this path. But the first thing is, I am going to tell you a story from the Quran.

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And as you know, read the Quran in the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And one of the important thing that you're going to learn in a Salaam with the seal of the Koran, the Book of Allah subhanaw taala that is the source of all the knowledge and all the guidance. And whenever you read the Koran if you ponder, think properly you always get inspiration bukanlah book of Allah subhanaw taala

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contains any information that people need for their life, but just people need to think whatever guidance you need, it is there. But what most of us we read on the Koran for the prayer

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or in Tel Aviv or we read the Quran for every letter we get 10 divorce. We never read the Quran to get the guidance.

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While the Quran has been revealed or the lesson in the in the beginning of the Quran, the oligarchy tabula rasa Buffy Hoda, Lily mutata in the book has come to instruct people, to guide them, to help them how to live in this world. But most of us we don't get the knowledge from the Quran. We get the knowledge from the Society for other people around us, from our families, from the teachers, from the books of laws. In our lucky parent Islamic science in Islamic life, we get the guidance from the books rafidah and Penang, but we never turn to the Quran. The Book of Allah subhanaw taala is the most neglected book in the life of believers. They read it, they learn it, they're respected, but

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they never want to get guidance from the Quran. Well, the only reason Laurie will the book is to guide you to help you how to live in this world that only purpose the book has done. The book should really be used for that purpose. People should make effort a lot of people do Allah help them to one of the stories that you know I'm I read part of the story from the from the Quran.

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Koran they mentioned many prophets, many messengers. Most of them are those prophets, messenger who are mentioned in the Bible.

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Because the Jews were the people who knew about the prophets and messengers, the door the messengers are from the history of Jews. Then new Ali Salaam, you will hear Melissa in all these prophets of that land Musa Ali, salaam, yopu, Rama, all these are prophets of Bible, there are very few prophets which are not from the Bible.

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Some are from Arab land, one of them is sorry. And he said

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to me the prophets who have been sent among the other people who one is neither Islam were mentioned in the Bible. One is who the listener who was sent to the people for odd he's not mentioned the Bible. Another person who is mentioned would not mention the Bible solely on a seller side I was sent to an Arab people some moved to before Islam, you know, among the people who actually have big empires in our world, very power. One of them are odd people of the odd and then second people are after them game some mood. Among the mood what sorry, hi, listen, the prophet messenger.

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When Salah was young boy, he was very clever, hardworking.

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The family actually knew that this boy when he becomes younger, he will be so helpful for the people for his family, to all the people distracted him that he will be the main man of the family. He will make the fame family famous. And the family can depend upon him. Not only is the family even the people around him, the whole nation, the mood. They used to degrade this boys. Excellent. He's so clever, so wise, so thinking and hardworking. Everybody was thinking that when he grows, he'll be this helpful for the for the family.

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So versalles not became bigger. Instead of helping the family and the people in a father worldly purpose. Allah chose him to make him as

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now he's not asking people, not not helping people how to make money. He's not helping people how to build the houses. He's not helping the people the way they respected him. They respected him so many things, but none of them become true. Fame respected him. The people around him distracted into to help them. But no solid did not do any of those things that people wanted him to do. People had so much more from him, but he did not fulfill any of their hope. What he did is something as he called people to worship Allah. He reminded people about the Day of Judgment. He reminded about Allah tala to people are tired of him. People said actually when he was younger, we were thinking that when you

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grow up, you will help us. You will teach us how to make money. How to live a nice life in this world. But you only talk about her after about God His name, you never talk about this world. Towards the Say you're sorry. Oh, by the goon taffy, Mary joven wasana. Before you became prophet before you make all distinguish, we used to hope that you will do something you respected. You are our our hope we have so much hope from you. But all those hopes are gone. Now you don't fulfill any expectation. Whatever we expect from you, nothing comes true. We have so much hope in you. But all of them have got no vested. This who said the people said about Assad al Islam the Quran mission

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look really same thing will be said to you

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what the people are solid. Anwar the family Assad is set to solid, same thing will happen to you. Your family will say you were clever. We thought you will do something. But what happened the Quran the Sunni prayer fasting xhaka Sahaja de hereafter your people around will say, you see the people who are in your age, they become doctors, they become a genius. There is so many things, but you were with among them. Actually, maybe you were the best among them. But you don't do anything. This people will tell you, I'll tell you what the master is soon your family and the people around you will tell you are wasting your time is spending time as salaam Institute learning Arabic language,

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learning the Quran, the sooner the Hadith, the fifth word the benefit, you don't get any job, you're not going to get any position. People who are in your age, they're doing something where everybody can see, you know, they are really you know, fulfilling the expectations of the people. But what you do not going to bring anything people are going to tell you now to your test. Be ready to listen all that and still keep moving in your path. If you're chosen this path, this path people will have to use you people people have to blame you. Somebody will say to you You're wasting your life. People will say you really that what you're doing you know you are not any important you don't get any

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importance the society everything we said to you is people said to Salah, same thing will be said to all of you

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understand this the part is the part where people will blame you, they will accuse you, but you have to be clever actually, you know one of the Indian scholar Mahajan, Ferrari died in the year 1929

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very clever person,

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expert for dual language, Farsi, Persian language, Arabic language, even English he did in those days in Arabic English language, but very good in English and also he not Hebrew language. So many languages

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great man really and he got to know him when he studied finished yesterday, he was selected you know when one of the top industry of India you know cemani and Justine in Hyderabad, the money and respect or position everything there.

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But not he did not like all those, his sacrifice all that he left that came back to his village and devoted rest of your life just to study the Quran. Nothing. Teaching few people, or most of the time, just pour on nearly 30 years he spent on the Koran. And he said in one of his books that my family didn't get tired of me. They said you're wasting your time. People around me they said you become mad. You were so clever person so clever. You could have done something I know you left out your job. And you know you had a big position you left off that just for foreign to people become upset with me. They abused me accused me they blamed me. But I see something in my heart pushing me.

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Everybody was against me, but something pushing me deep in my heart and I kept remain remaining on my path. So this you learn really once you decide

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This path, this part is different. This is not easy path, it did not really something desire. Nobody deserves this path. If it decided desire will be against it, you will see really people who are in your age, they are making money. When you go to make money,

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they're getting respect in the society you don't get, maybe they're getting position, they're elected for some, you know, important position, you don't get those position. If you're ready to sacrifice all those post those positions, those you know, money and income, then this is your path, then Allah will love you a lovely Tuesday, and then he'll give you something more than all those people, they will be jealous of you. But in the beginning test will be there. So in this world, no doubt ready. People need all that knowledge. It certainly must in Islam, human society, and Muslim society, then we need doctors. We need engineers. We need shoe makers. We need the people who can

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build the houses. We need the people who can make a glossy, we need every every people with all the tools needed. They're part of human civilization, we need all of them. And there are people doing all that.

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But there are something more important than all that. something much more important, much more important than being a doctor, much more important than being an engineer. Much more important than being a builder. Much more important than being a shoemaker, any profession, you see, there are something more important that

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it is something people don't know it's where you

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to your door to get your reward in this world.

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You need to really decide something more important. And that what that is really instead of knowing that things are in a state of knowing this universal, to get the knowledge of the one who made the world

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to get the knowledge about the Lord of the Universe, to get the knowledge of the one who really created everything, you get not effortless omotola that is the most noble knowledge, the most noble knowledge, to learn how to please your Lord, how to understand him, how to know him, that is the most important knowledge that the knowledge is revealing this knowledge you cannot get from anywhere at Revelation, he actually says it directly from him from himself. Every other knowledge people can get from their own experience. People can use their own brand and they can invent it. You can see really that why or other knowledge, even you don't need to be Muslim, you can become any you can

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become excellent in any field, other knowledge in the world, even if you are not a Muslim, after some time now Muslims are much better in those fields than Muslims. But there are something very special. That knowledge only consists purely from Allah subhanaw taala. And that knowledge is how to worship him. How to know him, how to understand him, how to become nearer to him, closeness to Allah, nearness to Allah, that is the highest position in the world, that people can get. Money is not the best position in all the posts to become a king or queen, a prime minister, something really something higher than that is something as a deity near to Allah subhanaw taala directly have been

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In one of the stories of the Quran, actually that you know that I've learned to read the Quran, refuse to reflect upon the Quran, Allah, Allah will guide you and help you and give you a knowledge which people don't get

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Corolla Mashallah story correctly mentioned to women, who are the example examples for all the believers.

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So, you know to current and I said these women are example for women only curar said the examples for all the believers men or women.

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Corrado only mentions the examples are the women, when there are no example for those among the men otherwise generally coronation stories from the men, but sometimes with the non male story that nothing Mo Mo the men then a Khurana picks this tool the door the women, the excellent really that was granted we know the story of one of those two women, the two women of color and Michelle the wife of Pharaoh, Anna Maria Maria Salaam, when a Quran Manisha de Maria Medina puracell les sadaqa rukon fell

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in that aspect, for which a lot Yoda Marie Marie Salaam male is never like female, male can't be like her. In the way Allah made her a male can not be like her to win a love Manchester Turiaf woman, all we already endorsed cases where men cannot achieve those positions. To these two women, there are examples for all the believers for the men and for the women. One of them is fire have to fire the wife. Fire Oh is the mighty sticking, most powerful person

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in the room is the word

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Army ministers, power money, richest person of the world. palaces, buildings, everything can imagine really he has got all the all the resources of the world are under his height.

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So his wife is what you can see the first lady, she has ordered a petition. She has a policy.

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Most people think that women are only interested in the ornaments, jewelry, all those things she has got ordered, or an American jewelry pilot said the power has burned. You know, Sarah versalift, anything she wants it? Because she's the wife of the most richest person in the world. She can get anything, anything she wants to do.

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But what happened? Did she asked what the motors did, she asked those things know why Allah chose her. Why and now what to make her the example for all the believers, because she asked Allah something which no man has asked.

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If you read the prayers of the prophets and messengers, the Quran, you never can find any prayer like her prayer.

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Otherwise Parana would have chosen the prayer of the Prophet. But in this regard, Quran only showed one lady, her prayer is so nice. That last said she's example for all the believers.

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Not only for women for all the believers, because you never get anywhere. What she says to us hautala she said, oh my lord Robin. Oh my Lord.

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Evening, Bill farmi next to you a house in paradise.

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She did not work for what Pharaoh has got. Most of women who love to have that. She does not want jewelry and ornament. She does not want to become neighbor of Pharaoh. She does not want to live with him. She is looking for something higher than that. Much more important that Allah love that. That this lady people think women only think about the ornaments. People think women only think about the jewelry. Woman only thing about the pilot said the only motor power. The only thing about the position. No here is a lady. She got all that. But she's not interested any of that was she asked her Lord Rob bell. Ebony Lee in Dhaka. Oh my lord built for me next to you. A house in

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paradise. Look the order does she still my daughter bill for me house in paradise.

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Does she still know what she said? Oh my Lord will follow me next to you. First thing she said next to Sydney and Darcy House of Paradise next to you then it comes to house in paradise. Why she prefers to become neighbor of Allah over the paradise

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before messy paradise what she mentioned mentioned next to you that is the key that Allah Masha

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read the door that the Prophet messenger you will never find anybody mentioned this door over land next to you Bill Fermi paradise firstly she said what next to you she the more entertain in the neighborhood of Allah. tala.

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You know our people say they're saying in Arabic language adaro adjara. Public. If you want to buy a house, to our people saying when you buy a house, don't look in the house. Look in the neighborhood. Who are the neighbors? If neighbors are good, then go and look inside the house. If the neighbors are not good, then leave the house forget the house. First thing is what neighbor then the house to saying Arabic language Al Jazeera tabula dar, the neighbor is before the house. That was she did. She said oh my lord, built for me next to you. What I want is your neighborhood. I don't want fyros neighborhood. I don't want anybody's neighborhood I want your neighborhood. And then she said a

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house in paradise. This is the most precious thing really, once he becomes a neighbor of Allah near him, then all the things belong to you. Nothing can cut this accident path that you've chosen, it will lead to that really the reward that you are going to get in the mud. Nobody can.

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Nobody can bring your reward. Every moment spent rewarded. They're really when you walk from your house to come to the classroom to study the Quran Arabic language or every step you get so much reward everything made to offer you the fish make the offer and just make to offer you and just spread their wings. You kind of walk upon them

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to when you're walking in there in the morning to come to the ashram shoot you basically working on the wings of the angels

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that had

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just emerged really working people want it people get red carpet becomes so happy.

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What are you getting red carpet,

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you are working on the wings of the angels. their spare time when you walk upon them. You don't see it.

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But then really, to this is a very, very important part, no doubt, but does not come so easily. Nothing that's really be there. You have to sacrifice, your sacrifice your interest, sacrificed your wrist, your sleep, your food, you will not get to paradise, a near natural law so easily.

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Another person who actually use the example of Ron mentioned in all this is Yusuf Ali, salaam,

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Yusuf Ali Salaam, got all the things.

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He's the most handsome person in the world. Most people spend your money for what? For beauty. They're very considerate in the beauty industry, your makeup industry, why they are so popular. Everybody wants to become handsome, to disperse so much money to become nice to look nice, used to fall Islam got all that without any money. He's the most handsome person.

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He got the best position, he became the Minister of Egypt. Egypt was the most rich and he became like King basically, to this position, he got all the money or the design or the register of Egypt. under his control.

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He got the knowledge, most accurate only of worldly knowledge. He even got the knowledge how to interpret the dream. Best knowledge is to Islam. Most beautiful person in Yusuf Ali Salaam best position for Islam, but it's just person you for Islam, everything that people want in this world, you serve as God, he got the beauty, he got the knowledge, he got the position and he got the money.

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You will figure it then what he needs that he needs anything else does he want anything else after all these things? Beauty knowledge, money position?

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Is it do you think you service content? is happy that now I got everything?

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Is he happy? No. After all that he makes? What do I he's made last to last wish that he submit last thing that you want really something more pressure than that?

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What he said he'd load up the funny muslimin what happened he beside he? After all diet? Is the last is it? Oh my lord, take me to yourself. I had your sleep at the museum

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and make me to become in the party in the companionship of the rightest people that most important do I want to make? He He's not interested what he got really he's interested in something more than that. And that's what to come to his role as a slave of Allah and his worship. Someone Allah left him

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to the party have chosen really the path is the path of use. Well, it's not the path of viofo the path that had been chosen by Brahim by Moosa by Isa by Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, a path really nothing can be equal to the most precise path. I could get an example for that path. Do you understand agree how great the path is?

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One of the great Indian kingu, maybe you heard his name, not only in Delhi King really was the most important or just the king of Muslim world. In the east. His name is mahamudra has interviewed Do you know his name? Muhammad has an AVI, in the fifth century, he the richest person of the world, very huge empire. He got all the wealth of the world, rich man, he had a slave, the name of the slave what is why the name is Muhammad. The left is more than all his ministers. He had ministers who worked around the kingdom. They helped him so much. But he did not love them as much he left SLA to all the ministers if we are the one who conquer the world for him. We are the one who run the

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kingdom for him. And we are the one who helped him and he loved have a solid

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sense of who can be sold and bought. He loves him more than us. He prefers him all the time, more than us didn't like that all the ministers, they were unhappy or the people the poor were unhappy with Mojave that he prefers a slave over the ministers or over the people the code.

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Somehow, it came to the knowledge of Mahmud II also heard the story that people are talking about him and they think he's made his peripheral celeb over there is other people.

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to one day, Mahmoud wanted to test the people. He wanted to tell them difference between the IRS and between all the ministers and the people of the court. The mahama said to all his minister until the court and I otherwise there as well. He said to all of them, that you people help me so much. I concur the word I got all the money, jewelry, you know, you know ornaments and gold or silver diamond precious stones. My trees are full of that. I want to give you people as well. So now you can

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Go into my treasures and put your hand on anything. It because yours

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Put your hand on diamond, silver, any precious stone gold, whatever your treasure, it is yours because so happy all the ministers and the people at the port, they run after the treasures in a gold silver diamond is so much you know everybody collected so much. All those things I add was next to Mahmoud putting his hand on the head of the Mahmoud

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to our minister came with everything I must add to it. Why are you sitting here standing here, all these people they went and they picked what they wanted and it is just a new standing here do nothing. I acid I put my hand on the head of the king is the king because the mind that everything mind

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telling me who the more clever all the ministers running after diamond, silver and gold are this is who put his hand on the head of the king. If the king it becomes his, then everything

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that you understand, you know, the value you in this world really can become most precious person, most precious person it up to save a life everybody's got in that same life. If you want to you can become the most precious person.

00:26:16--> 00:26:44

Nobody can challenge you. Nobody can take away from you what Allah is going to give you every buddy Allah has given everybody this quality. It just depends really how much effort you make, what you're looking for. If you're looking for this worldly thing you can become the people become actual people make money. But if you want something more pressure than that something will be with you. After the death and forever eternal life or the position and the money in this world. The end will die

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but closeness to Allah near to Allah that a position remains with you forever. It never ends. Never Never. You know that why is this something nobody can give in a price for that? One of the Indian put on miraclesuit you know is very great in the great part he died in the 725 a fidgeter. He said in one of his protect was a hora de de Matteo De Niro Kabbalah, kooky arzani, who knows, you say your values both? What about this one and hereafter, if people are giving you both what they can buy you, he said a nice abala can raise your price is still your cheap. Nobody can buy you. Nobody can buy, people don't have money to buy you. You're so precious, nobody can buy you. The money which

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kind of buy you is does not exist anywhere. Nobody can buy you this how precious people really are. Every human being Allah has made them so precious.

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So all the while really you understand if you're importers, understand that this knowledge that you're going to seek This knowledge is something different. This analogy really, every penny you get, you get reward. Every money you spend, you get reward. When you become tired, you get rewarded. When you don't sleep in the night you get when you eat, you get rewarded. When you're hungry, you get reward. Whatever you spend for this analogy, everything brings value to you.

00:28:19--> 00:28:51

Even just sleep brings value to you. When you work hard, you get something all the time you are in the reward. Once you started this knowledge until you die, it never is the reverse never stop. They never stop. You can sleep. You can rest, but the reverse the neverending story, make effort and don't think the novia become grown up without no arbic language. Even if I make effort How can I come like in those great people? No really, at any age you can become the best person

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iscala say that the place of the top is always empty

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there's nobody there if you want to become on the top it empty. Just go there. Just make effort don't want to daughter never ever leave the people in the position just just long for the top of this entire portion always empty nothing there. See boy when

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he was young boy had nearly 20 or or something like that 1820 year old when he left his house in Iran came to Barcelona to study Hades.

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

By could not succeed because he did not know proper language. People laughed at him that he wrote not he felt shame left. Hades went to study Arabic language. Tell him he really can non Arab computers in their language. Is it possible he became 20 year old anyway? Such a life has gone bad now he compete someone or those who are naturally born Arabic language. It's not his language. But no. Work hard is spent time and then he wrote

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His book, Allah Kitab when he wrote the book, Akita he was nearly 30 year old. Just 30 year old 30 year old young man wrote this work it out from that time until now, there's no book in the grammar equal to that. Not only Arabic in any language,

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he basically become on the top, or the Punaro or a world nobody equal to. If people ask who the best personality grammar the first name will come Cebu who's not our GC, he comes from non Arab region. He the mother never spoke Arabic. His father did not know Arabic. He never learned Arabic. He comes on when he comes to Basra, he cannot speak Arabic. People laugh at him, that this person has spent 10 years of his life and he became the most excellent person in Arabic language. And he wrote a book in a grammar. Nobody liked that. He he excelled all the people or pillar basara Kufa bada everywhere, nobody came like

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and until now his book is the most important book in the grammar. You see, the place for the top is empty.

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Buhari was born in the year of 194.

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In that time, the most important science in Islam was the Hadith.

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Go any city go to any city, you find actually hundreds of the people who are expert at the Hadith in even basara Kufa Baghdad in anywhere in Medina, Medina, top people, best people you know, even before them Sofia unfold even though you're in magic, you know,

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you're hiding money in Medina top people, anywhere you go, it is there. Can you speak clearly a child born in Bukhara who the mother does not know or whose father does not know Arabic? And then this boy, he makes effort and he becomes more important than all those people. He accepts all those people. He's not another

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you know, his name is Muhammad Ali Ibrahim, even about this. But these might not our name. He did. He the ancestors are not Arab. They were not even Muslims.

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And genbu orphan young boy born in Ohara far away from Arab land. nobody speaks Arabic in his hometown.

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And then he comes to Baca Medina, and then he becomes the most important person in the field that everybody was they're all experts out there.

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Now till he then when he wrote the Delhi people you even when he was younger, really, when he comes to Baghdad, very young age. People said the best person to have this now Is Buhari. He was young man, even an Arab. He spent time work hard until he became the most important figure in the field of the Hadith.

00:32:52--> 00:32:56

He came to doubt that his teacher Henri Nouriel phallus was teaching his students.

00:32:57--> 00:33:05

People said to him, your student, Buhari has come. He asked all his tours. Now leave me a letter from Iceland Buhari.

00:33:06--> 00:33:30

People said no, we have got to learn from you. Who is this man? There's no one left for him to want to test him. They brought few her this. And they asked the Buhari oberdorfer. This Buhari said I don't know. Then they came back to the teachers. And they said to him that you praise him so much. And we asked if you heard this he said I don't know. So the teacher said had Ethan lie on a football. Laser behati

00:33:31--> 00:33:37

Hi, this was bahal does not know God how does that how the teachers trust in Him.

00:33:38--> 00:34:00

Once they came about that 10 people from other experts. They got together. Everybody plays a list this team. These 10 people each one of them selected 10 Holly and what they did for he in each of these they missed it. The beginning of the holidays. Would they let you know names with the deceased not with the maternal. They missed all that.

00:34:01--> 00:34:14

The first person came to Buhari and read our history. This corrupted corrupt police which actually does not exist anywhere and mix it that's another generation under test. After every had this Buhari said I don't know.

00:34:15--> 00:34:27

He finished 10 of them. second person came 10 or this third person came 10 or this fourth all 10 people came and all of this 100 of these after a very happy I don't know it.

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

When they finish then Buhari called the first person on you said he said to him, you read the the Hadees they are all wrong. the right version of this. He said the correct version. Then he called a second person you said this way, the right version This third person fourth 1/5 161 10 even after a spell Ronnie you know he wrote his biography. He said we are not surprised that Buhari knew the sound had is the right version. We are surprised that he how he noted the mistake

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

He even could repeat it the corruptor version he could say you said this, but right within this, this how we did this he nonprofit with that method people ask the Buhari What made you to become for learner? He said concern is a connoisseur to do something this my concern my hum just you know thinking how to excel how to do best

00:35:24--> 00:35:40

to he did disagree what knew and you really do see a man who's not not a bore interrupt environment but he can become the best expert on this in the whole world. Tell him he really know what is the best book in Islam after the Quran.

00:35:42--> 00:35:45

Say Buhari the most sound book in Islam return Is Buhari

00:35:47--> 00:36:02

by a man who's not by men, not from koresh by a man who's not born in Makkah, Medina basara Kufa Baghdad, a more man born and very far away in bahara. He breaks the most important book

00:36:04--> 00:36:19

hanafy mother, so many people, Mr. Mohammed Ross, see his books. Then it can big big people come in Baghdad, the right books, that sassy comes here from center, so many people come. Now ask people, what is the best book in

00:36:20--> 00:36:24

a car to many people? The best book in 100 kumada badajoz,

00:36:25--> 00:36:30

written by cassani cassani was from Central Asia. Not another.

00:36:32--> 00:36:56

Actually, when he wrote the book. In part of the book, he was a very nice story. His teacher around summer candy, who wrote his book to offer the summer candy has got a daughter Fatima summer candy. Yeah. She was like her father is part of the Hanafi madhhab. She knew Quran. She knew her this. And she also had expelled the Hanafi mother. And she knew the book of her father by heart.

00:36:57--> 00:37:08

When a cassani came to study with our eldest, our candy, after finishing the education became early. Then he asked his teacher certainly can I marry your daughter Fatima?

00:37:09--> 00:37:13

The teacher said no, you can't marry my daughter, because she's a more learner than you.

00:37:15--> 00:37:46

The only way you can marry her if you write a commentary on my book. And I can see it is actually good. I can approve it, then you can marry my daughter. Then cassani spent many years to write a commentary. And he wrote budesonide commentary on history says book, one teacher saw the book. He said, Yeah, the book is excellent. And then he married his daughter to cassani to people say Shara Fatah who was a mentor who he wrote commentary on his toughness. And he married his daughter

00:37:48--> 00:38:02

to see the best book in his in Hanafi. madhhab is written by someone who is not in Kufa, not from Basra, not from Baghdad. He's not an Arab. He's a non Arab. And nearly 600, yes, in Islam after after, after they

00:38:04--> 00:38:09

are actually even he did not write a book really for the scholarship. He only wrote the book to marry.

00:38:10--> 00:38:54

People hate the women, you see, on all the 100 feet, 100 feet, the one who actually hated women, the most unhappy mother, we see the most important because if a mother wanted to get married, and then after the kasana, was appointed, in hollub, the professor in college, he came with his wife, she was also teaching and do many things. Ibrahim halaby, who the cassani student, he has written his book, he thought in that book is right. Well cassani is to teach us if there was any difficulty we are to ask him question he did not know the answer. He will go to his work He will say to us, you know, read for me, he would go and come back with answer to after a few times like that we found out what

00:38:54--> 00:39:06

happens when he does not know the answer. He goes to his wife asked her a liberal dancer. The person who wrote the best book in Hanafi madhhab he the wife in new Hanafi mother more than him. Most

00:39:07--> 00:39:22

people seem to I'm just trying to say that new people don't lose your courage. Don't think you know, the starting and the people are that before me Abu hanifa and Malik and Shafi and you know, Muhammad Ali matar Shivani and de paperartsy. But

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

the prophet hood has ended. The Prophet Muhammad was Hata Muna, ba sila, all the prophets, you can't be a prophet, but anything else you can do, nothing had ended. It just depends on your refund, make effort, work hard, gift, sacrifice, anything you want, you can get it. It is just new effort and those who make more effort, they get more because knowledge the value and value does not come by wishing and desire. It only comes by effort. no value in this world can come if you desire or wish it always come how

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

You've heard a lie the murder route and it's in the Quran. While levina Jaya hadoo feanor Lana Yana home sabudana the only way effort was raised in sarni illa masala. When people make effort, then they get further desire. You don't need to make effort, your food can come to your house without any effort. Actually, people are most lazy, they get more food.

00:40:24--> 00:41:04

If you don't do anything is still you can't become actually the best person the food, food will come to you will force you to eat, but a very use, where use domotec come unless you make effort. If your father's name is color, you don't because color unless you make effort, not your father's effort. But money can come your father can earn money and you become rich. Your father can build a house for you. Your father can bring food for you, your mother can make food for you, but your father, your mother, your related your teachers can not learn on your behalf. It is a very you you need to seek it. You need to make effort.

00:41:06--> 00:41:20

You could be in an environment, which basically is not suiting you, your father is ignored. Your mother does not know anything. The society around him did not know you. But it's still a you have quality, that you can become the best person on the face of that.

00:41:21--> 00:41:37

Nothing can stop you. If you want to make effort, nothing can stop you. Nobody, even him by the board in the house of other the man who worship eIders and soul idols in his house is born a man who is going to demolish all

00:41:38--> 00:42:21

his mess all nighters is going to become the father of all the prophets. He's going to become a mom of other messengers. Ibrahim was not born in Muslim house. He was not born, you know, in the house of the Prophet, he was born in a house what nobody was profitable. Nobody even know the man is ROM, nothing. But Allah Jyoti, you really need your effort. You don't you never can say how can I learn in my family, nobody learned person, that no skills really, whatever you are, any condition your life, nothing can stop you from getting the top of this, nothing can stop you. Nothing is your determination, your effort, your thinking your concern. And I love this America and then you can

00:42:21--> 00:43:04

become the best person on the face of the earth in that field. Anybody to all this Keep in mind, the place for the topic empty, waiting for you. Nobody has got just work for the door to compete for a small thing. compete for the top top and people don't reach their people come to terms before reaching there that still waiting for you in every field that anally that that position is empty. So I don't want to make very longer. But I really want to encourage you to first thing I started with, people will tell you couldn't afina Mr. joven. We expected you, we hear from you that you will do something but you're wasting your life. You want to hear that but don't worry. They don't know where

00:43:04--> 00:43:33

you have your knowledge. Allah knows. They don't know what how precious you are, you know what you have chosen, Allah knows, don't worry, continue on that path. People will say to you, your family will say your mother will say your father will say your sisters and brothers will say all the family will say But don't worry, just continue on that. And second thing, it all your effort, your concern your effort, nobody can push you back, nobody can take away from you, you know

00:43:34--> 00:44:02

what you want to get nobody nobody can actually nobody can harm you in this matter. Nobody can harm you, people can become jealous of you, but they cannot take away what Allah want to give you nobody can take away it is your effort, make effort, concern for that sacrifice, the sleep sacrifice the food sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah and for the sake of knowledge, you will serially you become the most expert person and the top person in the field have the knowledge to stop it here. And if the real question please ask

00:44:16--> 00:44:34

soften the hidden shift for delivering the very beneficial to students and inshallah if there is any questions, Chef will take them and we'll start from just as maybe and then gone to the Bravo's in as well as our online students who are watching live. So if there is any

00:44:35--> 00:44:38

questions from the sister side, we'll take your question.

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

Don't be scared to so I know it's the first q&a session you're having with Jeff. But inshallah there is more to come. And if you don't ask you don't learn and this is one you know you could ask question about, you know, your study about the booth that you want to study, you know, anything that you thinking in order for you, you can ask or whatever about what I said to you

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

You can ask for that as well. But make effort, don't be shy or think that you know i to be the best. You know, don't accept a lower position, always be on the top

00:45:13--> 00:45:14

shala always brothers,

00:45:18--> 00:45:28

Somalia, here for the beneficial talk. I just wanted to ask for some basic advice on your class, beginning this journey.

00:45:30--> 00:46:11

You know the thing is that your philosophy simply means that whatever you do, whatever you say, the effort, the intention should not be to please yourself, or to please your family, or to please the people. intention should be to please Allah alone, the sword, if you force that it will happen. Yes, Allah He knows. It is Allah says something nobody can take away it directly in your heart to make effort to deliver the test will be if people are harming you or hurt you. You don't worry, because you know I'm doing for Allah, Allah rewarding me, that sort of love. If people say something and you become angry, it means you are not you are not sincere, sincere people, most people don't worry,

00:46:11--> 00:46:47

because for everything that God revealed, the prophets will call the murder, but didn't answer back. Now Southern they continued. So in that what intention intention should be that whatever I do my intention only to police My Lord, not myself, not my family. And then what will happen is a lovely Thank you something which makes you happy and ask your family happy. First you please Allah then everybody else will be pleased with you. But in the beginning test will be there. Their velocity velocity, sincerely purely making intention to please Allah alone.

00:46:51--> 00:47:12

Okay, we've got a couple of online question, Chef. First one is from Bravo Mohammed is asking what was the name of the Hanafi scholar who wrote the best book in the madhhab cassani His name is Gerardo, I think gelato. Maybe Allah cassani kasana is a very well known book by Asana birdeye Asana

00:47:14--> 00:47:28

Zakouma fidget chef. And there's another question from Brava Suleyman, online chef Do you have any tips for helping us to manage our workload and studies from week to week eg when when is the best time to study how often to review as well.

00:47:30--> 00:48:06

And the first thing really is you know make your life lighter. don't have too much worries in the world. If you have too much worries everybody the your worry that you know that which team is going to win the match and enough Pakistan or India Manchester or this so data, everything your worry, you can't do lilting remove all the worry from your heart. Whoever wins I don't I'm not interested. Whoever loses I'm not interested. You know, don't make all the all your worries. Take out from your mind can you just say I'm interested in my life, you know, daughter view though the news which are not going to benefit you.

00:48:07--> 00:48:48

Most time you spend in time on the news which are not beneficial for you. The most of the TV things newspapers, universe of gurus, and in all these channels and this and that and even its friends gossiping with the friends lunch and dinner with make effort have lunch alone, because when you have lunch with the people we talk your time invested make effort to have lunch alone dinner alone become lonely person. So you will see you know people think you know this person would have become most boring person on the face of that you will achieve many things to this one to really be alone as much as possible. And second thing is that make effort to get it early as possible. Because the best

00:48:48--> 00:49:31

time to learn is always the morning finish. But that you only can do when you sleep early to sleep early 10 nine or 11 something that get up maybe five or even before that. So by the time people get up other people you're half to his past most people get over 10 and you know 11 by that time already have done half of your past the desk thing either advise really get up or very early morning heatless very poor maybe you too much used to live too much until too much ecclesiology harmful anyway to America you know become heavy, you can't do anything to eating eat less and and among all the food hit Indian foods

00:49:32--> 00:49:41

because that had been may relate to make you sick to bring all the illnesses. So don't use too much. No sometimes I can have another to Allah we used to have biryani once a year.

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

So you never have to go once a year. If you get to the end, nothing will happen to you. But if you have biryani every day, it's going to ruin your health. It is going to destroy you. So be careful about all the matters to eating less in a good food. That's enough. Don't sleep too much. Don't waste your time too much. You

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

You know, do physical work keep walking keep moving. Don't use all the time cars and transport you know you if you can walk yourself if you just walk in or carry the things do physical work do some exercise it never you need really but focus early morning you know don't want to waste any time your your life What time is passed, it never can come back to this thing it never waste any time from your life

00:50:26--> 00:50:32

is up on the whole ship for that reminder. Any other questions from sisters or brothers?

00:50:37--> 00:50:41

Okay, if there is no more questions, I think I'll just check for any last final questions online.

00:50:43--> 00:50:46

There's one more last question online chef will take and conclude on this.

00:50:48--> 00:50:55

Brava Soloman, again is asking what should we do if we rely on knowledge or learning is not bringing us closer to Allah?

00:50:56--> 00:51:04

You know, first thing reporting your How do you know that in our bring to Allah? How do people know? Is there any major method of getting your mind

00:51:05--> 00:51:32

to this thing that, you know? Certainly you should believe really when I seek knowledge for Allah. I'm studying Arabic language or arson. I'm getting near to what you're thinking, why not? That is sign that you get in here. If you read the Quran, it means you near to Allah. If you pray, it means you are here to Allah. If you're studying Arabic language like St. Thomas the nourishment of the waters is a test. It is spent time and all those you know you think you're not here to Allah, Allah said if you walk to me, I run to you.

00:51:34--> 00:52:10

He loves to you to you pray and you think you are not near to him to when so you can be near to him. When you are in the fray, you're here to him. When you are patient, when you don't eat when you sacrifice your eat and drink for the sake of Allah, you are nearer to him karate Allah ma slobbery, those who are patient with you to what it means in urine is the daughter and kick in what a new criteria new measurement. You know, some people teach you all those things, you know that no major, major, major metric distance really, if you study going here to Allah, if you're near to Allah, if you read the Quran, you're near to Allah, if you have a degree you're near to Allah, if you are

00:52:10--> 00:52:31

patient, you're near to Allah all the values that are taught if you do them you're near to Allah did know that artistic some people teach you wrong things that don't not learn those things a lot of our Quran said these are the things if you do it certainly Miss in your to Allah what happens Some people think, I don't feel but when Allah said the feeling of your criteria Did he say you got to feel something?

00:52:32--> 00:52:55

Actually most time will not feel anything. Don't worry about feeling. If you do good deeds, and you don't feel anything, don't worry you're near to Allah. You know, if you eat healthy food, even if you don't feel anything, you got to be healthy. But if you're rubbish food and you feel very low, something else different world that will harbor You see, let's don't lead anywhere. You know if you go to Hindu people,

00:52:56--> 00:53:17

Hindu priests, they can give you a feeling you sit with them and do something were to say you feel like flying to by fly you'd come here to Allah then all the flies will paradise they also fly did not make long criteria right right thing. Do what Allah commands if you do what Allah commands, you are nearer to simple matter. That is the criterion.